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This is the cynic's guide to making Cape Town the greatest city in the world!
1. Law Enforcement must take charge of this city. Indiscriminately fine the homeless - especially in winter - as it will fundamentally deter more homeless from living in the inner city;
2. Increase Law Enforcement officers because crime = homelessness = crime. Lets not pay attention to other areas in our City where shootings and murders take place, because that is a National SAPS matter.
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The IPCC Report states that “shifts to public transport can enhance health, employment, and can elicit energy security and deliver equity.”

I commend the @bcndp for promoting a greener future by enabling transit-oriented development through #Bill16 1/ #bcpoli #Transit
Bill 16, the Transportation Amendment Act, grants the BC Transportation Financing Authority the ability to acquire and improve land that supports the development of #housing and amenities near transit stations. Known as Transit-oriented developments (TOD). 2/ #bcpoli #Transit
TODs can include: childcare centres, shops and commercial services, schools and healthcare centres, educational facilities, public gathering spaces, and recreation centres. These developments are fundamental, particularly among intersecting crises. 3/ #bcpoli #Transit
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Quick thread on Price-to-Rent Ratio?

The price-to-rent ratio can be helpful for gauging whether or not an area is “fairly” priced, or if it’s in bubble territory.

To determine the price-to-rent ratio in a given area, divide the median home price by the median annual rent.
Generally, a price-to-rent ratio higher than 21 means it’s cheaper to rent in that area.

As of 2019, the price-to-rent ratio in San Francisco is over 50, the highest in the US.
For every $1,000 you’d spend in rent, you’d have to pay $601,362 to buy something comparable.
e.g. a place that rents for $4,000/mo. would cost roughly $2.4M to buy.

At that rate, it’s cheaper to rent than to own, as the estimated monthly mortgage payment would be around $10,000.
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Thread: The President’s #budget released yesterday would provide $71.9 billion for HUD programs, a 9% increase over the FY22 bill enacted earlier this month. Many of the new funds are targeted to people who need them the most – as it should be. Here are some highlights:
The budget requests sufficient funding to maintain existing #Housing Choice Vouchers and expand assistance to an additional 200,000 households.
Due to limited funding, only 1 in 4 people eligible for rental assistance receive it. The majority of those in need are people of color, and new vouchers will help more people access stable #housing.…
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🇨🇳 #NPC meeting (1) | #China will be forced to announce new supportive measures in a context where:

1- Hospitality sector remains under heavy pressure due to persistent #Covid restrictions. As an example, according to Airportia, on a YoY basis, air traffic is still falling.
🇨🇳 #NPC meeting (2) | Residential #housing market is crashing.

*In Feb., the 100 biggest companies in #property industry saw a 47.2% ⬇ in sales YoY (v 39.6% prior), according to preliminary data by #China Real Estate Information Corp.

*Weekly figures also point to weakness ⬇
🇨🇳 #NPC meeting (3) | Foreign demand (a key supportive factor over the past few months) is on track to collapse amid #Ukraine crisis.

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1/ We’ve just released our pre-election recommendations for the next federal government – whether Liberal or Labor.

A thread on the key takeaways from our 2022 Orange Book. Be warned, it’s epic… #AusPol2022 Chart demonstrating priorit...
2/ We’re calling for major tax reform. The government should increase or broaden the GST and better target currently wasteful tax concessions (such as the 50% CGT discount and super tax concessions) to fund income tax cuts. This would boost incomes for Australians over time.
3/ The high cost of childcare creates barriers for women to take up more paid work. Reducing out-of-pocket childcare costs and boosting parental leave (including for Dads and partners) would free up families’ choices and boost workforce participation, particularly for women. Chart showing children are ...
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lot of discussion about how to address the challenges facing urban centers and commercial real estate. #BOMA #Homelessness #Housing #CRE
I have also done a couple of interviews for news and podcasts back in Boise about my work for @sanctuaryBoise #BOMA #Homelessness
In the @BOMAIntl Legislative Sub-Committee we spent time discussing energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and energy efficiency. #BOMA #Homelessness
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🧵Today I testified for @FSCDems on #homelessness in America. I am privileged to be able to speak to Congress on these important issues. I have a few things to add given the line of questions we received.
There was a lot of mischaracterization about Housing First (HF) during the hearing and I would like to clear some of that up. I am feeling a little spicy about it so bear with me.
First: Housing First is NOT #housing only. It is housing plus the services people want and need.
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I'm sorry to hear about your raised rent. 15% is substantial.

I'm all too familiar that it costs more to be poor, and the squeeze is real, especially in housing.


