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🎙LIVE FROM #SACRAMENTO, it’s #science #trivia night! Welcome to @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive🌶️! Follow the game here on Twitter (@CapSciComm Prof/Student Members gain call access:…). Tonight's theme: Numbers, in honor of our 10th game! [1/n]
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🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules for #CapSciCommLive 🌶️: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐…
🎙Now pour yourself your favorite beverage, rally your team, and shout out real loud:


Round 1 starts now!…
R1 Q1

NUMBERS: The number “googol” was coined by the nine-year-old nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner. A googol is a one followed by how many zeros?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q2

METRICS: “20/20” means that you can discern the same sized letters from 20 feet away that someone with normal eyesight can discern from 20 feet away. What is the equivalent phrase for “20/20” in countries that use the metric system?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q3

FOOD CHEMISTRY: Caramelization is the oxidation of sugar, a browning process resulting in a nutty flavor. What is the name of the reaction for the browning process in the presence of foods with amino acids and reducing sugars?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q4

50/50: We learned about a “googol” in R1Q1: 10^100. Is the number of atoms in the observable universe greater, or smaller, than one googol?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q5

LINGUISTICS: In the Roman numeral system, numbers are represented by Latin alphabets. What alphabet is used to depict the number 10?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q6

POLITICS: In popular shorthand, the office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is often referred to by the street address of the PM’s official residence. What is this street address? Give us the number and the street.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q7

SOCIAL MEDIA: Last week, a group of Black naturalists, scientists, and graduate students rallied to host a 5-day awareness campaign in response to the 5/25 racist harassment of birdwatcher Christian Cooper. Name this now-famous hashtag.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q8

SPORTS: The Stanley Cup—NHL’s championship trophy—would have been awarded sometime this week. What material was the original 1892 Stanley Cup made from?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 1 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 1 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q1 Answer

A googol is one followed by ONE HUNDRED zeros. (10^100) Kasner’s descendants considered suing Google for copyright infringement when Google’s founders misspelled the word while naming their company.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q2 Answer

Countries that use the metric system use meters instead of feet, but also use the same distance. Twenty feet roughly converts to 6 meters, so the equivalent to “20/20” is “6/6”.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q3 Answer

The MAILLARD Reaction occurs at a lower temperature than caramelization, and occurs on the crust of bread, roasted marshmallows, seared steaks, and fried dumplings.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q4 Answer

The number of atoms in the observable universe, has been estimated to be approximately 10^78, or about ten sextillion times SMALLER than one googol.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q5 Answer

The Roman numeral for the number 10 is depicted by the “X”. Roman numerals are said to have derived from the Etruscan language, but not much else is known about their origins.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q6 Answer

That would be 10 DOWNING STREET, London. Joined together from three houses, it is also the headquarters of the UK government. Among other residents: Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office:…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q7 Answer

This was #BLACKBIRDERSWEEK (we’ll also accept auxiliary tags #BlackInNature and #BlackAFinSTEM). It was a phenomenal success—let's all keep the momentum going.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q8 Answer

SILVER. A silver-nickle replica of the original sits atop the modern day trophy—35lbs heavy with engravable bands that rotate off as they become filled with names of winning teams.…
🎙Good job on Round 1, everyone! Round 2 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R2 Q1

#BlackInSTEM: Chancellor Gary May of UC Davis is the university’s first Black chancellor and only the second in UC history. What was his speciality as a research engineer?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q2

TECHNOLOGY: According to 2019 numbers, this global technology company is the largest employer in the City of Elk Grove. Name this company.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q3

THE ARTS: Playwright and film producer Larry Kramer died on May 27th. What virus or disease did Larry Kramer raise public awareness for?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q4

SPACE: On May 30th, NASA astronauts launched from U.S. soil for the first time since 2011. Give us the two creature-inspired names for the launch vehicle and the reusable capsule.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q5

DEFINITIONS: In the United Kingdom until 1974, how many zeros were in “one billion”?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q6

NUMBERS: A human-friendly representation of binary-coded values uses the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F. What is this system called?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q7

ENGINES: High performance, high compression spark-ignition engines require high octane fuel. What phenomenon occurs when you put low octane fuel into a vehicle that requires high octane fuel?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q8

SAFETY: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 “Fire Diamond” or “Safety Square” shows the level of hazard for Flammability, Health, and Instability. What number is assigned the highest level of hazard?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 2 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 2 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q1 Answer

ELECTRICAL and COMPUTER ENGINEERING. @Chancellor_May specialized in integrated circuits. He joined his undergrad alma mater Georgia Tech as a professor in 1991, then Dean of Engineering in 2011.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q2 Answer

APPLE is the largest employer of Elk Grove. It was originally a manufacturing center, making the iMac until 2002. Now it is a call center for AppleCare support.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q3 Answer

Through his writing and activism, Larry Kramer raised awareness of the HIV and AIDS epidemic among the U.S. gay community, most notably through his 1985 play The Normal Heart.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q4 Answer

