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Hanzi vakuru vanekaDora. 😆 🤣
Hanzi vaimwa nana July Moyo 2004 pa Golden Miles. Vakapa Susan 2 million 2004 ari form 3.
1.Madharani, Mudha, Mudha ndo aitambiswa front. Susan akadziďza pa Loreto High in Silobela. Susan aiti ED sekuru. ED akapa Susan 14 million. At the farm one day Auxillia was not even happy one day when she saw her at Sherwood one of the days. Auxillia poured water to Mai Anesu.
2. Mai Anesu was a maid at ED Sherwood farm. Susan was still 16. ED those days started to date his PA from MSU. ED would come on Wednesday and sleep with Susan and I would cry but mai Anesu to keep quiet. On Friday when Auxillia came friday she would beat S & MA to tell..
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1. I've been reading the responses on the Smith vs Zanu PF leaders issue. It is shocking that some think it is a party position 😩..Our biggest problem after Zanu-PF is nuance. Hey Bafo, we struggle with nuance and we exaggerate minors so that we argue on what has not been said.
2. No one would want Smith back, the extent to which they don't want him back is matched by their desire to get Zanu PF out! It is sad that some people here, architects of propaganda will take this and plaster it as a party position. It is citizens having a conversation.
3. Smith was terrible, it was not flowers and roses, but the idea that Zanu-PF has sought to outdo him is a failure of epic proportions. To be fair, the State inherited Smith's paranoia of thinking political opposition is terrorism and has kept that tone since 1980.
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8. We believe that beyond the nice pictures, these events are a smokescreen and a mirage all meant to project a picture of a peaceful ZanuPf and gloss over hundreds of human rights abuses currently taking place right now.
9 @CCCZimbabwe youth leaders need to be careful, lest they be used to whitewash the bloodstained hands of the regime. Everyone ignored the illegal threats issued by chiefs all over the country last week and the arrest of CCC members in Manicaland. See. Pictures worked.
10. With the PVO Bill coming, the regime will shut down civic space and use these as proof that they never did. Let democrats not be a part of this. Maoko pa gejo!!!
#RegisterToVoteZW, mobilize for Change, defend cdes under attack and encourage peace
#ZanuPFMustGo. Enkosi
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1. The issue about Zim is that we are in a sewer, but many of us are focused on buying the most expensive air freshener to ward off the stench (eg drilling boreholes, installing solar, sticking to private medical facilities, buying off road vehicles to drive in town)
2. The sad thing is, to many who are buying these nice air fresheners, the stench we are warding off will go away for a short while but it means we have to work extra hard 4 our kids to avoid the same stench. Some, because of the status attached to air freshener want the sewer
3. Some are attached to being the "Only One" in a sea of poverty not knowing that to gain more riches you need as many people affording your services and spending on what you sell. A great country makes you even greater.
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Today I was a guest lecturer to @drDendere's students @Wellesley,
Subject was the Gukurahundi genocide,
I spoke about the intergenerational impact of genocide,
Why we should fight for justice.
Thank you so much for inviting me Dr Chipo.
I am humbled and so grateful.
1 student asked a great question:
The crimes you explain are so overwhelming,
& Prospects for justice seem so slim,
Is there hope?
I said
Genocide is an overwhelming crime,
It is the worst crime against humanity,
The "crime of crimes",
It is indeed overwhelming...
It is because of its overwhelming nature,
That we must fight for justice,
It is because it's overwhelming,
That victims need us to show them solidarity,
It is overwhelming,
Hence its classification as a crime against HUMANITY,
It leaves a stain on the human race.
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Polling agents,
And observers,
If political parties and CSOs work together,
There'll be no rigging on election day 2022,
Parties must start recruiting and training agents now,
CSOs should start recruiting and training observers now,
As many as possible per station.
& Then us citizens,
Must volunteer to be agents and observers,
Doesn't matter which party you support,
Having a free and fair election benefits everyone.
We also have the responsibility to vote & to register to vote,
Imagine if each of us gets 10 people registered,
Voting in our numbers,
At polling stations manned by observers and agents,
Observers to stay at station,
With eyes on the box 24/7,
Will help us protect the vote on election day,
They'll still use violence, vote buying etc,
But this will eliminate ballot stuffing.
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I'm still struggling to find the words,
To tell you,
That on my last trip to Tsholotsho,
With @table_girls & @likazulu,
We met 16 girls,
By chance,
Car broke down,
Saw these girls & started talking,
All 16,
Were school dropouts.
I still can't wrap my head around it.
They were aged between 13 & 21.
12 were under 18,
Left school at grade 5,
Most at grade 7,
They said parents couldn't pay fees anymore,
About 1/2 said they want to go back to school,
The rest said nah,
It's too late,
Some said they want jobs,
As house maids,
When @samkebusiness asked if we could chat,
The eldest asked her,
If we talk to you,
What are you going to give us?
I was shocked!
I asked what others give them when they talk to them,
& She said last one gave them mahewu,
We have no funding hey,
So had nothing 🙆‍♂️🤦‍♀️
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At the Supreme Court hearing in the Obert Mpofu vs Esidakeni case,
Mpofu's lawyer,
Argued that Malunga, Moyo and Charles were not the rightful owners of the farm,
As Obert has an offer letter,
The judges then explained this was a Spoilation hearing.
Judge said simply put,
Is when you are sitting peacefully on the land,
Regardless of whether or not you own the land,
&Then someone comes &spoils that peace,
Without a court order.
She asked if Siziba was claiming his client had the right to "self help"?
Spoilation says:
You are in peaceful possession and someone comes and disposses you.
She said anyone with an offer letter has the right to sue,
But no right to resort to self help.
They said having an offer letter does not give a right to evict those on the land.
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Our problem,
As change agents,
Our - I'm also guilty,
Is that we are fragmented,
And thus,
Even though we want the same thing,
Our message is disjointed,
& At times contradictory.
We need to consolidate the struggle,
Find points of convergence,
& Rally around them.
We must resist the urge to turn the struggle into a battle of egos & personalities,
We must have a position as an entity that wants Zanupf to go,
We must stop converging around persons,
& Converge around ideas.
Forget WHO is saying it,
Focus on WHAT is being said.
For example,
There are people who will never ever use the #ZanuPFMustGo,
Even though they agree with it,
Because they associate the # with an individual,
And not the message or idea it represents.
