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We, the #Jews , are the #INDIGENOUS people of Erets Yisrael (The land of #Israel ) . No one can deny it. Here are some interesting articles I found about the subject. MUST READ!
#Israel #Zionism #natives #Antisemitism #Jerusalem #Palestine #TruthMatters @dailyjewish
The second article is a gem from 1919 (believe it or not) published in @TheAtlantic by Harry Sacher:
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Shocked and helpless, the Palestinian Abdullah Khader watched his own home being demolished in Beit Hanina town, after the Israeli occupation municipality in #Jerusalem forced the Khader family to demolish their home or else they'd have to pay high punitive fines. (1/3)
'Israel' claims the land, where Abdullah has lived ever since he was a child, is owned by the Hadassah Zionist Organisation. (2/3)
Abdullah has lost his ability to move after the Israeli court decided that he didn't have any right in his house; he had a stroke as a result of the decision. (3/3)
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Just before 14:00, exactly 20 years ago today, a suicide bomber stepped into a Pizza place in #Jerusalem.
He ordered pasta.
Then he detonated a bomb hidden inside a guitar case and all hell broke loose.

The results were catastrophic.
15 were killed, 7 of them children.
One family in particular, was destroyed in a split second.
43 year old Mordechai Schijveschuurder, his wife Tzira, 14 year old daughter Raya, 4 year old son Avraham and 2 year old daughter Hemda. Killed.
2 other children from the Schijveschuurder family were critically injured.
The Palestinian Authority refrained from arresting the ones responsible. Eventually, all behind the attack were arrested by Israel.
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Day 2 of #TurkeyJewishRoadtrip:

On the road from Bursa to Çeşme

While on road lets talk😊

Did you know that #Turkey is an important source of #Kosher food? Hundreds of manufacturers all over the country produce anything from raw material to ready to eat products.
By the way: Kosher food does not mean food that is blessed by a rabbi!

Rather it is food that has been prepared according to Jewish law - there are no mixtures of meat/milk, it is insect free, meat or chicken have to be prepared properly according to Jewish law and more...
The Turkish Jewish community @tyahuditoplumu through @DenetGida which certifies hundreds of plants, as well as the @OrthodoxUnion and @OKKosher have their field representatives inspect plants to assure they are fit for the kosher consumer.
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Happy and peaceful Eid to everyone celebrating ❤️

Here are some visuals from the Eid morning prayers at the al-Aqsa mosque. #Jerusalem
Some more images from the Eid activities at the al-Aqsa mosque:

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In AD 135, following a failed Jewish revolt, Roman Emperor Hadrian expelled the #Jews from #Jerusalem and decreed that the city and surrounding territory be part of a larger entity called "Syria-Palestina". 1/n
"Palestina" took its name from the coastal territory of the ancient Philistines, enemies of the Israelites (ancestors of the Jews). 2/n
Subsequent to the Islamic conquest of the Middle East in the seventh century, Arab people's began to settle in the former "Palestina". 3/n
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Stranger Things: Israel Edition 🇮🇱

We're about to share some of our favorite ( & strangest facts about Israel) you may not know:

Let's do this: Image
The Mount of Olives in #Jerusalem is the world’s OLDEST & continuously used cemetery.

It has been used as a #Jewish cemetery for over 3,000 years.

Should we keep going? RT this if you want us to share the next fact. Image
The glue on Israeli stamps is kosher.

But please do not try consuming the stamps (trust us, it's a bad idea). Image
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PLEASE SHARE- MONDAY DAY OF ACTION: Palestinian people in Silwan, #Jerusalem are in danger of being forcibly expelled from their homes. The Israeli government is threatening to demolish the homes this Monday for Jewish Israeli settlers to take over the land. #WeWillRemain
The Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Silwan is part of Zionism’s long and violent history across all of Palestine, which the U.S. has funded for decades. #SaveSilwan #SaveSheikhJarrah #WeWillRemain

