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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus

Because the number of infections continues to rise, the government in Israel has decided to tighten what is already the second lockdown. "We have come to the decision to pull the handbrake,"
said Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch on Thursday on the radio about the cabinet decision. He did not give details of the restrictions that should come into force on Friday.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously warned that the rise in new infections would bring the country to the edge of the abyss.
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus

Shortly after the announcement of record numbers, the lockdown regulations in Israel are to be tightened. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the already tightened lockdown that has been in force since
last Friday will be converted into a "complete lockdown" for two weeks from next Friday. The Ministry of Health announced that 6,950 new infections with the coronavirus were recorded for Tuesday. So many new cases in one day have not yet been registered.
The number of tests had recently also increased, but the rate of positive tests was a very high 11.7 percent.
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus

The corona numbers rise to a record level in Israel. According to the Ministry of Health, 6861 new infections have been registered. So many cases in one day have not yet been recorded in the country -
but the number of tests has recently increased. Four months ago, on May 23, only five new infections were recorded. For comparison: around nine million people live in Israel. Germany has around nine times as many inhabitants, where new infections were reported daily in 1769.
A second nationwide lockdown has been in effect in Israel since Friday.
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#LIVE: 75th UN General Assembly session kicks off, and for the first time it is being held virtually with prerecorded messages from world leaders
#LIVE: #UN Secretary-General #AntonioGuterres urges the world to be prevent a #ColdWar and halt conflicts so it can focus on #COVID19 pandemic at #UNGA #UN75 #coronavirus Image
#LIVE: US President Donald #Trump says @UN must hold China accountable for #coronavirus outbreak #Covid_19 #UNGA #UN75 Image
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus #LOCKDOWN

The people in Israel have to come to terms with severe restrictions in the Corona crisis again from Friday. A lockdown imposed by the government starts in the early afternoon and is expected to last at least three weeks.
The measure is intended to curb the number of corona cases in the country - the daily new infections had recently risen to record levels repeatedly. Experts had criticized in the summer, among other things, that easing had been made prematurely.
Schools and kindergartens are to remain closed during the lockdown. Hotels, shopping centers and leisure facilities must also close. Restaurants are only allowed to sell outside the home. Grocery shopping and visits to the doctor are still allowed.
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Jour de paix au Moyen-Orient

#Israel #EAU #Bahrein
Le plateau de la paix :)
Un JT conjoint organisé en direct par la très populaire chaîne 12 d'#Israel avec #Dubai TV et #Bahrain TV

#Israel #EAU #Bahrein Image
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus

A few days before a lockdown, the number of daily new infections with the coronavirus in Israel rose again to a record level. It was just below the 5000 case mark.
The Ministry of Health said that 4973 infections had been registered the day before. The previous record from last week was 4149. The pandemic in Israel initially went smoothly, also because of the government's strict policy.
However, after rapid easing in May, the number of cases soared. Given the situation, the Israeli government decided on a second nationwide lockdwon on Sunday. It is to come into force on Friday afternoon before Jewish holidays and will initially last three weeks.
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Is #EU Boycotting Historic #Israel-Arab Peace Summit at White House? via @UniteWithIsrael…
While #EU issued a statement supporting peace agreements🕊️between #Israel and its Arab neighbors, its statement focused on a two-state solution
Likewise Mutter @AngelaMerkeICDU dissuaded former Soviet bloc countries from re-locating their embassies to #Jerusalem
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#Israel #Jerusalem #Coronavirus