They fear that converging around that idea,
Is supporting a person.🤦‍♀️
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1. I see @nickmangwana posting about how Govt is giving rural workers a chance to shop in Urban areas. The biggest problem we have is ignorance. In the 80s Mugabe sabotaged the Growth Point model which was supposed to bring modernity to Rural areas and broaden the economy.
2.He wanted to centralize everything and create avenues for always having people wait for Govt intervention and not take control of their destiny in their locality. 42 years after independence we are celebrating mediocrity like this
3. We should be talking about how many Growth Points have been transformed into modern cities but nope we celebrate that rural workers can now go to urban centers for shopping. This Government is not fit for purpose.
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1. If we had invested in Post Traumatic disorder treatment for the 1980 Cabinet we could have saved many lives. Imagine a paranoid person like Mutsvangwa inheriting an entire State architecture that was also paranoid about uprisings and rebellion.
2. The guys were traumatized and unwell mentally and unfortunately they got into a State system that was also securocratic and paranoid. It was a ticking time bomb, as soon as the opportunity arose they had found an enemy to go after.
3. Our Govt cannot exist without a Boogeyman or enemy to go after. They are not defined by the aspirations they have for the citizens but by what they always seek to "fight". The entire country is a crime scene, evidence of paranoia is seen in the daily SIs that are passed.
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I will,
Without fear,
Share my research findings on the impact of #Gukurahundi.
That the Shona language,
Is a trigger to genocide victims.
Is an undisputable fact.
Progressive Zimbabweans should focus on what can be done.
But whatever the case,
You can't silence me.
Zanu criminalized discussing Gukurahundi,
Victims had to live silently with the trauma,
No chance the wounds could heal,
When victims tell you Shona language was weaponised,
Anger should be directed at gvt,
For abusing the language,
Not at victims,
For speaking out.
That govt was the perpetrator,
Not Shona ethnic groups,
Is known.
The weaponisation of the Shona language,
Is unfortunately at the core of Gukurahundi memories,
That weaponisation continues in Matabeleland,
People are still forced to speak Shona to survive.
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It is impossible to talk about peace,
But be unwilling to hear & engage what it is that is causing conflict.
During Gukurahundi,
Speaking Matebeleland languages was criminalized,
People were forced to speak Shona,
That bred resentment for the LANGUAGE,
Being forced to engage the Shona language,
Is tantamount to taking victims of Genocide,
To that place where they had to speak Shona or die,
Without understanding that being forced to speak the language,
Is to victims,
It is a trigger.
Any genuine efforts at unity,
Will advocate for the restoration of language rights,
And overally,
Justice for Gukurahundi.
Until you are ready to acknowledge that Zanupf divided this country already in the 1980s,
You won't see,
There'll be no unity,
Without justice.
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1. My greatest fear, is that we have been under the rulership of a single party that is inept, corrupt and cruel. It is like being born during a war, you grow up knowing nothing else but war. The scarcity mindset sets in and becomes default for a generation.
2. A wile generation, does. not organically espouse democratic ideals. When I looked up the people who tortured Tawanda Muchehihwa on Facebook, there are people all born in the early to mid 80s. They are cruel and sadistic savages...and they are my age!
3. The CIO they have joined, is no different from the early 80s CIO of sinking people in acid, they call themselves Ferrets, individuals that are from the born free era but are as violent as the Kasukuweres and Jabulani Sibandas of this world.
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5 days ago,
Prosecutor Zvidzai failed to appear in court at 8.30 for case where Makomborero Haruzivishe, Cecilia Chimbiri, Alan Moyo, Denford Ngadziore & Stan Manyenga are charged with " participating in a gathering with intent to promote public violence",
At around 11.15 Zvidzai said he was on his way but still did not show up.
Their lawyers then "filed an application for dismissal of the case in terms of section 320 of the CPEA which provides that a court may dismiss charges in default of the Prosecutor."
In an embarrassing verdict, in clear violation of Zim laws,
The magistrate today ruled that they would not dismiss the case,
He claimed that Makomborero et Al's lawyers had filed the application prematurely as they did so at 12pm instead of waiting till day end.
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How this @NewsHawksLive interview with @Daddyhope got to be published without asking for my side is irresponsible journalism & misogynistic.
I now find myself in a situation where I must address my personal life in an article about Hopewell's political choices.
Hopewell is right in saying we used to be friendly,
He asked me out & I turned him down.
He then became extremely abusive & combative.
Many of you witnessed that abuse here on social media especially during his pro Mnangagwa days.
He was my greatest Murakashi.
For him to insinuate there was something more that happened between us that he doesn't want to divulge is rubbish &a continuation of his abuse.
If he has more to say he must say it in full since he has opened the door.
The Zanupf/G40 allegation is complete nonsense!
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We have very serious issues we to address ASAP. If new covid-19 variants continue to emerge our health care system in its current shape will be buried. Stunted economic growth will prolong the difficult conditions we are experiencing.
An Emergency meeting needs to be convened to save the lives of Zimbabweans and to ease the pain so many are going through.
The international community will not support the Zanu PF government financially because of the holes in the system as a result people will continue to suffer.
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Tawanda Muchehiwa was abducted and tortured by state agents. This is not rocket science. Tendai Masotsha, who entered her guilty plea over that affair through the audio since released, was left unmolested by an incompetent inquiry by the MDC-A which got bogged down in G40 fog 1/
How MDC-A, through Gatsheni Gatsheni, injected G40 and internal factional fights into a simple and straightforward matter of infiltration and treachery boggles my mind. There's no G40 ghost, no factional fight involved. She acted alone and should have been dealt with as such 2/
In her audio, she said she told Jameson Timba to communicate something to me. Timba told me the said conversation never happened. She is a blackmailer, rapacious fortune seeker and bloody agent who should have been outed long before Tawanda got hurt 3/
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As promised herewith the thread about my experiences. #ChroniclesofHope
Thread 1: The Clouds Gather

