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Cities w/ most #PoliceBrutality incidents since 5/26

1. Portland -223
2. NYC –97
3. Seattle –54
4. LA –43
5. D.C. -28
6. Minneapolis –27
7. Denver -25
8. Columbus -22
9. Chicago –20
10. Richmond -19
11. L'ville -18
12. Austin –17
13. Philly –12
14. Des Moines–12
15. Detroit –11
Incidents/100k residents since 5/26:

1.Portland -34.1
2. Richmond -8.4
3. Seattle -7.2
4. Minneapolis -6.3
5. Des Moines -5.5
T6. Denver -4.0
T6. D.C. -4.0
8. Columbus -2.5
9. L’Ville -2.3
10. Austin -1.8
11. Detroit -1.6
12. NYC -1.2
13. LA -1.0
14. Philly -0.8
15.Chicago -0.7
This data is based on protests only. We have documented 882 #PoliceBrutality incidents since 5/26.

Check out the data here:

GitHub repository:…

Interactive Map:
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DULUTH MN: DPD grabs man by the neck and pulls forward while another officer kneels on his legs. The officer uses his knee on the man’s head and neck. July 25
from video: officer’s hands around the man’s neck, officer’s knee on his neck. it’s the officer standing center in the 3rd pic. 4th pic shows seatbelt marks where the man was still buckled into the car
On July 23, Duluth Chief of Police Mike Tusken spoke with mayor Emily Larson about the movement to defund the police. Quote from Tusken: “the things we’re doing are best practices”

Neck restraints have been banned for 20 years.…
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@SpeedyVeez share this thread...

In 2001 I was arrested for a probation violation, the guy in the car I was with was also a felon and was going to shoot the cop I took the gun from him an we both where peacefully arrested...
... We then where taken to the Greene County Jail in Springfield Missouri. They put me in solitary confinement from the get go. While in solitary the guards left our fish dinner outside our cell until it was cold an slimey, in protest I plugged my toilet an flooded my cell...
...when the guards came into my cell the maced me as was their normal thing I peacefully let myself be detained.

They then took me into an elevator while in the elevator they placed handcuffs on my feet an hands an beat me inside the elevator...
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@sillybloc @WallOfMoms @MacSmiff The guy 🖕🏻 and the one in orange!
@sillybloc @WallOfMoms @MacSmiff So here’s what happened...

Tonight’s protest was a much quieter & more peaceful vibe. BLM leaders kept telling us to stay nonviolent; don’t want to give Trump’s goons more video clip for Faux News. The #WallOfMoms are there to follow BLM so we helped keep things calm.
@sillybloc @WallOfMoms @MacSmiff About 11:30, these older white men pushed their way thru us moms and started using shields to pound on the sacred fence. BLM leaders told them to stop by they kept at it.
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#ChicagoProtest on 5/30 [@alyssa_taylor45]: A protester was taken down by multiple police officers and beaten. They seemingly knelt down on his neck.
#ChicagoProtest on 5/30 [@JCB_Journo]: Police pepper-spray reporter holding press pass and yelling press.
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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
(3/3) ImageImage
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Holy effin' data breach Batman, @webster with the YUGE story for @MNReformer on just how gigantic #Blueleaks really was.

I have a few points to bring up but every govt. official in MN needs to wake up to this, now.

"Also released were personally identifying contact information for security personnel for critical infrastructure sites in Minnesota like nuclear power plants, chemical processing facilities, rail networks, pipelines, hospitals and campuses of major employers and schools."

"Information on over 9,000 government and industry personnel dating back over 15 years were divulged in a breach of data from ICEFISHX, an intelligence sharing and emergency alert website..."


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During last night protests in Serbia, the police attacked men and women, beat them with sticks, pepper-sprayed them, put their feet on their heads, took their phones... And all of it was broadcast by only ONE TV channel.


