Science behind Gowtra #Genetics
Do you know why every time you sit in a puja the priest asks you for Gotra? What is Gotra system? Why do we have this? Why do we consider this to decide marriages? Why should sons carry the #gowtra of father, why not daughter? @sattology
How/why does gotra of a daughter change after she gets married? What is the logic? Infact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let's see the #science of #Genetics behind gotra systems.
The word GOTRA formed from two #Sanskrit words GAU (means cow) Trahi (means shed)
Gotra means #cowshed. Gotra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage.
We identify our male lineage/gotra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great Rishi (#Saptarishi + Bharadwaj Rishi). All the other gotra evolved from these only.
@Mahender_Chem @mamatarsingh
Biologically, human body has 23 pairs of #chromosomes (1 frm father & 1 frm mother) on these 23 pairs, there is one pair called sex #chromosomes which decides the gender of person. During conception if the resultant cell is XX chromosomes then the child will be girl, @mariawirth1
if it is XY then it is boy. In XY - X is frm mother & Y is frm father. In this Y is unique & it doesn't mix. So in XY, Y will suppress the X & son will get Y chromosomes. Y is the only chromosome which gets passed down only between male lineage. (Father to Son & to Grandson)
Women never gets Y. Hence Y plays a crucial role in #Genetics in identifying the #Genealogy . Since women never get Y the Gotra of the woman is said to be of her husband. There are 8 different Y chromosomes frm 8 Rishis. @DivineElement @RajiIndustani @Vaidyvoice @RatanSharda55
If we are from Same Gotra then it means we are from same root #ancestors . Marriages between same Gotra will increase the risk of causing genetic disorders as same Gotra Y chromosomes cannot have crossover & it will activate the defective cells. @Itishree001 @Nidhi7007 @sfeksk
If this continues, it will reduce the size & strength of Y chromosome which is crucial for the creation of male.
If no Y chromosome is present in this world, then it will cause males to become extinct.
@DeshBhaktReva @InfoVedic @kalpavirksha @Tanvangi17 @VipashaRanjan
So Gotra system is a method to avoid genetic disorders & attempt to protect Y chromosome.
Amazing bio-science by our Maharishis. Our #heritage is unarguably THE GREATEST.
They had the "Gene mapping" sorted out thousands of years ago.
#SanatanaDharma #SanatanaSanskriti #Sattology

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