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@TOBYTEK @ninaturner Toby, I want you to think real hard on this & listen, ok? Closely.

It's not about "Socialism", it's about you, it's about me, it's about US. You DESERVE what other people in other countries have; healthcare, paid maternity leave, tuition free college, cheap broadband, /1
@TOBYTEK @ninaturner living wages, long term care rights for you & your loved ones, student loan debt & medical debt erased, on & on. It's not socialism, it's compassion. It is all about YOU & everyone else. Do you think it's fair YOUR TAX $ go towards subsidizing Exxon? Walmart? Amazon? /2
@TOBYTEK @ninaturner Because it is. When your tax dollars could be going towards things which truly help people, it goes to corporations who pay no taxes and whose wages are so low that their employees have to rely on Gov't assistance. People are literally dying working for Amazon. /3
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#BerniesTaxCuts a thread.
So when thinking about Bernie Sanders policies, many of us typically think about how they will benefit us as a nation. But I want you all to do me a favor: think DEEPLY about how his policies will directly affect your life in the here and now. How would
tuition free public college or trade school affect you? This tax that you would pay in the form of tuition would be eliminated thus saving you THOUSANDS of dollars and getting an education. You would never have to go into debt to pay it back. What about those of you who already
went to college? How would you fair financially if suddenly you didn't have to pay your student loan debt tomorrow or ever again? What if you could use that money to save for a house or start a business? How about saving for a vacation or buying something you want like a camera?
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Acquiring your house with the FMBN Mortgage Loan.

1. Be a contributor to the NHF;

2. Get an offer letter in your property of interest;

3. Open an account with a PMB (Preferably @FHAmortgage_ )

4. Fulfill the terms for FHA to make a loan application on your behalf @FMBNigeria
5. Your application is processed by FMBN ( board sits 4 times annually);

6. Approval will be communicated to @FHAmortgage_ which will in turn request that you meet some pre-disbursement conditions;

7. Upon meeting these conditions, your submissions are sent to @FMBNigeria
8. You submissions go through their internal processes like IRO, Credit/ Risk Analysis, Legal etc;

9. Subsequently, a draw down ( terms for disbursement) is generated and communicated to you via FHA;

10. Funds ( your load) will be released into your FHA account;
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#PSA #share/#RT #Austin
#mustwatch this very well done & COMPELLING video.
via @YouTube "Scenario-based modeling is d only way to beta-test development code" w/drawings & explanations from #ATX #architects who beta-tested #CodeNEXT.
#Austinites #info 1/3
Great huge #shoutout to Chris & Gina Allen for the work thats gone into d beta testing & presentation for #COAcityOfficials on behalf of many of us #Austin #homeowners/#TaxPayers. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
Please #share/#RT & make sure #Austinites r aware 2/3
#WakeUpATX #CodeNEXT NOT about #HousingForAll! #MayorLier & 6 other clowns (Natasha,Garza,Renteria,Casar, Flannigan, Paige) voted to allow #hotels n Mixed Use zones replacing possible residential. @austintexasgov staff says needed 4hotels.
#Recall info 3/3
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1/ #Rialto #Dublin Short thread of related pieces you may like to have in one place for all to see. @libertiesdublin ⬇️
Some great photos there too from Lisa Cassidy
3/ Some telling commentary, and another great picture of mass of structure as would have been up to empty in 2014, pre 2015 fire, but painted. Motor business there for quite a while.
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This is why Bernie's homes guarantee is revolutionary.

It's 1 thing to say "housing is a human right." It's another to commit to completely closing the housing gap, supporting natl rent control, requiring "just cause" for evictions, & devoting $2Bn for tenants' right to counsel.
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.@FSCDems Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Chairwoman @RepBeatty (D-OH-3)'s Opening Stmt, where she referenced Richard Rothstein's #ColorOfLaw. @EconomicPolicy @TMI_LDF #RacialWealthGap……
.@FinancialCmte Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Ranking Member @RepAnnWagner (R-MO-2)'s Opening Stmt.

@payscale 2018 #GenderPayGap…

@RepStefanik #HR1935 #WageEquity……
.@FinancialCmte Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Ranking Member @PatrickMcHenry (R-NC-10)'s Opening Stmt.

McHenry supports financial literacy training, FMLA changes, childcare policies & higher STEM participation.…
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Today in America, > 18 million families pay more than half their income to housing.

Virtually nowhere can a full-time minimum wage worker afford a decent 2 bedroom apt.

Corrupt real estate developers are fueling gentrification.

Bernie's doing something abt it #HousingforAll
Meanwhile, Trump is trying to cut the National Housing Trust Fund, which was based on legislation BERNIE spearheaded in Congress.

