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Please @NYGovCuomo @realDonaldTrump @EsperDoD , Rethink the #ComfortShip . Keep part of capability to do #trauma , and take the remaining crew to work on shore hospital. used the ship in #Katrina. The 1000 Sailors will not be able to separate themselves from the #Covid_19
From where they treat patients and where they sleep . @NYGovCuomo this is a case of giving you what you need not what you want .This could turn into a shit show ,because of the close quarters, use the crew on shore please. Crew can sleep in hotels , @USNorthernCmd @fema @FoxNews
Please I know the @USNavy want to execute your orders, but please understand the risk of have a hundred #Sailors with #COVID , please put the crew in shore hospitals. You may need the #ComfortShip In Miami or #NewOrleans @TeamCavuto @AliVelshi @DavidBegnaud see risk assessment
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Yesterday was hard.
Today will be harder.
It's going to get worse.

How do we deal and cope amongst the #uncertainty and #chaos?

Some thoughts about managing through the #coronavirus #pandemic:
1. At work:
✅If you're in a position of leadership, get on the same page with the rest of leadership
✅Know your institution's policies, collate them in 1 place, disseminate to employees
✅Be proactive in asking folks how they are. What ? do they have? If you don't know, say so
✅Amidst all the physical preparedness, don't forget to check on their mental and emotional health.

We are all scared. Uncertain of each coming day. Of each coming hour.

Don't assume when folks are quiet that they are not scare, confused, or just need a little comfort.
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"Research has demonstrated that medical traumas in childhood and adolescence ... often produce symptoms which are very similar to those of childhood sexual abuse.

The psychological consequences of medical procedures are even greater when they involve a child’s genitals."
The Jews, because of their endogamy, characteristically had an *incest problem*, and part of the role of Jewish mysticism was to provide devices for coping with the intense feelings of guilt associated with incest wishes.

David Bakan, 1958, p. 292
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#SuicidePrevention: why I dislike the term, and what it often seems to come down to. How about instead we #Makelifeworthliving. Just some thoughts in a thread.
#SuicidePrevention feels like a negative designed to counteract another negative - that is, thwarting the wish to die. It's focus is to stop us from exerting control, in what may feel like the only meaningful way that is left when we've lost hope.
Removing access to 'means': a well-intentioned strategy, but what will it actually achieve? As for trying to reduce access or eliminate them all? Well.
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Last week, we posted about the opening of our new trauma bay @UnityHealthTO, a space that we “purposely designed, extensively tested, revised with end-user feedback.” – @HumanFact0rz #design #trauma #emergencymedicine

Here's a thread with more details 1/
We received considerable positive feedback and questions about the details of the process. This was a team effort from architects, operational readiness, clinicians, sim team to name a few. Here goes... 2/
Once upon a time…(all good stories start like this) 4 yrs ago we ran a study, called TRUST (Trauma Resus Using in situ Simulation for Team training). Using debriefing feedback & human factors expert video review we identified latent safety threats within our old trauma bay. 3/
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THREAD. So I went to my local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) group meeting tonight. TWO things annoyed me. (1) We had to pledge allegiance to the medical model, implying participants must denounce any version of a social model or combined social-medical model. /1
(2) Reinforcing (1), the moderators jumped all over me when I mentioned a medication name. Apparently, there is an “unwritten rule” that people are not allowed to talk about any medications that they’re on by name. Only circumlocutions are allowed. /2
What was the reason given for (2)? Supposedly, “they” don’t want people to take questions back to their doctors about their medications or treatments, or heaven forbid to not take a medication. /3
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A traumatized individual who sees the world through the lens of their traumatized nervous system is often


#Trauma #traumainformed #religioustrauma #churchtoo #CPTSD #PTSD #therapy #adversereligiousexpereince #religioustraumainstitute
After getting out of a domestically violent relationship and a fundamentalist, cult-like religion within a few months of each other, I felt a sense of freedom that I had never felt before.
I was under the impression, initially, that leaving these relationships was all that I needed to do in order to embrace a new life. In reality, leaving was obviously important, but only the first step.
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With PTSD trauma (caused by people’s actions) you often feel or are excluded from things u did before, this may be stigma, others taking sides or misunderstanding

This may not seem much 2 others
but u notice at time u need routine most it’s denied

#Autism #Trauma #Abuse #PTSD
When people cause u harm seriously & deny/fail 2 take responsibility it can feel like a daily second ‘injury’ which may then make the situation far worse & recovery seem impossible

this may also seem an added cruelty on an already vulnerable person

#Autism #Trauma #Abuse #PTSD
When harm comes from within an organisation they often even when harm obvious deny or protect the reputation of those responsible

It retriggered hurt when you see them continued to be included & your left out - it reinforces the hurt is your fault

#Autism #Trauma #Abuse #PTSD
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In what is sort of a continuation of yesterday, but a not always directly related to yesterday track, #NAAM day 15 is another dive into where adoption intersects mental health.
For starters, there is some crossover from mental health related diagnoses and genetic predispositions.

