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#Jupiter, the planet of dharma and prosperity is entering the 11th house of zodiac i.e., Aquarius where it does extremely well. The philanthropic nature of this sign coupled with innovation goes well with expansionist nature of Jupiter.

It will be era of transformation with new ideas in the mainstream. The IT industry will show many wonders through new inventions and path-breaking research. Philanthropy will be change the world for good promoting welfare of all. As the changes are quite interesting on

global level, let’s see how the Jupiter transit on April 6,2021 will impact all the moon-signs:

#Aries: Jupiter, the most benefic planet for your lagna will is transiting the 11th house of your chart. Its excellent time for enjoying the fruits of good health. Jupiter is the
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Venus transit Pisces - 17th March 2021

The love is in the air!
The month of spring is all set to take a romantic turn with the planet of love transiting to its favorite place i.e., sign of Pisces. Venus is exalted in this sign which is also 12th house of zodiac.
Venus will move into this sign on 17th March, 2021 at 2:49 am. It will remain in this sign till 10th April, 2021.This short visit of Venus in Pisces will give you a chance to mend old relationships and start afresh with lot of affection and love in heart. Many people think
Venus to be a planet of sensual pleasures and fancy things. But have you ever wondered why it is most comfortable in the natural 12th house of the chart?12th house is related to spirituality and moksha. It is the houses for sages and monks. In reality, this indicates that
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Message 📩 for the 💦 bearers

Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️, Pisces ♓️

I see you really using your discernment & logic rn. Head over heart, which is almost against your nature but in this situation it feels warranted. You’re trying to move forward & detach from a painful situation.—
Be gentile & patient with yourself when it comes to overcoming this. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are healing. I do see you gaining control of those emotions. & as soon as you do, here they come. Could be a fire or air sign. Some of you have a family with—
this person. & some it’s just been a long term commitment. Either way, they are definitely coming back offering you an apology & something serious. I really feel most of you are going to turn your back on this & continue to heal yourself. You’re wanting to just free—
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Week ahead Water signs: I see you speaking up about how you feel to a lover, no, nothing bad will happen, no chaos, no damage. Just release and do things with ease, let your angels handle the work, you don't need to be constantly trying to take control, this will slow down the+
New beginnings even more. Lose the facade/mask you have going on and be open about yourself/feelings etc, you may seem like they don't feel the same, but trust me, they do, they're just afraid to show it. I do see some justice being made here and you're definitely in your power.
Maybe some apologies, heart to heart conversation etc, I see someone coming out of Hermit mode eventually to speak up about how they feel too, I see good news coming your way. They may have taken some time to think things over, but this will turn out very well.
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Week ahead Earth signs: I see you're trying to figure out some sort of situation you're trapped in here, about a person and the future. I see you have your guard up about the future with this person, too scared to think about it because the energy is so strong with this person.
Try and be more open to it, because I see much happiness with them. Don't rush and don't force yourself, I see you may be trying to solve things with a more mature and controlled mindset. Stay hopeful, keep pulling through, because I see a great amount of love coming from this.
Though you're taking things slow this week and not rushing, I do see you going head first into this situation and giving it all your might and strength to get through it. I see you finding some type of growth/advancement here no matter how stubbron/resistant you've been.
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🔮Daily Tarot Reading🔮

