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Phala Network is a decentralized cloud computing protocol that competes with established cloud computing providers like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.
It uses two different kinds of nodes to separate consensus and computing tasks.

#PhalaNetwork #CloudComputing $PHA
Miner nodes lease their computing resources to the Phala Network, manage a CPU network, and perform numerous computation-related tasks.

#Miner #vCPU
Phala gains access to Polkadot's fundamental functionalities by constructing a specialized blockchain that feeds into the Relay Chain, the primary Polkadot blockchain.

#Polkadot #blockchain #RelayChain
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#Illinois Senate Bill SB1887 would drive out #blockchain #node operators, #miners, and #validators, waste judicial resources, and confuse existing law in a quixotic attempt to protect Illinois consumers. Let's examine the mess in a #thread:
as a preface, This is a stunning reverse course for a state that was previously pro -innovation. Instead we now get possibly the most unworkable state law related to #crypto and #blockchain I’ve ever seen. A shocking turn of events for the #tech community in #illinois /2
SB1887 focuses on consumer protection (this is GOOD). But, the manner in which it seeks to protect consumers is to require #node operators ##miners & #validators to do impossible things, or things that create for themselves new criminal & civil liability at pain of fines/ fees /3
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(1/20)@MessariCrypto 关于ETH2.0的到来将给矿工带来的巨大冲击作了分析,译了一下,饭后谈资。
1. 2.0将迫使以太坊价值 190 亿美元的采矿业寻找新家。

#Ethereum #eth2 #Miner #以太坊 #挖矿
(2/20)不包括 ETH 的 GPU 可开采代币的总市值为 41 亿美元,约占 ETH 市值的 2%。 ETH 还占 GPU 可开采硬币的每日矿工总收入的 97%。
矿工可以将他们的 GPU 贡献给 @RenderToken 、@Liverpeer 和 @akashnet_ 等 Web3 协议
(3/20)基于 ETH 核心开发者的论调和最近在 Ropsten 测试网上的成功,假设没有挫折,主网Merge似乎在 8 、9 月步入正轨。
2022 年 5 月,以太坊的哈希率或用于保护网络的总算力达到顶峰。从那以后,它的哈希率一直呈下降趋势,这表明矿工们预计Merge将很快发生,关停并开始售卖矿机(图为以太坊的哈希率)
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[#Thread & #Giveaways] Autour du projet @RunOnFlux sur lequel @MiningTk est incollable.

Un lot de 150 $FLUX à se partager pour lequel vous devez :
🔹 Follow @FLUX_France & @From0To10K
🔹 RT & Like
🔹 Commenter : "Wen $FLUX listing on @BybitFr sir?"

Infos, tirage & Thread ⬇️
Les 150 $FLUX seront divisés en 3 :

🔸 100 FLUX
🔸 30 FLUX
🔸 20 FLUX

Le tirage du #Giveaways / #Concours aura lieu le 13 Décembre.

Ce concours sponsorisé vous est offert en partenariat avec @FLUX_France que je remercie pour leur confiance.

Aller, découvrons @RunOnFlux ⬇️
$FLUX, histoire & origines

Né du « fork » de la #crypto anonyme #ZCash, FLUX se nommait autrefois ZELCash et son coin le $ZEL. Le but était de créer une plateforme décentralisée, sécurisée et évolutive.

Ce n’est que le 27 Mars 2021, que le projet fût rebaptisé $FLUX.
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En complément du superbe #Thread de @_Cryptique, voici le mien avec de nombreux comptes francophone #crypto à suivre.

J'ai réalisé ça sur le thème un peu #humoristique mais ces comptes restent néanmoins des personnes sérieuses.

J'espère que vous trouverez le format sympa !

Peintre #digital et sculpteur de l'ère du numérique personne ne sait s’il est réellement humain ou si c’est une IA avancée.

Un #artiste accompli autour de nombreux #NFTs, il partage également son expertise autour de l’art numérique de demain.

A commencer le défi #From0To10K pour finalement s’orienter vers l’éducation ainsi que la démocratisation de la #crypto et du #Bitcoin

Du simple terme crypto à la présentation de nouveaux projets, c’est une véritable mine d’information dans un but éducatif
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[#Thread] Ce soir, parlons #mining & #PlaytoEarn avec @MinesOfDalarnia

Désolé mon vieux @MiningTk, mais ici nous aurons juste besoin d'une pioche, de bottes ainsi qu'un peu d'oxygène pour parcourir le monde de Dalarnia.

Enfilez vos bottes, serrez votre ceinture, ça se passe ⬇️
Dans ce #PlaytoEarn d'action et d'aventure en 2D, vous incarnez un #mineur et devez le guider dans différents niveaux aléatoires.

Le but est de casser des #blocs de pierres afin d'extraire des minéraux de différentes raretés ainsi que des reliques et des artefacts rares.
Grâce aux différents minéraux collectés, vous allez pouvoir faire évoluer votre #personnage ainsi que son équipement.

Ainsi, plus votre équipement et votre personnage auront des attributs élevés, plus vous aurez la possibilité de #miner des #pierres rares.
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La bonne surprise du jour, c'est un airdrop #NFT réalisé il y a 2 jours par @babyswap_bsc.

Cet #airdrop a été réservé aux utilisateurs actifs de la plateforme @PancakeSwap.

Vous devriez être relativement nombreux avoir reçu un petit bébé ! Mais à quoi ça sert...? ⬇️
Ce #NFT va vous permettre de #miner sur la plateforme @babyswap_bsc.

