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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
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Since climate activists, politicians on all sides, and policy makers are more smooth brained than the apes, let me provide a clear solution to the #renewableenergy and #ClimateEmergency situation we face as a nation, and more widely as a planet.
Firstly, it is clear that oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels damage the environment. This fact is known, and is widely agreed on all sides. Good.
However, a rapid 5-10 year transition to wind and solar alone is not an adequate solution to deal with these issues. They do not yield enough energy to meet the current and future needs of energy production the world's population needs.
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Here we are ! Finally, after 18 months of big talks and long-term objectives about #EUGreenDeal, @EU_Commission releases its mammoth package #FitFor55 #FF55.
Here is my key take-aways: the good, the bad, the ugly. #Thread 👇
Good 1: that’s a massive policy push to transform #EUGreenDeal promises into concrete actions to change our ways of life. @FransTimmermans recognises this will be “bloody hard”, but righly underlines that our future depends on it.
Good 2: Creation of the Social Climate Fund that we @DelorsInstitute have been calling for years. This Fund should start as of 2025 with EU budget, and could invest up to 70Bn€ from 2025 to 2032 to finance national plans to ensure social justice in the transition. #EnergyPoverty
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Wind Energy Facts – Learn How Wind Energy Works
1. Currently, over 340,000 wind turbines are operating on the planet Earth.

2. The first used windmill found in history is in China, which dates back to 2000 BC.

3. Alta Wind Energy Center situated in California is the largest wind farm in the world & includes 586 wind turbines
4. London Array is the largest sea wind farm that includes 175 turbines, located in the outer Thames Estuary.

5. Most of the wind turbines are installed offshores or on the prairies because they receive constant strong winds.
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NEPRA wants #RenewableEnergy, but Govt isn’t approving them 🤷🏻‍♂️

“Power Division has tried every trick to give less importance to RE sector specially to exclude 12 wind and solar projects of 617MW which were awarded the lowest tariffs average of Rs5.95/kwh.”
“There were serious accusations against Power Division the software PLEXO; which is used by NTDC to prepare IGCEP; designed to give best output based on grid stability, least cost etc was manually manipulated to accommodate certain projects.”

Wondering who is lobbying for this?
“The sources said, 12 wind and solar projects which qualify on the basis of least cost coupled with indigenous resource were excluded as committed projects in draft IGCEP 2021-30.”

Well done @NEPRA5 for rejecting the IGCEP.
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In the century since its invention, plastic has become a #Pollution nightmare. Much is designed to be used just once. And much is. Yet billions are being invested in making more.

📢 Our special on #PlasticPollution and #Fossifuels is live! 📢
Despite #ClimateGoals set around the world, including increases in #SolarPower and other #RenewableEnergy, the fossil fuel sector is not about to turn its back on hydrocarbons. It has seen a beacon of hope in plastics, an industry to which it already has deep connections.
#SingleUsePlastic, like this shampoo sachet, is what fossil fuel companies are betting on to secure future profits.
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The nuclear industry always exploits and harms Indigenous communities.

Dr. Tommy Rock explains that the Navajo Nation contains over 500 abandoned uranium mines, which leads to contaminated water.
Uranium enters people’s bodies through inhalation, ingestion, absorption, and circulation.


The Navajo Nation has a right to clean water and healthy air!
"We need to shift from a Western approach to public health to a holistic, Indigenous approach." - Dr. Tommy Rock
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As @SoftBank takes away its #renewableenergy business from India today, looking back at the grand statement of free power that Masayoshi Son made barely 3 years back.
In June 2018, @mnreindia changed tender specifications which industry claimed favoured SB Energy.
Two months later, SB Energy was alleged of cartelization in bidding.
By @TweshMishra
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There's a saying that there are two types of problems - good and the bad ones. Let me give you an example on both. Larry Fink, CEO of @blackrock, the largest asset manager globally, recently told that (1/20)
in order to reach global #sustainability goals, all companies will have to change their business models and adapt to the #climate-compatible operations. This is a good problem to have because by the time we reach this point, (2/20)
the progress towards full #sustainability will already be significant, and momentum will be strong.
However, we can't create this good problem without a concrete plan (3/20)
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Hey #energytwitter, if you want to tune in to the Senate and House hearings on the #TexasBlackout, links are in next tweet. I'll tweet on it throughout the day on this thread.

Please tweet using #txlege and #txenergy, esp. if you have relevent info that could help going forward
Joint hearing House Energy Resources and State Affairs

Senate Business & Commerce
First witness in Senate is Bob Rose, meteorologist with @LCRA #txlege #txenergy
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Our third #AldabraResearchStation50 post focuses on some of the #Aldabraresearchstation’s critical infrastructure which has made major discoveries possible and enables ongoing ecosystem monitoring & scientific #research. 1/10

#throwback #ThrowbackThursday #Seychelles #Aldabra
First up is the #research block, the station’s heart. Originally constructed by @theroyalsociety and officially inaugurated on the 30th June 1971 it has experienced various visible changes while welcoming many #Seychellois & international researchers. 2/10
Another major change to #Aldabra’s infrastructure, also visible in these photos, is the #lighthouse. At 17M tall the solar-powered lighthouse, erected in 2013, helps vessels stay clear of Aldabra&its reefs. 3/10
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We’re going to hear a lot more about hydrogen soon – people are calling it the technology of the coming decade, and it’s clear to see why – we can make zero-emissions fuels from it.

