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Sorry I have been away, but is time I tell you facts about Hookah.

This time, I advice you to read to the end.
You must have heard Hookah is not dangerous?


Is a thread 🧵 >>> #AskDrE
You know how you work into a bar - and you see hookah positioned on different tables?!

You see the way guys and ladies are puffing away at the Hookah/Shisha

It is a beautiful sight, and you are drawn to try a little - Just a little.

Then you try it out and you feel good because everyone says it is harmless - not as bad as cigarettes 🚬 at least.

Hookah is the new fav right?

I totally agree, BUT...

But you should know that;

Hookah contains NICOTINE - a major flaw in cigarettes

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We all know someone suffering from:

Lung disease
Heart diseases

These noncommunicable diseases are the 🌍's biggest killers, responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths worldwide.

We need your help to #BeatNCDs!
Tobacco. 🚬
Alcohol. 🍻
Air pollution. 🏭
Unhealthy diet. 🍔
Physical inactivity. 🛋️

These are the main NCDs risks.

Let's STOP them.
Let's #BeatNCDs.
@pahowho @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO Noncommunicable diseases kill 41 million people prematurely every year, many of them in the prime of life.

41 MILLION lives.
41 MILLION families affected.

But we could save nearly 10 million lives by 2025. Let's #BeatNCDs
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How far do investments in health Research & Development align with global public health demands and needs?

Check out the WHO Global Observatory
@WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOWPRO @DrTedros @doctorsoumya 1% of all funding for health R&D is allocated to diseases such as #malaria and #tuberculosis which account for more than 12.5% of the global burden of disease.
The recent outbreaks of #Ebola virus disease dramatically exposed the lack of investment in products and approaches to prevent and minimize the impact of pathogens with epidemic potential. 👉
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🔥For the week of 8/5-8/12🔥

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#aries : LMAO I see y’all straight up NARUTO RUNNING straight towards your goals & dreams this week. It looks like this week will be a time where you get clear on one of your big goals & know that it’s time to HUSTLE to get it. Y’all are done playing small.
It doesn’t matter WHO or WHAT is in your way this’re done being small or “too nice” in order to be liked by the masses, you’ve realized it’s time to be the real you, & this version ppl might be intimidated by. Maybe you’ve blamed yourself for being too intimidating b4
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PTW: so, Hepzi and Sharyn were "arrested" again the other day while walking to 7/11 with the boys. CPS was never called on Sharyn nor was there ever an investigation. Sharyn has primary custody of the boys but Jeff is insane and threatened her the other day. He also stalks H and
S all the time and makes up lies nonstop about them. Anyhow, he came to the house last week twice and pounded on the door and was threatening Sharyn. Then, he came up with this bull crap "protective custody" based on Sharyn's Twitter posts. Hahaha. It was laughable. Here's the
requirements for a protective custody order...none of which S has had happened in her life. Jeff, however, hasn't paid child support for months except once. He takes pictures of Hepzibah when she comes to visit Sharyn and texts them to his #cia #handlers. He also stalks
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This woman’s doctor ordered her #cancer drugs, which were denied and delayed, not by her “very expensive” insurance, but by a pharmacy benefit manager her insurance required her to use.

