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#Global #ETF Weekly & Month-end (thread): 29 Jan 2021

- 2020 worst perf #sector making comeback in 2021 $IXC

- This is helping #oil producing countries with #Nigeria & #UAE in top5 #Country ETF YTD performers in USD $NGE $UAE

- #SouthAfrica $EZA moved into top15 YTD performers

#EmergingMarkets #ETF still storming ahead against #DevelopedMarkets ETF, still not relatively "overbought" yet, but getting close.

#SouthAfrica might need a lot of catch up, but $EZA YTD performance in USD (+0.2%) continued 2nd half on 2020 recovery against $URTH (-0.8%)

#Global #Value #stocks still making short-term recovery, with $IWVL #ETF still looking strong relatively over the short-term. Over 3yr period it is however still lagging quite substantially.
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Basics of learning #Bitcoin
#Bitcoin does not flow through the traditional #banking system
#Bitcoin transactions are made via #computer immediately with usually low charges
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@RaoulGMI Good Morning! You asked what is happening to #Gold and #Silver. This is my take - a summary of the governing Thesis on for a long time! Hope you can use the input! 🙋‍♂️🙂
Since ~2000 we have been in Kondratiev's Winter. A period where GLOBAL DEBT causes low and falling growth rates. Central banks try to counter this by printing money (Monetary Stimulus). However, Deflationary forces from debt causes deflations to unfold - despite extreme measures
To the frustration of Central Banks, they cannot create inflation despite extreme money printing. They stimulate by infusing money into the system but cannot make the money circulate. Velocity drops dramatically. What they miss...You cannot solve a solvency problem with Liquidity
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Here is an abridged overview of where the #uranium market is:

- The uranium #market is burning through excess uranium supply, mostly coming from the spot market. Within the next 2.5 years, it is highly likely demand for uranium will outstrip #supply. To secure supply,
utilities need to contract uranium at higher prices than the current price.

- Most uranium #miners have placed their mines on care and maintenance ( $PDN, $CCO, etc...). Current capacity, mostly coming from the largest four uranium #producers, will not be enough to cover
future demand requirements. Thus, utilities will search for supply from smaller producers.

- On the #demand side, the East is building #nuclear reactors at an increasing rate. #Japan is restarting shutdown reactors from the #Fukushima Daiichi disaster. Parts of the
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@GoingParabolic #Verus is a truly free, #decentralized protocol and rent-free #blockchain framework that provides chain #interoperability that can scale to the world. It’s not just a protocol, but an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains.

@GoingParabolic Once on mainnet, the Verus #DeFi system will be a fractal, market-driven, & completely liquid worldwide network of independently valued currencies and protocol-based currency baskets that allows anyone holding Verus to perform cross-chain transactions, launch a fractional reserve
@GoingParabolic Token and merge #mine and #stake on up to 22 #blockchains at once.
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(1) So let me try to write something down on #options, more specifically #LEAPs (Long-term options).


Options give you the 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 to buy (call) or sell (put) an underlying asset (= stock/ETF) at a fixed price (= strike price) up to a spec. date (= exp. date).
(2) Premium.

Ofc. options aren't free. You'll have to pay a premium for this right. Important to keep in mind is the multiplier, which often equals to 100 (every option covers 100 of the underlying shares).

𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 = 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗶𝘂𝗺 * 𝟭𝟬𝟬 (+ 𝗰𝗼𝘀𝘁𝘀)
(3) Pricing
Options pricing is determined by the four greeks (separate thread in the future). Important to take into account is that options will be more expensive if:
1. Your expiration date if further out (#theta).
2. The closer the strike price lies near the asset (#delta)
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Sunday Charts-DD thread. Ready for another 🔥 week as we roll into December #mergers #investments #filings #custos #OTC Lets get it....👇👇
$BRNW Verified profile late in the trading day Friday. 620M float (updated SS) Do you see what’s running now...2.8B floats, 3.6B floats, 10.7B floats. You better have eyes GLUED to this one. You put HALF of that volume into THIS one and man oh man. Gonzo! $SUTI $PRPM $TSNP
$AWGI LOVE how this held up and found a base in those mid 20’s despite the crazy volume on a few others. Moody custo with LOTS of eyes on it. Watch it trade. Not hard to tell. Accumulation starting to curl back up. 006+ I’ll be looking for this week. $KAVL $TKSI $CHSO
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Patience and Diligence - Gold Technical Analysis: "Make the market prove to you it wants to do something, don’t try and prove to the market it should do something." - by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #TechnicalAnalysis #Gold…
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Charts-dd thread going into 🦃 week. #investments #mergers #filings #custodianships #miners #EV #OTC Let’s do it.......👇👇
$SSET Articles of Merger out showing they’re now a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). Email floating around saying this IS legit. Beauty setup with a 16M float. The acc. around 04 is impressive with a nice bull pennant forming. Watching for breakout to test that 06 area
$IDVV First filing out in 2 years on Wednesday. Liking the DD here 👉 👈 Watchin for rest of filings to hit. Nice adds down here. $SSET $QNTA
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Why do I think #Gold, #Bitcoin are about to tumble? Because of my cross-market-analyses approach with >100 charts pointing to a deflationary bust AND the Elliott Wave structures for Gold, Bitcoin and USD. Let's try investigate 1) Deflationary Thesis and 2) Elliott Wave-structures
The Deflationary Thesis is due to the patterns shaping up in all commodities. Commodities drive inflation. First GSCI Commodity Index - a very clear Ending Diagonal Triangle (Descending Wedge). Calls for DEFLATIONARY BUST before MAJOR SECULAR BOTTOM.
#Wheat which is part of #Commodities setting direction for Inflation. Same pattern! Descending Wedge. Calls for Deflationary Bust - before Major SECULAR BOTTOM. Deflation before New Inflationary Regime!
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Messaggio originale dei compagni bielorussi


