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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters, as you can see, Drudge Report not only kept the FALSE POLL up for most of the day yesterday, they even doubled down on it with a FALSE IMAGE. It has to be expressed that Drudge has become a Fake News outlet.
@JackPosobiec @TamaraLeigh_llc @JonStancik @realTT2020 @PowerTaking @1GigiSims @RealPeachyKeen2 2) Additional flaws in the poll were pointed out yesterday as well, as shown in this outstanding analysis:

@JackPosobiec @TamaraLeigh_llc @JonStancik @realTT2020 @PowerTaking @1GigiSims @RealPeachyKeen2 3) Thanks go out to @JonStancik for the lead to that analysis, I completely missed that addition component of the FALSE POLL's false basis. It was a lie from the get-go, and purposefully constructed as such. And consider, it was done by FOX, for Drudge Report push.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. It's 10 Oct 2019, and over at the Drudge Report right now you'll see this headline: FOX SHOCK: 51% WANT TRUMP REMOVED. But it isn't true. If you check, here's what you'll find.
2) First, by its own claim, its margin for error means the actual number could be 48% or 54%. That's a lot less sexy, isn't it? Second, the sample size was 1,003 interviews. If it was any smaller, you might be saying 'Scott in Peoria disapproves Trump.'
3) Then third, guess what! They used the relative population size in each state to determine the number of interviews for that state. This is the equivalent of HRC claiming she won 2016 because of the popular vote. You could call this poling by pure majoritarianism.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. Today's analysis will have, in part, a bit of the feeling of a book report, actually, a chapter report from an amazing book you should seriously consider adding to your library. Richard Nixon's The Real War published in 1980.
2) I'm only two chapters into this book and I already feel as if I were nailed to the wall by it. Not personally. It's just that here it is, the beginning of autumn 2019, and the book gives me shivers in that it applies so absolutely to this moment, 39 years after publication.
3) I'm kind of an idiot, I confess. Sometimes I wake up early, and, thinking I'll get back to sleep, I read. Silly me. Reading Nixon does not soothe one back to sleep. It does the opposite; it jolts you awake with the terrors of harsh truth that cannot be put away.
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1) No one should be surprised:

“...Mueller Gang Threatened @GenFlynn’s Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed”

2) Yet...
Most Americans still have faith “in the system”.

This is misplaced faith in the face of facts.

Until forced into the [in]justice system, as a “good” American, you believe.🇺🇸⚖️

#PardonFlynnNow @GenFlynn
3) The incredible @SidneyPowell1 exposed the weaponization of the [in]justice system and the devastating destruction of “Prosecutorial persecution” in #LicensedToLie.
It continues against @GenFlynn

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1) This #PardonFlynnNow Analysis is entitled:

Islands, Archipelagoes, and Continents of Truth

It was inspired by my friend @1GigiSims extraordinary thread, here:

@1GigiSims 2) Gigi won't mind that I offer a bit of a teaser, but also a bit of a spoiler when I tell you that America is under the attack of its own government engaging in an ongoing PSYOP against its own citizens. She documents this PSYOP - Psychological Operation - in compelling detail.
@1GigiSims Hello, hello!
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1) My friend @JonStancik shared this thread and led me to read it. As a fellow #PardonFlynnNow supporter, you may want to do so as well. I'll just a little below, in response.

