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The issue with #ayurveda practitioners is that they consider everything #scientific - an attack
An attack on tradition, an attack on culture, an attack on the nation, when, #ayurvedic practice itself, is an attack on #science and #publichealth.
There is a #sanskrit phrase...
...for this, "Kupa manduka" [frog in the Well] - that imagines the Well, to be the whole world and, therefore, becomes pompous. "It is a term of derision for intellectually complacent, 4 some1 who thinks he knows everything ther is 2 know".
This destroys scientific temper!
@jobanmodhaa is prototype 'Frog' in "Ayurvedic Well" and any attempt at saving him frm the Well, wud B considered an 'attack' on his home. Nw, him being a teacher, wil impart this insecurity 2 his students of #Ayurveda & V will be left with nothing, but a well full of frogs.
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Science behind Gowtram Genetics - Do you know why every time you sit in a puja the priest asks you for Gowtra? What is Gowtram system? Why do we have this? Why do we consider this to decide marriages? Why should sons carry the gowtram of father, why not daughter?
How/why does gowtra of a daughter change after she gets married? What is the logic? In fact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let's see the science of genetics behind gowtra systems.
The word GOWTRA formed from two Sanskrit words GAU (means cow) Trahi (means shed)
Gowtra means cowshed. Gowtra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage.
We identify our male lineage/gowtra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great MahaRishis (Saptarishis + Bharadwaja MahaRishi). All the other gowtras were evolved from these only.
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Thread -
Shallow understanding of @VedicWisdom1 on शूद्र and duties.

His claim : कृषि (Farming) is NOT work of शूद्र. This is FALSE.

Responsibilities/Duties of शूद्र are

शूद्रस्य द्विजातिशुश्रूषा वार्त्ता कारुकुशीलवकर्म च ।
#अर्थशास्त्रम् (1.3.8). See image. (1)
Where is कृषि here ? It is in वार्त्ता (Economical activities).

कृषिपाशुपाल्ये वणिज्या च वार्त्ता ।
#अर्थशास्त्रम् (1.4.1)

कृषि (Farming), पशुपालन (Cattles), वाणिज्य (Trade).

So, farming is also work of शूद्र.
Another FALSE propaganda to demean शूद्र (image 1).

Reality (image 2) - Explanation of 1st & 2nd tweets. शूद्र can do all activities related to economics as well as कारुकुशीलवकर्म (Performing/ non performing arts).

This person doesn't know any शास्त्र. Don't belive him.
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WRONG interpretation by @Sanjay_Dixit

Quoting RP Kangle (Verbatim) -

"Among sons of the same wife, the (special) share of the eldest (is to be) goats in the case of ब्राह्मण, horses in case of क्षत्रिय, cattle in case of वैश्य, sheep in case of शूद्र.

Here, कौटिल्य (1/2)
Depicts how to do division of various animals by people of all four वर्ण to their eldest son respectively. This सूत्र has nothing to do with वर्ण by जन्म/कर्म.

This सूत्र of #अर्थशास्त्रम् is a guideline. Understanding सूत्र literature needs proper knowledge of #Sanskrit.
As usual वर्ण by कर्म gang leader has RTd it. It shows this "Vedic Wisdom" doesn't know Sanskrit.

Also, as indicated earlier, their agenda is clear - Divide the society by misinterpreting Sanskrit texts.
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ब्रह्मवैवर्तपुराणम् गणेशखण्डः अध्यायः १ Brahmavaivarta Puranam, Ganesha Khanda, Chapter 1 स्कन्दजन्मप्रसङ्‌गः
Text for chanting – satsangdhara[dot]net, sa[dot]wikisource[dot]org
ब्रह्मवैवर्तपुराणम् गणेशखण्डः अध्यायः २ Brahmavaivarta Puranam, Ganesha Khanda, Chapter 2 पार्वती देवान्प्रति शशाप
#chanting #parayanam #sanskrit #learner #selfstudy #SanskritDM
ब्रह्मवैवर्तपुराणम् गणेशखण्डः अध्यायः ३ Brahmavaivarta Puranam, Ganesha Khanda, Chapter 3 पूजाविधान
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My today's Sanskrit lesson :

महासुभषितसंग्रह :

आशा  नाम  मनुष्याणां  काश्चिदाश्चर्यशृङ्खला  |
यया बद्धा प्रधावन्ति मुक्तास्तिष्ठन्ति  कुत्रचित्  ||

Translation in Hindi :

