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Day 1: I use twitter @melaniejward to keep up with space news and advertise events I run, but still am still relatively new to the twitter game. I'll start the the week with this about me thread that can double as a highlight for some amazing space happenings in Australia!
One of the aforementioned events happens to be coming up, a #women in #engineering highlight in honour of #WomensHistoryMonth. As young professionals officer for @aiaa I've been arranging this panel for two months, and very excited to be moderating this Thursday. #WomenInSTEM
Been passionate about space since I was a kid, even went to #spacecamp at the Challenger Learning Center. This is where I met Dr Sally Ride, she was the second grown up (the first being my mum) that encouraged my dream not to go to #space but instead to support those who do.
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Female graduates in science, technology, engineering, and math:

🇮🇳IND: 43%
🇿🇦RSA: 43%
🇮🇹ITA: 40%
🇬🇧GBR: 38%
🇮🇩IDN: 37%
🇧🇷BRA: 37%
🇸🇪SWE: 35%
🇹🇷TUR: 35%
🇺🇸USA: 34%
🇫🇷FRA: 32%
🇨🇦CAN: 31%
🇲🇽MEX: 31%
🇪🇸ESP: 30%
🇳🇱NED: 29%
🇩🇪GER: 28%
🇰🇷KOR: 25%
🇨🇱CHL: 19%

(UN) #WomenInScience
Scientific authors who are women:

🇨🇴COL: 41%
🇦🇷ARG: 34%
🇦🇺AUS: 28%
🇮🇹ITA: 28%
🇲🇽MEX: 28%
🇪🇸ESP: 27%
🇿🇦RSA: 26%
🇺🇸USA: 24%
🇧🇷BRA: 23%
🇫🇷FRA: 23%
🇹🇷TUR: 22%
🇸🇪SWE: 21%
🇬🇧GBR: 21%
🇨🇳CHN: 19%
🇷🇺RUS: 17%
🇨🇦CAN: 17%
🇩🇪GER: 16%
🇮🇳IND: 15%
🇰🇷KOR: 11%
🇯🇵JPN: 6%

(ISSA) #WomenInScience
Employed researchers who are women:

🇦🇷ARG: 53%
🇳🇿NZL: 52%
🇲🇾MAL: 48%
🇮🇩IDN: 46%
🇿🇦RSA: 45%
🇪🇸ESP: 40%
🇷🇺RUS: 40%
🇵🇰PAK: 39%
🇬🇧GBR: 39%
🇹🇷TUR: 37%
🇮🇹ITA: 35%
🇸🇪SWE: 34%
🇲🇽MEX: 33%
🇩🇪GER: 28%
🇫🇷FRA: 27%
🇨🇳CHN: 27%
🇰🇷KOR: 20%
🇯🇵JPN: 16%
🇮🇳IND: 14%
🇺🇸USA: n/a

(UN) #WomenInScience
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Le saviez-vous ? La toute première thèse en informatique en France a été écrite en 1961 par une femme, Marion Créhange.
La thèse s’appelle : « Structure du langage de programmation ».
Vous ne la trouverez pas sur #Wikipedia, car sa fiche a été supprimée.
Motif: "Aucune source secondaire (portrait ou analyse de l’œuvre) ne semble disponible sur cette personne, qui ne semble pas avoir retenu l'attention des historiens".
Soit. Avant de regarder de plus près qui est Marion Créhange, un peu de contextualisation.
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On #WomeninScience day let's talk about Williamina Fleming (1857-1911).

#WomeninScienceDay Williamina Fleming
Williamina was born in Dundee, the daughter of a carver and gilder with premises in the Nethergate. She left school when she was 14 and became a pupil-teacher.

In 1877, Williamina married James Orr Fleming, an accountant and fellow Dundonian. She worked as a teacher for a short while, before the couple emigrated to America (specifically Boston, Massachusetts) when Williamina was 21.

#WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM
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This is a reprised thread to celebrate some of the outstanding female Sport & Exercise medicine physicians in Australia who are on Twitter, as part of
@WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM @ACSEP_ @womenandmed
@WomenScienceDay @ACSEP_ @womenandmed @ACSEP_ now has a female President
@DrLouiseTulloh who is providing terrific leadership. As well as ♀️ President, ACSEP has female CEO @hoover22
, 50% board representation… >50% office staff and Gender dashboard to try to increase equity on other metrics
@WomenScienceDay @ACSEP_ @womenandmed @DrLouiseTulloh @hoover22 @DrLouiseTulloh will leave a legacy of actively increasing the female representation across leadership of all levels of the College and making sure prospective ♀️ SEM physicians have visible role models
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10 things you may not know about me beyond my race for US Senate, a thread...
10) I’m a US Senate candidate who... a scientist! But I hope you already know that one! 😉 #WomenInSTEM @500womensci
9) I’m a US Senate candidate who... an aunt to my now 10yo nephew! I fight to save the 🌎, cures for diseases, & to end fun violence for kids like him. It’s all about the next generations! ♥️
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In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to orbit Earth. But she wasn't the first woman to reach space. Another person holds that honour. #womeninspace #WomenInSTEM
In 1934, Jeannette Picard became the first woman to reach the stratosphere piloting the balloon 'Century of Progress'. She later worked as an advisor for NASA. Dr Piccard is widely acknowledged as the first woman in space.…
Dr Jeannette Piccard is very well known, even inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame. And yet, I wasn't aware of her until I found her name in a random document. #womeninspace #WomenInSTEM…
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ב-16 בינואר, 2003, מעבורת החלל קולומביה המריאה למשימתה האחרונה STS-107. בין שבעת אנשי הצוות, האסטרונאוט הישראלי הראשון, אילן רמון.

השנה, חשבתי לעשות #שרשורחלל מתמשך, אשר ידגים בכל יום קצת ממהלך המשימה.
בין אנשי הצוות: שורה אחרונה- מימין (דגל ישראל) אילן רמון, מייקל אנדרסון, קפלנה צ'אולה
שורה אמצעית - ויליאם מק'קול, לוריאל קלארק, דיוויד בראון
מקדימה - מפקד המשימה - ריק האסבנד
מתחילים! 16/1 - מעבורת החלל קולומביה משוגרת, בשעה 15:39 UTC
(האם ציפיתם בשיגור? אני כן, בהתרגשות רבה)
כאן התחיל הסוף, אבל אנחנו נתמקד במשימה...
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1/ For the millionth time:

Women were FORBIDDEN to enter the labs of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry (cause of hair) and because of this, in 1907 Lise and Hahn set up a lab in some carpenter's room.

Lise Meitner DEVELOPED a new way to analyze radioactive processes
2/ No one is saying that Hahn wasn't important, but Meitner *literally* had to explain to him what Einstein meant when talking about photons, quanta, and how it would help the understanding of waves.

Lise Meitner was incredible.
3/ Meitner provided the interpretations for nuclear fission to be possible, but it became known as Hahn's discovery BECAUSE he was advised to disassociate from Meitner due to Nazi Germany and the fact that she was both a woman and Jewish.
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Updated my profile. Fuck 'em, lack of praxis has a price. They had an ally now they have someone to debunk their little protection racket. You don't like it? Go tell them to practice what they preach. Not going to continue to offer solidarity when none is given.

More bullshit

Extra creamy bullshit
What "Women in Tech" (usually) means: it's women from historically privileged backgrounds, who for decades used that privilege to stake out comfortable careers in media and publishing suddenly discovering those skills in the information age had greatly depreciated in value.
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How I chose the lab where I did my PhD, a thread:

In my biomedical sciences program, I had to rotate through 4 separate labs (it’s a lot, I know). 1/n

#AcademicChatter #phdchat
When I started grad school, I was certain I wanted to join a virology lab, so 3/4 of my rotations were in molecular virology labs. I was having fun, but was overwhelmed with classes and imposter syndrome. 2/n
Halfway through my last rotation, I found myself staring in disbelief at a positive pregnancy test. (Sidebar: Birth control is only 99% effective when taken correctly, y’all) This was 8 months into a PhD program and I was terrified. 3/n
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Anne-Marie Edward

