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5 Nov, 30 tweets, 32 min read
BC's #covid19 update Nov 5
0 death - 273
425 New, 16560 total (record high)
12806 Recovered
Active 3389(3120) +269
VCH (5097) +126
FH (9439) +268
Int (803) +8
Island (274)+7
North (432)+6
Non-res (90)*
Hosp/icu 97/24(92/25)
Monitor 7519(7133) +386
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Long term care LTC 28/2 (29/2)
(total affected - 1118 648 res, 482 staff)
Taber home, Pine Grove are new
3.8% provincial positive
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
Dr Henry: 1st school outbreak in Kelowna now over. Says it showed response works.
She's reminding people it is important for children to be in school - and it's time to pull back on other things like sleepovers, playdates, extra curriculars.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Even though learning more about #covid19 the basics are what works, cleaning hands, covering coughs, keeping safe distance, wear masks inside places outside your home.
Some things riskier in Metro Vancouver now with high cases - indoor activities
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Looking at recent numbers Dr Henry says we are all concerned.
She says we anticipated increase moving indoors in cooler weather but it's vital to manage it - and need everyone to do their part to stem transmission.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Dr H:
Stay local
Keep with your household
Or outside of that with your safe six - the SAME six.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Records set today for:
new case (425, last was 389 sunday)
active cases 3389 (been steadily climbing for weeks)
people isolated/being monitored 7519 (more than double three weeks ago)
Most in hosp since Apr 28 (hospital high 149)
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Of those in hospital, Health Minister @adriandix says:
56 in @Fraserhealth
40 @VCHhealthcare
1 @Interior_Health
Also, 47 contact tracers sent to help in @Fraserhealth
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Re flu vaccinations, @adriandix says the province is buying 270,000 additional flu doses.
To add to the about 2-million bought to date.
So far 500,000 doses have been administered - prob more he says as there's a reporting lag.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
When it comes to house parties right now, @adriandix has a new catchphrase: Don't throw, don't go, say no.
(I need to start needlepointing these)
He says don't throw them. Don't go to them. Just say now if you are invited to a house party.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q-more culturally relevant guidance - like masks and certain head coverings - is this being worked on
Dr H - this is something health regions do regularly at a local level. Says there are at least 14 diff languages used regularly. Working on it
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q what changes can be expected and when to seniors homes
Dr H - working through to make sure measures are in place to support more visits. Working on it - there are many challenges that need to be overcome incl ppe & staffing.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
The bigger challenge with seniors homes Dr H says is keeping those safe. Looking out for all the people in the centre.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q data concerns
Dr H not sure why ppl believe data isn't being shared. Says some info shared with fed authorities - was being misrepresented - so now share aggregate not line data. Like health care workers stats.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q is there concern we could see surgeries cancelled other aspects of health care system affected by increasing cases & those in health care workers?
Dr H - this is a concern. Do have a plan.
Some health care worker exposures have been challenging
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Dr H says this is often workers catching and transmitting the virus outside of work - carpooling to and from work.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q re fed health adding aerosol to how covid spreads.
Dr H - there is a continuum to this virus - large droplets and small that travel farther- particularly in closed/indoor settings where there is broader spread to large numbers of ppl
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q could some of the cases now have been halted if everyone was wearing a mask
Dr H For the most part is people are transmitting in close spaces - carpooling, having lunch together, large numbers inside - exercise classes, etc
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q why can't seniors homes outside of metro vancouver hot zone have have visits?
Essentially the answer from both @adriandix & Dr H is that there are more precautions to put in place & ppl can all do their part by bringing transmissions down.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q re @Fraserhealth as a hotzone
Dr Henry says while we use regions for health authorities, the virus doesn't stop at border - all metro van challenged. Also Fraser is where a large number of health workers live, essential workers crossing border
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Dr H: Parties within families are also being seen in @Fraserhealth - and there are temp foreign worker dorms, processing plants - a large number of concentrated risky environments in the region.
Response remains focused on behaviour not region.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
The only relatively unscathed region in all the increase in cases, Dr H says, is @VanIslandHealth though there have been cases.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q How many connections are too many for a kid (eg.before & after school care, school, outside of school class)
Dr Henry- not black/white. It depends on where you live in prov, how many in class are unrelated, how many vulnerable ppl you live with
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
It is about choices Dr Henry says - but the base line is do not expand your bubble. Now is the time to choose less rather than more.
Says it will build resilience and when we can get back to life next year it will be fantastic.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Dr H: Covid isn't like flu with short incubation of 1-3 days when also infectious so spreads fast and wide. With this incubation is up to 2 weeks, most 5-7 days - can take ppl out of harms way of spreading to others.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
There are some people she says who spread asymptomatically Dr henry says -- this is why the layers of protection are important
Indoor spin classes in metro vancouver she says are dangerous right now - ppl should not be doing this.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Q - then why are these classes being allowed?
