1/ My Torah work is published under the title of #ReshetKeshet which, I don't make the rules, makes my "rabbi name" The Reshet Keshet (e.g. the Chofetz Chaim is Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan & he also wrote the Mishnah Berurah he's named after his first)
2/ In order to embrace hashtag technology, I'll try to label my Torah writing with #ReshetKeshet.

Reshet is Hebrew for 'network' and I use it to reference interconnectedness.

Keshet means 'rainbow' and that's for diversity
3/ Diversity in interpretation, in thought, and of course in inclusion. Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch explains that the rainbow after the Flood symbolizes the totality of humanity, see my rebbe Rabbi Riskin for more on this:
4/ I translate #ReshetKeshet as "Chromatic Visions" but, of course, it's better in Hebrew. Because of the full depth of each word (reshet is for the internet, or the word 'media'; keshet needs no help from me) and because it rhymes.
5/ If possible, I will use this thread to link to other Torah threads, and I will try to add the hashtag to previous things I've written here.
7/ Halakha advice for ADHD & hearing the Megillah
8/ Parshanut thread about why a calf was crafted from gold and not a different creature. This also (kinda) explains the impulse to ask for an idol, and why Aaron went along with it.

9/ #ReshetKeshet about parshat #KiTavo and the curses in the Torah (aka tochecha aka reprimands) from September 2020
10/ #ReshetKeshet for 48 tweet thread from Sept. 2020, answering the question: "which 5 books I should read to be an 'educated Jew'" (posed by Moment Magazine)

12/ #ReshetKeshet: Dvar Torah about the passing of Justice Ginsberg zt'l, 31 posts

Original unrolls:

The thread:
13/ #ReshetKeshet: 11 posts, about those in the frum community who are resisting medical knowledge.

14/ From Nov. 25, 2020. #ReshetKeshet Torah thread on Parshat Toledot, answering "why did Isaac intend to bless Esau?"

12 Posts.


15/ From Dec. 10, 2020. #ReshetKeshet. Thread about my attitude - in my roles/identity as a rabbi, medical-ethicist, and American citizen - towards abortion. AKA, the debate between forced-birth vs. anti-forced-birth.

17 Posts.


16/ Dec. 21, 2020. Thread about why I've avoided the easiest money available for someone with multiple graduate degrees: 'conservative' think-tanks. TL;DR: they exist to place a patina of philosophy on cruelty & greed.

8 Posts.


17/ Dec. 21, 2020. #ReshetKeshet thread about how I teach #Midrash and what are my red lines: cruelty & avoda-zara.

23 Posts.


18/ Dec. 25, 2020. #ReshetKeshet thread about memory in Jewish cultural practice that demonstrates history isn't written by the 'winners' if we put effort into recording atrocities.

14 Posts.


19/ June 19, 2020. #ReshetKeshet about sacrifices, superstition, and the stubbornness of human nature.

18 Posts.


20/ January 3, 2021. #ReshetKeshet, thread about the staggering number of Modern Orthodox leaders who passed away over that past year.

12 Posts.


21/ Jan. 12, 2021. #ReshetKeshet thread about #Literalist thinking (a subject I've invented, sorry) which inevitably ended up with a Dvar Torah on Va'era (that week's parsha). It's good, I swear! I think!

27 Posts.


22/ Jan. 12, 2021. #ReshetKeshet, this thread connects with the previous & is about free-will, determinism, the role of the leader in both (and how God interacts with the world).

16 Posts.


23/ Jan. 18, 2021. #ReshetKeshet thread about the importance of civil rights to proper Modern Orthodox Torah ethics in honor of #MLKDAY

8 Posts.


24/ Feb. 3, 2021. #ReshetKeshet on parshat Beshalach, specifically analyzing the word "chamushim." I think I have pshat on the parsha, and that's exciting.

7 Posts.


25/ Feb. 3, 2021. Second #ReshetKeshet on Beshalach, this about combat exoskeletons and taking Midrash literally.

12 Posts.


26/ Feb 8, 2021. Thread about the moral philosophy behind feeling grim joy at the death of Rush Limbaugh. #ReshetKeshet elements.

17 Posts.


28/ #ReshetKeshet
This is barely Torah, heh, but a thread about how much Cuomo hates Sukkot & it's relationship to Lag BaOmer and the famous Jewish Holiday Chart
29/ #ReshetKeshet.

About fear as a Jewish ethic and how it applies to many contexts.

45 posts.

Unrolls: threader.app/thread/1394003…

31/ #ReshetKeshet thread about medical halakhah and the nature of tacit, subconscious, leadership.

11 Posts.


33/ Thread about TB Sukkah 14b and emergency halakha.

17 Posts.


34/ #ReshetKeshet. About recent topics in masekhet Sukkah and something I call a "Skipper Sugya"

8 Posts.


36/ #ReshetKeshet. About how "no justice, no peace" fits into a #Torah framework, connected to the #GeorgeFloyd-civil rights protests. June 2, 2020.

4 Posts.


37/ #ReshetKeshet, 9av 5780, about injustice with a focus on the infamous Talmudic character of Zekharya ben Avkulas, his identity & what he represents.

46 Posts.



• • •

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102.02/ Ambivalent Shabbas for me because while I was in rage-sorrow over the grievous injustice & harm wrought by the lawless RedHats, I also saw Shabbas as a refuge from the news.
102.03/ Parental Achievement Unlocked: just sent two of my kids on the train, travelling alone for their first time on their own, to see their grandparents.
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100.03/ In honor of the goofiest holiday, here's one of my favorite @TheOnion headlines ever:
(This is my long-time custom)

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99.02/ A good example of living in two worlds, religious and secular, is the coincidence of two sacred days: the 2nd day of #Shavuot on #DDay. Last night, after Yom Tov, only after reading the news a bit did my mind shift from "sacred to my religion" to "sacred to my citizenship"
99.03/ Pedantry Corner: it irks me to read divrei Torah about #Shavuot that enshrine incredibly recent customs as facts to derive universal truths. "This is the reason why Jews stay up all night..." or "why we eat dairy" - nope. Please don't make fads into load-bearing verities.
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98.02/ Valuable thread about the gun industry and I learned from him an excellent term I will now incorporate into my social theory: Agnotology = "the cultural production of ignorance."
98.03/ Wow: "The science is abundantly clear: More guns do not stop crime. Guns kill more children each year than auto accidents. More children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members." (Scientific American)
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97.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone. My wife texted from Israel that she got positive PCR test when she landed in Israel - one day before they rescinded that requirement! She's asymptomatic, thank God, but I just don't know how it could've been avoided b/c the 'rona is rampant y'all.
97.03/ It was in the 90s today and my downstairs A/C broke days ago and I can't get a guy here until Tuesday. I told them they can prioritize others because my upstairs A/C works, Thank God, so it's not a safety issue for us. But I wouldn't mind it getting fixed soon.
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