Loved skiing so much that she was buried in her École polytechnique ski team jacket. After her murder, her teammates wore patches with her initials on their uniforms.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #SayTheirNames #VAWG
#WomenInSTEM Anne-Marie Edward
Barbara Kluczik-Widajewicz

Had fled (communist) Poland with her husband 2 years earlier. They were together when she was murdered. Her husband later said they had come to Canada because they believed it was the safest place.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #WomenInSTEM Barbara Klucznik
Maryse Leclair

Her father, director of public relations for the Montreal police, found her body. She was wearing the sweater she had worn at her last family dinner.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #WomenInSTEM Maryse Leclair
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You can now submit invited speaker suggestions for the #QTURN20 #QuantumInformation workshop, Chennai, India? #QTURN20 will have a Quantum Science Program and an Awareness Program. (Multiple) suggestions can be submitted via this Google until Dec 13, 2019:…
Q-turn's Quantum Science Program highlights top-quality work on quantum information, computation and foundations (both theoretical and experimental): researchers from these fields and intersecting ones are welcome to submit their work.
Q-turn's Awareness Program promotes #diversity, #equity, #inclusion, #intersectionality, #LaborRights, #health and #responsibleresearch in #quantumscience and #qtech. It consists of talks and discussions on issues affecting the quantum scientific community.
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General tips from my experience in obtaining biomedical sciences research #fellowships/funding as a computational/mathematical scientist, and having gone through hundreds of applications as committee member @wellcometrust, @TheBHF, @NC3Rs, @The_MRC, #STEM, #WomenInSTEM:
1. Success generally comes after failure. Every time I've been awarded a fellowship, I had a painful rejection first. Analyse the rejection and act to overcome it. You will need advice and clear thinking (and some time to recover).
2. Ask yourself why you really want a fellowship and remember this reason through the ups and downs of the process. Fellowships are a very good way to combine a scientific career and a young family, for example.
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We are starting our 5th Australia-Spain Research Forum “5 years in Bridging Australia & Spain in Research & Academia” with welcome by Prof Russell Gruen, Dean ANU College of Health & Medicine, Prof Mike Calford, ANU Provost & H.E. Mr Manuel Cacho, Ambassador of Spain innAustralia
Next is our president @sgleonsaval @Sydney_Science providing and overview of our association: some statistics (note we are 55% female @WomenSciAUST), objectives of @srap_ieap and the ecosystem where we are in Australia, Spain and the world
Sergio @sgleonsaval emphasises the strong and fundamental support we have received from Spanish Institutions including @EmbajadaEspAust @CGEspSydney. ¡Gracias! He also describes the importance of Science Diplomacy, particularly in Australia
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Hey! It’s @science_a_thon where scientists everywhere are sharing their days and raising support for @ESWNtweets and @girlswhocode. Check #dayofscience here on twitter for tons of fun pics, and for more, head to Instagram where you’ll find these amazing women scientists (thread)
Master quilter, geoscientist and pest exterminator extraordinaire Laura Guertin
Dean Martin, otherwise known as #kittydesperateforlove and his hoo-man, biogeochemist Rebecca Barnes #dayofscience
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Also I've been editing a ton of NSF GRFP statements this cycle. I could (should) probably write an entire series re some common writing pitfalls I see but for now I want to share just one thing I've noticed recently: language that disempowers you as an applicant

❌ "This allowed me to explore xyz"
✅ "I explored xyz"

❌ "I was being trained as"
✅ "I trained in"

❌ "I was able to conduct"
✅ "I conducted"

❌ "I was able to determine"
✅ "I determined"

❌ "The xyz courses available to me"
✅ "I took courses in xyz"
Keep it declarative. Simple. Active. Don't undercut your own accomplishments. Don't sell yourself short. Don't narrate as a passive trainee. Own your story as a scientist. As a professional.

