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@amedstudies & @Cuny4P Present:
Palestine Liberation Organizing: Consolidating Gains in the Face of The New McCarthyism

Opening: @JamilaMHammami
Chaired by: Leith Ghuloum, @MullinCorinna
Featuring: Lawrence Johnson, Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, James Martel, & @NerdeenKiswani

@MullinCorinna of @Cuny4P: Despite the constant barrage of zionist attacks faced by students, academic, & non-academic workers organizing in solidarity with #PalestineLiberation- with often little to no protection, or worse, the complicity of college admin & politicians... 2/x
@MullinCorinna of @Cuny4P: the #Palestine solidarity movement across our campuses has been growing and consolidating its gains over a number of years. In fact, we understand these two developments as connected. The more Palestine solidarity grows successfully, the more... 3/x
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SR and @AufstandLastGen occupied Hamburg Uni demanding the Uni take a position on the criminal plans of the German gov. to expand new oil & gas. Uni Hamburg sent in police on day 4 after an art action.

Result - #PoliceBrutality on peaceful protestors 1/
Over 40 officers arrived in full gear and dragged peaceful protestors out using pain holds and a special crane to lift down the 4 occupying the building roof. One police officer began crying after having seen the pain inflicted upon Melli, 26, from Letzte Generation. 2/
Interrupting normal classes + holding talks on the role of the Uni in society as a cultural and community meeting point and centre of knowledge & research, they highlighted the historically significant position Universities have taken in civil resistance against injustice. 3/
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#ApartheidIsrael #Peace #NoWar
"La polizia israeliana lancia granate stordenti al corteo funebre della giornalista palestinese #ShireenAbuAkleh." ⬇1/7

#Palestine #HumanRights #PoliceBrutality #IsraeliOccupation #RestiamoUmani #WestBank #Gaza #13maggio…
"Il corteo funebre di #ShireenAbuAkleh, giornalista di @AlJazeera , uccisa mercoledì, è stato segnato da scontri con le forze di polizia israeliane a Gerusalemme, che hanno usato granate assordanti sulla folla a #SheikhJarrah. ⬇2
Centinaia di persone si sono radunate fuori dall'ospedale dove è iniziata la processione, molte delle quali sventolano bandiere palestinesi e intonavano quelle che la polizia ha definito “cori di incitamento nazionalistico”. ⬇3
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I'm sorry if I am tagging the wrong @SpecialReport but I need to add this to the #TonisArmy #fightforjustice for the family of murdered #AmbroseGGBall for over 7 and half years leaving his mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 and her sister @ginalovell545
with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 years #MSMLies with the same #CorruptMedia keeping the #TruthAtAllCosts buried to protect @MetTaskforce who are worse today than they were over 20 years ago with #rodneyking as @WhiteHouse @BarackObama @POTUS45 and now @JoeBiden
who we have been tagging over the years because @DavidLammy and his wife @nicolagreenart who has painted #Obama many times being the same couple #DavidLammy being a key player in what has been blocked at all levels from his mother having her voice and #TruthMatters heard.
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Can we please stop this #NowPlaying long drawn out past decade of pushing #BlackPeople out there as if #BlackLivesMatter @ukblm now have the #Blackpower who will make that change who are listening to their own @Blackbirds to #Brainwashing you into thinking,
well if #BlackWomen #blackmen #LeadersDebate are seen to be in talking #StopRacism in the @churchofengland @ECB_cricket that must put an end to #PoliceBrutality #policecorruption #RacismReckoningMed22 as the rest of those like @mjtward19 who loves #football along with
the rest of @GREATBritain as @wabbey @UNESCO ?refuse to see the real reasons #ToryCorruption #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #BorisJohnsonMustGo, being the very same reasons @Keir_Starmer #StarmerOut who should never ever have been the #LeadershipDevelopment for @UKLabour
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This video is 4m #Aurangabad city. #police constable can be seen brutally assaulting a man for keeping his shop open till late during ongoing #Ramadan

More details awaited

#Maharashtra #policebrutality

@DGPMaharashtra @AbadCityPolice @IpsNikhil @Dwalsepatil @CMOMaharashtra
Update: Here is the detailed account

The incident took place at Bismillah Palace of Koila Gali in Ghas Mandi area of Aurangabad city. Complex is about 200 metres from City Chowk police station, which is surrounded by multiple market areas.