आशा नाम की एक अदृश्य जंजीर से बंधा हुआ मनुष्य का जीवन आश्चर्यजनक रूप से प्रभावित होता है। जो व्यक्ति इससे बंधे हुए
होते है, वे तो इधर उधर भागते  हुए  नजर आते है और जो व्यक्ति उसके द्वारा बंधे हुए नहीं होते हैं वे कहीं भी आराम से बैठे हुए नजर आते  हैं।

The life of those people bound by an invisible chain of hope & insatiable desire is affected in a very surprising manner. Those who are bound by this invisible chain run amok, but those who are not bound by it are found to be relaxed & contented in all circumstances.
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On 28 June 1951, the then Maharaja of #Mysuru inaugurated the International #sanskrit Research Centre in Mysuru. CM of Mysuru state CK Reddy was present and GR Josyer was the Director of that research centre.
The guests were shown all the rare collections of #Sanskrit scriptures and literature gathered from various sources. It was an impressive collection but there was one small handwritten notebook which surprised them the most. That book was "Vymanika Shastra of Mahrishi Bhardwaj".
It was a strange title for the guests &nobody heard about it before.The book contained 6000 lines &1000s of Shlokas in Sanskrit.This knowledge was verbatim transferred by Mahrishi Bhardwaj to Subbaraya Shastri through psychic channeling that was what was told to amused audience.
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We do not know much about the #Bhartiya Astronomers and #Mathematicians as our #History Textbooks forgot to mention them.

Today let's talk about one of the Earliest #Sanatani Mathematicians and a forgotten genius
The Baudhayana(800 BC - 740 BC) is said to be the original Mathematician behind the Pythagoras theorem. #Pythagoras theorem was indeed known much before Pythagoras, and it was Indians who discovered it at least 1000 years before Pythagoras was even born.
The #Baudhayana sūtras r a group of #Vedic #Sanskrit texts which cover dharma, daily ritual, mathematics etc. They belong to the Taittiriya branch of the Krishna #Yajurveda school & are among the earliest texts of the sutra genre, perhaps compiled in the 8th to 7th centuries BCE
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श्रीनारायणीयम् Shrinarayaniyam
A self-study project dedicated, as a learner, to similar aspirants
Format: Videos of slides showing text, laser-pointed to sync with audio
Ref: Gita Press, Gorakhpur publication, code 639; sanskritdocuments[dot]org; sa[dot]wikisource[dot]org Image
श्रीनारायणीयम् दशकम् १ Shrinarayaniyam Dasakam 1 भगवतः स्वरूपं तथा माहात्म्यम्
श्रीनारायणीयम् दशकम् २ Shrinarayaniyam Dasakam 2 भगवतः स्वरूपमाधुर्यं तथा भक्तिमहत्त्वम्
#chanting #parayanam #sanskrit #learner #selfstudy #SanskritDM
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ब्रह्मवैवर्तपुराणम् प्रकृतिखण्डः अध्यायः १ Brahmavaivarta Puranam, Prakriti Khanda, Chapter 1 प्रकृतिस्वरूपतद्भेदवर्णनम्
Text for chanting – satsangdhara[dot]net, sa[dot]wikisource[dot]org
ब्रह्मवैवर्तपुराणम् प्रकृतिखण्डः अध्यायः २ Brahmavaivarta Puranam, Prakriti Khanda, Chapter 2 देवदेव्युत्पत्तिः
#chanting #parayanam #sanskrit #learner #selfstudy #SanskritDM
ब्रह्मवैवर्तपुराणम् प्रकृतिखण्डः अध्यायः ३ Brahmavaivarta Puranam, Prakriti Khanda, Chapter 3 विश्वब्रह्माण्डवर्णनम्
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The use of regional languages in Rajya Sabha has increased over five times between 2018-20 compared to the 14-year period between 2004 and 2017, said the Upper house on January 16.
Sanskrit was the fifth most used language in the Rajya Sabha proceedings in 2019-20 after Hindi, Telugu, Urdu and Tamil in the same order.
“With 12 interventions (made) in Sanskrit, all during 2019-20, it has emerged as the fifth widely used (language) in the Rajya Sabha among the 22 scheduled languages, coming after Hindi, Telugu, Urdu and Tamil,” reported the Hindustan Times.
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In a large and diverse country like #India, which was divided into several parts right from the first invasion in the 8th century to the very infamous year of 1947. Over several centuries, the Civilizational Bharat has shrunk to the Geo-political India we know today.
A temple for Agni Dev in Azerbaijan was found with #Sanskrit Shlokas written on its walls, an ancient Vishnu Idol was found in an excavation in Russia, and every other thing that we already know about Indonesia or Cambodia.
In fact, in the 1300s BCE, the emperor of present-day Turkey was named "Dashratha". One can go on citing numerous historical records indicating the Civilizational #Bharat.
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In 2020, Digital channels of #PrasarBharati across DD and #Akashvani have registered more than 100% growth, clocking over a Billion Digital Views and over 6 Billion Digital Watch Minutes.