@JonStancik 2) As you follow our dear Pirate's story, you'll come to this post. I consider it the most important:

@JonStancik Let's number that list:

1) Iran
2) Syria
3) China
4) Russia
5) North-Korea
6) Venezuela
7) Cuba

& also non-state actors

9) Hamas
10) Hezbollah.
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1) Yesterday, we laid out the three great hurdles @SidneyPowell1 faces in her valiant attempt to clear @GenFlynn from the attack of this illegal prosecution. We covered the first two adequately, leaving the third to be completed today.
@SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 2) To review, the first was the Kelner led decision to plead guilty and take a deal. The second, and hardest of all, was the Kelner led self-defense of that guilty plea in front of Judge Sullivan and the world. Today, we'll dive more deeply into the third.
@SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 3) The third is Sidney’s decision to hold onto the plea deal, while attempting to have the case dismissed. I believe I understand her logic. The plea deal was, she may be defending, a necessary act by a defrauded defendant.
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1) Let's turn our attention to the legal battle the great @SidneyPowell1 is fighting in her endeavor to have the court dismiss the case. As she consistently tells us, Judge Sullivan was the hero of her book - it is a must read - and is the man who overturned Ted Steven's case.
@SidneyPowell1 2) I have no inside information, but I am able to suss out the logic of the battle itself. That's what we'll be working on today. That the case should be dismissed appears, to me, to be beyond question. I am of course NOT an impartial analyst in this, so I have to check my bias.
@SidneyPowell1 3) Sidney's case is built, as I understand it, upon what are called Brady violations which I'd imagine everyone has heard a great deal about, of late. In a word, though, they're defined as the prosecution withholding exculpatory evidence. There is a problem here, though.
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1) Where does justice lie? Does it rest in the hands of the courts? No, not at all. Let me let you in a famous secret. The jury system has been rigged, if not essentially buried alive in the past decades. How could they do that? Prosecutorial discretion is the answer.
2) Let's say you're innocent but charged with a crime you did not commit. Who is most likely to have the evidence of your innocence? The prosecution is. They're lawfully bound to disclose that information to you. And who watches over them in all this? They watch over themselves.
3) So, there's an honest jury - and that's being kind, as they're selected by a corrupt system - and they're only given the evidence in the case the prosecution decides to give them. A jury of your peers no longer weighs you against the innocent until proven bar, therefore.
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1) In today's #PardonFlynnNow analysis, we're going to look at the topic of palace intrigue. The entire attack against Flynn was the most well-coordinated in all of American history. If we don't assume Obama anticipated Trump's win, then planning began November 9, 2016.
2) I think the data indicates, however, two points calling for a far earlier date. First, @SidneyPowell1 has shown evidence supporting a far earlier commencement of surveillance. Either by a FISA warrant or just 100% illegal use of America's vast surveillance power.
@SidneyPowell1 3) In fact, considering @GenFlynn's support of @vabelle2010 in her response to McCabe's attack against her, and her ouster from the FBI, alongside his testimony to Congress about ISIS, it may well be that Obama had him surveilled as far back as 2014.
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1) What a difficult thing I am asking of you. Not only to wrap your mind around the idea of petitioning the President of the United States to #PardonFlynnNow, but also to do it specifically by a #PardonOfInnocence. Before 2016, I'd have blown off such a request off myself.
2) It was @GenFlynn who showed me, taught me really, that even I could have an impact. It was in August, 3 years ago, that he first called and introduced himself to me, as a result of receiving one of my analyses. I never dreamed I might speak to someone of his stature.
@GenFlynn 3) In my youth, I once had reason to reach out to a person of vast wealth and power - for business reasons, not political - and I choked completely. He was very kind and supportive, but I never managed to say a word when his secretary put me through to him. I wasn't ready.
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1) One of the comments I see most frequently in response to the petition #PardonFlynnNow with a #PardonOfInnocence, is that it's not needed. He's going to be exonerated at law, and then turn around and sue for his losses once granted innocence by the court. That's what I hear.
2) I always say the same thing, something in the order of, may it be so. But then, we have to look at a few uncomfortable details. How, exactly will this happen? And when? And are we 100% certain of the outcome? What if the court fails to exonerate? What then?
3) There's this painful thing I do called Worst Case Scenario Analysis. A painful example is the question: what if the court throws the book at @GenFlynn and sentences him to the maximum extent of the law? I'm certainly NOT predicting that. Rather, I'm honestly asking. What if?
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1) #PardonFlynnNow supporters, contemplate the lines from Auguries of Innocence by William Blake:

