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Public affairs/strategic consultant in Israel. Former Israel diplomat in DC. Author of "American Interests in the Holy Land in Photos." RT ≠ endorsement
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9 Apr
1/ Remember this NYT-Administration
Collaborative leak on the #Saviz
"Israel-Iran Sea Skirmishes Escalate as Mine Damages Iranian Military Ship"
It is so dangerously wrong & stupid on many levels. The Administration official who outed Israel... nytimes.com/2021/04/06/wor…
2/ Administration official who "outed" Israel gave legitimacy to Iranian retaliation & regional escalation.

NYT called #saviz a "military" ship. It was registered and presented itself as a civilian cargo ship. A more correct description would be "pirate" ship.

The official...
3/ The NYT/official said the #Saviz sabotage was timed to coincide with the US resumption of the #Irandeal negotiations in Vienna.

Balderdash! If #israeli naval commandos were responsible, such a mission 1500 km from Israel would have had months of planning, a ship/sub in ..
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28 Feb
Where does the humiliation of Saudi Arabia originate?
“Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru, @brhodes NYT, May 5, 2016

"By eliminating the fuss about Iran’s nuclear program, the administration hoped to eliminate a source of structural tension between the two countries, which ...
@brhodes: eliminate tension bw US and #Iran
"would create the space for America to disentangle itself from its established system of alliances with countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey." 😱
3/ @brhodes & the humiliation of #Saudi:
“The Democratic Renewal,” Foreign Affairs, October 2020

"The US has never been more tightly aligned with Israel, Saudi Arabia, & the UAE…. US has never been more hostile toward Iran. Terminate the..."
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10 Nov 20
#SaebErekat played a big role in a presentation I made to the @CNN Board of Directors in Atlanta in 2002.
I had finished a month-long content analysis of CNN's coverage of the Palestinians' terror war against Israel's civilians and Israel's Operation Defensive Shield.
2/ I went thru many pages of transcripts. CNN's ME/West Bank correspondents were horribly biased.
CNN's Atlanta crew was stellar, starting w @BillHemmer. He challenged #SaebErakat's fake news.
The Board was impressed that the Atlanta crew was also challenging CNN's reporters.
3/ Let's go to the transcripts. Hemmer & Erekat, Apr 14, 2002.
HEMMER: You brought up Jenin, & you used the word massacre there. Earlier this wk, you said 500 Palestinians were killed there. Do you still stand behind those numbers in the refugee camp?..."
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9 Nov 20
The Palestinian tycoon who is suing Britain over 1917 Balfour declaration | Ahram Online english.ahram.org.eg/News/389526.as…

Munib al-Masri's law suit is insane, particularly so when you see his palace in Nablus. "We live in a big prison."
2/ Pictures of Nablus (Shchem). That's Masri's palace that overlooks the overcrowded Balata refugee camp with ~30,000. Balata's area is probably smaller than Masri's estate.
Masri's worried about the Balfour Declaration when he should be worried about "Après moi, le déluge."
3/ Masri & his Nablus palace.
The alleys of Balata refugee camp nearby.
Who lives in "a prison?"
Who should be suing whom, Munib?
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7 Nov 20
1/ #PresidentElect #Biden scares some Friends of #Israel bc of a big flare-up when Israel announced settlement bldg when VP Biden arrived on March 9, 2010.
Biden condemned the news, realized it wasn't an Israeli policy shift & made up w Bibi.
But the White House wouldn't have it Image
2/ Read my analysis of crisis from 10 yrs.

Inside the White House, Rahm Emanuel's axiom ruled: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, & what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before."
3/ SecState Hillary Clinton blasted #Netanyahu on the phone for 43 minutes.
Pres advisor Axelrod on TV: Israel' move was “very destructive … an affront … an insult. … What it did was it made more difficult a very difficult process.”
NYT's Roger Cohen weighed in w WH message. Image
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26 Oct 20
Analysis | What do ordinary Arabs think about normalizing relations with Israel?

POINT OF ORDER! This article and poll were produced by the #Qatar/Moslem Brotherhood propaganda center in Doha, headed by a man suspected of being a Hizbullah spy.
2/ How could the Washington Post publish this?

#Qatar is opposed to the normalization of Arab states and Israel.
Qatar gives aid and refuge to #Hamas.
Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood live in Qatar.
Pic: MB head Yusuf al-Qaradawi w Sheikha of Qatar and serial rapist Tariq Ramadan
3/ #Qatar is in a diplomatic war with much of the Arab world.
In 2017, responding to Qatar's support for terrorism and sponsorship of its Al Jazeera propaganda arm, Saudis, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt broke diplomatic relations & launched a boycott.
Guess the nations the writer attacks.
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3 Oct 20
Look what the Ottomans/Turks did to #Jerusalem 105 yrs ago. Why they lost it and have no claim on it today.
Picture I found in the @OttomanArchive. Looting Jerusalem residents and forced conscription.
1/ Image
Look what the Ottomans/Turks did to #Jerusalem 105 yrs ago. Why they lost it and have no claim on it today.