Attention, vous ne deviendrez probablement pas riche avec cette technique mais peut-être que quelques centimes de $ peuvent tomber chaque jours.

Sinon, vous pouvez le vendre ailleurs.
Farmer sur ce genre de site ne vous intéresse pas ? Dans ce cas, vous pouvez vendre votre #NFT sur la plateforme @scv_finance !

Actuellement, le prix tourne aux alentours des 8/10$, ce qui est toujours bon à prendre vu que c'est totalement #gratuit !…
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Sunday Charts-DD thread. Ready for another 🔥 week as we roll into December #mergers #investments #filings #custos #OTC Lets get it....👇👇
$BRNW Verified profile late in the trading day Friday. 620M float (updated SS) Do you see what’s running now...2.8B floats, 3.6B floats, 10.7B floats. You better have eyes GLUED to this one. You put HALF of that volume into THIS one and man oh man. Gonzo! $SUTI $PRPM $TSNP
$AWGI LOVE how this held up and found a base in those mid 20’s despite the crazy volume on a few others. Moody custo with LOTS of eyes on it. Watch it trade. Not hard to tell. Accumulation starting to curl back up. 006+ I’ll be looking for this week. $KAVL $TKSI $CHSO
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Charts-dd thread going into 🦃 week. #investments #mergers #filings #custodianships #miners #EV #OTC Let’s do it.......👇👇
$SSET Articles of Merger out showing they’re now a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). Email floating around saying this IS legit. Beauty setup with a 16M float. The acc. around 04 is impressive with a nice bull pennant forming. Watching for breakout to test that 06 area
$IDVV First filing out in 2 years on Wednesday. Liking the DD here 👉 👈 Watchin for rest of filings to hit. Nice adds down here. $SSET $QNTA
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Charts and Analysis up this evening for $SDRC $PGVI $GGSM $SBES $BONZ +👇

More Research on $GGSM and $PGVI 🤫🌞...

I know MANY don't Research..If they did...I doubt they would have sold today..MUCH more Research to come hehe...👇

Last time we PINPOINTED the Gringo Viejo Project.

This time I will be discussing how big of a deal this #silver Project is.

Let's start with @SierraMetals . Quality #miner and well Known. $GGSM is LITERALLY smack DAB in the middle of LARGE @SierraMetals #silver claims.

They are Within Minutes of one another👇The Part that sticks out to me though :)How much HIGHER $GGSM's #silver assays are🤫
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$GGSM : So been lots of QUESTIONS...Accusations (unreliable sources)...A demand for Fresh Research to Prove Validity.

I 100% found that Validity and Proof. This has been a PLANNED thought out Revival Process by this #miner since March 2019...I WILL TAKE IT STEP BY STEP. 👇


After Researching I discovered a Complete 8 Page Mining Exploration PHASE 2 PLAN AND SUMMARY by $GGSM's subsidiary : Gold and Gemstone Mining Mexico SRL de CV.


Let's start looking at some Key Details of This First Document :

1. First notice who the Document was uploaded by 👇
*Ivan Mondragon*

This name is very familiar because it matches PERFECTLY with $GGSM's VP on OTC Markets. 👇
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$PGVI *Research/DD*

In the last Research Thread we discussed the release of the new website, brief look at the new BOD, as well as a brief look at their Warburton #silver project :

This time I want to take a look at the newer filings presented. 👍

This right here stands out to me more then anything 👇...That is a massive AS decrease. 99 Billion to 150 Million. This huge AS is obviously what has disinterested some potential investors..This massive reduction yet to hit OTCM is a big deal.


With this massive AS Decrease confirmed and based off my DD. THE CORRECT SHARE STRUCTURE is 150 mil AS. 87 mil OS. 210k Float.

All :)'s about that and obviously the perfect vehicle for a big board uplist. No R/S needed....

Now it's all about building assets...
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Today’s #mining and #quarrying industry is a sophisticated, science-based business that provides essential materials we all use every day – and a very different industry than in the past.
#nspoli #NovaScotia #NS #minerals #geology Image
#Mining/#quarrying employs 5500 #NovaScotians and generates $420 million per year in economic activity.
97% of jobs at #NovaScotia #mines and #quarries are filled by Nova Scotians. The industry is committed to hiring locally.
#nspoli #NS #minerals #geology #labourday Image
#Mining is #NovaScotia’s highest-paying resource industry. Its average wage is over $55,000 per year – on par with the province’s financial services sector - and an entry-level job like haul truck driver pays an average of $25 per hour.
#nspoli #NS #minerals #geology #labourday Image
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#Blockchain yapı taşları #block'lar hakkındaki açıklamalar yeterince anlaşılabilir değil sanki 🤔Nelerden oluştuğu, nasıl ilerlediği ve çok konuşulan değiştirilemez yapısını nasıl koruduğu konusunda bir #flood iyi olmaz mıydı? Olurdu olurdu ⛓🙋✌️#crypto #block #technology
1) #Magic #Number: Her blok üzerine kurulduğu teknolojiyi(örn. #bitcoin, #ethereum vs.) belirten geçici bir numara ile başlar. Bu deklarasyon, başka yazılımların bir Blockchain bloğuna denk geldiklerini anlamalarına yardımcı olur ◽◼◻ #btc #eth
2) Blok Büyüklüğü: #Forklanma ile değişen ve geliştirilmeye çalışılan blok veri kapasitesi ikinci sırada ifade edilir. Blokların #mining hızına önemli derecede etki eden depolama alanı, piyasadaki #coin enflasyon oranını da etkileyebilir ki bunun detaylarına ayrıca değineceğim 📊
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