💫For All The Signs: Love Edition💗💫

🦋if it doesn’t apply let it fly 🦋
Water Signs (#Cancer ♋️ , #Scorpio ♏️ , #Pisces ♓️): When it comes to your love life, whether you are single or in a connection… you may be feeling like you make some progress but then something happens and you’re back where you started. The constant trial and errors, or failed
♋️ ♏️ ♓️
situations might be very discouraging for you. Each new problem hurts worse than the last. But the truth is, it's not a complete loss. You (or both you and your partner if you’re in a connection) need to grow as individuals before you can even think of this working as
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Love in March Earth signs: You've finally found the balance that you've been juggling/looking for and this is making you to move forward even more with this connection. You may have had other people interested in you/you had other connections, but you're no longer putting in any+
Energy, time, effort etc into them, as you're now focusing on that one person, who eases your mind and calms your nerves. I see you've been in Hermit mode trying to access your thoughts on this person/connection, they affect you very much with their feminine energy.
I'm seeing you may end up telling your friends about this connection in March, this is a deeply rooted connection within you, it's divine, meant to be. Dont let your ego/pride get the best of you, give when you can give and trust in divine timing.
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Love in March Water signs: You're in a high feminine energy in March and you're trying to find balance with all aspects in life, especially love. You're not taking shit from anyone, you're setting boundaries and rules and you're growing so much from this.
If you feel weak, go to friends/family for advice and uplifting, I'm seeing you may start connecting with your person even more in March just out of nowhere, more communication and understanding on a deeper level. You two are mirroring energies in this month.
I'm seeing big things could happen in this connection during March as in the past/recently, no effort has been put in as they've been needing to release some burdens/toxic/negative energies. Though the effort will be put in during this month. Things will pick up pace and you'll+
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Love in March Air signs: I'm seeing a big heartbreak here, things haven't been going right for a while now and it's been emotionally draining and just no movement/progress at all, though I think this heartbreak is for the better. There's been so much conflict around this for a+
While now and it was just painfully slow to go through. I'm seeing maybe a past person showing up to help you get through this and heal you, you haven't thought about/seen this person in a while, but a lot of communication will be happening with this person.
You'll be connected on a deep level, jobs/work may be tied to this too. I see you gaining your power and energy back with this connection. This could even be someone who hurt you in the past, coming back to repair things or you could be looking back to not make the same mistakes.
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Love in March Fire signs: You've manifested so much happiness and better days to happen. This is exactly what's happening in the month of March, you can go into this month head first, fighting for what you want, the universe is completely guiding you and on your side.
Your intuition seems to be high and you're vibrating at high frequencies, don't be surprised if you get a lot of stares/turning heads. You may be into multiple people/stuck in love triangles, no negative energies will be surrounding your love life and your mental health seems to+
Be in check surrounding love. Many love offers/crushes will be aimed towards you. Though I'm seeing one specific person has the hots for you and wants you and only you, you've caught their eye and they're making it their mission to have your full attention. #tarot #tarotreader
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🌊#WaterSigns #WaterSign #Cancer #Scorpio #Pisces

It’s going to be a bit rough for the water collective . While I do see the ending of hardships and difficult times I also see a great love opportunity that is going to present itself to you. The thing is that the collective
I’m connecting with may or may not be ready to accept it. It’s not uncommon nor is it bad to still feel the affects of past relationships. It’s human for us to feel pain connected to someone we once loved. However when water signs love it is an especially strong bond and when
that bond is severed ( for what ever reason ) it may take water signs a bit of time to really process and move forward. I will always support and encourage people to take the time they need to heal. The cards are showing that while you are in your healing time a love
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what the signs should release 🌿

can apply to sun, moon, rising & venus

aries: creative blockages
taurus: pent up emotions
gemini: the past
cancer: issues around asking for help
leo: feminine wounds
virgo: lack of boundaries and people pleasing
libra: overthinking
scorpio: blaming others
sagittarius: lack of intention
capricorn: expectations
aquarius: pain body
pisces: false beliefs

(explanations below)

you guys have creative pursuits you wanna go after but something is stopping you. it seems it’s a subconscious belief that you aren’t good enough. this seems to be something you’ve been dealing with from childhood. try doing some shadow/inner child work to work through
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🌊 #WaterSigns #Cancer #Scorpio #Pisces.
Do you have your arms crossed right now? You been feeling a bit closed off to love lately? Your reading is telling me that there is someone in your social sphere that has eyes for you but you’re giving them the side eye.
While it’s always a good idea to be cautiously optimistic about people you don’t know until you learn about them, this isn’t the case. You know this person. You’ve been knowing this person. They’re younger than you but they’re grown enough to show you a good time.
Why are you pushing back? Everybody has bad experiences in the past, but this person isn’t giving you any reason to doubt their sincere intentions. Let them buy you that drink. Meet them for lunch. You never know what could happen until you try. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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Aries Leo Sagittarius
Taurus Virgo Capricorn
Gemini Libra Aquarius
Cancer Scorpio Pisces
(sun, moon, rising)

