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22 Nov, 23 tweets, 15 min read
Charts-dd thread going into 🦃 week. #investments #mergers #filings #custodianships #miners #EV #OTC Let’s do it.......👇👇
$SSET Articles of Merger out showing they’re now a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). Email floating around saying this IS legit. Beauty setup with a 16M float. The acc. around 04 is impressive with a nice bull pennant forming. Watching for breakout to test that 06 area
$IDVV First filing out in 2 years on Wednesday. Liking the DD here 👉 👈 Watchin for rest of filings to hit. Nice adds down here. $SSET $QNTA
$QNTA Let’s see if we found a bottom here. Change of control 8K with a cancellation of shares on that setup 👇?? Not so sure they just let this go away. Watching for further updates 👀 $SSET
$DGTW Not gonna lie...Def expected this to come out Friday and blast into those 004’s. She had different plans ha. Came down to the 50ma which took control and acted as strong support. Big dates coming up. Back into 30’s Monday. $SSET $NUEC
$NUEC They didn’t want $GVDI in mid dubs. They didn’t want $TALC in mid dubs. Let’s see if they’re smart and take this pending RE with new officer coming in on a 100M AS. 005-006 looking like the new 003’s 👀 $SSET $DGTW
$INNO Finally broke that channel down and riding that trend-line nicely. Did it get a PRE14C with an AS raise (500-800M) late Friday. Nothing TOO drastic and no RS which is nice. Let’s see it hold that trend-line $SSET $NUEC
$CAVR Ridiculously undervalued. This PR says it all 👉… 👈 MILLIONS in multi contracts and revenue. This won’t last at these levels. The accumulation is off the charts. 👀👀 $SSET $DGTW
$ENZC I said that 014 break and HOLD would be big and that it was. Hit highs of 02 on Friday and now sitting in a bull pennant ready for its next leg. Let’s hold the bottom of that pennant at 0175ish and see 02+ tomorrow. $SSET $CAVR #biotech #COVID19
$HRBR Higher base being built here as shares getting accumulated down here. Big DD here with recently added new accountants “Grant Thornton” and ties to @airwisconsin Not one to sleep on. $SSET $ENZC
$DKSC Love the DD, love the big companies they’re working with, love that no shares have been issued but now it’s time to deliver the goods. Give us the big PR. The BS fake prop bids a few times a week isn’t cutting it. SHOW ME $$ $SSET $HRBR
$MKGP 04 area is some damn good adds here and peeps were giving them away with 06’s on the ask. Like i ALWAYS say. Impatient low volume red days are the BEST times to add. Watching for news/updates soon 👀👀. 08 break/hold will be the trigger $SSET $ENZC
$RNWF Fighting that long term trend-line and looking like this may just be ready. Filings out and profile data updated to “Holding Companies” Let’s see them updates...👀 $SSET $ENZV
$GWSO Right CEO, right vision (OTCQB, share cancelations), in the hottest sectors #GlobalWarming #EV #renewableenergy , accumulation continues to climb to ATH’s all on a 3.8 untouched float. Dollarland! $SDRC $BYRG
$BYRG These low/mid 20 adds gonna look real damn good on this #reviving #platinum #miner Putting in some solid work fighting off ALPS and peeps accumulating these shares. Back over those mid 30’s next stop. $HYBE $SDRC
$HYBE $IPRC #oilandgas #revivals Both bottomed here. Great adds at these levels #patiencepays
$CHAG This is turning into a REAL nice play. Everything on that chart looks great....Accumulation, trend-line, 20ma, building new support at 012 etc. All bullish looks and pointing to a #virtualrestaurants merger. Not a better time for that. $BRSE $GWSO #COVID19
$SDRC $SBUM $GGSM $PGVI The 4 core #miners $SBUM is heating up BIG with a beauty break of that long term bull flag with highest volume we’ve seen since July. $PGVI Filings dropping and big break of that 7.00 area $SDRC Veryyy close to breaking out $GGSM Deals
$TALC Been pounding since dubs here and now we’re hitting 0268’s. “Kim Halvorson” same CEO as $BLLB Which she is getting current and $BRZV which she recently reinstated. Few others as well. THIS one is next for filings. 05-07 potential when they hit on this set-up $NUEC $SSET
$NTGL Recent custodianship finally granted after a year long case. Basing at 004 on a last recorded 26m float (450M AS). Grab mid dubs BEFORE RE/filings hit or chase over 01+ AFTER catalysts hit. I know what I’m doing 😉🤫 $GVDI $NUEC $TALC
