FOLKS—we found who created the epic “Wear a Mask” Beauty & the Beast video!

Created and sung by Noah Lindquist @noahlindquist96 and Ashley Young @singerinkansas.

Thank you Noah and Ashley from public health advocates everywhere! #COVID19 #WearAMask 🧵
2) Do masks really work? Heck yes!!! I’m going to walk folks thru a thread 🧵 of evidence.

➡️ MASKS do work!!

Association Between Universal Masking in a Health Care System and SARS-CoV-2 Positivity Among Health Care Workers…
3) A big scientific evidence review study on face masks.

“We recommend that public officials and governments strongly encourage the use of widespread face masks in public, including the use of appropriate regulation.” #COVID19…
4) Another big study on #masks.

“As a result of the implementation (mask) mandates, more than 200,000 COVID-19 cases were averted by May 22, 2020. The findings suggest that requiring face mask use in public could help in mitigating the spread of…
5) and a recent CDC @CDCMMWR report on Arizona outbreak. Masks clearly indicated to have helped. #COVID19 #Masks…
6) Another study (preprint) on masks and deaths.

“Conclusions. Societal norms & govt policies supporting wearing of masks by the public, as well as international travel controls, are independently associated w/ lower per-capita mortality from…
7) yet Trump misled people on masks:

“he repeated an incorrect claim about masks, citing a recent report from CDC.”

So CDC tweeted back:

“The interpretation that more mask-wearers are getting infected compared to non-mask wearers is incorrect,”…
8) Another case on mask protecting an infectious person on a plane from infecting anyone else because he wore a #mask.
9) that said, *cloth* masks are only as good if entire or vast majority of people wear them. But this doesn’t happen during indoor dining and bars or airplanes.

For self protection if many don’t wear around you, premium masks likely needed.
10) A lot of people ask about “premium masks”. I don’t use N95 - save those for HCW. I use KN95 and S Korean KF94. And I sometimes double up indoors when cant distance. KF94s are quite comfortable actually and widely used in South Korea 🇰🇷
11) While you can order premium masks like KN95 & KF94 online (Eg Amazon), I don’t know which are fakes / real. That said, KN95’s also sold in stores like @StaplesStores. Hopefully they vetted their products for authenticity. That’s also why I double mask—in case one is fake.
12) newest aerosol study (CDC journal) indeed indicates that coronavirus is persistent and stable in the air for 20 min to 4 hours or longer in stagnant air. This is why we mask for #COVID19
13) hence 6 feet rule not enough indoors without masks.
14) Masks are critical in reducing aerosol spread—see how masks make all the difference. #COVID19
15) Now that aerosol transmission of the coronavirus is established, we need to both mask and disperse aerosols quickly. Key is ventilation. Japan assumed it was airborne from the very beginning. Hence their mask culture and focus on air flow. #COVID19

• • •

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NEW—Largest CDC study on mortality to date pegs #COVID19 associated excess deaths at 285k. But that is not all. There are huge % excesses deaths, especially in young adults 25-44 and in Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American minorities. Whites less so.🧵… Image
2) Here is the excess Covid mortality by age groups. Young adults 25-44 had the largest excess mortality overall - hitting 50% in mid July. The first March-April wave’s 1st peak hit elderly the hardest. But 2nd peak hit young adults more. #COVID19 Image
3) As for minorities, Hispanic & Black and Asian minorities all exceeded 100% increase over baseline in March and April. Non-Hispanic whites was under 40%. In the second peak in summer 2020, Hispanics were hit the hardest. But black, Asian & Native American suffered 50% excess. Image
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⚠️BREAKING—Huge CDC study says #COVID19 not only caused 285,000 excess deaths— but CDC also found, surprisingly, that it has struck 25-44-year-olds very hard: Their “excess death” rate is up 26.5% over previous years, the largest change for any age group!…
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⚠️DIED ON THE TARMAC—A woman in her 30s died of #COVID19 while she was on a plane about to take off. Before the woman died, she had trouble breathing and was given oxygen. Died suddenly literally while on tarmac. COVID is no joke, even for 30 year olds.…
2) yes she had some underlying risk factor. But you know, 1/3 of America has one too — it’s called obesity. Tons more have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and more. Many of them present in young people.
3) “Jenkins said that the woman's death was a "reminder that there is no age restriction in COVID."

"I would strongly encourage people to not think they’re invincible from COVID because they don’t think they’re in a high-risk category," he said.
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How the US is doing on #COVID19 in 4 simple figures. A thread 🧵:

1) "Uncontrolled Spread" is now the predominant classification of most states. Image
2) Cases are surging in upper plains, upper Rockies, and Midwest and Tennessee and New Mexico. Image
3) Yet remember that the new cases incidence still remains high throughout the country outside of NE and pacific west. #COVID19 Image
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BREAKING—China CDC confirms the isolation of active #SARSCoV2 coronavirus from outer packaging of imported frozen cod in city of Qingdao. First time proven that **contact w/ frozen packaging w/ active novel coronavirus could lead to infection**. Worrisome.…
2) “The agency said that the risk of cold-chain food circulating in China's market being contaminated by the novel coronavirus is very low, citing recent nucleic acid test results for samples taken from the business.”
3) “A total of 2.98 mil samples had been tested across 24 provinces by Sept. 15, including 670k taken from cold-chain food & packaging, 1.24 mil from working staff and 1.07 mil from environment. Only 22 samples from cold-chain food or food packaging tested positive for the virus”
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18 Oct
OMG! Who did this?!?! Best 2 minutes of your day, week, month, maybe year.

#WearAMask #SleepingBeauty #COVID19 #Masks #MasksSaveLives
2) lol: “Try not to be so grouchy. Have some faith in Fauci!”
3) And MASKS do work!!

Association Between Universal Masking in a Health Care System and SARS-CoV-2 Positivity Among Health Care Workers…
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