#hydrogen #renewableenergy #scienceandtechnology
Hydrogen can be useful in so many areas of energy use. Amazing stuff.
The only problem is finding enough of it. There aren’t huge deposits of pure hydrogen to mine; you have to extract it from things it is a part of. There’s an obvious candidate:
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#MCProOpinion | Fixing the cost of the vaccines is proving to be a knotty problem, writes Prosenjit Datta

#COVID19 #Vaccine…
#MCProOpinion | India has set an ambitious target of achieving renewable energy capacity of 500 GW by 2030. But doubts remain: Abhijit Kumar Dutta

#renewableenergy #renewables…
#MCProOpinion | Supply disruption during COVID-19 is driving positive change in the automobile industry. Manufacturers are stepping up local sourcing. This can benefit the domestic auto component industry: R Sree Ram

#AutoSector #COVID19…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/03/2020…
This is how microorganisms can produce renewable energy for us…

#microbes #RenewableEnergy
This Japanese Shop Is 1,020 Years Old. It Knows a Bit About Surviving Crises.…

#japan #business #sustainability
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We've been gathering insight this year looking at societal trends of the present and future.

Check our socials every day in December for our #InsightAdventCalendar so you can learn about what is influencing the world around us, helping you identify the opportunities ahead! 🎁
1. The role of social media in #politics has got to the point that if you log onto your favourite social media site and scroll through your newsfeed for two to five minutes, there is a 93% chance you will see at least one political post. (@JCRED_SJU)

@JCRED_SJU 2. The planet could see a greater temperature increase in the next 50 years than it did in the last 6,000 years combined. This could place 1 of every 3 people alive outside the climate niche where humans can thrive. (@propublica)

#ClimateEmergency #InsightAdventCalendar
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Sunday Charts-DD thread. Ready for another 🔥 week as we roll into December #mergers #investments #filings #custos #OTC Lets get it....👇👇
$BRNW Verified profile late in the trading day Friday. 620M float (updated SS) Do you see what’s running now...2.8B floats, 3.6B floats, 10.7B floats. You better have eyes GLUED to this one. You put HALF of that volume into THIS one and man oh man. Gonzo! $SUTI $PRPM $TSNP
$AWGI LOVE how this held up and found a base in those mid 20’s despite the crazy volume on a few others. Moody custo with LOTS of eyes on it. Watch it trade. Not hard to tell. Accumulation starting to curl back up. 006+ I’ll be looking for this week. $KAVL $TKSI $CHSO
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✍️IND's Renewable Energy sector is world's 4th most attractive RE Mkt
✍️Globally, Cost to generate Solar & Wind Energy dropped by 90% & 70% in past 10 yrs
✍️Costs almost at par with NG
✍️RE is estimated to comprise ~60% of IND’s installed power capacity by 2030 (~24% at present)
✍️Global Investments in RE: $282 Bn in 2019
✍️45% cming frm China, who aims to get 62% energy via RE in nxt 3 yrs
✍️By 2040, IND aims to generate ~49% of total Electricity frm RE
✍️FDI inflow in the Indian non-conventional “energy sector” stood at $9.22B in last 10 years
✍️More than $42B has been invested in IND’s “RE” sector since 2014
✍️Estimated to attract investment ~$80B in nxt 4 yrs
✍️The past 9 months have slowed the Solar Energy installations by 80% v/s 2019 due to Covid
✍️2020-Cumulative solar capacity is ~37 GW
✍️2022-Tgt is 100 GW
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Charts-dd thread going into 🦃 week. #investments #mergers #filings #custodianships #miners #EV #OTC Let’s do it.......👇👇
$SSET Articles of Merger out showing they’re now a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). Email floating around saying this IS legit. Beauty setup with a 16M float. The acc. around 04 is impressive with a nice bull pennant forming. Watching for breakout to test that 06 area
$IDVV First filing out in 2 years on Wednesday. Liking the DD here 👉 👈 Watchin for rest of filings to hit. Nice adds down here. $SSET $QNTA
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NEW: The tribe that led the fight against Energy Transfer Partner's Dakota Access Pipeline is expanding its commitment as a leader in addressing climate change with the creation of a public power authority to develop a 235-megawatt (MW) wind farm.…
Anpetu Wi — "breaking of a new day" in Lakota — will be the single largest revenue source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, who in 2019 formed SAGE Development Authority, a Section 17 corp.

The tribe plans to construct the wind farm on its reservation lands in North Dakota. 🌬️
Meeting the Standing Rock people's ongoing need for affordable electricity is a critical goal of the tribe.

The reservation population experiences 70% unemployment and has a 40% poverty rate, making it one of the poorest regions in the U.S., according to @sageSRST’s research.
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With @JoeBiden as President & a GOP Senate, many ppl are asking: What executive action can Biden take to fight the #ClimateCrisis?

We @CBD_Climate have a plan for that: the #ClimatePresident Action Plan! Here are the TOP 10 Actions Biden can take without Congress (a thread):
1/ Without Congress, Biden can declare a climate emergency under the Nat'l Emergencies Act. This w/d allow him to reinstate crude oil export ban and quickly promote rapid clean energy development. #ClimatePresident
2/ Without Congress, Biden can 1) direct @Interior to halt all fossil fuel lease sales & permits, ban #fracking, & phase out extraction on fed land/water under existing law; and 2) direct @EPA to issue strong pollution rules for FF sector. #ClimatePresident
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