👉 Per il decimo giorno, i minatori delle miniere della Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Combine continuano il loro sciopero sotterraneo.
All'inizio, il 3 settembre, 29 minatori si rifiutarono di andare in superficie, e al 9 settembre il loro numero era cresciuto a 393 (ad oggi, 241 minatori rimangono sottoterra). Sono determinati e non verranno in superficie.
Sono spinti a questo passo disperato dall'illegalità e dai bassi salari. I nostri fratelli cercano di aumentare i salari e migliorare le condizioni di lavoro, accusano anche il Servizio statale del lavoro di "corruzione e dipendenza dai datori di lavoro locali".
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Messaggio originale dei compagni bielorussi


👉 Per il decimo giorno, i minatori delle miniere della Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Combine continuano il loro sciopero sotterraneo.
All'inizio, il 3 settembre, 29 minatori si rifiutarono di andare in superficie, e al 9 settembre il loro numero era cresciuto a 393 (ad oggi, 241 minatori rimangono sottoterra). Sono determinati e non verranno in superficie.
Sono spinti a questo passo disperato dall'illegalità e dai bassi salari. I nostri fratelli cercano di aumentare i salari e migliorare le condizioni di lavoro, accusano anche il Servizio statale del lavoro di "corruzione e dipendenza dai datori di lavoro locali".
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Original message from belarussian comrades


👉 For the tenth day, the miners of the mines of the Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Combine are continuing their underground strike.
At first, on September 3, 29 miners refused to go to the surface, and by September 9 their number had grown to 393 (as of today, 241 miners remain underground). They are determined and not going to come to the surface.
They are driven to this desperate step by lawlessness and low salaries. Our brothers are seeking to raise wages and improve working conditions, they also accuse the State Labor Service of "their corruption and dependence on local employers."
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#Gold Feelings have strong impact on investors. We are in wave 2 of wave C (down). This is the hardest place to stay objective. Sentiments influenced by wave B and wave C. My approach: Observe 1) EW-structure 2) USDJPY 3) Miners 4) Silver 5) TIPS. GOLD IS ABOUT TO CRASH
#Silver neg. on Day, #GDX #Miners neg. on Day, #Bitcoin neg. on Day. Massive neg. RSI divergence on #Gold. Major turn in gold is imminent!
Why is it that everybody always panics in wave 2. Look at the structures, guys. We have seen it million times before. Same divergences, same lead from other assets, same looong turns, same sentiments. Structures - and patience!👍🙂
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Dear all. #Deflation is here as forecasted. #Oil and #Commodities etc. are declining rapidly towards targets I have put up here in #HZupdates. We are still to see the major fall-outs. The situation is dire! CBs are fully committed to sacrifice the currencies to save the economy!
#Oil has reach the target of ~20 USD. But - I don't think we have seen the bottom yet! Why? Technical. I think we will see a triangle forming as wave iv - before Oil plunges towards its final target ~10 USD. Deflation not done despite massive CB and fiscal intervention! Image
#CRB has also reached the target area. Still, I expect further lows - following some sideways consolidation. Throw-over is to be expected for a Ending Diagonal. The significance of the bottom cannot be over-emphasized. This is a SECULAR BOTTOM - and the final low for inflation! Image
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Good morning! Let's have an update on markets as it has now become very clear, that we are to see the #Deflation unfolding, which I have mentioned here for a long time. Why hasn't it really hurt yet - and what to expect? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
I have shown my #Oil chart for a long time with Ending Diagonal. Since talks of oil >100USD - and during spikes in oil due to attacks in ME. All noise!! Structures drive price - and we are en route towards <20USD - perhaps as low as ~10USD for Oil. #Deflation unfolding!
I have shown #Deflation in #CRB chart. Broken lower trendline and now heading towards much lower levels to be reached this year! It will be a SECULAR BOTTOM - hence this is from where #STAGLFLATION will develop, as economy continues to plummet and prices begin to rise #HZupdates
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Lets talk about #Gold #Mining in #SouthAfrica. Specifically, lets talk about #AngloGold's exit from South Africa & its impact on say, #Lesotho #Migrant #Mine workers...
The latest #news in the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry is that #AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s third-largest gold miner, has sealed a deal to sell its last remaining SA asset as it exits the country after 22 years on the #JSE...
I will not be talking about the "WHY" aspect of #AngloGold's exit from the #SouthAfrican #Mining #Industry. Rather, my focus will be on the consequences of such a move for #Labour, #Migrant labour to be precise. Labour from #Lesotho, specifically...
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#Oklahoma SB 1667 would authorize #cryptocurrency to be used for purchases under certain conditions; would be permitted to be used, offered, sold, exchanged & accepted as an instrument of monetary value within the governmental agencies of Oklahoma /1 ImageImageImageImage
Many odd definitions here: #cryptocurrency meaning "a payment instrument, virtual
currency and instrument of monetary value whether or not negotiable"... huh? Has to be all 3 apparently.... "#virtual currency" also problematic.... ImageImageImageImage
#Cryptocurrency exchanger means one who "facilitates
and exchanges, for compensation, cryptocurrency to currency and
provides cashing services;"- cashing meaning " providing currency in exchange for payment instruments"-so this appears to exclude only #crypto to crypto exchanges. ImageImage
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Working on some more research to prove Validity here..Digging more into Management and I continue to be impressed :)

