Thread. His adult daughter was terrified of him. When her house was listed for sale he deliberately booked an inspection so he could intimidate her walking through her home. He turned up at his ex wife’s yoga class, where she saw him behind her in the mirror. #coercivecontrol
These are examples coercive control. Coercive control is a legal form of abuse.
When Olga reported him turning up to the class the police said she was trying to get “advantage in the family court.” @custodypeace @MattsJane @CCCBuryStEd @moonscapecat @LeighGoodmark @melwojtas
John Edwards had abused 6 former partners & 8 children. There were restraining orders on him. But he was given no jail time & allowed a gun license. Whilst in the family law court the Independent Children’s lawyer insisted he be allowed to pick up his son & take him to school
thereby allowing him to find out the address of his children whom he would later kill.
The lawyer herself threatened that she would take the terrified children & give custody to Edwards if she did not facilitate visitation with their abuser. This is ALSO coercive control @davtw2
It didn’t matter his history of assaulting his prior partners or children, nor did it matter the kids were terrified of him. Their own lawyer believed he had a RIGHT to his children & this superseded everything he did. Now those children are dead. She said their mother was a
“Hard-nosed bitch” who wanted to deny the father access. The police said the same thing- & documented it.
Our entire system conspired wt John Edwards to make him feel so entitled to his children such that he would shoot them both whilst they were cowering under a desk @Alymedywon
Where is the accountability? When will those who place their own value judgements over the rights of victims of abuse be held responsible for the injury& deaths they cause? Jack & Jennifer were so frightened they slept with a bat. That should have counted @bunnypope
Edwards history of violence should have meant something. Everyone was scared of him-ex partners, his 8 other kids, & also a teacher & a psychologist. Yet someone thought he should have access to his victims. Someone else thought he should have a gun.Someone thought Olga was lying
Someone thought Olga was LYING and now they are all dead....will anyone really be held accountable?
@HayleyFoster_ @LynAnge11 @GeraldineBilst1 @Drhutch2011 @catherine_falc @DMckateface @paulmcgorrery @sally_stevensxn @WCS_CEO

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6 Apr
1. This is completely normal in #trauma!Laying down memory is a complex process & so is “retrieving” memories.
It’s unfortunate when memories that come flooding back are so horrific bc it can be like experiencing the event all over again for the second time, but yes (cont)
2. those memories can come flooding back DECADES later.
Whilst devastating, on some level it can make things make so more sense, but also sometimes add to feeling of confusion as to whether event really happened.
3. It can make you doubt yourself even more which is tragic. It can feel like the brains cruelest of jokes. When those memories return we often prefer to doubt them as the content are so painful. A good clinician will not make u feel like a liar. @dhanyajmani @angelo_virgona
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5 Apr
Thread 1. OK It would be Great if ppl understood that when a person is assaulted or under threat, particularly children or other vulnerable-they go into a ‘freeze mode’. It is a well-described SURVIVAL technique- to dissociate from reality in order to maximise chances of survival
2. That there are still people who would question a child for not fighting back against an adult, or a woman afraid her rapist may kill her after he’s ‘done’ is testimony to just how far we are from truly understanding the impact of trauma. It is a male concept - that a true
3. Victim of assault would scream or fight back. This is absolutely, 💯 untrue. The human “body” makes the decision about how to approach a risky situation & a predator that is bigger,stronger is going to cause the smaller individual to choose a path that best allows survival
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1 Apr
Family violence & sexual assault is Traumatic. There is overwhelming evidence of long term social & health impacts. We are increasingly aware of the huge no’ s of ppl living in our community with the scars of abuse. It remains unbelievable to me though that there is no
publicly funded service that deals specifically wt the mental & physical impacts of abuse in one safe venue with trauma informed staff. It’s been an honour to work wt
@sally_stevensxn @wtrcillawarra & an amazing team inc @trish_acullen @mike_salter to try & make this vision
a reality..we are now one step closer now with the ‘Federal Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence’ released today with Recommendation 77 supporting the Trauma Recovery Centre! This is so exciting & I hope there is follow through with this recommendation. #PTSD
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29 Mar
1/ Empathy is not an intellectual or planned response.
Empathy is an emotion..a recognition of pain in another person that comes from feeling that pain within yourself.
It involves certain biological pathways incl. mirror neurons.
You can teach someone to intellectually
2/ recognise signs of emotion e.g crying = sadness, trembling =fear :that may result in ‘sympathy’ but not necessarily empathy. Empathy training is teaching people to ACT empathic- not BE empathic. Just like a course won’t ‘teach’ a depressed person to ‘be’ happy. @victorklineTNL
3/ if we are ever going to have a government that acts & responds with empathy- we need to elect people with those traits. Just like if we want intelligent people in govt - there must be a demonstration that those traits exist in the person PRIOR to electing them. This may appear
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27 Mar
“..your responses have been at best inadequate, & at worst, served to compound the trauma of so very many people.
You have not listened, you have not shown respect, you have not acted to protect anyone other than yourself in pursuit of your own political self-interest ..”
“If you cannot judge for yourself whether he is a fit and proper person to serve, then ask someone better qualified and less personally conflicted to do so. A reshuffle simply isn’t enough.”
If you have lost confidence in this government, SIGN this petition and call a general election NOW.
@davtw @angelo_virgona @BethanyinCBR @waltonkate @Drhutch2011 @yabbtopia @shaunwarnock_sw @shayne_chester @bunnypope @drlouisehansen @TheblueTake #EnoughIsEnough #auspol #FOSCOMO
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25 Mar
Long thread: In ONE year in Australia:

55,300 children live out of home because their homes are too unsafe
Child Protection Services are looking after 159, 000 at-risk children
32, 000 children had claims of abuse substantiated
6,200 hospitalisations due to family violence
2/ 288 children hospitalised due to family violence

In ONE year in Australia
The police record 25,000 sexual assaults
3/ In ONE year in Australia
The number of Domestic violence assault victims were
18, 800 in WA
4500 in NT
7100 in SA
28,800 in NSW
1000 in ACT
1400 in Tasmania
There were 11,300 charges of fam violence offences in QLD

In one year @Vicpol recorded 78k fam violence incidents
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