More in thread 👇🏻
Thousands gathered in front of the parliament building to protest against the dictatorship of one man, president Aleksandar Vučić, after he reintroduced coronavirus lockdown measures he had previously suspended only so he could hold rigged elections.
The police brutality was the worst we've seen in decades. Here is the police beating unarmed men who are peacefuly protesting by SITTING ON A BENCH.
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Meeting outside of @WholeFoods to avoid disrupting the farmer’s market. People will be there w supplies! Come join!!
Teacher @japaspanglish on her way to the rally!!! It’s starting y’all!! Come join us!!!
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#Policebrutality and impunity in India: TW
P Jayaraj & his son Bennix were arrested for violating #lockdown rules. They were brutally tortured & killed in police custody. The details of their torture are horrifying.
This was followed by FIR cover up, doctor's deliberate suppression of health condition, and magistrate B Saravanan's remand orders without physically seeing the Jayaraj and Fenix.
"More than 1,000 people of Sathankulam town in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi district...all trade union bodies, various political outfits, activists, and the local public staged protests in various parts of the town."…
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Minneapolis: Justice for Breonna Taylor Protest…
“Breonna Taylor’s life is just as important as George Floyd’s.”

Community organizer Mel Reeves speaks at Powderhorn Park in #Minneapolis, adding the only reason that the case of 23-year-old Elijah McClain is now getting attention is because of mass protests.
“Our Black women are the pillar of our community and we have to start treating them like it.”

Tajir Adams (sp?) speaks about the intersecting oppressions against women & against #BlackPeople endured specifically by Black women.
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TW: #policebrutality, rape. Eyewitness accounts allege the father-son duo of Jayaraj and Bennix were brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by Tuticorin police (…). The police version doesn't answer some crucial questions:…
Jayaraj (58) was picked up by Tuticorin police on June 19, allegedly because his woodworks shop was open beyond curfew hours during lockdown. If you ever needed an example of how a pandemic can be used to enable abuse of authority, here it is.
The FIR lodged on June 19 says Jayaraj & his son Bennix were both at the shop when police showed up: "We told them to disperse ... Jayaraj and Bennix sat on the ground and abused us verbally and rolled on the ground. In this, they suffered internal injuries.” That's some rolling.
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This is insane. This happened in Malton today. The police were called because a man was suffering a mental health crisis. So what did the police do? They climbed a ladder, entered the apartment from the balcony and opened fire on the man, shooting him multiple times
I'm told they shot him in the back. Then they hopped in their tactical van and drove off.

The man was a regular in the local masjid, and while he suffered from schizophrenia, he was non-violent. This is unconscionable. #PoliceBrutality
@PeelPolice @BonnieCrombie @patrickbrownont Why did your police forced execute a mentally ill man? Why was a tactical unit sent on a mental health call? Why was it necessary for there to be assault weapons on a mental health call?
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#BREAKING LA Sheriff’s deputies shoot and kill an 18 year old Hispanic security guard outside the auto-body shop he was patrolling in Gardena. Police say the guard, who was armed, ran prompting the shooting. #LA #Gardena #PoliceBrutality #Shooting
The Sheriff claims one deputy fired after the guard, 18 year old #AndresGuardado, pulled a gun and ran. Witnesses say Guardado never pulled his gun, which he was carrying as part of his security job. #Gardena #GardenaShooting #LA (📷-CBSLA)
NEW: 25 days after the death of George Floyd, the City of #Gardena just released a statement denouncing the actions of the Minneapolis officers. This comes less than 24 hours after #LASD deputies shot and killed 18yo #AndresGuardado, an armed security guard. #GeorgeFloyd
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Am Mittwoch gehen 88 Werbeanzeigen des Trump Wahlkampfteams online. Sie featuren u.a. ein rotes auf den Kopf gestelltes Dreieck- das am häufigsten in Auschwitz gebrauchte Symbol um politische Gefangene wie Kommunisten und Sozialdemokraten zu kennzeichnen.…
Die Werbung verwendet das Symbol in exakt dem gleichen Zusammenhang - im Framing der Demonstranten gegen #PoliceBrutality als „gefährliche Mobs linksextremer Gruppen“. Das ist eine unverhohlene Todesdrohung an Trumps politische Gegner.
Es handelt sich hierbei nicht mehr um, das, was man „dog whistle“ nennt - nein, es ist eine offene Nutzung von NS-Symbolen, mit dem Ziel politische Gegner zu diffamieren und den Bezug zu ihrer Gefangennahme und Ermordung herzustellen
(Tabelle 1936, Quelle: @HolocaustMuseum)
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One must understand that the phrase "Black on Black Crime " is the result of institutional and environmental racism.
Though Black people do often commit violent crimes against one another, the phrase "Black on Black Crime" intentionally shifts the blame to Black people and away from the environmental racism that occurs.
Black people were specifically and forcefully placed into terrible neighborhoods with limited to no resources and were intentionally denied loans from the US Bank to generate poverty.
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@realdonaldtrump’s lack of emotional growth has left him a #petulant, ill-mannered toddler, in the body of a 74-year old, desperately seeking the approval of his surrogate father in #Moscow. Defacing the Ashe monument is a perfect expression ...…
... of what #trumpism is after almost 3.5 yrs of his occupation of the Oval Office. Lacking any semblance of a coherent ideology or intellectual foundation, the movement offers its rank & file nothing more than #racism, #spite, & #insults instead of ideas.
W/ Confederate ...
... monuments being defaced & toppled across #Virginia, the #trumpist motivation & justification was no more complex than ‘they did it to our statues, we need to get one of theirs.’ That’s it! @potus* is a damaged human (see @gtconway3d & @TomJChicago, @duty2warn, et al) ...
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In these global discussions of #PoliceBrutality, the focus has largely (and rightly) been on the *detainment* stage of our so-called “criminal justice system”.
I haven’t been hearing much about the *imprisonment* phase — another sphere where brutality is too common and lives are often taken, typically in torturous ways.
Manchester is the hometown to Anok Yai, "The World's Most Expensive Supermodel". Her brother Marach was shot 5 times last fall and was arrested for suspected criminal activity related to the shooting. The person who shot him is claiming self-defense.…
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/1 Those seeking to obscure the class roots of #policebrutality also claim that it is above all an American phenomenon. This is a lie. In Germany, the police have been heavily involved in the state's build-up of neo-Nazi networks #AtlantaShooting
/2 In 2018, a major neo-Nazi cell was discovered in the police of Hessen, a federal state which saw several murders of the NSU and where, in 2019, the politician Walter Lübcke was murdered by a known neo-Nazi whom the police had refused to surveil.…
/3 A recent book noted that the (Verfassungsschutz), the Bundeswehr and parts of the police and legal system deliberately provide cover for, promote, organise and finance right-wing extremist networks and shield them from public gaze.…
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[One year later, #Policebrutality intensifies]

