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We have very serious issues we to address ASAP. If new covid-19 variants continue to emerge our health care system in its current shape will be buried. Stunted economic growth will prolong the difficult conditions we are experiencing.
An Emergency meeting needs to be convened to save the lives of Zimbabweans and to ease the pain so many are going through.
The international community will not support the Zanu PF government financially because of the holes in the system as a result people will continue to suffer.
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Tawanda Muchehiwa was abducted and tortured by state agents. This is not rocket science. Tendai Masotsha, who entered her guilty plea over that affair through the audio since released, was left unmolested by an incompetent inquiry by the MDC-A which got bogged down in G40 fog 1/
How MDC-A, through Gatsheni Gatsheni, injected G40 and internal factional fights into a simple and straightforward matter of infiltration and treachery boggles my mind. There's no G40 ghost, no factional fight involved. She acted alone and should have been dealt with as such 2/
In her audio, she said she told Jameson Timba to communicate something to me. Timba told me the said conversation never happened. She is a blackmailer, rapacious fortune seeker and bloody agent who should have been outed long before Tawanda got hurt 3/
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1/3 Of Hopewell Chin'ono and Jacob Ngarivhume's cause vs the Twitter peoples cause.

Anti Corruption vs #ZanuPFMustGo
2/3 When Hopewell and Jacob were presented before the courts they had the best opportunity to declare their cause which I understood to be #ZanuPFMustGo. This did NOT happen leaving me with with the million dollar question. If their cause is NOT #ZanuPFMustGo, then whose is it?
3/3 Lastly, it would be illogical of any Twitter user to try and attribute #ZanuPFMustGo to @daddyhope or @jngarivhume. That is NOT their cause as they have said in Court. Their cause is #CorruptionMustFall! Nhasi handidi nharo. ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™€๏ธ
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As promised herewith the thread about my experiences. #ChroniclesofHope
Thread 1: The Clouds Gather

It all started with a WhatsApp Chat below on the 1st of May. This is 2 months before the July 31 Demonstrations was announced. At this point nothing suggested that am in danger
2. Everything was normal in the Zim sense way. Somehow, this message confirmed with my spirit. Something was afoot in the horizon and God warned me through someone I least expected. I needed to start preparing for that fateful day
3. I had seen how @JoeMzacaNgulube had been in activism & remained unknown in these streets. I decided to grow my Following. I had 386. I changed my content and used my other talents: Humour and Storytelling via #UmnxebaWodumo. I also embraced #NdebeleTwitter. I grew to over 2k
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1/18 Some here believe they've uncovered a "secret letter" that @PatrickZhuwao & I sent to @MYANC on 5 July 2020. For Christ's sake, the letter was made public by Zhuwao. There're reasons why it was shared. It's best to uncover them before jumping into conclusions!
2/18 It's sad & most unfortunate that in Zim, public discourse is invariably poisoned by a negative focus on persons over issues or ideas. Any public duscourse that seeks to box targeted or hated individuals into a thoughtless culdesac is absurd, crass & unhelpful!
3/18 Our letter is only a problem statement as an invitation to @MYANC to have a conversation on the crisis in Zim; given SA's critical role in Zim politics. The letter has talking points with no solutions. It was intended to kickstart, not to end the conversation!
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[1/5] #31July is the day of spontaneous #PeoplePower community actions.

It's a strategic decision to overstretch the poorly equiped security forces.

We must first defeat ZanuPf symbols of oppression in our communities before the final victory march into the CBD.

[2/5] #31July is the genesis of a weeks long #PeoplePower revolution whose end goal is #ZanupfMustGo.

Governance failure,
State Capture,
Human rights abuses,
Illegitimacy are the convenors of the people's revolution!
[3/5] There is low morale & high poverty among the rank & file of soliders,police & ZanuPf structures as they don't benefit from ED's corruption.

ED is eating alone!

ZanuPf can't financially & physically sustain a prolonged & stretched #PeoplePower revolution.