Picture I found in Australian Army archives - picture of the hanging of Jews and Arabs photographed by a German officer in Jerusalem Image
Look what the Ottomans/Turks did elsewhere in the Holy Land 105 yrs ago. Why they lost it and have no claim on it today.
The Jaffa district was ruled by Turkey's governor, Hassan Bey. I found these pics of the "Tyrant of Jaffa" in the US Lib or Congress. Image
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29 Sep 20
Catch the name of the man funding #IlhanOmar's voter fraud operation - Bassam Sabri. He's a Palestinian thug, slumlord, who was sentenced to 3 yrs in Federal Penitentiary for bribing an elected official.
I have several threads on Sabri, info i gleaned from Federal Elections Commission.
A partial example of how Basri's clan maxxed out in contributions in the 2017-2018 cycle. There's much more in the FEC records, including $ from Basri's Anglo secretary.
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23 Sep 20
#Sudan talks with #UAE, US could lead to normalization with #Israel - report jpost.com/middle-east/su…

Thread: Why Sudan's reorientation potentially ranks up there with Egypt kicking out the Soviets in the 1970s.
2/ #Sudan, like #Egypt will not be a liberal democracy in our lifetime. Last yr, the military overthrew dictator & war criminal Omar Al Bashir after widespread protests vs his 30-year rule. Beset by flooding, the country needs relief, but is restricted by terrorism sanctions. Image
3/ How bad was Sudan? Osama bin Laden lived there 1991-1996. Al Qaeda terrorists rec'd Sudanese passports & bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Not enough? Al Bashir got in bed with Iran.
Pic: Iran Navy transport ship Kharg in Port Sudan 2012. Suspected of carrying arms. Image
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14 Sep 20
✡️ Happy Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanna Sameach.
In Israel & some communities around the world, Shofars will be blown in private homes & local neighborhoods.
I am setting up for services in my backyard.
Pics: Yemenite, Ashkenazi - 1934
US- 1901
Composer Leonard Bernstein 1971 ImageImageImageImage
✡️ /2 Jewish New Year in NY.
Pics from Lib of Congress. 100+ years ago. ImageImageImage
✡️/3 Jewish New Year in NY.

"Tashlich" is a traditional prayer on Rosh Hashanna when Jews go to river, beach, etc (source of water) to ask forgiveness, as if they're throwing their sins away.
Pics: NY bridges 100+ y.a
Do you recognize your great-great grandmothers?
Shanna Tova! ImageImageImage
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7 Sep 20
Point of order! This film is propaganda. How do I know?

Because @MorLoushy failed to interview the one person who worked for AIPAC under every CEO -- 1/

New Israeli film projects AIPAC's steady drift from idealistic bipartisan roots | Times of Israel timesofisrael.com/new-israeli-fi…
2/ One person worked at AIPAC for 25 yrs - under Kenen (pic), Amitay, Dine, Sher, & Kohr. Loushy never approached him.

Who did Loushy ignore? ME.

I worked with Rosen, Weisman, Rosenberg, Bloomfield, et al. Some were bitter after interpersonal clashes, not policy. One had a - Image
3/ one of the interviewed developed such a pathological hatred of Israel & AIPAC, Tom Dine told me he suspected a breakdown.

Per one report, the New Israel Fund paid for the docu. NIF always despised @AIPAC, much prefering the partisan, Abbas-kissing J Street. Image
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4 Sep 20
#MustRead. The best analysis I've seen on the change in the Middle East.

The #UAEIsrael Deal Spells Big Trouble For Iran by John Hannah.

Hannah: "Arab-Israeli normalization is a powerful reminder for Iranians of both the venality and abject failure of the Islamic Republic’s imperialist policies, triggering a backlash that has left them increasingly isolated, impoverished, and insecure."
Hannah: "Normalization has the potential to dramatically shrink the signif challenges of time & space that have bedeviled Israeli contingency plans for attacking Iran for yrs. That’s especially true if the Israeli military eventually secures the ability to make use of UAE bases."
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3 Sep 20
.@Doranimated Mike, I just read your Mosaic piece "Why America Should Seek to Come to Terms with Turkey."

