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I know you are a nice person, @arsetechnica who means well, so this thread is for you.

I oppose the death penalty but I'm not an expert so I listen to and donate to experts like you.

I'm an expert on health & #climate impacts from #oilandgas with over 16 yrs experience.
I worked for #oilandgas.
I was a directly impacted landowner and a mineral owner, which is how I became a health and environmental advocate.
I've been OGI certified for over 6 yrs and have more experience behind an OGI camera than most regulators and industry.
First I thought: Oh, this #fracking is a mess and someone needs to make them do it right. I co-authored Drill Right Texas. I had good intentions, but insufficient information.

#oilandgas promised in 2005 to stop the emissions that turned my air brown.
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For slightly over 18 months now, I have been documenting the construction of the Kipeto Energy Wind Farm in Kajiado.

Today I'd like to share part of the clean energy revolution I've had the pleasure of witnessing.

#KipetoEnergy #WindFarm #RenewableEnergy #Vision2030
One of the first events I documented was a house handover in Dec 2018. Because residents of the area were going to be moved to make way for the turbines, Kipeto Energy built them 3-bedroom houses - complete with solar power - a safe distance from the turbines.
Then came the excavation of the different sites where the 60 turbines were to be erected.
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THREAD! In the run-up to EU Sustainable Energy Week #EUSEW2020, we're applauding some awesome community energy projects across Europe

First on: Belgium’s @Ecopower_BE…

2. @Ecopower_BE is a renewable energy cooperative from Belgium. It was founded in the 1980s, when a group of friends converted an old water mill to create renewable energy
3. Today @Ecopower_BE powers more than 50,000 homes with 100% renewable energy.

Being a cooperative means that it does not keep any of the profits – all surplus is reinvested in more sustainable energy projects.
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Received a call from Mr @HardeepSPuri, Hon Min of State for Commerce and Industry, GOI today afternoon. Had a long discussion with him on the steps to Revive the Economy and submitted my inputs for his consideration. (1/n)
Following were my inputs:
1. All announcements made as part of #AtmaNirbharBharat Package were about liquidity infusion & making cash available through Financial Institutions. The focus on demand side is lacking. Govt has to put money in people's hands. (2/n)
2. Govt can categorize sectors into 'minor affected', 'medium affected' & 'severely affected'. Help can be extend to a particular sector either in the form of financial or taxation or others forms based on the category under which a sector falls. (3/n)
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Our #BUwebinar on the @CREATEproject1 is about to start, join us to discuss the possibilities of heat storage!

Or keep up through this thread ⬇️
#CREATEproject #EnergyStorage #RenewableEnergy
Let's begin with @AEE_INTEC Technology Development Department Leader Wim van Helden!

"Revolution in thermal energy storage", here we go 💪
CREATE stands for „Compact REtrofit Advanced Thermal Energy storage“

The #CREATEproject aims to tackle the thermal energy storage challenge for the built environment by developing a compact heat storage.

The aim is to develop a heat battery that fits the following conditions:
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Short thread on the real problems with power procurement in India, aka BIDDING DOESN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM

New PPA after 5 years: Madhya Pradesh approves pact with Adani Power… via @FinancialXpress
India doesn't bid for power, it bids for power plants.

You may get the cheapest coal plant, but not the cheapest power. RTC (“round the clock”) bids indicate trends but are also misleading. India needs Time of Day WHOLESALE pricing to improve generation portfolio signaling.
Far more worrying is whether such a long term PPA is needed, given power purchase agreements (PPAs) by the state (MP) exceed visible needs. Problem is a legacy mindset, including financing (who funds without a PPA? – same for #RenewableEnergy). Fuel is also linked to PPAs.
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Thread re: today's leaked @NCCCgovau report (drawing on the @CntrFutureWork's *Powering Onwards* report on renewable manufacturing):
1. We don’t specifically need gas (or coal) to power any major industrial process
2. Renewables are cost-competitive and getting cheaper
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#Hydrogen #RenewableEnergy #ClimateChange
Gives me immense Happiness to let my friends know that the #green hydrogen project I was working on has finally been developed.After a year of slogging, and overcoming some really hard times.We expect this to be a game changer!This++
plant will generate hydrogen using #solar power, which means it will be totally green. There will be zero #CO2 emissions.This plant will also be used in Tokyo olympics next year to make it a green event.The hydrogen produced will be used for hydrogen fuel cells,cars,heating++
and cooling homes, running ships. You can store energy in this and you do not need batteries. We are just combining sun and water and creating H2. This project started last April. There were a lot of problems, as we had to procure many components from different parts of the++
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Offtake risk has become a blanket term that scares investors away from #power sector projects in India. We break it down to understand why that is? 1/n
Offtake risk is the risk posed by the off-taker (also called credit risk, counterparty risk or risk on receivables). In India, the counterparty is almost always a discom or a central government offtaker (SECI/NTPC) buying on behalf of the discoms. 2/n
The power purchase agreement (PPA) is the contract between the power generator and the purchaser (discom/SECI/etc) For RE the PPA mandates that all power generated must be purchased/paid for as per the must run clause. Exceptions are allowed only if there is technical trouble 3/n
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1) I just received notice that the distributor of Michael Moore's #PlanetoftheHumans is taking the film down due to misinformation in the film.