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1)Still you haven't answered my question. What is the Zanu-PF that must go? If it is an entrenched behavioural system like what others are suggesting, where is it resident? The liberation struggle was fought against colonialism not RF as a party. After 1980 RF had 20 seats which
means it didn't go anywhere. I believe the only way govt can be changed now, outside elections & within the confines of the law, is through impeaching ED. For me #EDMUSTGO is more achievable than #ZanupfMustGo
3) The problem with targeting an unachievable objective is you miss out on the achievable. If u start reading bks for a PhD thesis while in form 4 chances are u will fail the form four & never qualify to read for the PhD in your lifetime.
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At about 1238am today. Suspected state security agents broke into our home looking for #ZanupfMustGo Masks. They pointed a gun at 6 week old Wami in a bid to force her mother to reveal my whereabouts. @zenzele @SiphoMalunga @PacheduZW @Mathuthu @Mamoxn ImageImageImageImage
I was not at home, thanks to intuition, tips by both Zanu and security agents who still have a conscience. Our surveillance team stationed close by saw the following. A white Toyota Bongo like one in pic with tinted windows. The only other Bongo we have seen before is AFD 2813 Image
It might, might not be it. But be on the lookout of such a car. They saw a truckload of ZRP cops in a ZRP branded car. The guy giving instructions was wearing a long dark coat and a pink duke/woolen hat. There was also a White Isuzu Double cab
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TOMBOPINDA MUNEZVEMATONGERWO ENYIKA HEDU!!! Ever wondered why Nelson Chamisa chose to hand over reigns to the insipid WELSHMAN NCUBE as he grieved over loss of his dear mother? Or why the WELSH man got mired in TRUST FUNDS controversy soon after that appointment?? Unfortunately
...our media are not always adept of showing us the world in a grain of sand!!! Here we go: The US Embassy in Harare whose govt has always rooted for Tendai Biti as safe bet for American interests here, had hoped to use Ngarivhume and his pseudo-leadership of July 31 disturbances re-launch Tendai Biti as the new leader of MDC-Alliance, with the impulsive Jobho Sikhala as the TONG for handling hot pieces. Both men are Americaโ€™s centurions, Biti designated to play the Philosopher-King, while Sikhala is the Hotspur of the equation. The choice of
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Herewith #NdebeleTwitter #UmnxebaWodumo
Episode 7

My Plumtree Experience

Umalume as some of you might not know, usebenza izinto ezinengi. He is a defender of the #Zimbabwe Constitution against the #2ndAmendment. So I was deployed ePram ukuyafundisa abadala.
2. Phela to make money ethe xaxa in these missions kumele uhlakaniphe. Instead of ukuyalala eOmadu, I decided ukucela indawo yokulala emzini Wabantu. Challenge, angazimuntu. Needed a solid plan. Ngenzenjani? I decided to wayawaya, oluzulayo ngoludobhayo bo Jo
3. I decided ukuya eskotshweni. OMrs Njiva bonke bathe fatsha bhoyi. ICovid ivalele amadoda ngale, sebengomazakhela. Lenkulumo zakhona uyazizwa ukuthi hayi mani, uyashota umthobanhliziyo. I stood there deciding ukuthi ngingene siphi
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1] Save, these people long crossed the rubbicon.

They have no shame whatsoever. Shocking primitive accumulation of wealth.

To think that the November coup was anchored on anti-graft & targeting criminals around RG!

The moral campus in our society is nonexistent.
2] Just remembered a conversation i had with a senior citizen recently

She says,"Mugabe aive nani akatibvisira zvikwereti zve rent gore riya"

I cautioned her, arguing that it had nothing to do with the poor.
Rather a populist electioneering stunt that crippled MDC run councils
3] But rather more importantly, the beneficiaries of that stunt were big companies which owned councils millions.

And these are owned by those same ZanuPF politicians.

makudo ndomamwe
They always have a policy that allows them to steal more & pay nothing

They are all the same
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1] As i poke holes into this silly stunt by Bertha, i maintain that attacking her person, remains vile & uncalled for.

Noone benefits anything from giving her all sorts of derogatory labels which attack her gender, tribe etc.

That being said...yawn!!

2] To begin with, saying Sen DM will be blamed if the army attacks protestors unsurprisingly attracts ridicule.

It comes out as desperation to have him as part of this conversation, when he actually isn't

It equally entrenchs polarization.
This defeatism & victimhood is silly
3] Saying "ZanuPG must go where" is embarrassingly patronizing.

more so, coming from someone in the Opposition.

The #ZanuPFMustGo campaign didnt hijack the "universal" #AntiCorruption campaign.

Those targeting "corruption & looting" are the ones hijacking anti-Zanu activities.
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1] Dear Mwonzora et al, you can't claim to be constitutionalists yet you accepted money owed to another party?

There is a court interdiction which ordered Miniseries of Finance & Legal Affairs to give the PPFA funds to the MDC-T

How then did your outfit accept that money?
2] At the same time,how does the MDC-T maintain that the MDC-A as of 2018 was a 7 party's ALLIANCE,yet claim ownership over the political & financial capital of the whole ALLIANCE?

How much of the PPFA money will go to PDP, MDC-Ncube etc?

How many votes does each party have?
3] Its a matter of fact that the MDC-T "repossessed" HH without a court order, with the blessing of the security sector

Now, the MDC-T has received MDC-ALLIANCE money against a court order!