Can it still be done? I went frame-by-frame thru Turkey's latest militaristic video - almost jihadist - for the restoration of the Ottoman empire. memri.org/reports/turkis…
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2 Sep 20
This #MustWatch video is insanely sick and dangerous! Not just Muslim soldiers over the centuries taking over the #HagiaSophia, but it closes with a picture of Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Image
The video also shows Erdogan wishing safe passage to the Turkish oil exploration ship that is threatening war with Greece & friends.
memri.org/reports/turkis… Image
Erdogan doesn't see himself as the Caliph of the Neo-Ottoman Empire?
Here with the PA's Abbas and on the Temple Mount - Haram al Sharif. ImageImage
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27 Aug 20
I nominate #Bahrain as the next Persian Gulf partner for #Israel.
Bahrain has a small Jewish community (many left after 1948 riots) & had a Jewish ambassador who served in DC. Has a synagogue & cemetery in Manama.
Bahrain also serves as home base for US Navy Fifth Fleet.
2/ Thank you American Friends of the Jewish Community of Bahrain. @AFJCBahrain.

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18 Aug 20
#STL #BreakingNews

NOW, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon convenes to give verdict vs killers of Rafik Hariri
stl-tsl.org/en/watch-the-h… Image
STL judge keeps referring to Mustafa Badreddine AKA Sami Issa. Who's he?
Batreddine was a senior military leader of Hizbullah, bomb maker, & cousin of Imad Mughniya.
He was assassinated in a 2016 bombing ordered by Hassan Nasrallah and Qasem Soleimani!
To follow the investigation report, read @ronenbergman's incredible investigation 5 years ago.
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13 Aug 20
In 1977, I attended a conference in Tel Aviv of Palestinians & leftist Israelis. A rumor spread: Sadat is coming."
"Impossible! Not before the Palestinians!"
"If it's true, I will kill Sadat" said a future Pal terrorist.
IT WAS TRUE. Can anyone deny importance of Egypt peace? 1/
2/ in 1991, I attended the Madrid Peace Conference. There was hope for a broad regional solution. Arab states were to sit with Israel in multilateral talks to solve water, environment, economic, refugee, & arms control issues.
The Palestinians busted it up. "We're 1st."
3/ In 1994, I attended the Cairo Conference for Israel to sign over Gaza & Jericho to Palestinians. After Arafat supposedly signed one map, Rabin discovered he faked it. For 35 minutes, Egypt's Mubarak, EU, US, Russians dealt w Arafat. Finally, Mubarak yelled, "sign it you dog!"
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12 Aug 20
Israel Quietly Opens Its Borders, and Palestinians Have a Beach Day.
Bravo. I hope the day trips are routinized with necessary security arrangements.
At the same time, I hope the Palestinian Authorities would open up Jewish holy sites for Jews' visits.
The one time I visited Solomon's Pools bw Bethlehem & Efrat - supposedly with PA permission & IDF escort - my group was chased away by "Shebab" thugs.
I've raised the reciprocal recreation idea w Israeli & US officials.
Pics: Solomon's Pools.
1. circa 1900.
2. today
3. sat pic ImageImageImage
Solomon's Pools provided water to the Temple, some 25 km away.
In the 30s it was "Jerusalem's swimming hole."
Damage due to erosion was fixed with US aid.
Open it up for a joint project!
These pics are just a few of he dozens I've collected. ImageImageImageImage
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4 Aug 20
I would not be surprised if the #Israeli government offers medical aid to the #Lebanese people.
My dream: American evac helicopters bringing #beirutexplosion victims to Haifa's Rambam hospital. Yrs ago US forces exercised with Rambam.
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3 Aug 20
1/ #BREAKING The ground in #Lebanon is rumbling. So much going on that requires surveillance.
Economic collapse, #Hizbullah mischief along #Israel's border, government collapse, & a ticking bomb that was set 15 yrs ago, which could blow up Friday and collapse the whole house. 🇱🇧
2/ #Breaking #Lebanon.
@yonibmen has excellent piece (in Hebrew for now) on the terrorist incursion along #Israel-#Syria border last night. israelhayom.co.il/article/787131
Little doubt Hizbullah's behind it & seeks to deflect the IDF from attacking Leb. These attacks have history.
3/#Breaking #Lebanon.
Hizb, #Iran & Syria worked to set up a Golan liberation militia to attack #Israel from Syria.
First leader, Samir Kuntar, a vile terrorist who smashed a Jewish baby. Killed on Golan in 2015 in Israeli air strike.
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1 Aug 20
I'll provide the full disclosure. One of the authors is Hanan Ashrawi's daughter, one of the Palestinian Authority's top propagandists.
In 2019 Mom was denied a US Visa.

PA cabinet member Hanan Ashrawi. Image
Fuller disclosure: Another author is Huwaida Arraf. Publicly supports violence vs Israelis. Her International Solidarity Movement led some of the most famous attacks, such as the Gaza flotilla.
See more from WaPo. washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-co…

The following is from NGO Monitor. Image
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