Our CEO of $GGSM :

✅23 Years Experience
✅Strategist & Innovater @MITEngineering
✅Angel Investor of 15 Companies including Pre-Seed $TSLA and $UBER
@MITEngineering $GGSM :

I don't think the market clearly understands yet how undervalued this investment is...With $GGSM's subsidiary's and Revenue Estimates from them $GGSM has an easy value of .01 - .02 as it SITS TIME NOW...

We have Revenue...We have Multiple Confirmations of Employment.
@MITEngineering $GGSM :

What has me excited more than anything is this Gringo Viejo Project. Its not often I come across legitimate OTC #miners in #Mexico that I can verify myself with a 3rd party government entity..Trust me thats rare for #Mexico OTC #miners..most are very difficult to verify.
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The #mineral #howlite was discovered near #Windsor #NS in 1868 by #HenryHow, a prof at #KingsCollege. He was alerted to it by #miners at a quarry where it was a strange impurity in the #gypsum. Its main use is in jewelry, partly because it's porous and can be easily dyed.
#nspoli Image
The #mineral #mordenite is named for #Morden, #NovaScotia, where #HenryHow discovered it in 1864. It's used to clean up chemical spills, in animal feed and for water treatment.
#nspoli #NS #minerals #geology #mining Image
#Morden was originally called #FrenchCross after a memorial to #Acadians who died fleeing the #British expulsion of the #French in 1755. A #driftwood cross stood there from 1756 to ~1820. Replacement crosses were built in 1887, 1924 and the current stone one in 1964.
#nspoli #NS Image
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Good morning! 😀Trust you are well! Some interesting developments in markets. I will provide my perspective here in #HZupdates
#Oil has strong influence on price development (inflation). Seems to be developing in Ending Diagonal. We may see wave (B) develop as a triangle - before next move down towards target <20 USD #HZupdates
Similar pattern in ##Commodity index #CRB. Consolidation below trendline. Next major move should send #CRB much lower. This is deflationary #HZupdates
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Tell me again how BULLISH #Gold looks.....!
Bullish outlook of Gold is only beaten by BULLISH Outlook in #Silver I was told..... Behold the GREAT Bull market (in yellow if you are in doubt)
And you absolutely have to buy #Miners now! Because.....Gold! I'm SO tired of hearing one Gold bull fall over the next to praise Gold and call for new ATH - without a single thread of technical understanding. GDX - also SO bullish!!
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#ECB is likely to crash EUR in attempt to stimulate EU-economy🤦‍♂️(incompetence in ECB is staggering!). Wait for waterfall moment in #EURUSD. Currently flirting with LT-trendline. Target 0.85-0.91 #HZupdates
Major drop in #EURUSD will send #USD #DXY soaring (following pot. ST weakness). LT-target for DXY is >111. This is likely to be the trigger for REAL Fed intervention, which will push economy out of Deflation #HZupdates
Rally in #USD will push #Gold (#XAUUSD) into major decline in final wave C, which will take yellow pet rock below 1000 USD. Imo no way that structure of rally since 2015 is new Bull market. It is ZigZag-correction topping ~1480 (here!) or ~1590 (-1600). Major Bull trap #HZupdates
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Dear all 🙂Hope you enjoy the weekend! We are still in the Twilight Zone. Despite continued deteriorating economic fundamentals across the globe, US stock market continues to rally. But for how long...? Stay tuned for some #HZupdates
Indicators and signals across the globe continue to suggest economic slowdown - which slowly but surely spreads to all geographical regions and industries. It is my firm belief, that US will not decouple and US #equities will realize this at some point #HZupdates
#WTI sends clear signal from major Ending Diagonal. We may rally further in wave (B) - but soon we will see a reversal, which will send #Oil towards its LT-target of <20USD #HZupdates
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