New year of 2021 is to celebrated with the might energy of warrior mars in its mool-trikona sign of Aries. Mars, the commander in chief of the planets has already transited to Aries on 24-12-2020.

Mars is the soldier on battlefield who has left the spiritual waters of Pisces and entered its own Warfield i.e., its own house of Aries. It might have brought lot of blessings to the core of our lives and bring end to the passive tendencies faced by many of us in past few

months. We are back in action and fighting back all challenges. But Mars is an aggressive planet and abundance of aggression might spoil our relationships and impact our journey towards our goals. However,on this new year, we need to regulate this mars energy into positive

to take advantage of the current scenario. Lets see how it will affect our lives based on our ascendant/moon-sign in this upcoming new year.
#Aries – It is a positive transit for Aries’ ascendant/moon. You will have lot of energy to pursue your goals and achieve success as

your ascendant lord is coming in positive position after 12th house. The time is favourable to buy real estate properties. If you are looking for an appropriate match, you might tie the knot now. You will get courage to take bold decisions. With your determination, you can

expand your horizons in career too. Just watch out your temperament.

#Taurus – Mars will be transiting ur 12th house and might give u lot of expenditure. You will be spending at 4x speed which might put an impact on ur finances. You need to cut on un-necessary expenditures.
Your relationship with spouse might suffer during this time. However, this time will be favourable for your younger siblings. Don’t take debts to finance your expenses as it will only worsen your financial condition. Problems with opponents can also be seen.

#Gemini – Mars will be transiting your 11th house of chart. There is lot of positive energy to start new enterprise and reap good gains. It is good for fulfilling your goals in the profession. However, you should avoid debts and litigations during this time as you might put
excessive burden on yourself which can’t be handled later. You might witness some tension in your love life and relationships. Don’t lose patience rather tame your aggression and channelise your efforts.

#Cancer- Mars is yoga karaka planet for your ascendant and its
placement in 10th house will give directional strength. Thus, you can put lot of energy into your career. You will be implementing new ideas at your workplace with the help of seniors. However, this can put lot of pressure in domestic life as there is no cordiality in
relations with your family members. Take care of your health and watch out your eating patterns.

#Leo -Mars is transiting your 9th house of chart. This transit can affect your relation with your father and mother. You may have clashes with your family members.

Good opportunities in the field of higher education can be witnessed by children. You need to balance your personal and professional life for embracing positive energies from your 9th house. It may give you inclination towards reading scriptures. For good results, you need
to be sweet tongued and show devotion towards almighty.

#Virgo- This transit is not a good one as it is transiting 8th house of chart. You might have great amount of energy to invest upon new creative ventures. However, you need to take care of your health especially your
head region. It is beneficial for those who are in research field. U may initiate new meditation & yogic practices. Don’t stop putting efforts even if u feel that you are not getting good success. 8th house may delay your fruits but u will surely get good fruits with time.
#Libra – This transit is happening in 7th house of chart. This brings a lot of energy to the house of partnerships and marriage. The negative trait of this transit is that it causes lot of imbalance in the life of native. Relationships don’t require fierce energy of mars
rather they need calm and composed approach. Libra people might be looking for new adventures in relationships. They can utilise this powerful energy in the career as mars will be aspecting your 10th house.

#Scorpio – A very positive transit through the 6th house of the
Scorpio moon/ascendants. Students will get good result in competitive exams. If you are doing job, you will get immense success. People who are suffering from any chronic disease might get relief during this time. However, due to extra energy at the disposal, u might suffer
from small accidents or diseases.

#Sagittarius – Mars is the 5th lord for Sagittarius ascendant and its transit through its own house is definitely good. However, 5th house is actually owned by Leo in kaalpurusha Kundli, therefore Mars is not completely favourable.
It becomes too fiery and therefore give mixed results. Your love life can take a harsh and frustrating turn. You need to take care of health of your children. It will give growth in business and good income flow.

#Capricorn – Mars is transiting your 4th house of chart.
This brings lot of energy in home environment and domestic life. You can utilise this energy for cooking and yoga practices. Channelising energy is the key to win in this transit. It’s a positive transit for buying real estate properties. U may get into some issue with your
co-workers. There is a need to keep your calm and invest energies in proper avenues.

#Aquarius – A very positive transit through 3rd house will definitely lift your spirits & energise you to fightback your challenges. However, the positivity of mars here is compromised by
Saturn transiting 12th house. Don’t take loans and don’t get into litigations during this time. You can win over your competitors during this time. Don’t put your hands-on new business and property purchases.

#Pisces -The 2nd house of Kutumba is getting active with
this transit. Take care of what you speak as your words might hurt your family members. You need to take care of your investments too and prioritise your needs over desires. Don’t eat too much of junk and oily food as it can create food problems for you. Take a note of your
stubbornness and rude behaviour while dealing with your family.

Planetary transits can open new doors of opportunities as well as challenges for any individual. Transits actually acts as a postman which is responsible for delivering you the letters of Karma.

• • •

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