This week sees my life and peace of mind, housing security and finances all messed with by the Department of Housing, Qld and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment - JSP’s oversight body. Social Housing screw up! & threats of loss of JobSeeker from anon body. #auspol
I am so over this draconian system. Where is the recourse? I have an active on-foot complaint about Job Search Providers, unresolved - and some anonymous JSP sms’s me today, Saturday morning, saying I’m jeapardising my JobSeeker payment - they don’t say how. #auspol #RaiseTheRate
This directly affects my ability to pay my rent and survive.
It clearly affects my peace of mind, throwing me into a@spin- at the beginning of two working days off for the bodies responsible. Why send an sms like this on a Saturday? There’s no one I can talk to before Monday. This is harassment. #auspol #RaiseTheRate adjust the #taperrates
In short - the politics appear to hate me for being so vocal. Getting kicked this way and sideways for what? Is my concern about homelessness/ poverty invalid? Seriously? Housing stress is bloody stressful. How to think straight with no way out and a system booting you? #auspol
Here’s the sms from this morning:
Anonymous JSP harassment on a Saturday morning. It doesn’t say what I’ve done wrong - & as far as I know: there’s an on foot complaint against my last JSP and many unresolved issues important for my well-being not yet addressed in that. #auspol Image
I don’t even know who this is from. I’m not currently attached to a JSP due to the on-foot complaint. I have asked Centrelink to set me an appointment with a social worker / anyone who can assist. So far that hasn’t happened either. #auspol What am I supposed to be grateful for?
.@SenatorSiewert @billshortenmp @larissawaters @GetUp @Anne_Ruston @JoshFrydenberg I need this resolved fairly in a way that is clearly communicated to me with my rights respected. Making me do something that leaves me worse off isn’t okay. It’s really not. #auspol #RaiseTheRate
Haven’t submitted my required JobSearch efforts to a body I don’t know about and have never dealt with - without ever being advised or being linked with them - with an on-foot complaint about my last JSP - serious, on-foot, and unresolved complaint. This is harassment! #auspol
It certainly is t the actions of a system looking after me. That’s for bloody sure. #auspol #RaiseTheRateForGood and don’t make it so stressful to keep. Paying rent and being stable helps me participate- jeopardising this harms me directly. Not okay. #socialsecurityisaright
And then the #qldpol housing issue. @LeeanneEnoch Why did the department of Housing give a social housing provider access to contact information for people on the waiting list? For a privately managed property that doesn’t care about need, only income? #PrivacyBreach #Housing
First, a social housing provider who doesn’t and will not say who owns them contacted me by email and then by sms this week. Offering me the chance to apply to their newly constructed social housing build. Turns out I don’t even meet their requirements. Yet Hsg gave them my data.
They call themselves BHC and sent an sms from a number I don’t recognise but came up as BHC - which could really easily stand for Brisbane Housing Commission or similar - I think it’s misleading. Here’s the message: Image
To be eligible for this #social not #public #housing offer I needed to apply showing I earn over $630/ week. They literally state they are targeting people on DSP and Aged Pensions - these payments get more than JobSeekers. I don’t earn enough - even working p/t with JobSeeker.
This proves to me this social housing provider doesn’t care about public housing requirements to house those most in need first, only to accept and house those that qualify by their income status. This boots me again. I need #publichousing.
I literally pay more rent right now and this social housing property wouldn’t help me because I don’t earn enough to cover their rent - which is less than the rent I currently pay. I am in serious #housingstress and this is what I’m given. Nothing but another kick. #auspol
To make matters worse, #social housing runs at 30% of your income and is supported by the #NRAS system. Where #public housing runs at 25% of your income and is supported by #rentassistance. Social housing costs the taxpayer and the disadvantaged more. It ignores need. #auspol
Apparently it’s a not-for-profit social housing provider. We’re they funded to build the disgusting building they have built? I’d like to know this too. Right on the freeway without as many car spaces as there are units - so no allocated parking in a 2P area. Bollocks! #housing
They literally want to place poorer people in shoeboxes directly above the freeway - using our information given by dept public housing - that they choose based on income not need -without cars. So they get the adverse health effects from the freeway placement. Appalled! #auspol
If you look at the sms they sent me, it’s a link to a survey. So, the Department of Housing Queensland has given contact data of people on their housing wait lists to a community housing org., who is now using that to data-mine income of our most disadvantaged. @AnnastaciaMP
It refers me to an email - that gives the rest of the information about who qualifies - but didn’t answer questions about floor space of unit offerings, how placements are chosen (implied by wealth status) or about the lack of car parks. I rang and asked about these. #housing
When I say it’s implied by wealth status - I mean, they stated on the phone when I rang them - two days ago, that only people with an income above $630/week need apply. This clearly suggests they don’t care about needs based placement in affordable housing, only about income.
UPDATE: I sent a letter spelling out this harassment to DESE on Monday morning. My payment was authorised thanks to @Centrelink - who were appalled to hear of this. The JSP texting me is one even they know I have requested to be moved away from. Yes it is my right to be moved.
I have received an email from DESE, yesterday. I haven't had time to fully digest what it says - but it states it aims to answer all my questions from my letter - but not to address any concerns in the on-foot complaint. At that, I think they miss the point a little. #auspol
If a person was behind sending those emails - it could be, & I'm not a lawyer, that this person may have breached s474.17 of the Crimes Act, 1995, Cth. In harassing someone and threatening them through a carriage service? Any Human Rights lawyers able to speak to this? #auspol
*sending those text messages...
If so, please contact me. I think I need some serious Human Rights pro-bono legal assistance. #auspol #humanrights #JSP #RaiseTheRateForGood #HousingForAll #SocialSecurityIsARight
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Thank you very much. :)

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9 Dec 20
.@Senator_Patrick your voicemail at Parliament House now states your are being inundated with calls against the cashless debit card - and only invites messages from people on other issues. I left you a message anyway.

Don’t support the card! #auspol #RaiseTheRate #PovertyKills

If anyone else wants to call Senator @Senator_Patrick here is the number for Parliament House in Canberra. Just ask reception to be put through to his office. Ask him - his answering machine - NOT to support the card. #auspol #NoCDC
If Senator Patrick supports this he supports ineffective legislation that delivers only cruelty and sanctions - to people in #poverty.

These are not criminals, they are people deemed eligible for Social Security. #PovertyKills #ServicesnotSanctions #RaiseTheRate #auspol
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18 Nov 20
In just two weeks I have experienced contacts with the Department of Housing, Job Service Providers, the hotline for same with Dept of Education, Skills & Wmployment and Centrelink. All have taken hours of my time in calls & appointments with them that bring zero hope. #auspol
For each one of these contacts, I am required to give my Centrelink Reference Number - I feel I no longer have a name, I am simply to be referred to as 123456789A nine numbers and one letter. After which all manner of other identifying details become relevant and required.
I am working in a underemployed capacity, and literally am only eligible for a whopping just under twenty dollars of the set rate of JobSeeker (sans Covid19 supplement) and has been on this payment for years - what help is provided? What assistance? Why is now different?
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24 May 20
As interim Sec of AUWU Brisbane Branch, I notified a meeting to elect executive tomorrow 5pm, Mon 25/5.

This was done with full cooperation of AUWU management.
I have since been locked out of my AUWU email address.

Please resolve this
so I can chair this meeting.
Since calling this meeting unknown people in AUWU management have removed my access to the AUWU email address I was given. This is the address I called this meeting from. They have changed my password and locked me out. This means whoever runs this meeting is posing as me.
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