Graphic from @RabetbyPIPD
Stand on the right side of history and defend Silwan! Tell Democratic leadership to stop giving Israel the green light on ethnic cleansing:
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1. On the night between June 14th-15th,Palestinian terrorists that infiltrated from Lebanon had attacked the Israeli Arab towns of Arab Al Aramsheh, Jouradah, Khirbet Arabeen,Khirbet Mughrees and Arab Al Soumaniyeh murdering 1 civilian and injuring 9 more including children.
During the attack , that was motivated as “revenge for collaboration with Israel” , 3 civilian homes were bombed and dozens of other homes were attacked with gunfire.
60 year old Mohammad Abdul Ghani from Arab Al Aramsheh was murdered in one of the bombed homes and 9 people were hospitalized in severe condition , including children , in a hospital in Haifa with more then dozens wounded that were treated locally and did not seek hospitalization
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Hamas affiliated groups in #Jerusalem had found another excuse to escalate the situation in the city , now they’re calling for a March from the Al Aqsa mosque to Damascus Gate after the Friday prayers because of an “insult to the Prophet Mohammed”
They claim that they heard this magical “insult” during the Flags March on Wednesday and since then it was dominating the discourse there.
If you’re wondering - they did not March anywhere after 10 synagogues were burned by Muslim extremists in Lod.
#Israel #Jerusalem
So it will be wise to monitor those areas for any possible provocations, especially considering the current re escalation on the #Gaza border
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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➡️ ⚠️ Un nouveau candidat sur une liste en lien avec #EELV et au profil problématique :
➡️ focus sur Ali #Besli, représentant d’une liste de gauche et écologiste à #Gien (Loiret), et aux prises de position complotistes et antisémites. Un #Thread ⤵️.
2/ Ali #Besli est candidat remplaçant aux #départementales dans le canton de #Gien, sur 1 liste #LoiretEnCommun, fruit d’1 initiative pour rassembler la gauche et de l’écologie. Elle regroupe différents partis (dont le #PS et le #PCF), même si sa liste est sans étiquette.
3/ Cette liste conduite par Philippe Le Dem et Marie-Line Houdou est présentée comme étant #EELV dans la presse (Philippe Le Dem appartient à ce parti. Ali Besli a lui été secrétaire de la section du #PCF de #Gien et, aux dernières nouvelles, il était membre d’EELV).
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Israeli forces shoot & kill 3 #WestBank Palestinians, including 1 who stabbed & injured Israelis. Two die of wounds sustained during the #Gaza escalation.

More on 24-31 May 2021 in the occupied #Palestinian territory 👇 in thread 👇 & here:… 1/5
Israeli forces wound 100 #WestBank Palestinians, 50 of whom inhale tear gas, 18 shot w rubber bullets & 16 w live fire.

More on 24-31 May 2021 in the occupied #Palestinian territory 👇 in thread 👇 & here:… 2/5
Israeli authorities confiscate 5 #WestBank Palestinian structures lacking permits, displacing 9 people, inc 4 children.

More on 24-31 May 2021 in the occupied #Palestinian territory 👇 in thread 👇 & here:… 31/5
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I am a runner.
I run marathons around whole world. Never have I been attacked violently by police forces as I was today, during the Jerusalem run from #SaveSheikhJarrah to #SaveSilwan.
I was beaten six times, attacked by Israeli forces, for running in my ancestral town & city.
We ran 3.5 kilometres from Sheikh Jarrah to Silwan. I arrived at the finish line Batn Al-Hawa, Silwan neighbourhood under threat of ethnic cleansing by Israel.
All runners wore t-shirts that had # 7850 printed on back, the number of Palestinian Jerusalemites under threat.
Out of nowhere, Israeli forces raided the finish line, where we had gathered and been singing songs, drinking water, and resting our legs.
They were violent, attacked everyone indiscriminately, beating, throwing grenades, & firing rubber bullets at some.
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Hard & soul crushing.
#Jerusalem journalist Zeina Halawani (recently arrested by Israeli forces in #SheikhJarrah), speaks about desperation she felt hearing children screaming for their mothers at night during the few nights she spent in Israeli cells. 😣
Translation of the entire video, h/t @SaadAbedine Image
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1. On May 31st 1953, Palestinian terrorists that infiltrated from #Lebanon had opened fire on Israeli civilians near Safed, including on a minibus with Israeli schoolchildren that were on a school trip.
The incident occurred approximately at 20:30\8:30 PM , 2km from Mount Meron. An ambushed cell armed with a machine gun opened fire on cars passing in the area.
16 year old Isaiah Pickler was murdered and 3 other teens were wounded , including 1 critically.
Isaiah (Shaikeh), son of Leah and Chaim, was born in Focșani Romania in 1936. He grew up in Romania.
During the Holocaust, the father of the family perished.
A few years later, in 1950, Isaiah, his mother, his sister Giza and his brothers Moshe, Reuven and Herman made alliyah.
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At this moment the Israeli police is conducting a mass detention campaign against Palestinian citizens of Israel. Our people are under attack and we demand international protection. Shamefully most of the world has ignored our situation. Here are some facts (Thread).
We are over 20% of Israel’s population, 1.8 million approximately, living under a system of institutional discrimination & persecution described by @hrw, @btselem & Palestinian human rights organizations as #Apartheid: Ignoring this means complicity with this reality.
We took over our streets to peacefully demonstrate for #Jerusalem and our people’s rights. We were met with police brutality & complicity with Zionist extremists that attacked us, including in our homes, the streets, universities, work places, etc.
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#BREAKING: @SecBlinken to visit #Israel, #WestBank on Wednesday and Thursday to firm up #Gaza truce, source says
#BREAKING: The Palestinian Ministry of Economy says Israel destroyed 15 factories in #Gaza during the bombings – Al-Arabiya TV
#BREAKING: @OIC_OCI lauds #SaudiArabia’s international efforts to stop the #Israeli escalation in #Jerusalem and #Gaza – Al-Arabiya TV
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#BREAKING: Palestinian PM @DrShtayyeh says he welcomes the success of Egypt-led international efforts to stop the “war on #Gaza” – Al-Arabiya TV
#BREAKING: Palestinian PM @DrShtayyeh says #Israel’s crimes in #Gaza will be brought to the @IntlCrimCourt – Al-Arabiya TV
#BREAKING: Palestinian Health says death toll in #Gaza is 243, and 1910 injured after #Israeli airstrikes – Al-Arabiya TV
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“Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Presiden Mesir dan diplomat Mesir. AS berjanji membantu membina semula Gaza namun kami akan bekerjasama dengan pihak berkuasa Palestin, bukan Hamas. Kami juga akan membantu Israel menguatkan Iron Dome (wtf).” Image
Mungkin ada yang tertanya-tanya, Alhamdullilah Masjid Al Aqsa tenang sejak beberapa hari lepas walaupun kelmarin adalah perayaan orang Yahudi namun mereka tidak dapat masuk ke dalam.