Is that legal? Yes. It’s happening to thousands across the country.…
Many people are upset about these decisions made by pharmacy benefit managers, including doctors.…
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I was probably 5 or 6 years old when I first came across the reality of death. My aunt (mother’s elder sister) came to visit for the first time in my memory. Married to struggling artists the sisters, thick as thieves in their childhood, hardly met now #livingwithcancer #Cancer
I was too young to know at that time but she was dying. And she was in Delhi in the hope of delaying the eventuality. Mother of a young girl with special needs, she would, over the next few years, try everything she could to live. #livingwithcancer #Cancer #CancerAwareness
It’s at this time that I first heard how my grandfather — a man whose life, work and love for arts I had heard a lot about — died. Of #cancer in the colon in his late fifties. #livingwithcancer #CancerAwareness
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Bob Collymore, Joyce Laboso, Ken Okoth these are the 3 prominent leaders who have succumbed to Cancer this past month. The number on the ground, that of poor Kenyans known to their families and friends. In KNH David and Epiot have died in the same cancer ward as my Paps.Thread
2. A few months ago we received this shocker. My paps had long been complaining of stomach pains and we always assumed it was Ulcers. After many tests were done, he learnt that he had #Adenocarcinoma which is a #CancerFreeTwitter that affects the Colon. So what to do
We got a refferal to KNH and after weeks of consultations, Counseling, prayers and denial the doc said he needed to start #Chemotherapy. Mind you this is something we knew nothing about, say from what we saw on telly or heard on the radio. So day 1 of chemo
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Most deep learning #AI work to date has been supervised. 1. Now we're seeing a trend towards much more unsupervised, aka "self-supervised" (after @ylecun) or weakly supervised.
Figure from @GaryChoy in #DeepMedicine
@ylecun @GaryChoy 2. In the past 2 weeks, 4 important papers published:
—Process 3.3 M abstracts in materials science
—Prevail at 6-player Texas Hold'em poker
—Solve Rubik's cube in 1.2 secs
—Classify whole slide #cancer pathology images
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More than 1 in 10 children worldwide missed out on lifesaving #vaccines such as #measles, #diphtheria and #tetanus in 2018: New data from WHO/@UNICEF…
Globally, since 2010, vaccination coverage with 3 doses of #diphtheria, #tetanus & #pertussis and the first dose of the #measles vaccine has stalled at around 86% - not sufficient as 95% coverage globally is needed to protect against outbreaks of #vaccine-preventable diseases
Most unvaccinated children live in the poorest countries and are disproportionately in fragile or conflict-affected states.
Almost half are in just 16 countries:
🇾🇪 #vaccination
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At #MAGA rally in #Florida that is the official kick-off event for @realDonaldTrump #Election2020 campaign, @VP is warming up the crowd directly before the appearance of @POTUS.
Actually @POTUS gets introduced by @FLOTUS.
"If we had three or four empty seats, the fake news would say we didn't fill up the arena," according to @POTUS who adds there were 120,000 requests for seats in Orlando tonight's #MAGA rally.
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1. #News ~ ‘CRIME BOSS’: Closing Arguments in NXIVM Trial
— Satanism, Mexico Child Trafficking, Hillary, Schumer and Gillibrand Ties…

#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #ItsHAPPENING
#JusticeComing #SOON #TheStormIsUponUs #TickTock
2. #News ~ Benghazi Suspect Found Guilty of Terrorism in 2012 Attack on U.S. Compound; “We will never forget those we lost in Benghazi on 9/11, 2012 – Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, & Ambassador Christopher Stevens,”…

#Trump #Qanon #Benghazi
3. #News ~ YAY!! President Trump is Planning to Live-tweet Democratic Debates



#Trump #Qanon #Trump2020
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[#Dossier] Juin 2019 > Théorie de l'effondrement : notre civilisation peut-elle vraiment disparaître ? via @science_et_vie #LaMethSci
[A découvrir] 26/03 > Théorie de l’effondrement : la #collapsologie est-elle juste une fantaisie sans fondement ? via @franceculture #LaMethSci
[#Parution] 2015 > Comment tout peut s'effondrer par #PabloServigne @EditionsduSeuil #LaMethSci
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1. #News ~ President Trump, “I meet & talk to foreign governments every day,” “Should I immediately call the FBI about these calls & meetings? How ridiculous! I would never be trusted again”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Patriot #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #KAG
2. #News ~ Jordan B. Peterson launching ‘anti-censorship’ platform ‘Thinkspot’ to counter tech titans…

#Trump #Qanon #Censorship #Fight #Patriot
3. #News ~ Adam Schiff vows to subpoena FBI over Russia investigation…

#Trump #Qanon #Spygate #TickTock
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Well as someone with #cancer, I must say, this sounds great. But didn't Obama put #Biden in charge of curing cancer in a "moonshot" in 2015? How did that go? Because we never heard a word about it.

Biden: If I'm elected, we're going to cure cancer…
So first #Biden tells us that when he's elected all the Republicans are going to have an epiphany because Trump is a #GOP anomaly (he is not), and now he's going to cure #cancer.