Dr Henry - the over all guidance addresses situations like this. And public health has been addressing these issues as they arise. She says you need to know the risk of situations you're going into.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
Health min @adriandix says for people in Metro Vancouver right now with transmissions so high - even having your safe six over right now is likely too many.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19 #bced
#covid19 update for Vancouver Island.
Seven new cases over night. 25 new in last week.
(Biggest week increase since March. April to last week island's had just a case or a couple new each week.)
Now 26 active cases, 12 of those in the south island.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #yyj
Five more #covid19 cases on Vancouver island.
Now 30 active on the island, 13 south island
(also 30 new cases over the past week)
All pretty blissful compared to metro vancouver.
But we are only as stong as our weakest link.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #yy

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6 Nov
A BC #covid19 update added for tomorrow afternoon.
The next was supposed to be Monday.
We haven't had a Saturday update for months...
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 Image
Waiting for today's written #covid19 update, here's a reminder of where things were end of day Thursday.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 Image
BC's #covid19 update Nov 6
2 death-275 total
589 New-17149 total
13035 Recovered
Active 3741(3389) +269
VCH (5223) +146
FH (9707) +302
Int (821) +24
Island (281) +5
North (439)+12
Non-res (90)
Hosp/icu 104/28(97/24)+7/+4
Monitor 7887(7519)+368
LTC (31/4 29/2)
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5 Nov
Trying to find out where the buck stops with enforcing #covid19 safety plans at BC schools - seems like a bit of a hot potato.
Hearing from parents, staff & @bctf president @TeriMooring plans are not being carried out the same across the province...
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 1.../
This includes things enforcing guidance on mask wearing, regular cleaning, minimum distance between students. I asked Education Minister @rob_fleming about this - he says it's up to the schools to ensure things are being done properly...
#bced #bcpoli @NEWS1130 2.../
And @rob_fleming says there are processes in place for staff & teachers if things are falling through the cracks. But @bctf says relying on school Occupational Health & Safety Cmtes and @WorkSafeBC are falling short..
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5 Nov
CEO @Fraserhealth giving an update on the dance studio outbreak in Chilliwack - asking people to support the business and those affected not stigmatize them
38 cases associated now.
13 school exposure notices but NO transmissions.
#bcpoli #covid19
Re timing of notification of cases at the dance school, @Fraserhealth says first once came Oct 29, day of first case being known. Then tracers contacted people considered most at risk.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Regarding some people waiting days for contact - @Fraserhealth says - from time case becomes symptomatic to test to result is a # of days then interview case then identify the contacts...
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
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10 Aug
Update in a couple minutes with Dr Henry and Health Min @adriandix. Will have three days case numbers.
Here's where we ended last week.
High new cases.
Low hospitalizations.
Seven days without a death from the virus.
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Dr Bonnie Henry
No add'l deaths
Fr/sa 50, Sa/Su 37, Su/Mo 44
131 in days - 4065
VCH 1220(1167)
FH 2139(2069)
Island 148(147)
Interior 391(389)
North 96(93)
Non-residents 71(69)
Active 445(386)
Hosp/icu 9/3 (11/4)
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
Dr Henry:
1765 are in isolation being watched by public health
2 new care centre 7/1 (5/1) 673 cases 406 res 267 staff
George Derby LTC (separate from Derby center)
New Vista Care Centre
#bcpoli #covid19 @news1130
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22 Jul
#covid19 update (was supposed to be tomorrow)
Dr Bonnie Henry:
NO deaths
New 34 total 3362
VCH 1049 (1043)
FH 1742 (1731)
Island 141 (140)
Interior 304 (291)
North 69 (69)
Non-residents 57 (54)
285 active (was 266)
1 LTC, 2 acute care
#bcpoli @NEWS1130
"We all need to take a step bacK" Dr Henry says & bend curve back down
Contact tracing 3-4 people is much easier than 20-30 per case which is where they are in past week. Taking longer put more people at risk.
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19
There are close to 1000 ppl in each health authority isolating because of Kelowna event. Dr Henry.
Just being outside isn't enough - you can spread this face to face outside.
Going to dinner don't exceed 6, don't table hop - puts others at risk
#bcpoli @NEWS1130 #covid19
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15 May
Premier @jjhorgan, Ed min @Rob_Fleming & MCFD Min @KatrinaCBurnaby speaking about what's next with schools and childcare in a few min.
While I wait, what are you going to do with your kids?
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Premier @jjhorgan saying they are starting June 1 for students to have option to return to school on a part-time basis.
This he says will allow smoother full return in Sept.
Says this is by *choice* no pressure to attend.
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
Objective and top priority to make sure schools are safe- @jjhorgan
It is voluntary he says but believes it will be positive.
This, as all aspects of easing restrictions, he says is not the flick of a switch but gradual, safe and based on science
#bcpoli #covid19 @NEWS1130
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