Response to question 🧵
When it comes to price-fixing and collusion, we know this wreaks havoc on our economy, often to the benefit of private equity firms and the detriment of renters and first-time home buyers. This issue occurs in urban and rural America, and Western North Carolina is hit hard.

So, no. I don't think poor people should continue to be subjected to manufactured inflation of housing costs by collusion.

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Want the *honest* state of play on #LevellingUp today?

@NEF’s new report shows a staggering 60% of the country needs to be #LevelledUp, and sets out a 5-point policy shift to really do the job, backed by 6 metro mayors.


Key findings 🧵👇🏾

Widening #inequality between regions is damaging millions of lives and holding the UK back.

Since Dec 2019, real incomes have risen by less than £20 per year in the NE, £80 per year in NW and £90 in Yorkshire and the Humber.

By contrast, real incomes in London have increased by more than £600 per year and by more than £550 in the SE.

And despite growing inequality, only £36 per person of the Government’s #LevellingUpFund has gone to these areas.

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Thread: Policymakers need to find a path to a compromise #BuildBackBetter bill that makes significant progress toward more broadly shared prosperity, is based in evidence, and can pass.

See new @CenteronBudget analysis:…
Economic insecurity was widespread even prior to the pandemic. 1 in 4 households couldn’t afford adequate food, shelter, or utilities at some point between 2014-2016.
Insecurity went well beyond households that had incomes below the #poverty line. Many middle-income households couldn’t pay their bills in at least one year, sometimes because their incomes fell or costs rose.
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🇺🇸 #Macro Update (1) | Latest reports confirmed that #inflation remains a key issue that has affected consumer confidence and spending.
🇺🇸 #Macro Update (2) | The problem is that #Biden advisors and economists didn’t see it coming, thinking that #inflation was transitory. As a result, Biden approval rating ⬇ sharply and is for the first time below #Trump's at this time in the presidency.
🇺🇸 #Macro Update (3) | Now they woke up (a part of #inflation is of course durable), they think that raising short-term rates as fast as possible before midterms will solve the problem, which confirms that they still don’t understand inflation dynamic and markets’ reaction.
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That #LandBack and #BLM protesters and organizers wer simply left alone, and haven't been criminalized for their actions is currently one of the biggest right-wing myths going.
The #1 police tactic used on left-wing groups is to identify anyone they can place as many charges as possible against, in order to distract and hobble a group organized for a cause, and to seriously alter the lives of individuals w.o. adequate resources for as long as possible.
In #Halifax one only needs to look to August 18th to see how many charges were laid against bystanders advocating for #housing, and how many are destined to be thrown out of court 1 year down the road.
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🇺🇸 #FOMC (1) | Statement and other releases were mostly in line with Street expectations, which had been looking for signal to lay groundwork for March liftoff.
🇺🇸 #FOMC (2) | However, at press conference, #Fed Powell tried his best to send hawkish signals.
🇺🇸 #FOMC (3) | Powell press conference was clearly more aggressive than the statement, suggesting that he could be more on the hawkish side of the committee.
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Today’s #inflation report continued to reinforce the theme that gaudy #price gains are not standing in the way of demand.
It is a very rare time in history, in fact, most people operating in #markets haven’t seen this sort of demand outstripping supply in the real #economy in their careers, with some areas seemingly depicting a dynamic suggesting that “price is no object.”
Clearly, #inflation has been escalating for a number of months due to #shortages of supply in areas such as #housing, #commodities, semiconductors, new and used cars, etc., and those supply shortages are mostly still in place today.
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DoubleLine founder and CEO Jeffrey Gundlach presents:

Just Markets 2022 - I Feel Young Again

Today at 1:15pm PT, register here:…

#macro #markets #stocks #FX #bonds #commodities #rates #inflation #Fed #QE #bitcoin

Live recap thread⬇️
Jeffrey Gundlach: 2021 might end up running 7% year on the CPI

#inflation #QE #Powell #fed #hikes #rates
Jeffrey Gundlach: Low interest rates coupled with inflation generating negative interest rate.