$GVDI $OODH My 2 custodianships holds. $GVDI waiting on court docs to finalize custodianship. Pounded it in dubs. 038 highs so far. $OODH BEAUTY SS on this “Barbara Bauman” custo 👇 and up to date. 12/9 hearing. Again load mid dubs NOW or chase 01+ on catalysts. U choose $NTGL
All up 👆👆 $DGTW $SSET $ENZC $TALC and LOTS more. Enjoy it! Catch yas tomorrow

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20 Nov
Thursday night thread for $GWSO $DGTW $CHAG $TALC $QNTA 👇👇
$GWSO More new highs made today hitting .975 🔥. Nice consolidation rest of day. Watching for that $1 break 👀 $SDRC $HYBE Image
$DGTW Excellent day here busting through 003 hitting 0034. Said last night that last touch of that 0016-0017 support area might have been the last. That 30m chart is building beautifully. 004+ when it breaks out this flag. $GWSO $HRBR $ENZC ImageImage
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8 Dec 19
$ALPP Nice churn/consolidation above that 16/17 area of support!! Wanna see that .32 area tested again for a big bullish break!! Always watching for more updates!!! $ALPP
$CAVR Real nice week here!! Broke that 004 resistance and held it for support on Friday! Now working on that 45-50 area!! A/D continues to rise and rise!! Big news drops and we're heading for that 006-0065 area to start! Looking real good!! $CAVR
$EXLA Bottomed out in that 0032 strong support area!! Waiting on RE to hit to get this rolling again!!! Watching for that 0055 re-break and head towards that 008 area!! $EXLA
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1 Dec 19
$ALPP Fighting some resistance in this .23 area!! Break and hold it and should head towards that 27/28 spot!! Shareholding meeting to check out 👉 👈 $PFMS $EXLA $SBES
$CAVR Showed lots of strength end of week with some wild manipulation. A 10K tap at 0005 on Wed to start the day off. Then 1M+ was put on the ask in high 20’s and kept pushing it down. Well that was taken and a shit load more and we bounced back hitting 004. 👀 for more updates!
$EXLA Just like the first run, these 30’s/40’s will be $$ once reinstatement/filings start hitting!! Once 008 breaks/holds again should see 01+ real quick. Take advantage down here!! $SBES $PFMS $ALPP
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24 Nov 19
$ALPP Holding nicely after the bounce off that lower support. Fighting to get back above that 20MA. Very nice update after hours Friday 👇. Looking for it to give that 20MA another test and hold above it. Mid 20’s next if it can hold it. $EXLA $PFMS $SBES
$CAVR Another quick shot at those low/mid 20’s Friday eaten up quick. Continues to get accumulated. Due for updates. Watching closely!! 👀 $ALPP $SBES $PFMS
$EXLA Complete reset of where this pretty much started when custodianship came out. Now the load up for reinstatement and filings has begun. Watching for 006 break/hold next!! $PFMS $ALPP $SBES
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17 Nov 19
$ALPP Very nice bounce off that .11 support area! 20MA giving us a lil fight here. Huge acquisition just dropped bringing in 14M+ revs and a maxed out SS. Watching for another big squeeze!! $PFMS $SBES
$BFCH Huge accumulation and a loooong base with solid support = BIG future pop!! Watching for updates on the miners and other material events!! $CAVR $TOMI
$CAVR Accumulation STILL heading north with a nice curl upwards end of week. This is ready for a big pop. We were adding in the low 20’s and looking great! Eyes are peeled for more news/updates!!!! $EXLA $PFMS $ALPP
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10 Nov 19
$ALPP Big acquisition announced last week. “Deluxe Sheet Metal Inc.” Big company that’s bringing in 14M-17M in revs per year. Nice!!!! Churning these low 30’s nicely! 32-33 break/hold sends us back in the 40’s!! $PFMS $EXLA 👉 👈 👀
$BFCH Nice news out last week as AD continues to rise! 👉 “In the interest of protecting our dedicated shareholders, management has and will continue to complete any tasks we can in house in order reduce costs and refrain from diluting our share structure.” 👈 Bingo!! $PFMS $EXLA
$CAVR News out last week on feedback of the Soku App launch. Went VERY well!! Expecting more news real soon on what else they got cooking! 38 break/hold sends us back to mid/high 40’s! Being accumulated big!! 👇 $EXLA $PFMS
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