In protest against the impending lockdown in Israel, the ultra-Orthodox housing minister Yaakov Litzman has announced his resignation. The stalemate in public life wrongly affects Jewish holidays, he argues.
The lockdown is expected to begin on Friday, the Jewish New Year festival Rosh Hashanah, and will last until the festival of Atonement, Yom Kippur, on September 27th.
"That is wrong and despises hundreds of thousands of citizens," said the head of the ultra-Orthodox - a coalition partner of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There are over 153,000 known infections and around 1,100 deaths in Israel.
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In his statement at today's Arab FMs meeting, Foreign Minister Dr Riad Malki calls on Arab nations to take a stand against unilateral #Israel-UAE deal for violating Arab Peace Initiative. Thread ⤵️
Dr Malki said the #israeluaedeal violated the Arab consensus normalisation with #Israel before ending its occupation of the Palestinian territories, warning this could create a slippery slope towards similar initiatives with regards to other occupied Arab territories
Dr Malki added that the #israeluaedeal comes as the Palestinians were hit by punitive suspension of aid by some Arab states, a move for which the US administration brazenly took credit, in addition to the ongoing disposession and various forms of pressure by the Israeli occupier.
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#EU warns #Serbia, #Kosovo over #Israel embassy move: #Jerusalem’s status should be worked out between Israel and so-called Palestinians… via @YahooNews #SerbiaKosovo back off.
.@SharrenHaskel @Likud_Party, chair @KnessetIL 🇮🇱Foreign Affairs SC, said that “#EU efforts to educate #Serbia and #Kosovo are shocking.”
.@SharrenHaskel @Likud_Party @KnessetIL 🇮🇱 called on other countries to move their missions to #Jerusalem "the eternal capital of the Jewish people."
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[#Parution] 5/06/2020 > Le Guide #AlanMoore par @marshotel et Nicolas Trespallé via @ActuSF @Editions_ActuSF #LaMethSci Image
I Licari-Guillaume > je conseille à mes élèves de commencer avec Marvelman/Miracleman car c'est là que Moore va poser les bases de ce qu'il va faire ensuite. Il commence là à interroger les codes des super-héros #LaMethSci
.@marshotel > Miracleman a lgtps été indisponible. On peut le lire depuis peu. Je pense qu'on peut aussi commencer par #Watchmen, une oeuvre qui condense un peu toutes les obsessions que Moore a des super-héros. Ou bien #TheKillingJoke ! #LaMethSci
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1a. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - Article & Videos: WARNING GRAPHIC Thread 9.4.2020…
1b. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - WARNING GRAPHIC - Thread 9.4.2020…
2. News: The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report…
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"Byzantine Empire
Further information: Illyrian emperors

With the disintegration of the Roman Empire, Gothic and Hunnic tribes raided the Balkan peninsula, forcing many Illyrians to seek refuge in the highlands.
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#Palestine #Israel #Ramallah #Jerusalem #conflict

This is yet another indication of the attempt by the Israeli government to weaken the Authority and further reduce its position, "said Hasan Awwad, a Palestinian policy expert.
Israeli political analyst and expert on the Israel-Palestinian crisis, Eli Nesan, disagrees. “The Palestinian side disapproves of everything that Israel does,” he saysing what is seen as an attempt to marginalize the Palestinian Authority,
the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the Israeli Defense Ministry unit responsible for civilian affairs in the Palestinian territories, has announced it will accept requests for permits to enter and work in Israel,
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Savez-vous que le monde des ingénieurs du #nucléaire dominé par la rationalité technique et #scientifique, depuis les 50's, de nombreux réacteurs portent le nom de personnages mythologiques, légendaires ou romanesques ?

Thread « Mythologie atomique » !

1/ On débute avec les réacteurs de recherche de type « piscine » (refroidis et modérés à l'eau) qui, pour certains, portent le nom de divinités aquatiques. Sur la photo en tête de ce thread, vous avez Siloé, réacteur de 35 MW situé sur le site du CEA Grenoble qui démarre en 1963.
2/ Le réacteur est destiné à l'irradiation des matériaux. Ce réacteur subit une fusion de combustible en 1967 (quelques grammes) … Le réacteur est arrêté en 1997.
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For the Islamic world, the conquest of Jerusalem was a disaster. Its entire civilian population, over 70,000 people, was massacred. (1)

#Jerusalem #ChristianCrusade #IslamicWorld #Palestine #LostIslamicHistory
In the al_Aqsa Mosque, where Muslims believe Muhammad PBUH led all previous Prophets in prayer, the blood of Muslim civilians was up to the shins of the conquerors. (2)

#Jerusalem #ChristianCrusade #IslamicWorld #Palestine #LostIslamicHistory
Mosques and synagogues throughout the city were destroyed. Even Christians suffered as the Crusaders sought to impose their own Catholic version of Christianity instead of the traditional Greek, Georgian, Armenian, and other churches that had operated in the city. (3)
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"Allah willing, we will massacre the Jews like we massacred them in Hebron".