The incident of police constable assaulting the man has been confirmed by complex's owner Arbaz Khan, as well as staffers from Rajadhani Footwear and SMaster Men's Wear

Other traders unanimously alleged of cops using force for closing shops during ongoing festive season

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Please share. This is Purdue University’s Police Department. Officer Joe Selke Badge#91. #purdueuniversity #purdue #mitchdaniels #pupd #boilermaker #BoilerUp #justice #PoliceBrutality
Some background Image
Something you can do is reach out to the area coverage Image
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I appreciate & take the concerns of @NBPactueel very seriously. I have investigated & provided training & advice for police & military operations in contexts of war & violence for 20+ years & personally experienced their often very difficult & dangerous working environment. (1/7)
Throughout my career, I have also seen more than enough to be able to immediately distinguish allegations of #PoliceBrutality that require careful contextualization from cases that are plainly obvious & primarily require immediate correction. (2/7)
My two statements of 3 January 2022 may be harsh, but they are neither biased nor premature, but respond to well-documented facts that are clearly incompatible with international standards irrespective of any contextual factors & that require urgent & decisive remedy. (3/7)
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Our report on #policebrutality shows that the same violent patterns are deployed in different European countries to allow police forces to continue brutalising racialised communities; #structuralracism can no longer be ignored in Europe.
The #Covid19 measures have also allowed police and law enforcement to further brutalise racialised communities. We all remember the #MichelZecler case in France:⤵️
The many systemic human rights violations perpetrated against refugees and migrants in Europe with complete disregard towards the protection of their fundamental rights also clearly demonstrates how institutions in Europe target racialized communities.
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#Triggerwarnung über meine Erlebnisse vom 7.12.20 hier mein Gedächtnisprotokoll #USKBayern #PoliceBrutality
wenn menschen liebe Worte haben... gerne her damit Image
#triggerwarnung #Polizeigewalt über meine Erlebnisse vom 7.12.20 die Bilder sind in @ObenDanni im #Dannenröderwald entstanden nach dem ich vom #USKBayern gegen den Kopf getreten wurde #PoliceBrutality
wenn menschen liebe Worte haben... gerne her damit ImageImage
#Triggerwarnung über meine Erlebnisse vom 7.12.20 im #Dannenröderwald als mich das #USKbayern gegen den kopf getreten hat
hier meine 2 posts bei Instagram…… #danni0712
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3d di raccolta video sull'Australia, prigione una volta, prigione di nuovo.
Ragazzo ucciso per soffocamento perché non indossava la mascherina.
Polizia Australiana apre fuoco con fucili a pallettoni sui manifestanti disarmati:
Polizia australiana sbatte a terra una signora anziana e lr riempie la faccia di liquido urticante.
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"Why are you angry Sarah?"

I'll show you shall I?


@VP admitting wars have been over oil,
Soon they'll be over water...

Saying it so casually..
Like America didn't destroy half the world with their genocidal oil wars,

The "news" are silent
#Iraq #Libya #Syria #China
No comment needed.
BBC casually admitting that they've been lying for 10 yrs

We are a monetarily sovereign nation & cannot go bankrupt.

-Which was never an economic need, it was/is an ideology
Has killed at least 150,000 souls in this very rich country,
As they lied for the government
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Today Teal Cedar went back to court in Nanaimo to ask for their injunction against #FairyCreek forest defenders to be extended.

