1/ my friends and family in Turkey 🇹🇷 saw their savings drop 15% last week.

inflation may be an abstract concept in the states, but it is painfully real for people in other parts of the world.

thread below 👇 (trigger warning for MMT peeps 😬)
2/ inflation isn't just a rise in the cost of goods and services. It is the money you worked hard for becoming less valuable.

it is going to be more expensive for Turks to buy bread tomorrow. more importantly, it's going to be more difficult for them to retire.
3/ and while it may feel like outside the realm of possibility in the US, the Fed is printing money at historic rates.

before the most recent $1.9 trillion stimulus, M2 money supply had already increased by more than 25%.

but sure, inflation is only 1.4%.
4/ now the Biden administration is pushing another $3 trillion economic package and Fed Chair Powell said he wants to RAISE inflation ""moderately above"" 2%.

and the "experts" have no idea the impact this is going to have on your savings.

5/ while there is no way of knowing how many more trillions of dollars The Fed will print over the next several decades, there will never be more than 21,000,000 #bitcoin.
6/ i am passionate about helping build infrastructure that empowers people to choose how they plan for their future.

retirement accounts are hold the life savings of millions of people. the $35T in US retirement accounts shouldn't be limited to ETFs or money market funds.
7/ @choicebykt is building a product that makes it easy for everyone to choose how they plan for their future.

you can buy #bitcoin, other crypto, and alternative assets in the same account as legacy assets (stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc.)
8/ while firms like Goldman Sachs are working on offering bitcoin to only their wealthiest clients, Choice is democratizing access for EVERYONE.

they are empowering people from Alabama to Alaska, with balances big or small, to own bitcoin in a tax-advantaged way.
9/ which is why i'm joining @RyanRadloff & @FitchC as a Kingdom Services Holding Board member to help @choicebykt grow.

follow along and watch us slay zombie retirement accounts and build our generation's Charles Schwab 🧟‍♀️

10/ to summarize:

a) inflation is real, despite what the CPI says.

b) there is no knowing how many more trillions of dollars The Fed will print, but only 21M bitcoin

c) bitcoin is for EVERYONE

d) @choicebykt is building the future of retirement accounts

• • •

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6 Apr
1/ numbers don't lie.

crypto is a $2T market. millions of people are billions of dollars per day across public blockchain networks.

i'm excited to join the board of @KingdomTrustCo @choicebyKT to bring #bitcoin to retirement accounts.

a short thread!

2/ while firms like Goldman Sachs are working on offering bitcoin to only their wealthiest clients, @choicebyKT is working on democratizing access for everyone.

at @CoinSharesCo, we believe bitcoin is for *everyone*

equality of access is critical!
3/ since the launch of Choice, digital assets have grown to over $1.6B of the firm’s $18B in assets under custody.

today, Choice powers 125,000 retirement accounts.

but we see a MASSIVE opportunity to bring crypto to the $34.9 trillion held in US retirement accounts.
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5 Apr
1/ as crypto markets continue to rally, a few observations on the funding landscape

it continues to change *dramatically* as more capital floods into the space and more individuals in crypto become institutions in their own right

as they say, mo' money, mo' problems...
2/ the smartest founders i know are designing their own round.

they start with an idea of what type of folks they want on the cap table and what they need help with.

they then work with existing investors, like me, to fill out the round and curate the best group possible.
3/ founders want builders, not LARPers

i see crypto founders, operators, and execs on cap tables, especially in the early stages

some have become prop firms ie @cmsholdings @nascentxyz @sinoglobalcap and some are prolific angels @theklineventure @rleshner @StaniKulechov
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1 Apr
1/ time for another #Bitcoin mining update 🚀

i'm 56 days into my experiment. providing an update on profitability and *emissions*

see my summary below. i'll delve into each line item in the thread.

let's go 👋🏾
2/ bitcoin mined - @compass_mining gives me a link directly to @f2pool_official to view & download my machine stats

interesting fact - 87.4% of BTC is from block rewards and 12.6% is from transaction fees

every ten days or so, bitcoin gets deposited directly into my wallet!
3/ hardware - i've already covered hardware extensively in my original thread 👇🏾

the price of hardware has gone even higher due to massive shortages. at the end of Feb, my machine was worth 9k. it's now selling for 11.5k, used.

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30 Mar
1/ reflection from deal sourcing calls

the pandemic has leveled the playing field for startups

large conferences, $$$ sponsorships, and ad spend are no longer necessary to drive engagement

new channels and more content focus enables low cost brand and audience building
2/ new marketing mediums require startup execs and sales teams to change their approach and upgrade their skills

engagement, expertise, and insight is more important than ever, and curation of brand "voice" requires more consideration when its diffuse across many channels
3/ however, we've also seen a lot of companies get early traction but fail to convert it into recurring sales growth

will be interesting to see what startups and services emerge around converting a digital audience into actual sales from mediums like clubhouse, substack, etc
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16 Mar
1/ always a pleasure to chat with @MelissaLeeCNBC on @CNBCFastMoney - she’s an OG bitcoin bull!

wanted to share data around the three trends i highlighted:
1. fund and ETP inflows
2. retail v insto
3. record highs in derivatives market volume

2/ lets start with fund and ETP flows

we continue to see crypto products and funds gathering more AUM, with a record $56B in AUM across all platforms

our @CoinSharesCo research team produces a weekly Digital Asset Fund Flows report with excellent data - coinshares.com/research/digit…
3/ a large portion of inflows into fund flows are "one way" via US trust structures, like @Grayscale or @BitwiseInvest - meaning once the assets go in, they don't come out

investors also buy these in tax advantaged accounts or with the intent of holding for long term cap gains
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12 Mar
1/ i've been mining #bitcoin with @compass_mining for a month now, and as promised, am sharing my experience as i go!

disclosure: i'm an investor in Compass personally and via @CoinSharesCo ventures, and a board director

here's the high level summary 👇 details in thread
2/ i purchased a @BITMAINtech S19 from Compass in late December for $7500. due to the massive shortage of ASICs and the high demand, this machine would currently sell for $9000.

more on the machine here: asicminervalue.com/miners/bitmain…
3/ i elected to host my miner in the US, and Compass organized for my machine to be installed at this facility in Kentucky.

i pay about ~$250 / month for electricity to power my miner

you can browse all of Compass' hosting facilities here:
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