It all started with a WhatsApp Chat below on the 1st of May. This is 2 months before the July 31 Demonstrations was announced. At this point nothing suggested that am in danger
2. Everything was normal in the Zim sense way. Somehow, this message confirmed with my spirit. Something was afoot in the horizon and God warned me through someone I least expected. I needed to start preparing for that fateful day
3. I had seen how @JoeMzacaNgulube had been in activism & remained unknown in these streets. I decided to grow my Following. I had 386. I changed my content and used my other talents: Humour and Storytelling via #UmnxebaWodumo. I also embraced #NdebeleTwitter. I grew to over 2k
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1/18 Some here believe they've uncovered a "secret letter" that @PatrickZhuwao & I sent to @MYANC on 5 July 2020. For Christ's sake, the letter was made public by Zhuwao. There're reasons why it was shared. It's best to uncover them before jumping into conclusions!
2/18 It's sad & most unfortunate that in Zim, public discourse is invariably poisoned by a negative focus on persons over issues or ideas. Any public duscourse that seeks to box targeted or hated individuals into a thoughtless culdesac is absurd, crass & unhelpful!
3/18 Our letter is only a problem statement as an invitation to @MYANC to have a conversation on the crisis in Zim; given SA's critical role in Zim politics. The letter has talking points with no solutions. It was intended to kickstart, not to end the conversation!
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[1/5] #31July is the day of spontaneous #PeoplePower community actions.

