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1/10 In 2019, our organisation, @talkfracking, led by Joe Corré and Dame Vivienne Westwood, brought a strong case against the Secretary of State over the government's failure on #fracking research.
2/10 There was a distinct lack of consideration over planning guidance on the environmental impact of fracking, which the government had relied upon outdated and discredited science (pushed by the industry and its lobbyists)...
3/10...claiming that fracking has a lower carbon footprint than imported liquid natural gas. Mr Justice Dove confirmed that the Secretary of State had not considered the latest #climate science...

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Indonesia butuh Rp15 ribu triliun untuk menggantikan energi kotor seperti batu bara menjadi energi baru terbarukan.

Dari mana uangnya?

#TempoThread #renewableenergy #MajalahTempo…
Tantangan penerapan pajak karbon hingga penutupan pembangkit tenaga fosil mesti dihadapi. Mampukah pemerintah mengejar mimpi nol emisi?

Simak rangkaian liputan #MajalahTempo berikut.
Pemerintah menggenjot energi baru terbarukan demi mengejar target netral karbon 2060. Indonesia butuh Rp 15 ribu triliun untuk transisi energi.…
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The insight report on sustainable battery and hydrogen-powered flight we produced in collaboration with @wef outlines 8 unlocks that would enable novel technologies to accelerate #netzeroflight

🧵 Here is a summary of these unlocks:
1⃣ Aviation batteries must be charged with #lowcarbon electricity to ensure reduced emissions. To achieve this, airports could store #renewableenergy to avoid depending on the grid or batteries could be swapped in and out of aircraft to increase charging flexibility.
2⃣ While green hydrogen is a viable aviation fuel, care must be taken if blue hydrogen is to be used in aviation, as its production might result in significant #CO2 emissions and methane leaks that offset emissions savings made in-flight.
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🗣️Tomorrow at 11am PST we'll look at #LatinAmerica and why this region-undergoing dramatic change-is critical to U.S. interests. Follow via FB Live @globalexchange @Peninsula360P @christinefolch @MigrationPolicy… #SummitOfAmericas
Last call! Briefing starts at 11AM PST. Our panel - Ted Lewis of @globalexchange, @ruizags with @MigrationPolicy, @christinefolch of Duke U and @ManuOrtizE of @Peninsula360P - will discuss the social, political and climate changes impacting Latin America. Join us!
Welcome to today's briefing, "Why #LatinAmerica Matters to the U.S." You can follow the conversation here or via FB Live
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The @EnR_Network held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in #Lisbon. After a first day of fruitful discussion on collaborative action between Energy Agencies, today, the network held a seminar on #energy and #water #efficiency at national and local levels.
The President of @EnR_Network, @nelsonlage highlighted the role of energy agencies in the #GreenTransition, as enabling agents acting between international and local level, to balance the three dimensions of the #EnergyTrilemma: Security Affordability #Sustainability
Sec of State @Joaogalamba described the vision for national-local level governance towards #NetZero in 2050: "energy agencies work to mobilize local authorities, economic players, and citizens to fight #ClimateCrisis, to foster cities’ pivotal role to deliver the #EUGreenDeal"
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"May this conference serve as an invitation to all of us, as representatives of faiths and leaders in society, to discharge the responsibility for humankind to unite as members of one single human family.” -- Ariane Sabet…
Fading Family Lines- Women and Men Without Children, Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren in 19th, 20th and 21st Century Northern Sweden…
#FamilyLineage, #SwedishPopulationStudy, #LineageExtinction, #AdulthoodMortality
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"In a nation plagued by hidden poverty, what makes us most vulnerable is the basic moral contradiction of poverty, which we have tried to ignore for the past 40 years. 140 million Americans– 43% of adults and 52% of children–are suffering in plain sight."…
Power Grid Operators Warn Of Potential Electricity Shortages Amid Transition To Clean Energy | ZeroHedge…
#RenewableEnergy, #PowerGrid, #ElectricityShortages, #CleanEnergy, #BatteryStorage, #FossilFuelPowerPlants
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"Biographies of late bloomers...might leave us with lessons about how some people can be helped to flourish earlier— will show us that some talents come to fruition differently. We should encourage a diversity of paths to success." @HenryEOliver…
The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future | Soil | The Guardian…
#SoilCharacteristics, #EcosystemSustainability
For top-quality patient care, invest in nurses | McKinsey & Company…
#PatientCare, #NursingStaffs, #HealthcareSystem, #COVID19
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion with @AHuitfeldt @anuahsa .@MathiasCormann @SantiagoCafiero @amitabhk87 and @IlaPatnaik.

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

.@IlaPatnaik: The next industrial revolution cannot be based on #fossil questions. The question is how can we meet the #SDG goals while shifting to a greener economic system.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2022…
Predicting the Next Big Thing: Success as a Signal of Poor Judgment by Jerker Denrell, Christina Fang…
#PredictionAccuracy, #ForecastingAbility, #ManagerialForesight
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Does green growth foster green policies? In our new article we investigate #RenewableEnergy value chains and find that local value creation leads to higher renewable energy #policy ambition #policyfeedback
Take a look:… (1/4) Image
We analyzed how technological change affects the relationship between governments and firms; growth in manufacturing and R&D of renewables increases industries’ resources to push for ambitious policies. We also see learning effects among policy makers (2/4) Image
We find that #technology #policy #feedback effects differ based on involved value chain segments in the #wind and #solar #energy sector. Manufacturing is associated with stronger policy feedbacks than R&D. (3/4)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/02/2022…
Sudden collapse of Antarctic ice shelf could be sign of things to come | Live Science…
#ClimateChange, #EastAntarctica, #SatelliteData, #CongerIceShelf, #GlobalWarming
How greed and politics are slowing the switch to renewable energy - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists…
#ClimateChange, #RenewableEnergy, #FossilFuels, #ProfitMotive
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Thread alert!🧵 Myself and @E3G colleagues had been toying around with writing a blog summarising the impacts of the #Russia/Ukraine crisis on the global #coal-to-clean transition, when it was pointed out that any such blog would be outdated and irrelevant within days.
Instead, we’ve decided to pull together a regularly updated meta-thread bringing together the sharpest analysis out there. A few caveats to kick things off…
The Russian invasion of #Ukraine is clearly a very fluid situation, and at the centre of it lies a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. People are dying and lives ruined. This is *not* something to refer to as an ‘opportunity’ (looking at some #climate commentators, here).
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JOIN US as we mark 31 days of continuous People’s Protest, at Kohuwela junction on Thurs March 31st!💪🏾

