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If you know me you know I’m not big on silence - so instead: a day-long thread of the thought leaders who have expanded my understanding of systemic racism & my own biases
Let’s start with someone who is the writer version of a “fricken shark w laser beams” when it comes to BS, systemic racism, homophobia & all Groupon-related nonsense in pop culture & beyond

Next up @IjeomaOluo - let’s just make it real simple: Follow her, listen to her, don’t bother her, but contribute to her Patreon & read her era-defining book - then lobby your company to buy a copy for everyone else.…
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Seeing Parasite win Best Picture (along with best director, best original screen play, and best non-English language film [what's up with foreign language as a category?]) was something else - especially as a Korean American.

Here are some reflections:

1/ It felt like the US finally caught up to the rest of the world in its acknowledgement of Korean media (Korean Dramas, Pop, and Movies). Korean shows and music are popular all throughout the world. There is a reason BTS was number one in 73 countries last year.
2/ Activism is actually fixing some of the gross disparities we see. From the sexism (along with harassment & assault) being addressed in the #metoo & #timesup movements to the racism being addressed in hashtags like #oscarssowhite, public accountability actually changes things.
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Hollywood's biggest night is here.

@NBCNews has minute-by-minute #Oscars coverage of the most notable wins, acceptance speeches, jokes and bizarre flubs. Follow along.
@NBCNews In the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has shifted, but the voting record hasn't.
@NBCNews It took all of 15 minutes and 40 seconds for the #Oscars to get political.

And it happened during the first award of the night.
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I am interested in engaging in a nuanced exploration via this platform, if it’s at all possible. Please join in, and as always please try to be respectful. My mother was a registered nurse, and her last two jobs took place in a maximum security juvenile detention center and...1/?
A maximum security adult prison. I have considered writing something based on her life and based on her work as a nurse. Including based on stories she shared with me of her engagements with the prisoners she cared for. 2/?
As is the case in most prisons in our country, the vast majority of her patients were black and brown. So my questions as I think about this have to do with a reluctance to tell yet more stories in which black and brown characters are prisoners... 3/?
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Twas the night before white Christmas, when all through our shame,
Not a black woman was twerking, not even Lizzo at a game,
The stocking were not hung by the chimney with care,
No chimneys in the hood, St. Nick don’t come there,
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Black kids were restless all packed in their cots,
while Pharrell was in his dress "dropping it like its hot,"
& Aunt Jemima in her' kerchief, & Uncle Ben with his rice,
telling the rest of us black folks to get in line & play nice,
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Black mothers were exhausted, alone with their kids,
Black fathers were missing, unemployed, & incarcerated,
This was all by design, never meant to be free,
Despite black window dressing in Hollywood & on TV,
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“What happened is that we don’t vote by gender. We vote by film and accomplishment.” - President, HFPA

This statement today by the head of the HFPA on the #GoldenGlobes and the lack of female nominees in the Best Director category makes me want to scream. Out loud.
This statement is the epitome of the biggest myth and misconception around diversity and inclusion: that diversity and inclusion is at the expense of merit and excellence.

Let me be clear: it is not.

Once more with feeling: It is not. #GoldenGlobes
Calling attention to the marginalization & exclusion of women in the #GoldenGIobes directing category (or racialized artists in acting categories at the #Oscars through @ReignOfApril’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign) is not asking for awards bodies to nominate unqualified candidates.
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Five yrs ago today, @ManohlaDargis wrote this feature on me. SELMA was coming out on the heels of Ferguson, another community ignited by tragedy. Tension was in the air. I was worried black folks may not accept a new version of King. Turns out that’d be the least of my worries.
This front page Arts & Leisure piece, which is big deal in the PR world, came out on the same day that Oprah hosted a gorgeous gospel brunch celebration for the film. I’ll remember this moment with @repjohnlewis forever. I thought things were going pretty well for SELMA.
Then, the cast and I wore “I Can’t Breathe” shirts to our NYC premiere. One Oscar pundit wrote that the protest was inappropriate and would cost us a nomination. I recall thinking that was ridiculous. That we weren’t getting a nod anyway and why was this man stirring nonsense.
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#AprilsOscarsWeekend begins NOW! First up: I'm on @BuzzFeedNews@AM2DM NOW to talk about all things Oscars, including #OscarsSoWhite. Watch live right here:
Aaaannnndd, my son was just a guest on the @MikeOMearaShow since he’s my +1 for #AprilsOscarsWeekend. He blew it out of the park, but there was never any doubt. ☺️
My hair AND my purse had to be checked by TSA (there was nothing in either) AND my flight is boarding early, but the Universe put one of those chauffeured people movers right at the bottoms of the steps for me. Because the way my thighs are set up....
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#KevinHart's crucifixion reminds of #OscarsSoWhite in 2015/16.
Both were skirmishes in a massive clash between a bitter, selfish, and rootless #LGBTQ movement, and the noble and genuine black #CivilRights movement.
In this thread, I take a side:
#OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoHomophobic
2016's all-white cohort of #Oscar nominees had some black actors and civil rights activists crying “racism!"
They were right.
Well, half-right.
Hollywood elites don’t literally say blacks are subhuman. But while “racism” once referred only to a doctrine that some races are genetically inferior, the word has evolved. “Racism” can refer to ideologies that ask a race to check its *ethnicity* (i.e. culture) at the door.
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.@TheRoot is at the #CBCALC18 listening in on the “Black Women and Workforce Diversity: Finding a Seat at the Table” panel. Really good to see black women talk about their experiences with harnesses their power. @CBCFInc
Michelle Rice, General Manager at TV One, Urban One, Inc., says she started off as a tv reporter but quickly realized she was better behind the camera. Says BET got her a break into her current career path. #CBCFALC2018
.@ReignOfApril says she worked as a lawyer for 20 years before starting #oscarssowhite that lead her to a career switch that has her pursuing her passion in entertainment. #CBCFALC2018 @TheRoot @CBCFInc
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BlackListAnon is the name given by the other Anons.

It’s a interesting story I’m going to share with you from this Anon’s Drops.

Is this a larp?

Jury is still out on this.

If it is it’s a damn good one.

Same bad actors as in QDrops so it might all be connected.
What does it mean to be on the Black List?

Who is S.



SS helped usher in a Renaissance.

SS Son? Imitation

Son Black Listed?

By whom?



What does it mean to be on the Black List?

What is Hollywood?

Who is H. Weinstein?

Who in N. Oppenheim?


Rape button?

“Lace” Black Listed?

Who is R. Farrow?

Story spiked?


Family favors?

Younger Cousin?

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I invite you to read all of @rebel19’s thread below because she nails it, as always. I also agree with @jes_chastain’s point that the onus is on Hollywood to make more films with WOC leads. HOWEVER. #OscarsSoWhite
I believe that @jes_chastain, the other women in this photo, and lead actors & actresses generally underestimate their power. Both in film and ESPECIALLY w/ media outlets like the @latimes. #OscarsSoWhite
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