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Here’s another sweet spot for DIY Air Purifiers: super quiet 40dB kid magnet, sweet hum note, pulsing nighttime glow, ~ 200 CADR airflow matching medium HEPAs, just 25 Watts and ~$120 in parts. #CorsiRosenthalBox #WomenInSTEM #COVIDisAirborne Image
Kudos @CRBoxKits, @robwiss, @Mw_ottawa for pioneering PC fan #CorsiRosenthalBox builds. @kprather, @JimRosenthal4, @CorsIAQ maybe your freshman engineering class can formally characterize the airflow? Can also stand upright with 10 fans (5 each tall side) for 400-500 CADR? Image
Once 5-fan top assembled, kids can build the filter box with double-sided carpet tape easier than duct-taped CR box fan w/shroud. For now I use foam board for the top plate which is fun for kids to punch, though a precision mill/drill plastic top plate would assemble faster
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Grants 😞
Manuscripts 😣
Course evaluations 😫

Rejection is everywhere in academia.

But we keep it quiet.
Only stories of success get told.

So heres a story on rejection:
"The potato, the egg and tea bag"

A young man comes to his father.

"Father, life is hard. I'm struggling all the time. Just as I solve one problem, another follows"

The father nods. "Come with me."
He takes man to the kitchen and fills 3 pots with boiling water.
In the first pot he places a potato.
In the second pot he places an egg. In the third pot he places a tea bag.

After some time, the father takes the potato, egg and tea bag out of the boiling water

“What do you see?” he asks

"A potato, egg and tea bag" the man replies annoyed
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Are you 'Excited to share my new paper!'

Harsh truth:
Most people don't care

5 tips on how to tweet about your new paper to get real engagement

@OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @PhDVoice @AcademicChatter
Firstly, a disclaimer.

I'm not saying your new paper is bad

On the contrary, it got accepted so it brings new knowledge to your field

It deserves to be read.
This thread gives you tips to achieve that with Twitter
1. Use Numbers

Numbers attract attention because -they stand out against words
-add credibility
-make info easier to visualise

❌️ Our study shows this new method is highly efficient

✅️ Our study shows this method reduced waste by 87%
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▪️ High-profile man on Twitter tweets an article he had no part in writing - gets 100s of RTs & likes, and "thanks."
▪️ Woman who authored the paper after year(s) of hard work, tweets it and gets NO RTs, 1 like, and no "thanks."
F-CK that.
#womeninstem #academictwitter #scicomm
Misogyny and sexism are alive and well.
This is not a 'one-off.' I see it every day.
Man = hero.
Woman = almost zero.
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🆕: Severe, atypical, post-🦠- #COVID19
neurological🧠 sequelae
💉responsive to IVIg
…… #serverless #womeninstem #openscience #scicomm #snrtg #LongCovid #neurology #immunology
🙏KUDOS and respect to this brave gentleman for consenting to the publication of this video and giving a glimpse into one of the many ways in which 🦠Sars-Cov-2 is affecting the🧠brains of those it infects.
#openscience #scicomm
Protect yourself from 🦠Sars-Cov-2,
It's messing up 🧠 brains.
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🆕: ⚠️Not so mild 🦠#COVID19
in this immunosuppressed patient
- development of atypical, severe, acute 🧠 meningitis… #bioinformatics #womeninstem #openscience #scicomm #snrtg #genomics #immunology Image
This patient could not have wound up in better hands:
National Institute of Infectious Diseases
“Lazzaro Spallanzani” IRCCS- Rome, 🇮🇹 Italy
👍 great job treating this patient,
sequencing and monitoring🧬the 🦠strain,
...and saving her life
#openscience #scicomm
I have found only a handful of reports in literature of
🦠Sars-Cov-2 induced🧠 meningitis. I thought there would be more. Caveat: it's exceedingly rare, but it does happen.
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The power of a cross-campus public university team spanning @uconnhealth, @UConn Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Engineering, and Education :…
#WomenInSTEM leading #GirlsInSTEM! Pragmatic, cost effective interventions for improved indoor air quality and having fun while learning physics, engineering, math, and science! The perfect combo that benefits all! Thanks @kprather88 for your leadership, generations are watching!
@UConn is the flagship University within State of Connecticut, and it feels natural to have community partnerships: We hope other state funded universities follow suit, as this exercise builds STEM education AND self-efficacy benefits for learner AND the community!
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Want advice on how to improve your academic writing?

