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Round 1 starts now!…
R1 Q1

Lemons, oranges and grapefruit are citrus fruit. Cherries, peaches, and mangos are stone fruit. What sort of fruit are apples, pears, and quince?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q2

On June 19, 1865, Union troops arrived at Galveston to announce that all slaves in Texas were free. What natural phenomenon occurred 35 years later that shifted the economic center of the region from Galveston to Houston?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q3

PHRASES: The word “flygskam” translates to “flight shame,” and describes the emotional weight carried by those aware of their contribution to global warming by flying. In what language is “flygskam”?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q4

MARINE BIOLOGY: This large species of clam with a long neck is found in the Pacific Northwest and can live as long as 168 years! What is the common name of this clam?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q5

MEDICINE: The word “cancer’ derives from the Greek word “karkinos”. What animal does “karkinos” mean in Greek?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q6

METEOROLOGY: The name of this type of cloud literally translates to “lentil-shaped” due to its flattened, rounded shape. They are sometimes mistaken for UFOs. Name this type of cloud.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q7

BLACK IN STEM: Following the success of #BlackBirdersWeek, a hashtag campaign is happening this very week celebrating African American researchers and students in another technical field. Name the hashtag.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q8

50/50: If you look at a shark’s body from the side, you can see gill slits (openings) directly behind their head. By a far majority, how many gill slits do most species of shark have? FIVE or FOUR?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 1 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 1 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q1 Answer

Apples, pears and quince are all POME fruit. They are fruits that have a "core" of several small seeds, surrounded by a tough membrane, encased in an edible layer of flesh.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q2 Answer

The HURRICANE of 1900 remains the deadliest natural disaster event in the United States. It killed 6,000 to 12,000 people. Work on widening the Houston Ship Channel began immediately and by 1910 Houston was the largest port in Texas.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q3 Answer

Like Greta Thunberg, “flygskam” is SWEDISH. Staffan Lindberg, a Swedish singer, was reported to have coined the term in 2017. The opposite of flygskam is “tågskryt,” which means “train brag.”
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q4 Answer

The GEODUCK, a name derived from the native Nisqually word gʷídəq, which is based either on the word for genitals, the phrase for “dig deep”, or possibly both!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q5 Answer

Cancer/Karkinos means CRAB. Early Greek physicians like Galen compared a tumor’s many veins to appear like pairs of legs around a crab’s body. The name stuck.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q7 Answer

The field is astronomy, and the hashtag is BLACK IN ASTRO. Follow #BlackInAstro on social media all week to meet amazing Black astronomers and hear their stories.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q8 Answer

The answer is FIVE. There are a handful of shark species with six or seven pairs of gills slits. None have four.
🎙Good job on Round 1, everyone! Round 2 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R2 Q1

BOTANY: The “White Linen” can lay claim to be one of Sacramento’s homegrown cocktails. Besides gin, its other alcohol component is this popular brand of liqueur made from elderflowers. Name this brand.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q2

CELEBRITIES: Known for his roles in The Hangover and as a judge now on The Masked Singer on the FOX network, Ken Jeong is of course a trained physician. Where did Dr. Jeong attend medical school?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q3

GEOGRAPHY: In the James Bond film “A View to a Kill”, the main villain played by Christopher Walken was plotting to destroy this natural feature of our state. Name this natural feature.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q4

ZOOLOGY: “Turdus migratorius” is the Western scientific name for what common species of animal, often associated with spring here in the United States?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q5

BOOZE: Ethanol in water can be distilled to 95.63% ethanol and 4.37% water. At this point, the vapor composition boiled off this solution has the same composition as the solution. What is the term for this constant boiling point mixture?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q6

GEOGRAPHY: On June 15, 1991, a volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines exploded in the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. What is the volcano’s name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q7

WARFARE: On June 17, 1967, China successfully tested its first thermonuclear bomb. Name an isotope used as thermonuclear fuel for these bombs.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q8

The first Trans-Pacific Cable was inaugurated on June 18, 1964 with a phone call between President Johnson and Prime Minister Hayato. How many channels did this first cable have?