FALCON and DRAGON. The launch vehicle was the Falcon9 and the reusable capsule the astronauts rode in was the Crew Dragon. Both are manufactured by SpaceX, owned by James Bond villain—er, eccentric egotistical billionaire Elon Musk.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q5 Answer

The historic definition of a billion in British English, or “long form,” is a one followed by TWELVE zeros. It can be thought of as one million millions. The word “milliard” historically was used for one thousand millions.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q6 Answer

The HEXADECIMAL system uses the letters A-F to represent the digits with values 10-15. A byte of information, which has eight digits in binary, only has two digits in hexadecimal.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q7 Answer

Low octane fuel in a high compression engine will ignite pockets of the air fuel mixture ahead of the spark ignition combustion front, causing engine KNOCKing. First observed to discover the reason for failures in aircraft engines.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q8 Answer

The highest level of hazard is 4. Acetylene gas has a flammability rating of 4. Hydrogen Cyanide has a health rating of 4. Nitroglycerin has an instability rating of 4.
🎙Good job on Round 2, everyone! We’ll take a 10 minute intermission. See you back here at 8:15pm for Round 3 and 4. You're playing @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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🎙Welcome back to @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!! We're going to get started with Round 3 questions shortly!…
R3 Q1

NUMBERS: We learned that a “googol” is one followed by one hundred zeros. There’s a related, larger number: “googolplex.” How many zeros are in a googolplex?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q2

ART: The artist Christo died on May 31st. What was the name of the installation art piece he created in Marin and Sonoma counties, a 24.5 mile long veil of white nylon fabric from Hwy 101 to Bodega Bay?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q3

HISTORY: What Indian mathematician, while having no formal training in mathematics, made incredible contributions to number theory and infinite series before he died at age 32 in 1920?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q4

INVENTORS: Reginald Fessenden is best known for his inventions in radio. But his “Fessenden Oscillator” was the first electronic demonstration in 1914 of what navigational technology?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q5

CHEMISTRY: What is element 98 on the Periodic Table?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q6

GEOGRAPHY: A refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar—a city in Bangladesh near its border with Burma—is currently home to nearly one million people belonging to this persecuted ethnicity. Name this group of people.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q7

SPORTS: The AHL farm team of the San Jose Sharks NHL team also bears a toothy ocean-going, predatory fish as its mascot. Name this type of fish.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q8

#BlackInSTEM: Name the first Black woman astronaut to travel to space. We need both first and last names.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 3 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 3 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q1 Answer

There is a GOOGOL of zeros in a googolplex. Scientists struggle to identify a googolplex of anything: the number of states in a black hole with a mass roughly equivalent to the Andromeda Galaxy is in the range of a googolplex.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q2 Answer

The piece was called RUNNING FENCE. The art project required 42 months of collaborative efforts, 18 public hearings, 3 sessions at the Superior Courts of California, and a 450 page Environmental Impact Report.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q3 Answer

Srinivasa RAMANUJAN compiled nearly 3,900 results, some of which opened entire new areas of work. He became one of the youngest Fellows of the @RoyalSociety and only the second Indian member.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q4 Answer

Fessenden Oscillator was the first electronic use of SONAR (SOund NAvigation Ranging) to identify icebergs, reefs, and take depth soundings. The invention was spurred by the sinking of the Titanic.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q5 Answer

The element with atomic number 98 was first announced to the world in February 1950, and it would receive the name CALIFORNIUM after the State and the @UofCalifornia…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q6 Answer

The ROHINGYA, a people indigenous to western Burma but long denied citizenship by the government. Made stateless, most have been forced out of Burma, including out to sea, unwanted by neighboring nations.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q7 Answer

They are called the San Jose BARRACUDA. Barracuda are silvery, sharp-toothed predators found in warm tropical oceans worldwide. They love following divers like dogs looking for food.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q8 Answer

DR. MAE JEMISON became the first Black woman in space in 1992 aboard the Endeavor, her lone mission. @maejemison entered Stanford at 16 and received her M.D. from Cornell. She had a cameo on Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1993.
🎙Good job on Round 3, everyone! Round 4 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R4 Q1

MUSIC: “Barracuda” is a hit song by the band Heart, headlined by sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson. But the song isn’t about a fish. What or who inspired the lyrics for “barracuda”?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q2

LINGUISTICS: In Mandarin Chinese, the character 萬 (pronounced “wàn” like the English word “one”) refers to a specific number. Name this number.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q3

GEOGRAPHY: Juneteenth marks the day in 1863 when the Emancipation Proclamation was finally read to enslaved African-Americans in this Confederate state, months after it was issued and months after the Civil War ended. Name this state.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q4

AGRICULTURE: Among Sacramento’s historic figures is David Lubin, who cofounded the Weinstock’s department store empire in 1874. He also founded the International Institute of Agriculture in 1908. The IIA paved the way for what modern org?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q5