Thank you to @FilmsForAction for responding to our demand for a retraction and an apology from @mmflint.
See below. And thank you to...
2)Thank you to the early co-signers of the letter demanding an apology from @MMFlint:

@MichaelEMann, @Frances_Fisher, @ayanaeliza, @mzjacobson, @leahstokes, @Liptay, @tommiesunshine and many others...

We will continue to fight for truth,#RenewableEnergy and a #GreenNewDeal
3)Like all the distributors of the film that I spoke t, FFA had not seen the film prior to posting it. I don't blame @FilmsForAction for this-they did it bc of @mmflint's reputation. But I think it's strange that Michael Moore would not let anyone see the film before distribution
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Indian electricity demand has dropped 21% in absolute terms since the start of March 2020. As the high marginal cost source of power, coal-fired power generation is down 28%. @RajKSinghIndia, a key lesson for us is that #coal has worn 99% of curtailment in 🇮🇳.
And India ended FY2020 with record high coal stockpiles.
Analysis by @CWorringham. With domestic coal production increasing, and coal generation declining, the inevitable is lower imports of thermal coal over 2020.
Coal imports down 27% year-on-year in March 2020 to 15.7Mt, a reflection of things to come over 2020 after three years of coal import growth. An interesting dilemma for @Gautam_Adani's #Adani Carmichael HALE #coal proposal.…
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Thread: many smart and eloquent people articulating what coronavirus shows us about the climate crisis. We can find hope and use the economic recovery to build a sustainable and equitable future. #Coronavirus #ClimateCrisis #JustTransition #renewableenergy

Rebecca Solnit helps us see how to find hope. "A new awareness of how each of us belongs to the whole and depends on it may strengthen the case for meaningful climate action, as we learn that sudden and profound change is possible after all.”
David Roberts offers concrete policy ideas to build the economy and address climate: "Investments should be geared toward bolstering, and attracting private investment to cleaner alternatives like renewable energy and electric vehicles."
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[1/7] New publication by @CoalExit @PaoYuOei @CKemfert at @IA4EE EEEP-Journal shows key characteristics & challenges for 100% #renewable energy system modelling.


#OpenAccess paper⬇️…

Unroll Thread for key insights ⏬
[2/7] From utopic and fringe scenarios in the early 2000’s, 100% #RenewableEnergy scenarios are now widespread, with academic discussion shifting from general feasibility issues to specific assumptions. Also thanks to work from Jacobson, Breyer, Brown, …

[3/7] Regarding spatial resolution: for global, regional, and less detailed models, it is important to calibrate in a sufficient manner to avoid over-simplified answers with little to no real insights.

Key limitation: computational limits of very detailed scenarios.
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**New Paper** “Feasible Alternatives to Green Growth” out today in @Naturesustainab (w/ @simonedalessa12 , @krisdittmer & Tiziano Distefano)…