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour"
2) I add:

To see the Soul of a Nation
In the Story of just one Man
And determine America's Station
In all of History's Span
3) Here's a theory for you. There is no plan FOR @GenFlynn. HIs sacrifice is being made SOLELY due to the evil PLAN of the Obama administration AGAINST him. Against Trump. Against America. Against the peaceful transfer of power upon which our nation is founded.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. From here on, whenever the topic arises: Twitter = Jack, okay? So, it would appear that Jack didn't enjoy yesterday's thread. That's why I'm asking you to click on it, and RT it today, please.

2) On a connected note, since - in spite of Jack's suppression - I got a huge response, and many questions about the fundamentals of a pardon. I'll focus on just one in a moment, but first, if you're interested you find this an excellent article on topic:…
3) If you're able to take the time, you'll be glad you did, if you read the entire article. You'll find a very interesting discussion of @POTUS use of the power of pardon, specifically, at the end. I especially love that he has not, so far, used the DOJ in the process, at all.
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1) I'm a bit sad this morning, fellow #PardonFlynnNow supporters. It began last night listening to Trey Gowdy on Hannity talking about how it's very possible that those who lied to the FISA court might get hit with contempt of court. Not sedition or treason, not felonies. Hmm.
2) Hannity was clearly upset, me too. The reasoning was something about which statute applies and how hard it is to try cases against lawyers and government employees. How completely uncertain the outcome. Often, the easiest case to win is the one with the lowest penalty. Hmm.
Then today: "Andrew McCabe hasn’t been indicted for allegedly lying to federal investigators, according to an email from his attorney asking prosecutors to drop the probe, a sign that the government’s case against the FBI’s former No. 2 official may be in jeopardy."
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1) Today's #PardonFlynnNow post is in honor of the hopefully soon-to-be late, great, lying, leaking, cheating Andrew McCabe, underlord of the seditious at the top of government, and enemy of all true patriots. And no, I don't like him much, either.
2) I hope you're all familiar with the story of how @GenFlynn helped @vabelle2010 when McCabe was attacking her, and how this was part of the reason Obama fired Flynn. If not, you should follow Robyn and she can give wonderful links to the many times her story has been told.
@GenFlynn @vabelle2010 3) As much as I'd love to see the steel sword of justice fall on him with speed and righteous fury, truth is, I'd rather he cuts the best deal anyone ever cut and brings down all the overlords. How did he rise to the very top of the FBI? He obeyed overlords, I assure you.
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1) In today's #PardonFlynnNow post, I'm honored to put forward @1GigiSims extraordinary work. It takes but a single glance to see you're viewing something truly special, a wonderful work of love, skill, truth-seeking, meticulous research and artistic presentation at depth.
@1GigiSims 2) In addition to thanking you for your phenomenal work, @1GigiSims, I am of course also deeply grateful for your nod to my work. Thank you so kindly. I am truly honored to be included.
@1GigiSims 3) I need to speak about the art form that @1GigiSims has mastered. A fully sourced, fully illustrated thread of this nature takes more hours than I can even imagine to create. It takes computing skills and organization, visual presentation capabilities and so much more.
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1) Watching the AMAZING @SidneyPowell1 on Hannity last night, many things struck me, none harder than the following. She made it explicitly clear that the DOJ exonerated him of all charges of collusion or conspiracy with Russia on January 30, 2017.
@SidneyPowell1 2) I had already read that in @SaraCarterDC's excellent article, so the information was at least a few hours old for me by that time, but hearing Sidney say was very different than reading the story. I had already felt the dominoes tumbling but hadn't really comprehended yet.
@SidneyPowell1 @SaraCarterDC 3) Maybe I also needed to hear her say that this meant that Comey had lied to the President. And then, to cap that off, charged the President with obstruction of justice - over that very matter - and leaked it to start the Mueller investigation.
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1) I've been reading analyses that @GenFlynn and @SidneyPowell1 are about to turn the tides today in court. And I will be waiting to watch Sidney's reaction to today's outcomes on Hannity tonight. I'm sure all Flynn supporters will.
@GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 2) These analyses often include guesswork about why the plea deal has not been pulled, or why a pardon would be a bad thing right now. The most optimistic of these speculations is this: a pardon would prevent the bad guys from getting caught and let them off the hook.
@GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 3) I would SO love for that to be true. What's more, I do have tremendous faith in Sidney, tremendous. However, I see no reason in the world why should couldn't be set up as head to a task force to root out the bad guys, following a pardon, none whatsoever.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters, the results are in, and the meme below won our little test by 15 votes, 117 to 102. It's not a large sample size, and was very informal, but an almost 13% lead does count, indeed. Again, great thanks to @KellsBellsSC.
@KellsBellsSC 2) Most importantly, the analysis it inspired seems to have reached to some interesting places, and that will be my next mini-project. I have to rewrite it just a bit, and complete some minor edits, so that @TamaraLeigh_llc can post the edited version at
@KellsBellsSC @TamaraLeigh_llc 3) Before I turn to that task this morning, I'd like to make a case for action, strong and timely action. Here's the qualifier, have you followed my work, or on your own, come to agree that a pardon is the best possible outcome? Or, at least at this point, the best practical one.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. The current count - we'll close out the test tomorrow - is 74 - 90 with this meme still in the lead. But, its lead shrank from 18 ahead, yesterday, to only 16 ahead now.