HIGHER EDUCATION: Elements of the first graphical web browser Mosaic are still used in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, located at which research university?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q6

TEXTILES: After the Three Mile Island accident, scientists determined that this article of clothing could be used to hold a filtration mask in place and improve the quality of filtration. What was the article of clothing?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q7

VIDEO GAMES: One of the first video games, “Tennis for Two”, was invented in 1958 at Brookhaven National Lab as a demo of capabilities for visitors. What electronic test instrument was used as the screen of the first version of this game?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q8

June started on a Monday, which means that no other month this year starts on a Monday. Only one other month starts on a unique day of the week, not shared by any other month that year. Which month is it?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 4 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 4 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q1 Answer

“Barracuda” was actually inspired by the Wilson Sisters’ anger towards their RECORD COMPANY, Mushroom Records, which spread sexual rumors about the sisters as a publicity stunt to sell records.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q2 Answer

萬 specifically refers to TEN THOUSAND. It is also used as a synonym for “innumerable” or “myriad”. Where English speakers might say “long live the...” the Chinese might say “萬歲” (wànsuì)—literally “ten thousand years”.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q3 Answer

TEXAS—which was the most remote of the Confederate states and the last to hear the Emancipation Proclamation.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q4 Answer

The IIA was the precursor to the U.N. FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO). Though Lubin made his name as a merchant innovator, his passion was global food access and statistics.……
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q5 Answer

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications is located at the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, URBANA-CHAMPAIGN. @NCSAatIllinois is one of the National Science Foundation’s five original supercomputing clusters.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q6 Answer

Researchers found that nylon PANTYHOSE, combined with a homemade filtration mask, can improve filtration effectiveness by 50%.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q7 Answer

An OSCILLOSCOPE, which usually displays varying signal voltages. Physicist William Higinbotham’s intention in inventing the game was to “convey the message that our scientific endeavors have relevance for society."
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q8 Answer

The Month of MAY also begins on a day that no other months begins, even during leap years. June does end on the same day of the week as March in all years.
🎙And that's all 4 rounds for our @TriviaWithBens for tonight, June 9th, hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!! Time to share your total score!

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Until next time: #KeepScienceSpicy!!!
It felt so good to be back with everyone last night. The fight doesn't end, but may laughter and rest help restore all. Let's announce the Winners Circle for the June 9th @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night sponsored by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!!!
Fitting for a theme of "Numbers" we are issuing our share of answer-edicts:

First off, everyone gets a point for R1Q2 because we didn't research it well, but congrats to Team Graduated Cylinderzzzz (Captain: @nnntennndooo) for getting our desired answer anyway.
Second, we ultimately are not awarding points if you simply wrote #BirdingWhileBlack for R1Q7. We asked specifically about the 5-day campaign overall: #BlackBirdersWeek, not any single day—and we even gave you the answer last week:…

Finally, we awarded points if you wrote "detonation" for R2Q7, though "knocking" or "pinging" was really what we're looking for. (Take it up with our resident engineer, @bfnicholson!)

Now onto the Winner's Circle for the June 9th @TriviaWithBens!
🎙️IN FIRST PLACE (23 points): Team Rattus rattus (Captain: @tricialouiselee) takes home 1st for the third straight game and five overall over our 10 games!!! Well done for our June 9th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm!🥇🥇🥇

🎙️IN SECOND PLACE (20 points): Team Graduated Cylinderzzzz (Captain: @nnntennndooo) grabs silver this time—only team that got "googolplex" and "萬 "!! Well done for our June 9th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥈🥈🥈

🎙️IN THIRD PLACE (19 points): We have a new team: The Brown Buds (Captain: @edwardortiz), one of two teams to nail "Ramanujan" and "Running Fence"!! Well done for our June 9th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥉🥉🥉

🎙️IN FOURTH PLACE (17 points): Team "physically distanced baby yoda" (Captain: Dominic Gutierrez) returns to the Winners Circle! Well done for our June 9th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅
IN FIFTH PLACE (16 points): Team Pinky and the Brain (@beckyoskin @andyfell) was one of two teams to nail the Texas question re #Juneteenth. Well done for our June 9th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

🎙️That's it for top scores for our June 9th game! Thank you all for playing @TriviaWithBens week after week—your happy laughs are why we'll keep hosting ☺️☺️☺️ Special thanks to Team Snow Body Mongooses (9) and Team N95’Sync (10) for your steady support through our 10 games...
...and a big welcome to new teams joining us each week. Gratitude to @CapSciComm for providing our live video feed. Don't forget, we're off on 6/16, but you're all invited to the CapSciComm Virtual Networking Social that night! RSVP:…
As we wrap up, we encourage everyone to learn from colleagues all day today by following #ShutDownStem hashtag. Listen to Black scientists as they continue to share their #BlackInTheIvory stories. Catch up on #BlackBirdersWeek tweets.

Until next time: #KeepScienceSpicy!🌶️🌶️🌶️
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