Testimony from elderly Palestinian woman who remembers.
#OnThisDay in 1929, massacres resulted in murdering of 133 Jews and destruction of entire Jewish communities in British ruled #Palestine.

Violence erupted after vile anti-Jewish incitement was coming from the #Arab leadership, and in particular, from the grand Mufti Amin al-Hussaini.
False claims that the #Jews plan to take over the Al-Aqsa Mosque instigated the masses “to take action”.
In few of his sermons, al-Hussaini was quoted saying:
“a place in heaven is promised for those who kill the Jew”.
Attempts by the British authorities to reach calm failed. Violence began in #Jerusalem on 23/8/1929.
19 Jews were murdered. Homes and synagogues were burnt down.
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It is sad to see how a bunch of hate speech and islamist extremists belonging to Muslim Brotherhood gang sitting in Kuwait create an online webinar to bring hatred to the UAE #UAEIsrael #AbrahamAccord
These bunch of peace haters bring poison to the Kuwaiti and the rest of GCC communities against the UAE.
Kuwait and the UAE share common religion interests, great culture, language, religion, and support each other at the highest level. These bunch of hate mongers should not allowed and given a platform.
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SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 2020: Thank You, Father, for another day and a new week. Thank You for this 8th month, pregnant with new beginnings and transitions for birthing season. Thank You for #Jesus, His Finished Work and Resurrection Power. Thank You for Grace and Mercy.
Thank You, Father, for #America, freedom to worship You without hindrance and the right to bear arms. Thank You for #voting rights, housing, groceries, transportation, #education and public services. Thank You for @realDonaldTrump and His heart for Righteousness and Justice.
Thank You, Yahweh Mishpat, The Righteous Judge, for #BillBarr and #JohnDurham who are seeking justice for the corruption perpetrated against American citizens for too long. Thank You that political criminals are being called to account and will answer spiritually and naturally.
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He is Robert of St. Albans, an English Crusader military commander of Knights Templar (1185 AD - 580 AH)

Thread (1/6)

#islamichistory #history #islam #islamic #ummah #allah #quran #jerusalem #crusader #templar #knight #christianity #jesuschrist
Robert was initially a crusader knight who came to the Jerusalem with fervor & passion in his heart to wage the holy war against the Muslims. Robert was impressed by the morals, principles, courage of Muslims and the goodness of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi in particular. (2/6)
He realized that the Muslims are true followers of Jesus (peace be upon him) when he learned some verses from the Qur'ân that speaks about the Prophet of Allah Jesus (peace be upon him) and his honor, he left the Christianity & embraced Islam along with five other knights. (3/6)
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WATCH: A Palestinian family of 10, including 5 children, in Silwan in occupied #Jerusalem are forced to remove their belongings after receiving a demolition order from Israeli occupation authorities. The family will self-demolish their own home to avoid high demolition costs.
UPDATE: The Abu Sbeih family self-demolished their home earlier today.
Iyad Abu Sbeih sits on top of the rubble of his home. Image
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Today, the mexican president @lopezobrador_ announced that the journalist Isabel Arvide — whom have no experience nor career in the foreign relations field — as the head of the mexican Consulate in #Istanbul, #Turkey?

Why #AMLO and the #SinaloaCartel need her there?
Why appointing an unrelevant and unexperienced journalist as the Consul in #Istanbul?

#Turkey's geographical position makes it the perfect gateway to #Europe for heroin from #Afghanistan.

The turk mafia released this vid earlier on June; stating an alliance with #SinaloaCartel:
The misuse of Consulates and the abuse of Ambassadors to carry on with delinquential activities is nothing new; just in April of this year, the general consul of #Colombia in #Uruguay was caught with a narcotics lab within the Consulate premises:…
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