This is not bragging. This is not arrogance. It's owning your actions & accomplishments
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Ok, #dayofscience break time! Let’s talk about research and throwing rocks down hills.

Here’s Carleton undergrad Sara Wall helping me drop 600 lbs of rocks and collect photogrammetry data in the Oregon Coast Range last year.

Why? First, a little backstory...
When geomorphologists predict how landscapes will erode and evolve, we’re usually averaging over pretty long timescales (>1000s of years) and large areas (>100s of square miles). The equations and models we use are good at capturing changes at these scales!
But if you zoom in to smaller scales, many of the natural processes that move sediment and cause erosion—like tree throw!—are actually pretty irregular and some just aren’t described accurately by the physics in our model frameworks.
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I've given feedback on 3 grad school research statements so far this fall. I do this every year for folks in my fields, and every year, I see really similar patterns! Here are a few of them:
Good paragraphs but bad/no overall flow. I tend to think that an application is all about showing exactly why you're a great fit for a program. So every experience is a step in the story of "...and that brings us to right now, me perfectly set up to succeed in this program!"
When people aren't used to writing about their own work experience it often feels very disjointed, big blocks of paragraphs describing separate jobs and no helpful linkage. Make your points explicit: THIS set me up to be a scientist, THIS taught me THIS skill...!
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.@MIT climate symposium #1, on the state of the science, live-streaming now @ClimateMIT
Opening remarks from Prof. Kerry Emanuel and President Rafael Reif
Prof. Susan Solomon: overview of climate science and some key challenges
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1/ Woo! My monster paper with Matt Wilson, "Locomotor and Hippocampal Processing Converge in the Lateral Septum" was just released in @CurrentBiology!! Not only that, but I made a comic to describe my findings!!…
2/ We used tetrodes to record from CA1 hippocampus and dorsolateral lateral septum, an area innervated by all CA regions of the hippocampus and many regions involved in "motivational" behavior
3/ Some cells in the LS were linearly modulated by the animal's running speed (could be positively or negatively modulated!) and/or by the animal's acceleration (also could be positively or negatively modulated!)
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The start of Season V with the chat on #WomenInSTEM, marks the beginning of a new chapter with new leadership at #LeadersGC.

Read on !!
Please join me in congratulating @stephbell81 on taking on the #LeadersGC helm and her continued dedication to building and expanding the community
First, thanks to @nickfrate for considering me for the #LeadersGC team back in April 2016.

In February 2017, I had the opportunity to lead the team right through the end of Season IV in June & had the privilege to experience working closely with amazing team members and leaders.
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Today, we are at the beautiful campus of @jncasr Bangalore for our #Wikipedia edit a thon for Indian Women in Science
Smita Jain begins the proceedings with an overview of IndiaBioscience and its activities in the area of networking, communication, skill building, resources, data and policy discussions
Shobhana Narasimha begins her talk on "Women in Science - Enigmas, Challenges and Successes" asking people to close their eyes and visualize the picture that comes to mind when they think of "Scientist".
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It's women's month in South Africa and as such, we will be celebrating different women in #STEM to put some light on their achievements and impact- first is PROF @Nicky_Mulder who's a PI for @H3ABioNet B2 rated scholar:… #womansmonth #Africa #Bioinformatics
@Nicky_Mulder @UCTIDM @embl @NIH @Fogarty_NIH @AASciences @AAS_AESA A computer scientist by background, Dr @AmelGhouila earned her PhD in Bioinformatics & a bioinformatician working @H3ABioNet supporting researchers and their projects while developing African bioinformatics capacity #WomenInSTEM #WomasMonth
@Nicky_Mulder @UCTIDM @embl @NIH @Fogarty_NIH @AASciences @AAS_AESA @AmelGhouila @Pasteur_Tunis @RUBi_news @mgen_africa Dr Michelle Skelton currently @H3Africa Project Manager did her undergraduate training at @UWConline . After completing her Master's degree, she was employed as a Research Officer at @WitsUniversity, in the Department of Molecular Hepatology. #WomenInSTEM #WomansMonth
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