Trump wants to cut federal housing programs by $9.6 billion, or 18%.

We're not going to let that happen. #housingforall
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"1/3 of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive."
🐝 If All The Bees In The World Die, Humans Will Not Survive:…
Deregulation and control of judiciary appointments: The core tactics at the heart of GOP anti-governance. Here's the latest in banking deregulation and it's corrosive effect on the living standards of us 99%:
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At the @cityofsydney we want you, the people who live, work & visit Sydney, to help us shape the city’s future: that’s what #SustainableSydney2050 is about. I’m at Town Hall with about 500 people to further the plan today, part of 18months of consultation on our city, our future.
As Lord Mayor @CloverMoore just said, we don’t want to just react. We want to lead. We want our community to be prepared & resilient to face a changing world.

Our cities can be engines for Inclusion & sustainability, but business-as-usual won’t get us there. #ourcityourfuture
But we *do* need to recognise our enormous privilege & out-sized impact. Megan Flynn from @Earthwatch_Aus tells us, in most of the world, July 29 is the day we “use up” our sustainable allocation of natural resources.

In Australia, that date is March 31. #ourcityourfuture
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A technical, but important thread which demonstrates why UK housing law is SCREWED. #homelessness #HousingCrisis #HousingForAll
1. The main provisions on homelessness are contained in Part VII of the Housing Act 1996. The Act includes, among other things, principal criteria for determining which duties a local authority will owe to a homeless applicant, and how a decision can be challenged.
2. At present, under the specific guidelines set out in Part VII of the Housing Act 1996, many tenants who are served a Section 21 'notice' are being urged by their local council to remain; for if they leave, they are bizarrely classified as 'intentionally homeless'.
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday
December 9, 2018
Show support and RT from this #Thread:

Not only is our health care system morally bankrupt, it's also incredibly inefficient and wasteful.
We can't afford NOT to pass #MedicareForAll.
#SinglePayerSunday Headline:
Trump administration is encouraging seniors to ditch Medicare for privately-run Medicare Advantage and this family thought the low premiums were great -- until it came time to actually use the insurance…
#MedicareForAll America!
Why mixing Medicare with commercial insurance is NOT the health reform we need…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
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1) The draft House rules on “PAYGO” & a super majority on taxes are designed to set up roadblocks against:
- #MedicareForAll
- #GreenNewDeal
- #CollegeForAll
- Universal Childcare
- Paid Family and Medical Leave
- A Job Guarantee
- #HousingForAll…
2) There’s nothing “progressive” about these rules & they should be scrapped. If PAYGO and super majority tax rules were in place in the House in the 1930s and the 1960s, it would have made it nearly impossible to pass FDR’s New Deal and Medicare.…
3) They should be replaced with a rule requiring a three-fifths majority vote on any bill to cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. That would be progressive.
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I sometimes feel @georgialibs don't get enough high quality, academic press #history & #sociology books. Using the GA Pines automated system, people who are members of participating libraries can get a number of very good books which have recently come to my attention.
"The oldest living things in the world" by Rachel Sussman…. This photo essay book is a beautiful, mind-expanding paean to our biosphere. (I realize this is a #science #ecology book)
"Talking to my daughter about the economy, or, how capitalism works-- and how it fails" by Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis…
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🌩️ In this (free!) @curaffairs podcast, @rohangrey & I chat with @PeteDDavis about the need for the Left to abandon the “tax & transfer” approach. At ~29:20, I joked that we need to switch to “create & destroy.” We all laughed. It's intense. But I meant
I don’t think “tax and transfer” is a liberating lens on most any level. Whether or not you agree with MMT, acting like “money grows on rich people” and we must depend on their funds to offset the spending for a better world is a very restrictive approach to political economy.
When leftists refer to “taxpayer money”-- as opposed to say, “public money” -- we prolong the illusion we all depend on certain people’s economic contributions and not others. It’s atomizing.
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Defining “Socialist” isn’t hard. You just have to read their work & listen to their leaders

And what you’ll find is frightening

Worse yet, the Dem Socialists of America (DSA) actually has a good shot of gaining power if we don’t wake up & fight back

Let’s read their plan: 1/17
.@DemSocialists want to abolish capitalism and transfer ownership of “essential” industries / related businesses to the govt or worker committees.


“Wealth is a social creation and should be controlled by society as a whole.”

DSA’ers are squishy when defining which industries they’d nationalize. But the list touches every possible business, from food to electronics

Workers would then vote on which role is best for them, similar to the disastrous experiment at Zappos in 2016. (
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