Here is a brief summary 1/6
#sustainability #inequality #academictwitter #degrowth
The paper is based on our Eurogreen model which simulates the French economy with heterogeneous households, industries and RES. We focus on the distributive impact of #renewableenergy policies and whether social policies can foster a low-carbon transition with social equity. 2/6
The simulation results suggest that a combination of policies for renewable energy, carbon taxes and incentives to innovation (green growth - GG), even when successful in terms of GHG emissions, increases inequality and unemployment 3/6
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Great event and panel put together by @livemint @UtpalBhaskar converging diverse views from financing, #fossilfuel generation, #energytransition #technology and business operations in the #electricity value-chain! 1/n
As Power Minsiter @RajKSinghIndia rightly said, problems of capacity and #energyaccess has been solved, and the next problem to be solved is reducing #India's #carbonfootprint - #electrification of #mobility and #cooking is one pathway.
Increasing domestic and international demand for #electricity will lead to more #RenewableEnergy capacity installation; new connections and usage will ⬆️domestic demand, integration & #export (neighbors inc #Myanmar #SriLanka) will ⬆️cross-border demand, which India can supply.
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The #coronvirus poses a potential catastrophic disaster to the global economy and financial infrastructure. On top of the sick and dying, the ensuing panic will cripple vital economic activity that feeds and provides services to the larger public. #thread
When this starts to happen, extreme poverty will set in larger groups of people all over the world. Such a scenario would be unprecedented. Our energy grids will crash and we will all be pushed into living conditions that would resemble maybe a century ago.
I mention this to highlight the need for self-sustaining #renewableenergy that can be maintained by minimum human interaction. Things like solar energy takes minimal maintenance and manning to run. While it's clean and renewable, it is also an automation of how we produce energy.
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Denialists are a steadily shrinking pool and will in time only have each other to bounce around their non-science, anti-factual arguments with. Conversion from Denialism to the #GlobalClimateConsensus is a one-way street and we gain surprising new allies every single day. THREAD
If at this *very* late stage in the game you *still* find yourself asking the same easily Google-able questions while engaged in your latest in a string of climate denial arguments it's unlikely you care what teenager Greta Thunberg thinks about it /1
What you don't know (as you haven't listened to even one of her speeches & so be it) is she doesn't *want* you to listen to her. Her constant refrain is Listen To The Scientists & refers to the IPCC's 2016 Special Report on Climate each & every time /2…
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India’s electricity sector transition continues to progress. #RenewableEnergy has been the least cost source of new generation capacity since 2017 at <Rs3/kWh, 20% below existing domestic coal power at Rs3.60. RE is over two-thirds of all new installs in 2019/20.
Indian electricity demand grew just 0.7% year-on-year in CY2019, a dramatic slowdown on the >6% CAGR this decade.
In the ten months to Jan’2020, India’s #coal fired power generation is down 26TWh. Not the peak, but definitely a clear sign of the technology transition underway.
And key players driving this technology driven transition like @AzurePowerSolar continue to power ahead!…
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The Dec 2019 monthly installation figures are out: 1.5GW of new #RenewableEnergy added (a 2019 monthly record) vs 1.3GW of new thermal power plants (TPP) for 🇮🇳: 65% of all new capacity is zero emissions, low cost VRE.✅
And TPP hit a decade low 53% utilisation rate in 4QCY2019!
And while NTPC & TANGEDCO are now completing TPP announced a decade ago, reports are coming in thick & fast of >60% TPP asset write-downs by Indian banks; investors need to be wary of commissioning even more stranded thermal power assets.… @Vibhuti_D_Garg
@Vibhuti_D_Garg And India's Minister for coal and mines @JoshiPralhad is reminding us of plans for India to reduce its dependence in thermal #coal imports, saying of the 235Mtpa of coal imports, only 100Mt was "non-substitutable."
An interesting take @mattjcan?…
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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Horrific #Bushfires 🔥 are burning in every Australian state. No wonder people are angry + despairing about lack of action on the #ClimateCrisis

But w/out glossing over tragedy, here's a list of things happening right now in Australia that inspire me.
Australia is installing #RenewableEnergy at an amazing rate DESPITE federal govt resistance. We're on track to have ~ 30% renewable energy by 2021. Imagine what could happen with fed govt support!…
The ACT is now on 100% renewable energy as of Jan 1st 🌞🌬️…
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The >30% decline in prices of Australia's fossil fuel exports over 2019 has undermined volume growth, smashing profit margins and promising profitless-prosperity. Time for 🇦🇺 to plan for this technology driven transition to decarbonise.… by @adamlmorton
Thermal coal prices have fallen >30% to US$66/t in over 2019, from over US$100/t. This is a clear reflection of the unexpected 300TWh or 3% global decline in coal-fired power generation over CY2019, an unprecedented rate of decline not forecast by any, particularly the @IEA.
Our @IEEFA_AsiaPac analysis of the technological and deflationary headwinds building against thermal coal, co-authored with @laurimyllyvirta of @CREACleanAir
& Dave Jones of @sandbagorg…
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Denmark often cited to sing virtues of renewable energy. Wind is average 50% but fluctuations because of weather. Instead of proving the miracle of wind, DK displays problem of too much in the mix.
When wind off, blend of imports and fossil generation fill void.
Conventional wisdom: Denmark remains virtuous since imports from the hydro in Norway. Excess wind is exported at peak to be re-imported later.
Exchanges with NO, SE and DE, so virtue story is only partly true because although NO 95% hydro, SE 43% nuclear and DE 45% fossil.
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Back to my old beat for just a brief moment: The UCP government has tabled a bill that will, in part, fire the election commissioner... who is currently investigating the UCP. #ableg #cdnpoli
Finance Minister Travis Toews says it's a cost-saving measure. The commissioner, hired by the NDP to the displeasure of the UCP, has handed out more than 200 fines and letters of reprimand since he started last year - the vast majority over UCP-related donations. #ableg #cdnpoli
Here's a great story my former colleague @clareclancy did about Gibson's hiring, by the way. It gives you a sense of how much the UCP did not want the guy there and the political backstory of his time in Alberta.… #ableg #cdnpoli
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