A. 1
B. 12
C. 142
D. 845
E. 3,780

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 2 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 2 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q1 Answer

The brand of elderflower liqueur is called ST-GERMAIN (@StGermainDrinks), est. 2007. Elderflowers are in the genus Sambucus. The White Linen was invented by Rene Dominguez of Shady Lady and Ella around 2008.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q2 Answer

Working as an internal medicine physician before he hit it big, Ken Jeong is a graduate of the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA School of Medicine—but he remains a life-long fan of Duke Basketball, his undergraduate alma mater.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q3 Answer

The answer is the SAN ANDREAS FAULT (we’ll also accept the HAYWARD FAULT). Walken’s character wanted to unleash a flood to wipe out Silicon Valley by triggering these two faults. He was thwarted by a geologically ancient Roger Moore.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q4 Answer

Turdus migratorius is the scientific name for the American ROBIN. Turdus is the Latin name for thrushes, the broader category of these birds.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q5 Answer

AZEOTROPE. Ethanol plants use an adsorption process to remove the remaining water from the solution to produce an ethanol product that can be used in internal combustion engines.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q6 Answer

The eruption of MOUNT PINATUBO ejected 10 billion tonnes of magma and released 20 million tonnes of sulfur dioxide. World temperatures fell half a degree centigrade the following two years.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q7 Answer

Thermonuclear explosions occur when isotopes such as DEUTERIUM, TRITIUM, or LITHIUM DEUTERIDE undergo fusion reactions. Because these are all isotopes of hydrogen, thermonuclear weapons are commonly called hydrogen bombs.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q8 Answer

TRANSPAC-1 had a capacity of (C) 142 CHANNELS. Subsequent cables had 845 (TRANSPAC-2, 1975) and 3,780 (TRANSPAC-3, 1989) channels. Fiber-optic cable operation began in 1996.
🎙Good job on Round 2, everyone! We’ll take a 10 minute intermission. See you back here at 8:20pm for Round 3 and 4. You're playing @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R3 Q1

INDUSTRY: The Ford Motor Company was founded on June 16, 1903. Which Ford vehicle was the first to feature safety glass in the windshield?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q2

JUDICIAL RULINGS: On June 19, 1987, Edwards v. Aguillard ruled that the State of Louisiana could not require that creation science be taught alongside evolutionary science. Which Constitutional Amendment did the Louisiana law violate?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q3

PUBLIC POLICY: In February 2018, China banned the import of most plastics and other materials headed for that nation's recycling processors. What is the name of this policy?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q4

HISTORY: Cornell Medical College physician George Papanikolaou worked with artist Hashime Murayama to produce an illustrated text in 1943 to identify pre-cancerous cells obtained by swab. What is this swabbing procedure commonly called?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q5

PHILANTHROPY: The UC Davis School of Nursing is officially the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, endowed by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. What international company did Gordon Moore establish in 1968?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q6

BEER: “Summer Solstice” is a nice, malty ale brewed by which Northern California brewing company?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q7

MOVIES: “Surf’s Up” is a 2007 animated movie about penguins competing in a surfing contest, with voices by Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges, and Zooey Deschanel. Jon Heder voices the lone surfer who was NOT a penguin. What kind of animal was he?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q8

GOVERNMENT: Kathryn Sullivan, Jane Lubchenco, and John Knauss are all former heads of what U.S. federal science agency?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 3 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 3 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q1 Answer

The MODEL A featured “Triplex Shatterproof Glass.” Over 4.8 million Model As were sold between 1927 and 1932.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q2 Answer

The Court ruled that this law violated the Establishment Clause of the FIRST AMENDMENT because the law was specifically intended to advance a particular religion.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q3 Answer

The “NATIONAL SWORD”’ program set limits for contamination in imported waste to 0.5 percent. Since then almost no plastic scrap has been exported to China from the US and shipments of metal and paper scrap have been sharply reduced.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q4 Answer

“Papanikolaou” was a mouthful, so the sample of cervical cells obtained by swab was shortened to “PAP SMEAR.” Artist Murayama created the crucial drawings while interned for being a Japanese National.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q5 Answer

Gordon Moore created @INTEL CORPORATION, and postulated what we now call “Moore’s Law”. Trivia: Betty Moore majored in journalism at San Jose State.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q6 Answer

Summer Solstice is brewed by ANDERSON VALLEY BREWING COMPANY, located on Hwy 128 (the “Dramamine Drive”) in Boonville, California. The solstice was this past Saturday.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q7 Answer

Jon Heder played CHICKEN JOE, a chicken from Cheboygan, Michigan. You probably better know @hederjon as Napoleon Dynamite.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q8 Answer

@AstroKDS, @JaneLubchenco, and John Knauss were all former Administrators of @NOAA. Sullivan became the first person to have both walked in space and dive to the Challenger Deep on June 7th.