It's a strategic decision to overstretch the poorly equiped security forces.

We must first defeat ZanuPf symbols of oppression in our communities before the final victory march into the CBD.

[2/5] #31July is the genesis of a weeks long #PeoplePower revolution whose end goal is #ZanupfMustGo.

Governance failure,
State Capture,
Human rights abuses,
Illegitimacy are the convenors of the people's revolution!
[3/5] There is low morale & high poverty among the rank & file of soliders,police & ZanuPf structures as they don't benefit from ED's corruption.

ED is eating alone!

ZanuPf can't financially & physically sustain a prolonged & stretched #PeoplePower revolution.

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1)Still you haven't answered my question. What is the Zanu-PF that must go? If it is an entrenched behavioural system like what others are suggesting, where is it resident? The liberation struggle was fought against colonialism not RF as a party. After 1980 RF had 20 seats which
means it didn't go anywhere. I believe the only way govt can be changed now, outside elections & within the confines of the law, is through impeaching ED. For me #EDMUSTGO is more achievable than #ZanupfMustGo
3) The problem with targeting an unachievable objective is you miss out on the achievable. If u start reading bks for a PhD thesis while in form 4 chances are u will fail the form four & never qualify to read for the PhD in your lifetime.
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At about 1238am today. Suspected state security agents broke into our home looking for #ZanupfMustGo Masks. They pointed a gun at 6 week old Wami in a bid to force her mother to reveal my whereabouts. @zenzele @SiphoMalunga @PacheduZW @Mathuthu @Mamoxn ImageImageImageImage
I was not at home, thanks to intuition, tips by both Zanu and security agents who still have a conscience. Our surveillance team stationed close by saw the following. A white Toyota Bongo like one in pic with tinted windows. The only other Bongo we have seen before is AFD 2813 Image
It might, might not be it. But be on the lookout of such a car. They saw a truckload of ZRP cops in a ZRP branded car. The guy giving instructions was wearing a long dark coat and a pink duke/woolen hat. There was also a White Isuzu Double cab
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Herewith #NdebeleTwitter #UmnxebaWodumo
Episode 7

My Plumtree Experience

Umalume as some of you might not know, usebenza izinto ezinengi. He is a defender of the #Zimbabwe Constitution against the #2ndAmendment. So I was deployed ePram ukuyafundisa abadala.
2. Phela to make money ethe xaxa in these missions kumele uhlakaniphe. Instead of ukuyalala eOmadu, I decided ukucela indawo yokulala emzini Wabantu. Challenge, angazimuntu. Needed a solid plan. Ngenzenjani? I decided to wayawaya, oluzulayo ngoludobhayo bo Jo
3. I decided ukuya eskotshweni. OMrs Njiva bonke bathe fatsha bhoyi. ICovid ivalele amadoda ngale, sebengomazakhela. Lenkulumo zakhona uyazizwa ukuthi hayi mani, uyashota umthobanhliziyo. I stood there deciding ukuthi ngingene siphi
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