Try listening to non-academics

5 writing threads from non-academics that are 🔥🔥🔥

@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie @PostdocVoice @ThePhDPlace #acwri
How to instantly up your writing 📝

Fav tip:
Never use a complex word when a simple one will do

How to build a killer writing habit 💪

Fav tip:
95% of writing is re-writing

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🦠 ->🧠
I'm seeing a noticeable ⬆️uptick
in these disturbing reports:
#COVID19-associated psychosis in young patients
with *NO* prior history of mental-illness… #serverless #womeninstem #itrtg #scicomm #openscience #iot #neuroscience Image
He expressed that "the information system in his brain had been deleted,"
and the government was “coming for him.”
He experienced auditory hallucinations;
“everyone around the world is saying not to let the
doctors do the test” and believed the tests would kill him."
Sars-Cov-2 🦠and ➡️ the 🧠brain
(a partial list of pathology) :
➡️ encephalitis, encephalopathy, seizures, Parkinsonism, altered consciousness, stroke, ataxia, myclonia, hallucinations, psychosis, brain hemorrhaging, vasculitis, coma...
Not just an illness of the 🫁 lungs.
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News from Germany 🩸: Why coffee and cake? Because finally I can 🎉

3 months into treatment for #MECFS microclots, I’m opening up on this piece of the puzzle for me: 🧵 1/n
#TeamClots #PostViral #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis
This was me in April this year. 18 months into significant relapse following a tonsillectomy and chronic infections. #pwME 2/n In a messy bedroom Eliza lays on her back in bed with her kn
In 2008, I worked full time in retail and was looking to begin acting classes. I lived an active life full of social, creative, sporting and spiritual activities that brought me joy and meaning. 3/n

📷: Ocean Kayaking in July 2008 Photo of Eliza in a yellow Kayak on the ocean. She wears a p
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7⃣+ months of Norovirus🦠positivity➕
in this ⚠️Primary Immunodeficiency patient
▪️ Rx-resistant
🧬-> intra-host evolution led to a unique norovirus strain #bioinformatics #openscience #scicomm #itrtg #raredisease #genomics #immunology Image
Very much in line with what has been seen
in some persistent🦠Sars-Cov-2 infections in immunocompromised hosts.
▪️ viral-clearance failure
▪️ within-host viral evolution/mutations
*the report gives no indication on the fate of the patient.
⚠️Immunocompromised patients ⚠️as atypical
"outliers" with almost every🦠infectious pathogen (circa 2017).
❗️ PLEASE doctors - keep a good 👁️eye on those
with compromised immune-systems… #openscience #scicomm #meded Image
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I've visited the profiles of all my 9000+ followers and learned one important thing

No one teaches academics how to write a Twitter bio

5 simple ways to improve your bio so your first impression counts 👀


@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics
1. Don't write a CV

Many bios are lists of academic positions and acronyms

Its not a great way to get a 'feel' for who you are

Your profile should say
▫️ Who you are
▫️ What you do
▫️ How to engage with you

It should introduce you like a handshake, not a CV.
2. Tag your organisation

You're at CSU? Which one?
Colorado State Uni 🇱🇷
Central South Uni China 🇨🇳
Charles Sturt Uni Australia 🇦🇺

Most of us use our institute's acronym but few of us know all 25000+ universities worldwide. Tag your organisation so we know exactly where you are
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I've spent years trying to figure out how to be a great academic writer

It comes down to one thing

A story for every academic who wants the cheat code to better writing 🧵

@AcademicChatter @CouragePhD @hapyresearchers @ThePhDPlace @thephdstory #acwri
A photography professor walks into his new class.

He decides to do an experiment

He divides the class in two groups: quantity and quality
The quantity group are graded on how many photos they take.
For an A, they need to take the most photos.

The quality group are graded on the calibre of their photos. For an A, they only need one photo but it has to be excellent
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Academia is considered structured, logical, analytical, rigid....

It's also full of paradoxes 🔄

4 paradoxes to overcome to level up your academic career 🧵

@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @ThePhDPlace
Saying no CREATES opportunity 🍀

Saying yes to everything maxs out your time/energy quickly. Then when a real opportunity comes, you cannot take advantage of it. Say no to some things leads to saying yes to the right thing.
Finding the answer comes from saying I don't know 🤷

As experts, it's uncomfortable to say "I don't know". But without this, no-one knows what questions still plague us. Saying "I don't know" opens the door for those with answers to find you
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4 months ago I started writing threads with a simple goal

