While #Lebanon's politicians jockey for power & money, Hezbollah launches a supermarket chain with subsidised food staples to help the Lebanese people overcome the US' "starvation sanctions." Just one more reason why Hezbollah wins elections and America wants them crushed.
This US product now costs over $50 at the official bank rate, and yet it is still on #Lebanon's market shelves. Food products from Syria, Iran, Jordan are a fraction of that price, but the US threatens sanctions if goods pass through Syria, Lebanon's only viable land border.
The Americans are ruthless about forcing their products & prices on #Lebanon. When the last Lebanese govt was forming, a senior US emissary rushed here to prevent a Hezbollah candidate from becoming Minister of Health. Why, you ask? US pharmaceuticals:
Iranian & Syrian foods & pharmaceuticals are of excellent quality - and cheap. If the US was going to enforce its Starvation Sanctions on #Lebanon, it needed Leb's only land border (Syria) sealed. Leb politicians caved to this demand & now #UK watch towers line that border.
The Americans are stupid however, and consistently forget that people have agency. US Starvation Sanctions will backfire & soon #Lebanon will be flooded with food, oil & medicines from Iran, Syria, Jordan & Iraq. Pro tip: It is already happening.
I happen to stay in an old Christian neighborhood in Beirut. I now talk to Geagea supporters who have zero problem with buying Iranian goods if it will help stretch their paychecks. US imbecility know no bounds.

• • •

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13 Feb
White Helmets need more donations so they stuck a little girl down one of their war tunnels - oops, I mean "well" - and then "saved" her.
@Reuters, your journalism has hit rock bottom, pun intended.
1. The girl falls down an extremely deep, rocky hole and appears to have no limbs broken and no bleeding whatsoever.

2. She then crawls AWAY from the one source of light (the hole entrance) into a maze of tunnels.
3. I've owned two homes with water wells. Wells are either very narrow, or if they're wide, they are LINED so the walls don't collapse. As most people know, Syrian rock is very crumbly and sandlike (you can even see it crumbling in the video), so no, that's not a well.
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27 Nov 19
NEW: #Iran protests: What western media got wrong again. Two polls show that despite economic hardship, Iranians choose security over upheaval, support their government's regional role, reject America & applaud the #IRGC's internal and external activities. rt.com/op-ed/474464-i…
October 2019: On the IRGC...
- 82% of Iranians said IRGC made Iran more secure
- 89% gave IRGC top marks for aid during 2019 floods
- 63% say IRGC should engage in construction & economy
- 61% support IRGC continued presence in Syria
- 82% favor Quds Forces's Qassem Soleimani
October 2019: Iranians see economy as single biggest challenge - not "repression, civil rights, injustice or foreign policy." Increasing numbers blame this on US sanctions, but most pin it on Rouhani's administration. His favorability numbers poll at all time low of 42%.
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26 Aug 19
#Israel is escalating aggressively in the region, striking sovereign, #UN-member states #Iraq, #Syria & #Lebanon in violation of international law. Important to note that any retaliatory measures from within any of these states against Israel & its military allies are legal.
Int'l law only allows "use of force" vs a sovereign state 1) in self-defense; retaliation against military aggression upon a state's territorial integrity 2) UNSC-authorized "collective action" to maintain int'l peace & security. #Israel has neither of these legal justifications.
#Israel asserts that it has to right to preemptively target perceived adversaries in any country, at any time, in any manner. This is illegal, rogue state behavior and an immediate threat to international peace & security. UN member states must censure Israel - or be complicit.
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8 May 19
Thread: @Guardian 'journalist' Martin Chulov wrote an entire piece about #Idlib today, without even once mentioning Al Qaeda, the dominant militant force in that province. theguardian.com/world/2019/may…
2) Don't take it from me. US envoy for the anti-ISIS coalition @brett_mcgurk last year called #Idlib "the largest Al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11." So, why didn't Chulov mention it? @guardian
3) I visited a tiny stretch of liberated east #Idlib last month, here's what I learned: 80% of the militancy in Idlib is Al Qaeda & the remaining 20% are allies. These include Uighur, Chechen, Turkmen, and Uzbek jihadists. Why didn't Chulov mention this? @guardian
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7 Jun 18
Just finished a whirlwind trip to all of #Syria’s southern provinces whose fates depend on the battles/negotiations in the days and weeks ahead. Here’s a view of Israeli-occupied Majd al Shams on the Syrian Golan.
Abu Abdo, the father of Druze martyr Abdo Tawil, stands in front of a “martyr tree” in Hadar, Quneitra. To a man, the Druze of Hadar tell me that Israeli firepower provides cover for the Islamist militants every time they try to storm this defiant town. #Syria
A mere few kilometers from #Syria’s border with #Jordan, Daraa civilians shopping for their Iftar meal told me they want the Naseeb border crossing btwn the 2 states opened asap, are fed-up with the war, and are pressing militants to reconcile & stop the battle for the south.
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13 Mar 18
Was in #EastGhouta today, 25 meters from a battlefront btwn Shifouniyeh & Misraba, areas recently liberated from militants. Western journalists flock to humanitarian corridor in north, but not a single one visited this makeshift chemical lab discovered by the SAA yesterday.
With the US threatening direct attacks on #Syria because of alleged chemical weapons use, and the Russians & Syrians claiming militants are using CWs to provoke a US attack...you would think western journalists would be all over this terrorist-run lab - even if to debunk it.
I couldn't even hazard a guess at what was cooking in this terrorist-run lab in #EastGhouta. This stuff needs to be tested by independent experts, but the int'l community isn't interested. You'd think they'd want a look before Trump starts a war over fake WMDs.
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