The unholy ALLIANCE between ZanuPF & MDC-T is no longer propaganda

It's crystal clear!
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#NdebeleTwitter herewith #UmnxebaWodumo Episode 6

My Gwanda Experience

So I get a call that my cousin Spiro has died. Ngisegoli. Quickly I go to PowerHouse & gada okungamabhasi kwenu okutshiphileyo. Kuthwele ama Border Jumper lama dealer wodwa. Plus ku overloaded Image
2. Every Roadblock kuyamiswa. Sikhupha ama R20. Kuyafa. Impahla sihamba siyethula. Ogogo beMasvingo abadla wayawaya bahamba becela irecess every 20Km. 2 days sisendleleni. Kwafela eGwanda okuyibhasi. I get a call to sleepover in Gwanda bazangithatha ekuseni sesisiyangcwaba
3. Mina swi. Yehliyani straight to Gwanda hotel. Kuthwe fully booked. Next option ko Growly (Wakanda name be this) Again fully booked. Ngibhode wonke fully booked. I go and kwejisa eRiver Dance (another weird name for a club). Ziyawa kodwa shame Image
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1. We need to get real about the situation in our country. We are faced with the total collapse of our economy in the midst of a global pandemic. The government has proven to be woefully incapable of doing what needs to ย done to save Zimbabwe.
False promises and lip service will not cut it for a country that's collapsing. We need international assistance to fight COVID 19,reboot the economy and feed millions in need of food.
Billions of dollars in international aid are being held up because @edmnangagwa continues to brutalize innocent people to maintain power.
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1/4 As momentum gathers for the people's #31July2020 action to restore constitutionalism & recover the economy to save Zimbabwean lives & livelihoods, the jittery regime is mobilising @PoliceZimbabwe to train officers in brutality. Below is an example in Bulawayo!
2/4 The best legal way is to exercise your ss 58, 59 & 61 rights in your area. Take Glen Norah A, B & C in Harare. They have one police station with 21 officers. If Glen Norah demonstrations & sit-ins are at its shops & offices, the 21 officers can't use brutality!
3/4 Another Harare example is Waterfalls. It encompasses Parktown, Zindoga & Mainway Meadows; all with one police station that has less than 30 officers & no cars. If Waterfalls residents demonstrate at shops & sit-in at public offices there, 30 #ZRPs won't manage!
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1] Noone can fake being surprised really.

This reactionary government has gone past its sell-by date.

The government cannot use the need to "protect human life" as the reason for turning down the demo.

The demo itself is being organized on the need to "protect human lives"!
2] This tendency of saying that whenever ZanuPF's political hegemony is threatened, it's Zimbabwe & Zimbabweans that are being threatened is as false as it is patronizing.

The nation & its population is indeed bigger than a mere political party.


3] #ZanuPFMustGo because it has superintendent over institutionalized corruption.

You can't engage in primitive accumulation of wealth in the 21st century as if you're a Vikings army.

This level of corruption cant be ignored.

You're destroying the hopes of future generations.
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The Second Rape!

1/4 Important to examine the 31st July second coup (sugar coated as a citizen uprising). The advocates are known associates and practitioners of the Zanu PF regime, but now acting as proxies of the Junta in a forced change of guard. Non will say #ZanupfMustGo
2/4 Citizens must refuse to be used by the Military to remove @edmnangagwa and his tribesmen in a calculated move to create a NTA led by either @CGChiwanga_ or @MinisterSBMoyo . Refuse to be used in Season 2 of the Coup. The activities of a rogue Pastor mustn't be underestimated.
3/4 The Junta aren't God to determine who rules Zimbabwe. This is an alliance some church men, coup conspirators, corrupt gurus, unconstitutional peddlers, and serious human rights abusers. No reforms can be expected from these thugs. When God is in it no man will get the credit.
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Episode 5 #UmxebaWodumo
Your Big Saturday Read #NdebeleTwitter

I2000 Lami uRobyn

Liyakhumbula uRobyn wokubamba iGearBox kaMthwithi ngale emaKharadini ku Episode 4? Afone phakathi kweviki athi uyaxolisa ngesiga sokimpampiswa ngu Toby. Ethi she wants to meet and make it up to me Image
2. You can imagine the excitement yokuthiwa they will make it up to me. My mind ran wild. Ngazitholela iKharadi bo Jo. She said mina I must just geza and look nice and be prepared to sleep out. Jo! Asikufara lokhu. Iviki yayinanayila kodwa yaze yafika iWoza Frayoyo yodumo Image
3. Lespano angiyanga. Ngagugla ngisagugla How 2 impress i2000 labo Kamasutranyana. Went shopping for Deo, Boxer, socks. Ngadlula eMakhokhoba ngidinga imbiza leCongo Dust. Didn't want ukukhulelwa ngukijana. Finally ngaSheva. Ngageza. Had to look young. Ngaqonda espothini. Ngizizwa Image
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1] Haven't said much about the proposed #31JulyDemo.