Help someone like me in academia 💞

10M views & 8K followers later, pretty sure I'm kicking this goal 🤯

So for my new friends, here are my top 8 threads and how they can help you 🤗
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A large🆕study confirms
the⚠️danger of 🦠SarsCov2
to the #immunocompromised
Take precautions to protect yourself… #WomenInSTEM #openscience #itrtg #scicomm #medtwitter #immunology #raredisease
▪️ 💉vaxx ➕boost💉
▪️😷 mask on and up
▪️📏 practice strategic social-distancing
If you are immunodeficient or immunocompromised,
(👤LIKE ME) ... these 3⃣ things could well save your life.
A news article which accompanies the above research:
"Study highlights need to prioritize
immunocompromised COVID patients"… #WomenInSTEM #openscience #scicomm
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There are words you shouldn’t call academic (or any) women. Words you might think are innocuous, but have a long history of being used to dismiss, devalue, or discredit women. You might not be aware that these words should be avoided. A 🧵
1. Is she ‘aggressive’ - yelling, shoving, in your face? If not, the word you probably want to use is ‘assertive’.
2. Is she ‘hysterical’ - displaying extreme emotion due to having a uterus? If not, the word you probably want to use is ‘upset’. Unless you’re using it to mean she’s incredibly funny, in which case you’re good.
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Hi, I’m Shaily Rahman. I’m a geochemist and oceanographer. I work in coastal systems. On this project, my focus is studying the reactive silicon cycle.
#DiversityinSTEM #WomenInSTEM #POCinSTEM
#gueSTAAR Shaily Rahman
#Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It exerts strong controls over the global carbon cycle and many trace element cycles. But we have very few tracers that show how reactive silicon moves around the surface of our planet.
Diatoms, a type of phytoplankton, need dissolved silica to reproduce and to build their shells out of amorphous glass. They're responsible for 15 to 18 % of global oxygen production.
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During my PhD, I got alot of unhelpful advice

Now I'm a PhD supervisor, I know 💯 what I needed to hear

4 things every PhD student should know 🧵

#phdchat @thoughtsofaphd @PhD_Genie @thephdstory @HaPhDsupervisor @Dissertating
1. You're judging yourself way harder than others

People around you may be master writers, thinkers, communicators, teachers

But this was not always the case

There's no secret, no shortcut, no hidden talent. For most, its years of practice.

You can do the same
2. Its normal to feel you're getting nowhere

What's important is how to deal with it

Working harder is usually not the answer

I've never meet a PhD student with a poor work ethic. Just take time to step back and ensure you channel your effort into the right things
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Did you just join #AcademicTwitter ?

Congratulations! 👏🏿 Did tou know there are 385,000 other academics here? 🤯

Here's 7 academic accounts to follow 👌
Hugh Kearns @ithinkwellHugh

Strategies and frameworks for increasing research productivity

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. 🧬Exciting stuff! 🧬
Hope of a genetic-"fix" for youngsters with a rare blood disorder… #bioinformatics #snrtg #scicomm #openscience #technology #biotech #genomics #raredisease
The clinical trial results which prompted extending CRISPR treatment to kids for
🧬 Sickle-cell and Beta-Thalassemia🩸 #openscience #scicomm
🧵(thread 3/3)
...more 🧬✂️DNA-editing hope:
1⃣ Inborn Errors of Immunity :… #bioinformatics #biotech #WomenInSTEM #openscience #scicomm
2⃣ 'CF', ... 🫁 ➕:… #immunology #genomics #raredisease
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. 🦠#COVID19 ⚠️F*CKing⚠️with the
brain🧠and body
of this 15 year-old boy. Real badly.… #WomenInSTEM #openscience #scicomm #snrtg #immunology #neurology
COVID-19 is NOT "just like the flu."
COVID-19 is NOT "just like the flu."
COVID-19 is NOT "just like the flu."
"Cerebellar examination revealed impaired finger to nose, heel to shin, and rapid alternative movements. Gait was ataxic and he could not walk without help."
* in a previously healthy young man
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⚠️Potentially dangerous
new 🦠#COVID19 variants🧬
▪️The pandemic won't end until we prevent this phenomenon
❗️Get💉 vaxxed to shield & protect the immunocompromised… #bioinformatics #WomenInSTEM #openscience #snrtg #immunology #genomics #raredisease
. "NOBODY is safe from the virus until
we are ALL safe from the virus"
~Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus (WHO Director General)
Viruses🦠do strange things when unchallenged for long periods of times in hosts.
Unfortunately mutating🧬is one of those things.
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🧬"Recessive complete deficiencies of typeI IFN immunity may underlie ∼10% of hospitalizations for COVID-19 🦠pneumonia 🫁 in children"
👥It DID in these 12 youngsters
#bioinformatics #openscience #scicomm #WomenInSTEM #immunology #genomics #raredisease Image
Great work as always by Prof Jean-Laurent @casanova_lab & Co in elucidating genetic susceptibility to SarsCov2. Direct link to the paper:…
The current paper continues this line of research:
"Inborn errors of type I IFN immunity in patients
with life-threatening COVID-19"… #openscience #scicomm
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