#JustMarkets2022 #CPI #QE #Fed
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🇺🇸 #FOMC (1) | Latest minutes show that #Fed policymakers look more concerned about #inflation, in line with recent speeches from Powell.…
🇺🇸 #FOMC (2) | In my opinion, the risk of a wage-price spiral is now real with low-income families asking for more wage increases.
*Quits rate in low-wage sectors is well above the average (already at record high in the private sector)
🇺🇸 #FOMC (3) | For different reasons, right now, the labor is tighter than indicated by the unemployment rate (4.2% in Nov. 2021).
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I am proud of the work that @ClarkWardleLaw has been able to do for @SanctuaryBoise with the conclusion of last night's public testimony, it is impossible to rebut 14+ hours of statements and testimony in hearings in 5 minutes. Here is my rebuttal that was truncated last night:
The flame of outrage and fear has been evident. Before you close the public record, if there are questions you believe still need to be answered then please ask them.
Five minutes is too little to rebut 12+ hours of comments. It is a defect in Boise City Code that deprives applicants of reasonable due process rights. I will address the following three points
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The Garden Court Housing Team (@gcchousing) is proud to be sponsoring the @HLPA_UK conference '#SocialHousing in the UK: Fit for the 21st Century?' taking place tomorrow 9 December!


⚡Register here:
Garden Court's @MarinaSergides, also Co-Chair of @HLPA_UK, will open the conference at midday tomorrow with fellow Co-Chair Simon Mullings (@spikemullings).
14:20 - 15:30: Justine Compton (@jlc3643) & @AngharadMAMonk, both of Garden Court Chambers, discuss #domesticviolence & #housing alongside @Izzy_Mulholland of @PublicLawCentre.
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1/ For the last 12 months or so, I've been banging on about the housing market being in a bubble.

I believe that there is a substantial dislocation between the price and the intrinsic value of housing.

In this thread I will outline my case.

#housing #RealEstate #investing
2/ My valuation assumes:

A) Intrinsic value of housing comes from rent you could charge (or don't charge yourself)
B) Rents cannot grow faster than economy forever
C) Economy will grow at risk-free rate
D) No growth reinvest required

How has this model performed historically?
3/ I have plotted Real Price and Rent Indexes for Amsterdam and the Gov Bond Rate, going back to 1620.

Buying in 1619 and selling in 1986, netted you nothing in real capital gains. But, in the 35 years since, prices are up 559 per cent. Image
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Oct #Inflation released by Stats SA is at 5.0%, unchanged from Sep. #Food & #non-alcoholic beverages; #housing, #utilities; #transport; and #miscellaneous goods & services were the major drivers. Global inflation going up. Inflation no longer transitory, maybe persistent (1/N)
#Core inflation at 3.2%, still very low. #Goods inflation at 7.1%, with #none-durable goods at 8.6%! Services inflation is at 3.0%. #administrered prices (taxes!) rising by a whooping 11.2% (2/N)
CPI inflation excluding administered prices is at 3.8%, way below the #SARB @SAReserveBank mid-point of 4.5%. So, if the SARB hikes tomorrow, which i do not think it should and it will, its fighting inflation caused by the government (3/N)
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Over the last few months I’ve spoken with dozens of real estate & mortgage industry executives, trying to gauge what impact (if any) #crypto is having on the #housing market. Here’s what I’ve concluded. (1/)…
The number of home buyers w/documented crypto accounts has risen from ~0% one year ago to between 5% & 10% today. Platforms such as @coinbase $COIN were noted most often in my conversations, with $BTC & $ETH common plays. (2/)
It's more difficult tracking the % of home buyers using crypto gains towards the down payment on a home purchase. Most mortgage lenders & home builders estimate ~5% or less. However...(3/)
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Current macro policies should avoid hard landing in the property market while boost the overall economic vitality,pointed out by Zhang Bin, Zhu He and Zhong Yi at CF40 in the working paper How to Prevent the Risk of Hard Landing in the Real Estate Market.1/6
The paper argues China’s #economy still faces great downward pressure in the short term. In particular,risk of hard landing in the #housing market should be prevented. Its threat to financial system is limited,but it will take a heavy toll on the real economy.2/6
To avoid such hard landing, #liquidity crisis of real estate companies should be prevented so as to ensure their cash flows. Specifically, three measures need to be adopted.3/6
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On Finance Day at #COP26 , I wanted to share key messages coming from international dialogues I held with @LeaderGCC, @WEF, @OSF, and other international experts (1/6)

#InvestinCities #ClimateAction #BristolClimateAction
In a rapidly urbanising world, cities hold the key for achieving ambitious climate action and development goals, from #decarbonisation and nature’s recovery to resilient, prosperous and inclusive societies that leave no one behind. (2/6)

#InvestinCities #ClimateAction
Cities need long-term, patient capital that lets them plan and then make the necessary investments in key systems such as water and sanitation, public transport, #housing, and #energy. (3/6)

#InvestinCities #ClimateAction
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