I'm still collecting my thoughts on the same.

My reservation is, there has to be an endgame.

A one day demo can simply become an inconsequential walkabout.

There has to be a clear plan before, during & after #July31stDemo
2] The reaction of the establishment to #July31stDemo is as predictable as next year being 2021

Soon, the organizers will be hunted & arrested

Soon they will make the Harare CBD a no go area

Infact, they have already banned the MDC-T EOC which was to be held on same date
3] Even in the unlikely event that the demo legally proceeds, the clampdown on the citizens will be harsh & brutal.

Even if that doesn't happen, what should happen, say on #August1st, for the demo to be labeled a success?

These are the critical pre-demo issues to be addressed.
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Herewith Episode 4 of #NdebeleTwitter Big Saturday Read, #UmnxebaWodumo

Ukulobola iKharadi

As you are aware, UMthwithi is a Dombo 4 Hire. Ngake ngayalobola ikharadi eBarham Green. Bo Jo! Samiswa egedini for almost 2hrs. Gedi lakhona alila intercom futhi. Ilanga litshisa bhe Image
2.. After sesiphose sawela inkanda, thutshu isalukazi seKharadi. A bubbly granny I must say. Will call her Madea. She looked tipsy though and umthabo wakhe bordered around ukuba lizankanyana, just a bit. Kulomsebenzi lapha ku Madea. Clearly. She welcomed us warmly though Image
3. Lami ngangigqoke iLobola outfit, that one ethi AngikaSenti but Ungangijwayeli amasimba. Madea led us into the house saya naba phezu kweTile eliqanda moo, No cansi. For luck I don't wear iskhindi for such missions. Igear box yahle yathi kwata phezu kweTile. Ngaphosa ngafroza. Image
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In 2008 @edmnangagwa led a ZanuPf terror campaign against Zimbabweans perceived to be @mdczimbabwe members & supporters. We keep demanding justice & saying out names of victims.

We see continuations of terror today through abductions.
In this thread are names of those who were murdered only as the ZanuPf government declared war against fellow Zimbabweans all in pursuit for power retention.

Note that these are only names of those killed.
thousands more were tortured & crippled.

1. Fanuel Mubaira 15/05/08
2. Bakari Best 16/05/08
3. Kahari Best 11/05/08
4. Madzivanzira Elias 11/05/08

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#NdebeleTwitter herewith #UmnxebaWodumo Episode 3.
From Lokitshini to Mayadini

The change to emayadini imnandi bo Jo kodwa the differences are vast. Ama bustop akula bo bhampeni labo lapho ecina khona. I address yenkomponi can pass for a phone number emayadini
The worst for me was the changes eskolo. 1st day of school ngahle ngathola a nick name. My teacher did not know where Amaswazi Primary School is. She said kusemaguswini. Okungamasalala kwahle kwavele kwathi nginguMaguswini guy. Imagine!
Ngale koLokitshi umbalisi ngu Titsha for a male and Misi for ongumama. Ngapha it's Teacher for either. You can imagine sengihlekwa sengithe Titsha with that mkhemeswane accent. Ukugoqa ulimi to pronounce words was a nightmare. Abanye besithi khethel mina ngangisithi khekli bo Jo
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#Olwesithwitha is here... it's uMthwithi's platform to discus impilo lenhlalo yethu as #NdebeleTwitter every Wednesday.

Namuhla sikhangela umsebenzi we Zangelo/Izitemo. Ngiyazi inengi selingamakholwa lithi izangelo zimbi. Akusiqiniso. Ngizakuveza lokhu

#ZanupfMustGo Image
Izangelo ziveza kabanzi usendo lomuntu lokuthi abantu bazalana njani. Yindlela yabokhokho bathi ukuthukuza usendo/Family Tree.
AbakoKhumalo be Zimbabwe kwezabo izangelo babiza ULobhengula kaMzilikazi kaMatshobana lo Gasa kaZikode kaMkhatshwa kaZimangele Image
AbakoNdlovu labo nxa bezitema babiza uMdingi ka Ngema kaMpongo kaZingelwayo kaLamula kaGatsheni. Lokhu kuyindlela yokuveza ukuthi lababantu bazalana njani ngokulandelana kwabo. Akula dimoni. AmaKristu angalivali amehlo bo Jo. Lebhayibhilini kubhaliwe ukuthi uzibani wazala ubani Image
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