Amazing what plummeting poll numbers will do for a campaign.
As someone who is currently very sick who hasn't been allowed to eat food for several days, and has been too sick to even be on Twitter in days, I'm just going to say that if #cancer were that easy to cure, 17M Americans, myself included, wouldn't have it.
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I'm often asked whether there's a hidden cure for #cancer being suppressed. A common narrative is that a cancer cure would ruin the profits of "big pharma", and so they'd use their power to suppress it. Certainly it's a popular belief - but it's wrong. Here's why: THREAD (1/10)
So what is cancer? It's an entire class of diseases, with over 200 known types. Cancer can stem from virtually any cells type, with hugely varied prognosis & treatment options. What unifies all cancers is that they are the result of unregulated cell division (2/10)
It's even more complex too - cancers arise from mutations in our own cells. Every cancer is unique as the person who has it. This is a stark contrast to things like viruses and bacteria, which have some specific genetic fingerprint we can seek out - cancer IS us (3/10)
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#cancersurvivor #cancer talk looks today at the final part of the cancer experience when the battle is lost. Again this may bother some folks but I think it's important information to consider. ACS provides some information especially for caregivers
The signs of death being near can be different for each person. No one can really predict what may happen at the end of life, how long the final stage of life will last, or when death will actually happen.
Sometimes death comes quickly due to an unexpected event or problem. Other times the dying process moves slowly and the patient seems to linger.
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I'm sorry, the 'what' crisis/epidemic? The #OpioidCrisis?! No. How about alcohol? No, wait. Too many ppl think drinking is ok even though it kills over 3 MILLION ppl a year & has a hand in murder, rape, domestic/child abuse, horrific accidents & Prohibition didn't work. (Cont)
What about tobacco! We sued the hell outta them, yeah! Taught 'em a GOOD lesson. But, wait. Ppl can still buy tobacco products practically everywhere & uh oh, the money from the suit is running out. Big Government needs more dough. I know... Let's go after pain medication! (Cont)
Even though the vast majority of ppl who really need & use it do so responsibly & their addiction rate is less than 1%, since we can't get the cartels killing everyone with #illicitfentanyl and #heroin will hit the low hanging fruit. Doctors & pharmaceutical companies. (Cont)
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🚨🚨The lies about the Trump Administration wanting to #ProtectOurCare stop TODAY! The dismantling of the law of the land has been going on since day 1 of this Administration to remove protections for 130M w/#PreExistingConditions

After failing to repeal the #ACA in Congress in 2017, in 2/2018, 18 @GOP AG's & 2 GOP Governors Filed a Lawsuit to Repeal the #ACA in the U.S. Northern District of TX. 2/
.@GOP officials claim since #ACA’s individual mandate fine was repealed in 2017 tax law, the mandate can no longer be considered a “tax.” b/c of this change, they argue the mandate is now unconstitutional & the entire ACA must be struck down.

These are their names. 3/
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REVEALED: Senate’s running cost could have provided one million boreholes! | TheCable…
@NGRSenate @bukolasaraki @benmurraybruce @dino_melaye @SenMarafaKabir @SERAPNigeria In a country where 46 percent of its citizens are currently living below the poverty line of $1.90 or N693.5 per day, the running cost could have been used to solve some basic needs. In this piece, TheCable looks at what that amount could have been used for in different sectors.
@NGRSenate @bukolasaraki @benmurraybruce @dino_melaye @SenMarafaKabir @SERAPNigeria HEALTH
It is no news that Nigeria lacks an effective healthcare system. #Cancer has been identified as one of the leading causes of death globally. For a country of 198 million people, there are just four radiotherapy centres.…
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Il cancro rappresenta il paradigma dell'immortalità. Se nelle cellule sane esiste un meccanismo 'salvifico' di apoptosi, le cellule cancerose non vogliono morire. Mai come adesso ricerca e nuove tecnologie sono in grado di combattere ad armi pari. Quattro esempi. #OneGiantLeap
Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors
In a major advancement in nanomedicine, scientists have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumors by cutting off their blood supply

#Cancer #NanoRobots #NanoMedicine #DNA #origami…
Google’s Machine Learning Model Detects Cancer in Real-Time.
Detecting cancer at an early stage has long been a focus area in healthcare. From IBM Watson to other major players, until now.

#Google #Cancer #MachineLearning #ML #ArtificialIntelligence #AI…
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India (Bhārat), aka Republic of India (Bhārat Gaṇarājya) constitutes a mosaic of paradoxes and contradictions starting with the existence of gigantic socio-economic disparities which are in sharp contrast with the spectacular technological development in most productive sectors.
Such contradictions reflect significant measurement discrepancies which, in India's case, could be on the order of hundreds of millions of people.
Furthermore, there is the problem of Islamic terrorists, who are trained abroad and find easy fuel in the contradictions within it.
Finally, there’s agriculture which, by some estimates, accounts for 90% of India’s water consumption. Farmers meet irrigation demands by indiscriminately extracting groundwater, which some say accounts for a quarter of the world’s groundwater usage.
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I am one of 17M Americans with #cancer right now.
Some of us will survive, some will not.
Our survival should not be predicated on our health insurance.
#M4A is an imperative step toward universal coverage and keeping us all living as long as possible.
Every candidate must support #UniversalHealthCoverage. Access to care is the single most important issue for all Americans regardless of party. EVERYONE has a family member who's sick: parent, spouse, child. No one should face bankruptcy to care for a loved one.
My father's final illness bankrupted me. I got sick soon after. This is a common story. But unlike our peers in Canada, UK, France or Germany, we have no recourse but to accrue massive hospital bills and risk losing everything to care for a sick loved me.
#M4A is a promise.
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