The logging company's lawyer Dean Dalke is really in a tizzy over the tactical abilities of the protesters... (thread)…
In court, the logging company's lawyer said of the land defenders, 'their resistance to being arrested is just shocking!' (This generated some amusement)

Leaving aside what "resistance" means for now, let's just review what's been going on with the RCMP at #FairyCreek...
Recall: the RCMP not only used this injunction to remove forest defenders from the #FairyCreek area, they exceeded their powers, & barred media from witnessing their actions, & more. In August, Judge Thompson (same judge as today) found that:… #bcpoli Image
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THREAD. This 17-year-old was removed from a tripod at Ada’itsx/#FairyCreek on Aug 24. An RCMP officer cut the youth’s shirt off, covered his face with a gloved hand & held his head back at an uncomfortable angle, before dropping him down with a rope around his lower ribs. #bcpoli
Images of RCMP violence at #FairyCreek

1. Videos showing mask-ripping before pepper-spraying, in this article:…

2. An Indigenous woman land defender attacked and dragged down:

#bcpoli #oldgrowth #PoliceBrutality
..3. Arrest at River Camp, a young man dragged with rope under his arms by RCMP:

4. River Camp Aug. 20 – woman flipped over, four RCMP attack a young black woman:…

There is more, Minister of Silence @mikefarnworthbc...
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THREAD - Report from #FairyCreekBlockade that you won't hear in the BC mainstream media, on the imminent cutting of these ancient trees, incl 1000 year old giants.

The RCMP are acting as heavies for the logging company Teal Jones which has been posting... record profits. #bcpoli
.."This tree is in the next block to be logged at #FairyCreek starting tmrw. It's just outside the watershed. Police cleared the route to it by smashing in the windows of a van so they could drag a woman who had been sleeping in the van out, then crushed her van with a bulldozer"
.."Did we get pictures? No, we are no longer allowed to take pictures, on pain of arrest, and the media were excluded by an illegal exclusion zone. The one BC Supreme Court Justice Justice Thompson said this about:
#bcpoli #FairyCreek #oldgrowth @BCRCMP @mikefarnworthbc @Dave_Eby “The RCMP’s use of exclusion zones was unlawful to bar m
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THREAD: Brutal account of police violence & more from a land defender at #FairyCreek. He has bruised ribs & torn muscles & tendons, & says police left people in nearly closed paddywagons in 37C direct sun for hours. This is on you, @jjhorgan & @mikefarnworthbc. #oldgrowth #bcpoli
@jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."I am absolutely gutted this morning. My arrest and the arrests I witnessed on Tuesday were some of the most brutal I have seen or experienced in over 30 years of civil disobedience. I have been tuned up by the cops before but, never that bad simply for saying no.." #FairyCreek
@jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."My body hurts in places I had forgotten that I had, and I can't stop crying every time I see another kid dragged through the dirt for standing up for something they believe in..." #FairyCreek #oldgrowth #bcpoli #policeviolence
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The #1 way cops are equipped to repress protest movements and perform no-knock raids on private homes is the BILLIONS of $ in military weaponry from the federal govt.

This is the militarization of the police, and it’s made an already violent institution even more dangerous.

The origins of the 1033 program lie in the “forever wars” on drugs, crime, and terror.

In 1989, Congress gave the Pentagon temporary authority to give military equipment to local law enforcement.

Anything was OK as long as it was deemed suitable “in counter-drug activities.”
In 1996, Congress made the Pentagon’s temporary authority to give weapons of war to local law enforcement agencies permanent and expanded its purview to “counterterrorism”, creating 1033 as we know it.

Since, 10,000 jurisdictions have received $7 billion-plus in equipment.
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La polizia israeliana avrebbe picchiato detenuti arabi a Nazareth durante l'escalation di Gaza. ⬇1/20

#PoliceBrutality #IsraeliCrimes #ApartheidIsrael @AdalahCenter #HumanRights #Palestina #Nazareth #Gaza #restiamoUmani #7giugno #Pace…
I residenti di Nazareth, arrestati con l'accusa di disordini durante la guerra di Gaza del mese scorso accusano la polizia di violenze dopo essere stati portati alla stazione di polizia locale.

