I’m sitting down to watch (and live-tweet) the #Oscars, and Black talent and stories may take the night. Like a lot of things happening right now, signs of progress are also signs of just how far we have to go. (1/6)
For every #Moonlight that illuminates the breadth and depth of Black lives, and for every #JudasandtheBlackMessiah that tells the truth about racism in law enforcement and politics, there are a hundred movies and TV shows doing just the opposite. (2/6)
Tonight, I’m looking forward to celebrating Black art and artists like @ViolaDavis, #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah, and of course the late, great Chadwick Boseman. But in addition to celebrating the best, we must also challenge the rest. (3/6)
@violadavis That means not letting Hollywood off the hook for all the harm done by boosting up a completely false image of policing, casting Black people as a drag on society, erasing our stories and humanity, and profiting from stereotype after stereotype. (4/6)
Tonight’s #Oscars wouldn’t be what it is without our movement rising up inside & outside the industry — turning the presence of #OscarsSoWhite (shoutout @ReignOfApril) into the power to change the Academy and the rules that exclude Black talent. (5/6)
Together, we’re going to #ChangeHollywood — making sure Hollywood invests in our communities, tells the truth about policing, and creates opportunity for Black talent and careers, on-camera and behind the scenes. (6/6) changeindustries.org/changehollywoo…

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7 Jan
I don’t know who needs to hear this but Trump officials shouldn't be able to rehabilitate their reputations just bc they resigned two weeks before his term is over or put out a milquetoast statement.

The media has a responsibility to name them as the violent enablers they are.
Mick Mulvaney was the architect of some of the worst parts of the Trump administration, including its willfully negligent #COVID19 response, and has been using his ties to Trump to raise money for his hedge fund.
John Kelly was the DHS Sec who first enforced Trump’s #MuslimBan and is on the board of a company that runs for-profit immigrant detention centers. All of a sudden he wants to decry Trump’s conduct toward “women and minorities”? Opportunism at its lowest.
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28 Aug 20
Today marks the 15th anniversary of @ColorOfChange, formed in the wake of the government's violent neglect of Black people during Hurricane Katrina. Ever since we've remained committed to fighting the barriers holding Black communities back & creating solutions to take us forward
I'm proud of what we've accomplished. We used #NoBloodMoney to get corporations to sever financial ties with white nationalists. We got COPS canceled for their "copaganda". We got Twitter to suspend David Duke and we continued working on tech accountability campaigns.
None of this would have been possible without the people who have taken action with COC, 7 million this year alone, whose activism fuels our work and have allowed us to hold elected leaders accountable with @votingwhileblk. Through it all, we've centered Black joy.
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8 Jul 20
Long term, we need new rules of the road for these companies. Mark Zuckerberg has far too much power, more power than any individual should have, but especially an individual with no deep understanding or appreciation for civil rights usatoday.com/story/tech/202…
We've been working for years to get @Facebook to address their civil rights failures. The release of this civil rights audit exposes Facebook as a company that facilitates hate speech, violence, disinformation and bias while shortchanging civil rights.
We've forced @Facebook to expand its appeals process, address censorship and adopt content moderation policies against white nationalists. And through the audit, we've seen marginal progress on policing unlawful ad targeting, but it hasn't gone nearly far enough.
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6 Jul 20
As the leaders of the #StopHateForProfit coalition gear up to meet @Facebook leadership tomorrow, we want to hear what they will do to deal with this problem - not a repackaging of old talking points. But first, let’s take a minute to recap how we got here:
In 2018, as we were pressuring @Facebook about the rampant voter suppression, discrimination and disinformation on the platform, @Facebook hired a PR firm to launch a negative attack campaign against us that advanced anti-Black and anti-semitic narratives. nytimes.com/2018/11/21/tec…
Afterward, we had a meeting with Sheryl Sandberg where she apologized and committed to making their civil rights audit public. Over the years FB has made steps forward but refused to enforce them when powerful people (ex: Trump) violated their own rules washingtonpost.com/technology/202…
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31 May 20
Elected leaders cannot wring their hands about the tragedy of police brutality one minute, state their support of peaceful protest and reducing jail populations, and then use militarized police force against protestors the next. Thread:
Last night, @chicagosmayor trapped protestors downtown by lifting bridges and stopping the CTA, then instated a curfew that made everyone outside arrestable.
In New York, @NYCMayor defended a vehicular homicide attempt and states that the police have acted “appropriately” despite pepper spraying and macing entirely peaceful protestors and arresting journalists like my friend @keithboykin for no reason.
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2 May 19
About 13 years ago in Central Park, I was stopped and frisked by the police while on a morning run. They had me up against a tree, claiming that I looked like I was “running from something.” The white officers said that “I didn’t look like a runner.” #WhenTheySeeUs
I began explaining myself, nervous, watching as people ran past me...wondering. Knew that my words, visibility, and “nice” running clothes might not save me. Eventually they let me go. This was all before folks pulled out their phones and taped. #WhenTheySeeUs
3 years ago, I shared this story with President @BarackObama and folks in civil rights, elected leaders, and law enforcement at the White House. The head of the FOP said that all my talk of racial profiling was “new to him.” #WhenTheySeeUs
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