If you like it better, please click on the quoted tweet and retweet or like. Or, if you prefer the first meme we discussed, here, do the same.

3) 3) Now, let's unpack today's meme. We begin with the single term:


I hope these numbers are familiar. 33 years of Military service rising the 3-Star General. 5 entire years (1,825 days) in combat.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters! We're going to focus on this meme today, which has fallen 18 votes behind its contender. The vote count is 51 - 69 as of now:

2) This is our current leader, and in both cases, the one above, and this one, I request your ongoing consideration, please. Vote as many times as you like, a retweet gets 2 votes, a like gets 1:

3) Today, I'm going to pretend that the first is my favorite. Tomorrow, I will pretend that the second is. Truth is, I have no favorite, I love them both, and again, thanks and honor to @KellsBellsSC for her art and dedication!

Okay then, analysis follows...
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1) There's so much to learn about making a tweet that rocks. I have so many wonderful teachers and role models. Consider these two memes by my friend @KellsBellsSC. I absolutely CANNOT decide which is more powerful to me. Let's talk about that today.
@KellsBellsSC 2) For instance, until I just posted the tweet above, with both memes in it, I didn't know that Twitter would crop them. I see plenty of other tweets where the tweet creator know how to control the crop. Alas. Did I mention so much to learn?
@KellsBellsSC 3) So here's what I want to do. I want to do a little test. Which of these two memes hits you the hardest? Or, do you like them both equally? And here's how you'll vote if you decide to help me out. Either a like or a retweet will express your vote. There's just a bit more math.
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1) My friend @realTT2020 provides this image. He is SO good with technology, a brilliant meme artist, as well as an extraordinary video artist. Besides that, he's a great guy and super, super smart. If he has time, maybe he'll chime in with some comments and guidance...please?
@realTT2020 2) Although @realTT2020 is a huge @GenFlynn supporter, in his case, he's so successful with his Twitter analysis and so LOUD - note his Twitter handle - that I suspect it really is more his success, and his support for all things MAGA that brings Twitter's censorship eyes on him.
@realTT2020 @GenFlynn 3) If you don't follow @realTT2020 yet, I cannot too strongly recommend you do. Which brings me to another point. I would never have met or encountered him, if it weren't for our shared volunteering efforts, our shared support of the #PardonFlynnNow movement.
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