30 minit sebelum jam 2 pagi. ImageImageImageImage
20 minit sebelum jam 2 pagi.

Penduduk Gaza diminta keluar ke rumah dan jalanan, naik ke atap-atap dan menara-menara bagi meraikan genjatan senjata ini. Setelah solat Jumaat nanti, perarakan besar-besaran akan dilakukan. Image
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#Israel killed 231 people in #Gaza of which 64 children, 38 women and wounded 1630 in 10 days. Israel destroyed 1447 house and seriously damaged 13000 house in #Gaza in 10 days. This is proof that Israel was conducting serious war crime against humanity the world should condemn.
#Israel has exhausted its interception missiles in 10 days & asked to be provided with 907KG #US_Made GBU-31.

What would happen in case of war against #Hezbollah?

Israel is proved to be much weaker than anyone would imagine.All Arab countries who recently normalised r watching.
Only when US accept a ceasefire it means #Israel wants it, not the Palestinians. It will also mean that Israel has submitted to #Gaza's demand to protect #Jerusalem from ethnic cleansing. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean Israel will stop trying to expel the families of Sheikh Jarrah
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#BREAKING: Ceasefire announcement with #Israel to be announced in 24 hours, a senior Hamas official tells CNN #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: Several injuries reported during an #Israeli raid on a house in southern #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: #German foreign minister says there is a need for humanitarian support operations in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
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Fake news: Two rockets in the sea, one intercepted & one fell close to the company that makes the interception missile systems to remind #Israel to stop its genocide in #Gaza. No war declaration here.

#Israel continues its indiscriminate bombing.

What #Israel has achieved for its security, apart from killing/wounding children, women & 1000s of civilians, destroying the infrastructure & homes, is NOTHING.

#Gaza defended #Jerusalem, brought back to light the Palestinian cause & #Israel genocide and ethnic cleansing.
It is not in the interest of the Palestinian leadership in #Gaza to accept the cease-fire proposed by #Egypt if it doesn't include the protection of the 38 families in Sheikh Jarrah #Jeruslam that #Israel has the intention to unlawfully expel and replace them with settlers.
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Today #Israel coordinated a complex operation to transfer humanitarian aid to #Palestinians in #Gaza.The transfer was hindered by repeated #Hamas mortar fire launched at the crossing,in which civilians were killed and injured and an @IDF soldier was wounded. Timeline of events:
2/5 This morning, the Keren Shalom crossing was set to open to allow for the transfer of humanitarian aid, and the exit of foreign nationals.
3/5 There were 40 trucks loaded with food, medical equipment, and humanitarian aid on their way to the crossing from #Ramallah, #Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, donated by OCHA, @UNICEF, the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.
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