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Sep 30, 2020 33 tweets 12 min read
Trump has already spent several minutes interrupting and arguing with the moderator, and he's thrown out a racial slur.

Wallace: "Mr. President, can you please let him finish?"

Joe "He doesn't know how to do that." 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
#Debates2020 #PresidentialDebate #BidenCoalition
Joe: "Will you shut up? Keep yapping, man."

YES 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Biden rolling his eyes, laughing at Trump, and muttering "God" is all of us.

YES Joe, bring up the "It will disappear, it will be like a miracle".

No, we can't trust Trump. He's tried to muzzle the CDC. He lies every time he opens his mouth.
#coronavirus #Debates2020
Now Trump is arguing about what qualifies as "smart".

No, I'm not making this up.
Trump is now denying that he was ever reluctant to wear a mask, even though you can count on one hand the binder is times that Trump has worn a mask in public.
Trump said because his crowded rallies are outside they are safe, even though Herman Cain contracted COVID and died of it after attending a Trump rally.
Trump says that Biden will destroy this country.

Under Trump, we have lost over 200,000 to COVID.

We're doing MUCH worse them most developed countries.

And he's blamed Biden for people's drug use and divorces...🙄
Here we go: the #TaxReturns!

Joe: "Show us your tax returns." 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
This is as specific as Trump will get as far as how much he pays in taxes "Millions of dollars'".

He also said he was a "private business people".😑
Fact: expert economists have endorsed Biden because of his economic plan.
Fact: Trump is the worst jobs president in recorded history.
#Debates2020 #Debate2020 #Jobs Image
Trump is accusing Hunter of what he's done.

"But Trump himself sought to do business with Luzhkov’s government in the late 1990s, according to press reports from the time, SEC filings and comments made by Luzhkov last year."
Trump won't even accept from the moderator that he has been doing more interrupting.
Biden talking about Trump's content after Charlottesville about "very fine people on both sides".

Now on to Trump having peaceful perhaps teargassed for a photo op.

Calling Trump out on his racism.

COVID affecting Black Americans so much more than white Americans.
Trump claims he's now righting Biden's wrongs against Black Americans.

That he's doing better with Black Americans than any Republicans.

Trump says all of law enforcement supports him.

Claims to believe in law and order.

Didn't answer the question at all. #race
Biden talks about his plans for police reform, accountability, and once again disavows violence.
#PoliceBrutality #PoliceReform #Debates2020 Image
Trump says racial sensitivity training is racist and teaches people to hate our country and that our country is horrible and racist.

Biden "Nobody is doing that. He's the racist." 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Biden2020 #racism
Fact: crime DID fall 16% under Obama. #crime #Debates2020
Fact: Biden is calling for police funding to be contingent upon reform. #PoliceReform
joebiden.com/justice/ Image
YES Trump, will your disavow white supremacists?

Joe: "Go ahead. Say it."

Trump didn't disavow white supremacists.
Trump's argument about why he should be re-electro is because "no one has done as much as I have'.

"There was unity that was going to be happening, and then we got hit..."

Says Obama left 128 judge positions open. Yeah, it's not like the GOP blocked everything they could. 🙄
Joe "He's Putin's puppet."

Points out that Trump has never said anything about the #RussianBountiesOnOurTroops.

Brought up Trump calling fallen military "losers and suckers".

Trump now spewing disinformation.

Wallace is desperately trying to take control.
Now on to the #climate. Trump said "our numbers" show we are doing very well.

Trump going on about "immaculate air and immaculate water".

But won't talk about any specific plan other than "forest cities" in Europe...

Is that a thing?
Biden talking about ways to create jobs, green infrastructure, rejoining the Paris Accord, the Brazilian rainforest...

You know - actual concrete steps to protect the #environment.

Trump is babbling about airplanes being out of business and cows bring taken out? #ClimateAction
Biden staying facts to back up the worsening storms and floods.

Trump just said Biden was voice president for 47 years?????

Trump claims that Biden mage up the quote about him banking the military losers and suckers.

Moderator and Biden laugh together about Trump's ranting.
#Election2020 Election integrity - final segment.

What will you do to assure the American people this election will be fair.

Biden: Let people vote. Go to Iwillvote.com. Make sure you're registered. Vote the way that's best for you.

You have it in your control. Vote
Trump claims Dems and Hillary tried to come after him with a coup...

And they caught them all.

Ballots are a disaster. There's fraud, they found them in creeks... Says the election will be a fraud like we've never seen.

Blah blah blah.
Basically trying to scare people Ave says it's a rigged election.

Wallace points out that mail in ballots were used in 2018.

Asks is Trump is counting on SCOTUS, to which Trump said "I think so".

Trump claims mailmen are selling ballots.
Biden "I'm concerned that ANY court would settle this."

Thank you.

Trump is just spouting word salad.
Will your urge your supporters to stay calm and not declare victory until the results are announced.

Fact: poll watchers have to be approved and registered in Philadelphia.
Biden "Yes."

Points out that the military has voted by mail since the Civil War.
This is what a patriot sounds like:

"If it's not me, I'll support the outcome."

Joe supports democracy. He doesn't try to undermine it.
#debates #BidenCoalition

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May 25
A list of #GunControl bills Democrats introduced after shootings, which Republicans blocked:

#SandyHook, 2012. 21 killed.

Congress proposed bipartisan bill expanding background checks, a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

Blocked by Republicans.
Charleston, South Carolina, Dylan Roof kills 9 people in a Black church.

Democrats tried to eliminate what became known as the "Charleston loophole," which allows people with incomplete background checks to purchase guns after three days.

Blocked by Republicans.
#SANBERNARDINO, 2015: 14 killed, 22 injured.

One day after the shooting, Senate Republicans blocked two gun control proposals introduced by Democrats on background checks.
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Oct 28, 2021
Me trying to get all the info from my parents to schedule their COVID booster shots
"Do you have a separate insurance card? Yes? Okay, I need pics of the front and back of that too. Right now, I'm in the middle of scheduling you right now."
Me, to my dad: "Are you on blood thinners?"

Dad: long, rambling sentence

Me: "I just need to know if your are currently taking any right now. Yes or no."

Dad: "No, not at this time."

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Sep 17, 2021
The #FreedomToVoteAct was introduced earlier this week.

This is an original bill that address damage done by GOP voter suppression laws passed after the 2020 election.

Supporters of this bill:
Sen. Manchin
Stacey Abrams
Sen. Warnock
Barack Obama
Sen. Klobuchar
Marc Elias
Democracy Docket
Vice President Harris
Fair Fight
Indivisible Guide
Sen. Merkley
Sen. Padilla
Here's an overview about his this bill handles redistricting
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Feb 26, 2021
The CPAC 2021 stage is in the shape of an Odal rune, used by Nazi Germany.

These #WhiteSupremacist extremists are anti-democracy and anti anyone who doesn't agree with them.

It's a mistake to dismiss them as "crazy". This is CPAC. Not a small fringe group.

(short thread)
In Nazi Germany, this rune symbolized "blood and soil".
Here's the significance of the "blood and soil" phrase to current-day white supremacist groups.
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Jan 22, 2021
“The International Paralympic Committee, the IPC, they have a registry of athletes. You have to be on it to even compete internationally,”

The list is publicly available, and contains over 4,000 athletes from around the world. Cawthorn isn’t on it.
In a May 2019 post, Cawthorn uses the hashtag “qualifiers.”

But McGrory told me, “There were no qualifying meets in 2019.”
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