1. A year ago,millions of #HKers flocked to streets to oppose #AntiExtradition bill & #PoliceViolence. It was the time when demonstrations, protests, strikes, petitions, forming human chains & singing #GlorytoHongKong were permitted Image
2. One year later, #Hongkongers and the world bear witness to #Beijing's growing direct control on the city’s vanishing liberty. Ordinary citizens are stabbed by pro-#Beijing mobs, smashed to the ground and arrested by #hkpolice just because they sing in public. ImageImageImage
3. This is the time when teachers are fired for refusing to censor students, and even a satirical show was halted for mentioning #policebrutality. Image
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Want to know why it’s so hard for #cops to be ‘good apples’...

It was 2007 and I was assisting a call with an officer I’d never met before. He was from another team working overtime. Right in front of me he broke a kids nose with a punch. The septum was clearly deviated and
blood was everywhere. The kid was handcuffed and the officer enquired of me “what should ‘we’ arrest him for?” “What did he do?” I enquired. “He called me a name.” he said. After 20 mins of him trying to persuade me we should fabricate a crime he had to let the kid go. “We need
to do notes, get our story straight” he then told me. I don’t need assistance in writing what happened. I found a quiet place and wrote the facts. As I wrote I was joined by a female A/Sgt who knew this officer. She spent 20 mins trying to convince me this kid was a “shitbag” &
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Today we #ShutDownSTEM & #ShutDownAcademia. I'm going to spend most of today educating myself about the lived experiences of black people and listening to as much black music and comedy as I can, and I'm going to share it with all 301 of my twitter followers.
I'm going to start by reading through this document, completing as many of the action points that I can, and going through the resources linked to at its foot:…
And while I do that I'll be relistening to RTJ4 by @runjewels. My favourite tracks so far are holy calamafuck, walking in the snow and pulling the pin (feat. INCREDIBLE lyrics by the legendary @mavisstaples)
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Thumper Alert!!

Mayor Bob O'Dekirk of Joliet, IL

Who is this you may ask?
Spoiler: He is a potentially corrupt mayor and formerly abusive cop!!!

Make this go viral! #Joliet #PoliceReform #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #protests2020

[a thread]
Mayor Bob O'Dekirk said he was suspended a "couple of times" yet there is no record of his suspensions to be found in his personnel file according to Deputy Police Darrell Gavin
Same Deputy Darrell Gavin who was a police officer with Robert "Bob" O'Dekirk when he a police officer??…
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