Analysis | What do ordinary Arabs think about normalizing relations with Israel?

POINT OF ORDER! This article and poll were produced by the #Qatar/Moslem Brotherhood propaganda center in Doha, headed by a man suspected of being a Hizbullah spy.
2/ How could the Washington Post publish this?

#Qatar is opposed to the normalization of Arab states and Israel.
Qatar gives aid and refuge to #Hamas.
Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood live in Qatar.
Pic: MB head Yusuf al-Qaradawi w Sheikha of Qatar and serial rapist Tariq Ramadan
3/ #Qatar is in a diplomatic war with much of the Arab world.
In 2017, responding to Qatar's support for terrorism and sponsorship of its Al Jazeera propaganda arm, Saudis, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt broke diplomatic relations & launched a boycott.
Guess the nations the writer attacks.
4/ @washingtonpost's writer cites the Arab Opinion Index, claiming "The vast majority of Arabs PROBABLY oppose normalization and express a high degree of support for Palestinian statehood and rights."
Poll done by Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies IN QATAR. Who heads it?
5/ Who heads the ACRPS in Qatar? Azmi Bishara.
Once an Israeli Member of Knesset, he visited Leb & Syria in 2006. Israel suspected him of treason, espionage for Hizbullah. He fled to #Qatar.
ACRPS also runs the "Arab Center Washington DC" which publishes propag vs normalization.
6/ How can the WaPo accept an "academic piece" on public opinion that states:
"respondents were RELUCTANT to answer direct questions. These findings SUGGEST many Saudi respondents reject the idea of normalization with Israel BUT REMAIN AFRAID TO SAY SO."
7/ WaPo: the Qatari/Bishara anti-normalization campaign is dripping w propaganda:

"The UAE & Bahrain are among the most repressive govts in the Middle East. The UAE & Bahrain were not included in our survey, but we can GET A SENSE [!?] of public opinion.." @reglash @SBHendrix
8/ #Qatar is building its influence-peddling ops in DC. Its Arab Center's latest report wrote:
"the UAE has been accused of providing arms to militias & terrorist groups in Yemen, Libya, & elsewhere."
It also promoted the anti-Saudi "Khashoggi Press Freedom Accountability Act."
9/ More on @Qatari influence peddling in @LeeSmithDC's in-depth "Qatar’s State-of-the-Art Foreign Lobbying Campaign."…
The US govt has demanded that Qatar's Al Jazeera register as a foreign agent. No problem, Qatar can turn to the WaPo to get message out.
10/ If only #Israel could do to reporters what it does to foreign diplomats whose country behaves egregiously - issue a demarche, deny them access, or kick them out of the country. @SBHendrix @reglash.
Being a shill for the anti-peace #Qatar, #WashingtonPost deserves -- WHAT?

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✡️ Happy Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanna Sameach.
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Point of order! This film is propaganda. How do I know?

Because @MorLoushy failed to interview the one person who worked for AIPAC under every CEO -- 1/

New Israeli film projects AIPAC's steady drift from idealistic bipartisan roots | Times of Israel…
2/ One person worked at AIPAC for 25 yrs - under Kenen (pic), Amitay, Dine, Sher, & Kohr. Loushy never approached him.

Who did Loushy ignore? ME.

I worked with Rosen, Weisman, Rosenberg, Bloomfield, et al. Some were bitter after interpersonal clashes, not policy. One had a - Image
3/ one of the interviewed developed such a pathological hatred of Israel & AIPAC, Tom Dine told me he suspected a breakdown.

Per one report, the New Israel Fund paid for the docu. NIF always despised @AIPAC, much prefering the partisan, Abbas-kissing J Street. Image
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4 Sep
#MustRead. The best analysis I've seen on the change in the Middle East.

The #UAEIsrael Deal Spells Big Trouble For Iran by John Hannah.…
Hannah: "Arab-Israeli normalization is a powerful reminder for Iranians of both the venality and abject failure of the Islamic Republic’s imperialist policies, triggering a backlash that has left them increasingly isolated, impoverished, and insecure."
Hannah: "Normalization has the potential to dramatically shrink the signif challenges of time & space that have bedeviled Israeli contingency plans for attacking Iran for yrs. That’s especially true if the Israeli military eventually secures the ability to make use of UAE bases."
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