🎙Good job on Round 3, everyone! Round 4 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R4 Q1

BOOKS: In 2017, science journalist Maryn McKenna wrote “Big Chicken”—an examination of industrial farming, antibiotic use, and food safety. The UK edition and US Kindle edition, however, was given a different title. Name this other title.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q2

TELEVISION: The late actor Roy Scheider might be best known as Chief Brody from the movie Jaws, which premiered 45 years ago on June 20. But he was also the lead actor for what 1990’s NBC science fiction show about a futuristic submarine?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q3

LINGUISTICS: The town of Boonville, California is home to a unique vocabulary first invented in the late 19th century. What is the name for this rare, strange slang?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q4

MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES: The logo of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company is a black bear with antlers on its head. What is this animal called?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q5

SCIENCE COMMUNICATORS: David Perlman was believed to be the oldest full-time news reporter at a U.S. metro newspaper when he retired in 2017 at age 98. A well-regarded science reporter, at which West Coast newspaper did he work since 1951?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q6

FIRSTS: In 1916, St. Elmo Brady was the first African American to earn a PhD in Chemistry. He got his undergraduate degree at Tuskegee and chaired the Chemistry Dept. at Howard, but at which public flagship university did he get his PhD?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q7

SPACE: The NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) is a worldwide network of U.S. spacecraft communication facilities that supports NASA's interplanetary spacecraft missions. Name two of the three countries where DSN telescopes are located.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q8

INDUSTRY: While the original Edison light bulb patent listed cotton, linen thread, wood splints, and paper as filaments, the first mass-produced light bulbs Edison made used fibers from which plant as the filament?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 4 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 4 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q1 Answer

@marynmck’s Big Chicken was retitled PLUCKED! for its UK and Kindle editions.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q2 Answer

That show was SEAQUEST DSV, complete with Darwin the talking dolphin. The first season was an intriguing vision of undersea exploration and geopolitics, but later episodes got weird, much to Scheider’s disappointment.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q3 Answer

Technically classified as a jargon or argot, this slang is called BOONTLING. Some Boont words: a “mink” means “woman”, “briney” means “ocean”, and “gorm” means “to eat”.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q4 Answer

The mythical creature adorning the labels of @avbc—a bear with antlers—is of course a BEER.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q5 Answer

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE writer David Perlman received awards from the @aaas, @spj_tweets, and @AmerChemSociety. He passed away on Friday at age 101.……
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q6 Answer

The University of ILLINOIS at Urbana-Champaign. @ChemistryUIUC won a Silver Telly Award this year for its short documentary on Brady, called “Twenty Whites & One ‘Other’”…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q7 Answer

The three 70 meter radio telescopes of the Deep Space Network are in Pasadena, USA; Canberra, AUSTRALIA, and Madrid, SPAIN. These three locations are each roughly 120 degrees from each other.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q8 Answer

The first mass produced light bulbs had a BAMBOO filament. A carbonized bamboo filament in a light bulb could last over 1,200 hours, much longer than the other filaments. Modern incandescent light bulbs use the metal tungsten.
🎙And that's all 4 rounds for our @TriviaWithBens for tonight, June 23rd, hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!! Time to share your total score!

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This heat slowed us down a bit today! With no further delay, let's announce the Winners Circle for the June 23rd @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night sponsored by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!!!
🎙️IN FIRST PLACE (20 points): Team Snow Body Mongooses (Captain: @monsterbashseq) notches their fourth-ever 1st place win! Only team to get R1Q1 and R4Q6—well done for our June 23rd @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm!🥇🥇🥇

🎙️IN SECOND PLACE (19 points): Team Mephitis mephitis (Captain: @tricialouiselee) breaks their 1st place streak! But was the only team to get R4Q7—well done for our June 23rd @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥈🥈🥈

🎙️IN THIRD PLACE (15 points): Team N95’Sync (Captain: @JoseBilingue) returns to the Winners Circle! One of two teams to get #BlackInAstro correct—well done for our June 23rd @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥉🥉🥉

🎙️IN FOURTH PLACE (14 points): Graduated Cylinderzzzz (Captain: @nnntennndooo) stays in Winners Circle!! One of two teams to get "chicken" and "St-Germain"—well done for our June 23rd @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

IN FIFTH PLACE (11 points): Half of Team Pinky and the Brain, @andyfell, did great on a solo run! One of two teams to get "Intel"—well done for our June 23rd @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

🎙️PS: As a reminder, @TriviaWithBens is switching to a biweekly schedule. We will tentatively return July 7th! Stay tuned via @CapSciComm or through our website:
🎙️That's it for top scores for our June 23rd game! Thanks to all teams who played @TriviaWithBens last night—your happy laughs are why we'll keep hosting this event☺️☺️☺️ Gratitude again to @CapSciComm for providing our live video feed.

Until next time: #KeepScienceSpicy!🌶️🌶️🌶️
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