There are also mental health diagnoses that occur that are unrelated to a genetic predisposition, and are at times, related to adoption.
There are also situations where adoption itself is a barrier to mental health treatment, as mental health professionals are not always prepared to look into adoption sans positive adoption language.
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Ich sollte vielleicht mal was zu Verschränkung von Klasse & Mental Health schreiben, denn nur so kann man meinen Hintergrund wirklich verstehen

#Klassismus #mentalhealth
Ich habe vermutlich nie in akuter Armut gelebt, aber ich bin in einer psychosozial himmelschreiend prekären Situation aufgewachsen, die wenig mit dem zumeist bürgerlichen Hintergrund meines jetzigen Umfelds zu tun hat
Und darin knabbere ich bis heute.

Ich bin, was man eine Klassenaufsteigerin nennt.
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It really bothers me when someone acts like I “owe them something”. I’ve never been one to live my life based on the expectations of others.
I also tend to let people make assumptions about me, and generally don’t bother to correct people when they get it wrong because - it’s not my problem when people jump to conclusions.
Maybe it’s because I don’t care what people think of me, but people who assume wrong can leave.
I’ve been misunderstood my entire life. I don’t have time for people who are intent on misunderstanding me. #ActuallyAutistic
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#TRAUMA: #medthread on the coagulopathic changes in severe trauma.

This is the WHY behind trauma resuscitation efforts.
#traumaanesthesia #damagecontrol #resuscitation
@uabsurgery @UAB_Anesthesia @uabmedicine 1/
Post-trauma hemorrhage and hypotension leads to a unique physiologic derangement called Acute Traumatic Coagulopathy. Resuscitation requires management of both hemodynamics and coagulation status. 2/
Why does this happen? If you were to simply cut your finger, your body would sense the injury and begin clot formation (platelet>factor signaling>fibrin net>more platelets). But to restore blood flow, it would need to break down that clot. 3/
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I think a lot of supposedly materialist/empirical disciplines rely more on idealism than they’ll let on. I’ve seen this with psychiatry in particular.
A cultural truism or norm isn’t an objective benchmark; it’s an idealised standard that most people may not even live up to themselves.
For example, look at ‘evidence-based’ practices like ABA—the idea is that therapy can create a non-autistic-seeming idealised person out of an #ActuallyAutistic one. That’s an idealistic stance (in the ‘aspiring to a particular model of the world’ sense.)
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@Me4Trauma @me4_so A #tweetorial for my #medtwitter and #trauma colleagues.

You assess a patient with a stab wound to the left chest in respiratory distress. Chest XR shows a large hemopneumothorax, and you insert a large-bore chest tube. Do you give antibiotics?
Most surgeons are taught that there is no role for antibiotics in chest tube insertion. Few people can cite the evidence for this topic. Most of us are taught about chest tubes as residents and never actually review the primary literature - frankly, they are not a sexy topic.
First, a history lesson. You are now a military trauma surgeon. It's 1952 and you are serving in Korea. A young soldier is brought to you with a GSW to the chest, respiratory distress, decreased air entry, and hypoxia. Do you insert a chest tube?
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As a #trauma researcher I often wonder why the fact that violence is squarely within the repertoire of normal human behavior is absent from the conversation among #academics and #culture observers more broadly. #whyisthat
Something deservedly undesirable in many contemporary contexts is not, as a result, abnormal.

Instead, I’d argue violence is often a maladaptive problem solving or #emotion regulation strategy.
But by dismissing violence as somehow aberrant, we make little progress in understanding root causes or intervening effectively.
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Dem Thema #Trauma und #Elternschule werde ich einen eigenen Thread 
widmen. Der andere ist schon recht lang und das Thema ist mir zu groß, 
um es auch noch hinten an zu hängen.

Gerade in Bezug auf den Film wird das Wort Trauma fast schon inflationär 
benutzt -
deshalb möchte ich etwas differenzieren, was ein Trauma und 
ist und was Traumatisierung bedeutet.

Ich verlinke hier auf den guten und ausführlichen Wikipedia-Artikel 
(…) zum Thema. Wer 
Fachliteratur lesen möchte, kann z.B. unter den Namen Lutz Goldbeck
oder Jörg Fegert weiterlesen.