@PrakashJavdekar @shashidigital @Mayank23Agrawal @Chatty111Prasad @PIB_India @MIB_India
During 2020, #NewsOnAir App added more than 2.5 million users with the platform registering over 300 million views with Live #Radio streaming featuring over 200 streams being most popular feature.

@PrakashJavdekar @shashidigital @Mayank23Agrawal @Chatty111Prasad @PIB_India
Keeping company with #DDNational and #DDNews, in the top 10 digital channels of #PrasarBharati, are #Marathi News from #DDSahyadri, Kannada programming on #DDChandana, #BanglaNews from #DDBangla, and #Telugu programming on #DDSaptagiri.
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A mob led by local Muslim clerics destroyed a Hindu temple in Southern Pakhtunkhawa Karak, Pakistan. #Hindus & #Christians persecuted in Pakistan & #JoeBiden gives money to #Pakistan

#MAGA #StopTheSteaI2020 #Trump #BeijingBiden #GOP #BidenCheated2020 #FightForTrump #Bhagavadgita
This temple burnt today was built in 1919. Closed by locals in 1947. Was restored in 2015 on orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan

Entire #Pakistan only has 30 functional #Temples

No place for #Hindus & #Christians

@HinduAmericans @BharadwajSpeaks @OpIndia_com #bhagavadgita4all
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Thread -
Bagastan #Inscription of #Iran and its connection with Gandhara (Ancient #India) & Hindu Kush (उपरिश्येन) mountains

• Antiquity : ~500 BCE
• Patronage : Darius, Achaemenid Empire

• Pic 1 - Location of Bagastan in Iran
• Pic 2 - View of the Inscription

7th line of the Inscription mentions गन्धार (Gadaara in Persian) as a part of Achaemenid Empire.

Darius, in this Inscription, mentions about ~23 territories under his control. Gandhara is his eastern most territory.
Gandhara (गन्धार) was part of 16 महाजनपद of ancient #India (~600 BCE).

Later it was part of Indian #Maurya Empire (~310 BCE) as its North-Western territory.

Due to its placement (West of River Sindhu), it was always a place of conflict between Indian and foreign powers.
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FLASH: Georgia To Conduct Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots after weeks of pressure from @realDonaldTrump and his campaign

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP…
GEORGIA:The @GaSecofState said in the press release announcing the signature match audit that they’re working to “secure the vote in the Peach State”

#BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #HunterBiden #Trump2020 #MAGA #SteveBannon #WarRoomPandemic #StopTheSteaI2020… ImageImageImage
Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case

#SCOTUS scared of riots

"Truth is God and God is Truth - #Bhagavadgita".

Can anybody defeat God

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP
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The #Mughal period in India is known for a court sponsored programme of translation from #Sanskrit and attempts to translate Indic metaphysics into the idiom of #Sufism and #Persianate #IslamicPhilosophy #PersoIndica 1/
We already have a number of important studies but first we should mention the highly important Perso-Indica project based in Paris and Bonn
This is a great resource 2/
Then, of course, there is @AudreyTruschke work that is in many ways seminal in the turn to the Sanskrit sources to make sense of the intellectual and cultural history 3/
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#SanatanaDharma #Sanskrit #Shivani
We are descendants of ancestors who spoke the language of the gods! Large numbers of us still use this language in our daily prayers & on special occasions. Many of also speak it fluently. The language is Sanskrit.
Legend has it that when Panini prayed to Lord Shiva and asked for knowledge. Bhagawan Mahadev appeared before him and his Damaru (डमरु) made the following 14 sounds representing the Maheshwara Sutrani (माहेश्वरसूत्राणि):🙏
In all of Panini's grammar, there are a set of sutras (सूत्राणि) or formulae, which represent particular rules, and in those rules, the above सूत्राणि are the basis.
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The Indo #Aryans ruled over all of #Mesoptamia (#Iraq, #Kuwait, #Syria) for around at least 400 years starting 16th century BC, #Kassites ruling #Babylon in the south and #Mittani ruling #Assyria in the north. In modern terms the Kings and the Gods of the period were #Hindu
Of the two the #Mittani seemed to have retained more of the language known from some treaties with the Egyptians & horse training manual. Michael Witzel the Harvard Indologist calls it Old Indo Aryan, different from #Rigvedic #Sanskrit
Kassites the longest ruling dynasty of #Babylon(Southern Iraq, Kuwait extending for a period into Bahrain and parts of Iran) language though not well understand called themselves and were called by other as #Kashi and its variants, including Kashiduniash (#desh?!).
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Michael Witzel the Harvard #Indologist and most established name in the field dates #Kuru Kingdom to 1200 BC and composition on #Rigveda in #Punjab to 1500 BC.
Mainstream #Indologists assert by the time #Rigveda is composed the #Indoaryan or #Sanskrit is #Indainised since there are at least 600 words which do not have any Indo-Iranian roots. These indigenous words are split between Proto #Munda, Proto #Dravidian and Proto Tibeto-Burman
So by 1500 BC the #Indoaryans have been in #India for at least a few centuries to have to have developed their distinct language and culture.
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Overheard at friend's 40th:
"[@realDonaldTrump ] will never mandate bitcoin."
"That's why we need @JoeBiden!"