What you need to know for
✨ January 13th - 20th ✨
#Virgo something that’s important to you may not work out in your favour. There could be a surprising tournaround in events and you may need to be more creative or to lern a new skill to get this done. Whatever lesson you’re learning here it will be helpful for you on your path. Image
#Libra creative self-expression can be helpful for you this week. When you start to think outside the box you may break some boundaries or discover a new form of art. It’s important to do you and not let society decide what’s art or not or what you can do or not. Have fun! Image
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New year of 2021 is to celebrated with the might energy of warrior mars in its mool-trikona sign of Aries. Mars, the commander in chief of the planets has already transited to Aries on 24-12-2020.

Mars is the soldier on battlefield who has left the spiritual waters of Pisces and entered its own Warfield i.e., its own house of Aries. It might have brought lot of blessings to the core of our lives and bring end to the passive tendencies faced by many of us in past few

months. We are back in action and fighting back all challenges. But Mars is an aggressive planet and abundance of aggression might spoil our relationships and impact our journey towards our goals. However,on this new year, we need to regulate this mars energy into positive
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💌 Intuitive messages Cancer Scorpio Pisces
You think that a situation can change but it just never gets any better. What needs to happen is that you’re taking action to move away from this. The reason why you don’t want a change is because you don’t know what comes next.
#Cancer Stop selling yourself short in terms of relationships.

Affirm: I am supported in all I do and I know my worth.
#Scorpio People and believe systems from your past are holding you back.

Affirm: I am aligning my beliefs with my goals.
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yes i have watched this tarot reading about #leejoongi & #moonchaewon relationship in RL. exactly as I thought before, this #joonchae couple really do have feelings toward each other. the different is, #chaewon wants to be with him, but.... (cont.)
she hides her overflowing feelings behind mask😧 she doesn’t want anyone to know bcs #leejoongi has not making any movement at all. what else she can do? she’s not a chaser anyway so she kept it only to herself. even though she already has thoughts about serious relationship...
like making a family of her own. #moonchaewon has fears too that in her age, she doesn’t want temporary relationship or anything with no clear purpose. also, based on the tarot reading, she’s worried about people judgement (maybe fans of #leejoongi or other shipper)
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Married Life Predictions With Navamansa Chart

Navamsa, the harmonic chart representing the microscopic view of 9th house is the most crucial chart for analyzing the married life of native. Nowadays, relationships are becoming more complex and therefore proper Image
evaluation of chart is important for deciphering the success in the same. Your birth chart shows all your karmas but in order to deeply analyze various areas of life such as money, education, career, relationships, parents, siblings, etc., Rishi Parashara has given us
divisional charts. Today, many relationship predictions just fail due to the fact that #navamansa chart was not given due consideration while giving predictions. Therefore, we always do a through study of the chart in order to give accurate predictions about the chart.
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Rahu-Ketu transit - September 23, 2020
Today, the mystical shadow planets will change sign & the most important astrological event of the year is on cards. Rahu will transit 2 its exalted sign ruled by #Venus i.e. #Taurus. Ketu will transit to its own house #Scorpio
You might be thinking that why this transit is so important ?
And the straight answer is that quantum of effects produced by this shift. There will be many micro and macro level changes which will lead your life after this transit.
👉Rahu will be transiting 1st house of
India's natal chart.This will bring many structural changes in India.
👉Communal violence will be on the rise. Secret anti -India sources will become very active and govt. has to do lot of planning to defeat them.
👉Rahu is smoky planet. Its transiting natural 2nd house
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Sunday, 6th September 2020

#Moon is transiting through Ashwani nakshatra whose lord #Ketu is near to Gandanta point in #scorpio and sagittarius axis.Moon will be forming conjunction with #mars in #Aries.#Saturn will also be aspecting the moon mars conjunction. Indo china clashes Image
can take a severe form as mars is 7th lord in Indian chart.Proper strategy formation should be done and over aggression should be avoided.

At individual level, you should avoid confrontations and mental frustrations. As moon represents mind, there is a high probability that you
might feel tensed or upset over things.Just relax and do meditation.