Wichtig ist anzumerken, dass nicht jedes möglicherweise traumatisierende 
Ereignis zwangsläufig ein Trauma hervorruft. Das hängt vom inneren 
Erleben der Person ab (als wie aussichtslos schätze ich meine Situation 
ein, fühle ich mich hilflos oder
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The youngest child separated from his ASYLUM-SEEKING family, was 4 mos old, #Constantine

He was placed in foster care w/Bethany Christian Services in MI. They get $700+/child/night. They're associated w/ @BetsyDeVosED - of course

Bethany Christian Services - separated children are funneled to them, ensuring an influx of Govt funds. They're assoc w/ @BetsyDeVosED

Look what even THEY say about trauma - which THEY can then charge more for 🤬🤮


This isn't who we are 😭 🤬
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Over 100 residents joined the #Boston CHNA-CHIP Collaborative last night to discuss key assessment findings and vote on community priorities. Thanks to all who were able to attend and provide input for this important process! #BostonCHNA @HealthyBoston @cobth @LisaSWolff
#Boston is richly diverse in terms of financial, racial, ethnic, and linguistic population groups although this diversity is not equally distributed across neighborhood.” - one of the CHNA key data findings
#Boston residents identified a need for more #trauma-informed approaches to care, particularly for children and community of color. #BostonCHNA
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(1) fakten statt fake news zur #psychotherapie
stationäre therapie 4 mrd € psychopharmaka 2.8 mrd €
ambulante psychotherapie 1.5 mrd @€
(2) fakten statt fake news zur #psychotherapie
kosten psychischer erkrankungen: maximale burden of disease, lange krankschreibungen, häufigster grund für frühberentungen, produktivitätsausfälle.
& großes menschliches leid.
(3) fakten statt fake news zur #psychotherapie
die meisten menschen mit #depression erhalten nur psychopharmaka trotz geringer wirksamkeit. 20% werden gar nicht behandelt. häufig erfolgt die behandlung stationär, weil keine freien ambulanten therapieplätze zu finden sind.
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What is the victims responsibility?

To recover choice.
To find voice.
To restore the ruins.
To do the hard work of healing.

Don’t you DARE tell a victim it is his/her “responsibility” to tell the story.

It shows you are uniformed at best and utterly obtuse at worst. 🤨
Do you know how long it can take to do the hard hard work of healing what someone else smashed????

Years, I tell you.

Cowards look at the courageous and ask for more.


They are COWARDS. 👊🏻

You know not what you ask. You put a foot on the neck of the broken and you ask them to rise, to speak, yet you never remove your polished boot.


Shut thy mouth.
Fall silent.
Then no one will think you the fool.

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1. I/we survived (this was seriously in question still)

2. I left what was a 25+ career in the health field because trauma truncated and took over.

3. We made a decision to leave a toxic environment created by #churchtoo

4. I completed a course of four trauma intensives that covered the first 18 years of abuse. Phew.

5. I joined a community center and slowly started to uncurl my body from the curled up ball it had become from #churchtoo #trauma

6. I wrote for a #churchtoo documentary coming out this spring with


where I met



7. After the filming I had two things I had never had before: deeply true fellows and a restored voice.
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(THREAD) When my son was in Gr 10 he brough home, To Kill a Mockingbird. I was angry -my child, was reading a text of a past romanticized by some, even tho it was riddled with #racism. I wondered how many texts he would read that looked like him. But he had to read that- why?
I had asked many times for a reading list of books theyd have in their English class. I asked if the texts looked like them, reflected their experiences bc #IdentityMatters. I never could get an answer. Replies included, it was a #Classic but y'all know #Classics aint #Neutral
Of course, the response when we have these convos - "Y'all want to Censor...". Funny how "#freeSpeech" and "#censorship" always come up when issues of #equity are being discussed. That our children shouldn't be exposed to #racism and #trauma they live EVERY. SINGLE. DAY
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1. Woke up 3hrs too early, queasy and stressed. 2mins from now, we will likely be witness to a national misogynistic sham so deep and so blatant as to prove once and for all that the powerbrokers of US government do not believe women are human. #Kavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors #RAGE
2. I'll prob livetweet #Kavanaugh hearing, but I feel physically ill over how they've stacked the deck against #ChristinaBlaseyFord, ignored #JulieSwetnick's gang rape allegations, demonized #DeborahRamirez. How many more rapes will happen bec Trump &GOP brand claim women liars.
3. 0 reason other than corruption, misogyny, and partisanship for having no witnesses, no FBI investigation. Yet hypocrite Grassley, opens saying he wants a "Safe, comfortable, and dignified" hearing and a "show of civility"--then immediately misrepresents the issues. #Kavanaugh
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Es wird ein Thread zum Thema #Trauma. Anlass ist die @ndr-Reportage, der einige Aspekte fehlen, die zeigen, dass es bei der Versorgung der @bundeswehrInfo-Soldat_innen an vielen Ecken hapert. Disclaimer: ich bin selbst in der #Schutzzeit, aber kein Soldat.…
Das Thema frisst mich gerade besonders an, weil meine #Schutzzeit in gut 1,5 Jahren endet. Oder vielleicht schon im März 2019 nach der Masterarbeit, an der ich eigentlich gerade arbeiten sollte. Das Studium gilt als "berufliche Reha".
Wie in der Doku gezeigt, gibt es einiges, was getan wird. Das hilft mir gerade aber sehr wenig. Warum? Weil ich nicht vertrauen kann, dass mir der zugesagte Schutz auch weiterhin gewährt wird. Es existieren keine schriftlichen Zusagen, kein festgelegtes Enddatum.
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