Yes, making you a slave to the matrix is the *selling point*.
(Full disclosure: my friends all have toddler age kids or younger. When the kids start talking back & my friends' memory goes to sh*t, they'll realize how important back up systems are -- most importantly paper to WRITE THINGS DOWN -- so that the parents can retain some sanity)
"Anger leads to clouding of judgment, which results in bewilderment of the memory. When the memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed; and when the intellect is destroyed, one is ruined." #Gita2_63

The #Matrix #modus_operandi clearly warned against by scripture.
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As per details shared by True Indology #Biryani comes from #Persian Birinj for rice. This word is NOT FOUND in Old Persian, it occurs in Middle Persian. According to Mayrhofer's "Etymological Dictionary Of Old #IndoAryan", Birinj comes from #Sanskrit word vrīhí (व्रीहि).
The word #Biryani is absent in any records prior to 17th century. Ain I Akbari (16th century) describes preparation of a dish known as Zard Birinj (yellow rice) a precursor to Biryani, it was made of rice mixed with spices NOT AVAILABLE in #MiddleEast or #CentralAsia
Zard Birinj developed from ancient #Indian dish Haridranna (हरिद्रान्न). 'Zard Birinj" being a straight translation of "Haridranna". हारिद्र (haridra) means "Yellow", "Anna" generally means rice in #Sanskrit and "Birinj"

By straight translation, Zard Birinj= Haridranna
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Interesting from First Sanskrit Commission Report. The Commission was appointed by the Government of India in 1956 with Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterji as its chairman. Seven other scholars of repute from various parts of the country were members.
Some may criticize that the kings and thepriests had their own motives, i.e. dominating the others in society in promoting Sanskrit.But the Sanskrit Commission’s report makes it clear that even Muslims and Christians in certain parts of the country actively participated
in the learning of Sanskrit. Nor was it the case that the Brahmin community alone was learning and preserving Sanskrit.Cutting across the barriers of caste and religion, Sanskrit was embraced by all people in India. Neither was gender a barrier in learning Sanskrit.
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श्रीमद्भागवतमहापुराणम् दशमः स्कन्धः पूर्वार्धः अध्यायः १ Srimad Bhagavatamahapuranam Skandha 10, Part 1, Ch 1 १. श्रीकृष्णावतारोपक्रमः – ब्रह्मकर्तृकं पृथिव्या आश्वासनं कंसस्य देवकीवधोद्योगाद वसुदेववचनेन निवृत्तिः, षण्णां देवकीपुत्राणां कंसकर्तृको वधश्च
श्रीमद्भागवतमहापुराणम् दशमः स्कन्धः पूर्वार्धः अध्यायः २ Srimad Bhagavatamahapuranam Skandha 10, Part 1, Ch 2 २. भगवतो देवकीगर्भेऽनुप्रवेशस्तत्र ब्रह्मादिदेवकृतं तदीयं स्तवनं देवकीसान्त्वनं च
श्रीमद्भागवतमहापुराणम् दशमः स्कन्धः पूर्वार्धः अध्यायः ३ Srimad Bhagavatamahapuranam Skandha 10, Part 1, Chapter 3 ३. श्रीकृष्णप्रादुर्भावः,वसुदेवदेवकीकृता भगवतः स्तुतिः, भगवदादेशेन कंसभीतस्य वसुदेवस्य गोकुलं प्रति स्वपुत्रनयनं ततो यशोदासुताया आनयनं च
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