Gli arrestati, tutti arabi, hanno detto che gli agenti di polizia hanno ordinato⬇2
loro di sedersi sul pavimento con la testa china e hanno proceduto a picchiarli con vari oggetti. Sostengono che molti di loro sono stati tenuti in manette e senza cure mediche.
Un tribunale ha ordinato che molti casi siano consegnati all'unità investigativa interna ⬇3
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“State officials will continue to violate people’s rights with impunity”

Ron Keine was convicted and sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder in 1974

He was exonerated in 1976, 9 days before his execution

#EndQualifiedImmunity 🧵
Misconduct in Ron Keine’s case was “so egregious” the prosecutor lost his license and several officers were fired - @innocence

Yet Ron’s lawsuit was dismissed — because of qualified immunity

And Ron’s case isn’t rare

Qualified immunity enables police brutality and corruption
Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine from the 1960s that allows public officials, like cops, to act with impunity — even when they break the law

And as we know, the very people empowered to uphold the law break it every day — and laugh about it…
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We need change NOW. How is it that at no point during the encounters with this poor woman NO ONE seemed to notice she had mental deficits? A visit from APS would be more appropriate. This woman was terrorized by the police, not *policed*. #PoliceBrutality…
This is indefensible.

Miss Garner is 73.
She has dementia & aphasia.
She was failed at every turn.
Walmart employees wouldn't let her pay for the items she *stole*.
The cops used UNNECESSARY FORCE w/someone who couldn't comprehend them. How did everyone miss her #dementia?🤔💔
Would this woman still be alive if she was a BiPOC?


As it stands, she suffered a broken humerus & a dislocated shoulder.
The @LovelandPolice unnecessarily escalated this situation. It should have been obvious she was terrifed & not quite *all there*.😢😢😢
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Ebube Agụ, like Amotekun, won't fix the broken security architecture in Alaigbo.

For the umpteenth time, I advise Governors under the aegis of @NGFSecretariat to sue for the urgent Decentralisation of @PoliceNG into 37 Independent State Police & 774 Local Police Departments.
2/ Similarly, militia groups such as the Eastern Security Network (ESN) formed by @MaziNnamdiKanu can't fix the broken security architecture in Alaigbo. Such window gives rise to the formations of more militia groups by politicians & non-State actors.

Alaigbo will surely boil.
3/ Pending Decentralisation of @PoliceNG, Ag. @PoliceNG IG, Alkali Baba Usman must rid all roadways in Alaigbo of Police Roadblocks/Checkpoints which block the free flow of human/vehicular traffic; promote corruption, extortion, arbitrary arrests & police brutalities.
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I cannot believe the scenes in Bristol. Thanks to everyone who was out there, standing for democratic rights. The police clearing the streets of peaceful demonstrators through sheer violence and brutality spells the end of British democracy and respect for human rights.
I'm not exaggerating. And if you are one of those who thinks "well the police *had* to enforce the law" - which law? Which law of the land says that its people cannot occupy public spaces for democratic expression? Which law says that its streets should be clear of citizens?
Do you really think that allowing cars to drive through some Bristol streets at 2am is worth savagely beating people & denying them their basic democratic and human rights to assemble and express themselves peacefully? This is not law and order. This is dictatorship on its way.
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#Αθηνα #antireport #koufodinas_hungerstrike
Timeline - Συγκέντρωση πορεία στο Σύνταγμα σε αλληλεγγύη με το αίτημα του απεργού πείνας από 8/01 Δ.Κουφοντίνα

Πολύς κόσμος. Εύκολη πρόσβαση από Αμαλίας και από Σταδίου ως τώρα

#Αθηνα #antireport #koufodinas_hungerstrike
Συγκέντρωση στο Σύνταγμα ενάντια στην αστυνομική καταστολή και σε αλληλεγγύη με το αίτημα του απεργού πείνας Δ. Κουφοντίνα

(photo: @savvaskarma)
#Αθηνα #antireport #koufodinas_hungerstrike #Greece_PoliceState

Στο σύνταγμα μαζική η παρουσία, κόσμος πλαισιώνει την συγκέντρωση συνέχεια.


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Earlier today, POS owner arrested his attendant for a cash issue of 100k. She is asthmatic and gets a crisis attack at the station, they never heeded to her pleas, till she died. They drove her body home, meets the brother who panic and starts shouting to 1/2
to know what happened; instead of Nigerian Police officers to calm him down and explain how their negligence lead to the young lady's untimely death, they shot him!!!. 2 dead bodies in one family, in one day!!!.
The youths are revolting, burnt down the Isinweke police station in ihitte uzoma Imo state. The POS owner has fled the village. there is unrest currently
#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
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