It’s heartening to see so many people’s protests not affiliated to political parties over the weekend! It’s time the people realised their power!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImage
Some captures from the Kandy People’s Protest yesterday (Wed)!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
Kollupitiya Peoples Protest continues - some captures from yesterday💪🏾

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
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If you ever wanted to acquire #carbonoffsets, you've surely faced the question of categorization. Here is an easy taxonomy 👇 🧵
1/ Two weeks ago I highlighted the difference between carbon emission reduction and removal projects.

The idea of #CarbonReduction is to pay others to reduce emissions in your place. But your output remains in the system. One plus zero.
2/ #CarbonRemoval on the other hand scrubs carbon directly from the atmosphere. Plus one, minus one.

But technically, the #carbonmarket makes no difference. A ton is a ton.
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Been seeing so many people suggest that the solution for the energy crisis is to build out more #RenewableEnergy such as #solar/#wind. I have nothing against these technologies and long term they may show promise, but in the short term we need to do some math first. #energy 1/12
The world consumes 25,000 TW hours of electricity per year, which is equivalent to 25 billion megawatt hours (MWh) per year. It would require roughly 12 million MW of installed capacity of solar/wind power to produce this quantity of electricity. #energy 2/12
Currently, about 4.3 million MW of fossil fuel generated power produces nearly 2/3 of the world's electricity. This is due to their increased capacity factor and the intermittency of solar/wind. In other words, the wind & sun aren't always blowing & shining. #energy 3/12 Image
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Down here at the #RhodeIsland State House getting ready to testify for 100% #renewableenergy by 2030 on our grid. #energytransition
Update: I really feel for legislators who have to host all of these committee meetings halfway through the night for what? $13K per year? How do they do it?
Right now @RepDebRuggiero is presenting her compost bill, H7542. This is more important than you may think; organic waste is a significant source of methane (CH4), which is ~100x as potent a GHG as CO2 over the 1st 10 years. /3
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From April my electricity bill is doubling - l have always chosen to use 100% #renewableenergy. The extra money l pay isn't going to my service provider its going to the wholesale market. The UK Chancellor receives a rebate when price received by renewable producers exceeds /1
the price guarantee cap. So if fossil fuel prices spiral green customers get clobbered too. That's a tax on renewables that has nothing to do with global gas £ prices. We are being fleeced during this period of high global gas prices. Nothing has changed in renewable supply ./2
This means that there is absolutely no incentive for anyone to ever do the right thing & consider the #ClimateEmergency This pricing structure has to change. But it gets worse, any domestic producer of renewables according to the current formula doesn't benefit from 🔺prices ../3
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.@SJAMcBride reveals the hidden RHI scandal 🔥

Stormont has failed to spend £90m in green energy subsidies available from the Treasury to help move people from fossil fuels to green sources of heat

#renewableenergy #renewables #climateni
Subsidies were cut so deep that payments to participants in the scheme dipped below those in Great Britain and the Republic in the aftermath of the scandal. It means the projected £500m overspend on the RHI scheme was reduced to £33m
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Are Northern Ireland's environmental policies sustainable or a load of rubbish? This week we explore the gap between our #climate goals and the reality while looking at ideas for the future 🌍

Environment In Focus 👇


Viewpoint: Kicking off a week-long series focusing on the climate crisis and how it affects Northern Ireland. #climateni #greenweek…
Invasion will be an environmental disaster for both Ukraine and rest of world, writes John Breslin…
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Noch nie so viel und intensiv von Nachbarn, Kollegen und Bekannten zum E-Auto ausgefragt worden wie die letzten Tage. Würde sagen, der Verbrenner-Drops ist bald gelutscht. Von so ein paar ewiggestrigen Nichtdenkern mal abgesehen… #eMobility
Die meisten denken übrigens auch gleich an PV! Bürokratische Hürden sind da aber für die meisten noch das entscheidende Gegenargument. Da muss die Politik echt was tun. 😒 #photovoltaik #pv #renewableenergy
Hach, herrlich wie dieser Post wieder als Deppenmagnet funktioniert und man die Blockliste füttern kann 😘
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A 1 Gigawatt floating wind farm off the coast of Morro Bay in Central California (~halfway between LA and SF) sounds like the kind of change we need.

United States and our allies need to lead the way to a predominantly #RenewableEnergy Future!
European oil majors still not going Green fast enough to fight Climate Change effectively and meet the 2030 and 2050 climate goals, but at least they're trying...

France's Total is now TotalEnergies, and in 2021 planned to invest 20% in renewable energy…
Denmark's Dong (Danish Oil and Natural Gas) 😏 was rebranded as Orsted in 2017

Norway's Statoil changed its name to Equinor in 2018

these European Energy majors seem to be stepping up on Renewables, now where are the US's Exxon, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips?
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