Offering water to shivling and praying to God Shiva will help you to remain cool and direct your energies in good direction. Chant Aditya hridya strotam during morning and offer arghala to sun god.
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எனக்கு தெரிஞ்சது கார், எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிஞ்சது கிரிக்கெட் அண்ட் பிளேயர்ஸ். இரண்டத்தோட வரலாற்று ஒற்றுமை வச்சுதான் இந்த #Thread #players vs #car

உங்களுக்கு பிடிச்ச பிளேயர் இல்ல உங்களுக்கு பிடிச்ச கார் எதோட மேட்ச் ஆகுதுனு பாருங்க.

புடிச்சா ஆர்டி பண்ணுங்க நண்பர்களே

சும்மாதானே. Image
#hondacity vs #souravganguly


கங்குலியோட ஆட்டிடியூட், ஸ்டைல் ஆப் ஷாட், கேப்டன்சி, போஸ்ட் மேட்ச் பிரசண்டேசன் ஸ்பீச், ஆப் தி கிரவுண்டு ஹ்யூமன் எல்லாத்துலயுமே ஒரு எலைட்னஸ் தெரியும். ஒரு காலத்துல ஆஸ்திரேலியா, இங்கிலாந்து, தெ ஆப்ரிக்க மேட்ச் பார்த்தா அவ்வளவு ImageImage
காஸ்ட்லி கேமா தெரியும். நம்மாளுங்க கும்ப்ளே, ஸ்ரீநாத்லாம் பேட்டிங் வரப்ப தேஞ்சு பிஞ்சுப்போன கிளவுஸ், லெக் பேடுனு பாக்கவே பரிதாபமா வருவானுங்க. கங்குலி கேப்டன்னா ஆனபிறகுதான் இந்திய அணி உலக அரங்குல கொஞ்ச கொஞ்சமா பணக்கார டீம்மா மாருச்சு. கங்குலியோட பீல்டிங் செட்டிங், பவுலர் செலக்‌ஷன்
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Mars transit Aries : Effect On 12 Zodiac

On 16th August,2020, the fiery planet of mars will transit its #Mooltrikona sign of #Aries. The graha #Mangal is the warrior planet and it is the karaka for brothers, might and courage. As #Mars is entering its own house, Image
all the significations of mars will gain prominence. There will be a heightened Martian energy and passion to pursue your dreams. The people who are employed in professions which need physical energy such as police, army, detective, sports, gym etc. will be benefitted
depending upon natal placements.

The stay of mars in Aries is temporary as it will again retrograde back to Pisces. Check this exclusive timeline for detailed view of mars transit in upcoming 5 months.
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The source of energy for whole Universe – #Sun God will be entering the sign of #Leo on 16th August, 2020. Sun transiting in Leo also known as #SimhaSankranti. The days of #Sankranti are considered pious and sacred in our country. From ancient times, Image
there is a tradition of taking dips in holy rivers on the day of Sankranti. Sun God, Lord Vishnu and Lord Narsimha Swamy are prayed on the this occasion. Nariyal Abhishek (coconut water) is performed on this day. #Suntransit through its own sign will have different impacts
on all signs. Sun is the planet of dominance, authority, government, societal honour, self-confidence etc. Leo is the natural 5th house of zodiac. It stands for romance, love, creativity, joy and children. Sun is a fierce planet & Leo is a fiery sign. Therefore at tatva level
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74th Independence Day & Future Of India
India is celebrating its 74th Independence Day this year. The advent of #COVID19 has changed the dynamics of world. Let’s have a look at the birth chart of India for future opportunities and challenges.

In India’s foundation Image
chart, #Rahu in Lagan and #Ketu in 7th gives disputes with neighbouring countries. It also symbolises that western culture will prevail over the nation and Indian culture will face lot of degradation. #India is currently going through moon dasha which will continue till 2025.
Moon is located in 3rd house of chart with ascendant lord and 3 other planets. No doubt moon is placed in own house but still it is not able to deliver promising results due to conjunction with natural malefics.

The current #Jupiter’s transit from 8th house of
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