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#CentralPark Cindy Confrontation Goes Viral, as White Woman Calls Cops on Black Man Over Dog Leash…
1. #AmyCooper since you are on #administrativeleave from your job #FranklinTempleton I have some fil.s that you might screen at home. 2 by @ava #The13th is on @YouTube for free. #WhenTheySeeUs is in @netflix pperhaps you have account with them.
2. Dear #AmyCooper,
hello it's me again. Ever hear of #PhilandoCastile? There's a shirt film on him. His fiancee made it. It's free too, since you're recently/currently unemployed.
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@ava PLEASE READ-A THREAD❗️Below is a photo from a #CherishTheDay scene. The Author of the book circled is @haveyoureadspud I told his story when I was on the @breakfastclubam @cthagod @angelayee @djenvy I want YOU to know that he wrote 14 books while serving time in prison 1/
2/ Spud served time as a 1st time non-violent offender due to the 90’s crime bill. He saved my life when I was a teenager so I stayed connected with him over the years during his time in prison, he is one of the reasons why I work so hard in politics on criminal justice reform.
3/ Spud is the reason why when I watched #WhenTheySeeUs I was NOT shocked by anything I saw because I already understood the pain & trauma associated with serving time. Because of him I spoke about mental health for inmates during my 2nd appearance on @breakfastclubam
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I appreciate those who are sanguine about the #GoldenGlobes shut out of #WhenTheySeeUs. I am not. B/c where we find ourselves in this country in this moment has so much to do w/the willful blindness & disregard for the voices & experiences of those at the bottom.
Those stories tell a truth abt America that is painful but necessary to engage. Their stories implicate us all as citizens of this deeply flawed democracy. They tell of the America that many of us know well but so many more ignore. “We didn’t know,” so many well-meaning ppl say.
We didn’t know about this kind of injustice, about prosecutors & police ofcrs who railroad Black boys & men for crimes they didn’t commit. Abt cruel judges, children placed in adult prisons. #WhenTheySeeUs brings it all into focus. And w/performances that are simply w/o parallel.
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ثريد لأفضل 15 مسلسل من إنتاج #Netflix حسب الي شفتهم و الترتيب عشوائي مع القصه وتريلر المسلسل، وانصح فيهم محظوظ الي باقي ما شافهم 👇♥️..
1- مسلسل #Daredevil يجسد دور مات موردوك/ديرديفيل محامي في النهار ومحارب للجريمة في الليل يحكي المسلسل قصة بطل القصص المصورة مارفيل موميكس داردفيل ومغامرته البطولية بعد فقدانه البصر واكتسابه حاسة سادسة تمكنه من مجابهة الجريمة ومكافحة الفساد في مدينة نيويورك 3 مواسم كل موسم 13 حلقة
2- مسلسل #WhenTheySeeUs قصته: يعلق خمسة مراهقين من هارلم داخل كابوس سلبهم حرّيتهم حين يُتّهمون زورًا بارتكاب اعتداء وحشي في سنترال بارك من وحي قصّة حقيقية . موسم واحد 4 حلقات فقط كل حلقه ساعه .
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#Kammatipaadam - Malayalam cinema has achieved a lot more than entire Indian film industry. Great performances and even more great cinematography
But that ending though :(
#Anthapuram - ఈ సినిమా 1998 లో ఒచ్చిందంటే నమ్మలేకపోతున్న
Cult classic అనటం లో తప్పే లేదు రా
సౌందర్య ప్రకాష్ రాజ్ జగపతిబాబు ముగ్గురు మూడు మూల స్తంభాలు
#6Underground - Evademanna anukondi Michael Bay thopest action Director antheyy !
Pichi pichii gaa ekkesindhi action scenes asalaa .
First 17 min car chase adi kooda antha engaging ahh ayya 🙏
Full meals stuff for Bay fans
Pure Bayhem
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These are our top 20 shows of 2019:
20. #TheOA Part II

#TheOA Part II is "one of the most ambitious, provocative, and stunning works of art of the last decade." -- @kenobibear
19. #IThinkYouShouldLeave With TimRobinson

" Tim Robinson’s incisive comedic mind delivers at least one brilliant sketch per episode." -- @Joshsorokach
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The experience of being with my 7 year old son as he globally deteriorated receiving IViG for autoimmune encephalitis has completely destabilized my conception of how the world works. Our trauma got trauma and that’s coming from someone who earned up a high threshold for terror
A glimpse into AE: “the immune system attacks a crucial receptor in the brain, producing severe neurological and psychiatric symptoms—including behavior sometimes compared to that of the possessed girl in The Exorcist.”…
Sasha Eggers, the 13 year old featured in the Atlantic article, developed AE in ‘07 when few antibodies were identified for Neuroimmunological testing. His clinical presentation+response to immunotherapy substantiated the dx but w/o a clear antibody was considered *seronegative*
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Watched the Epstein coverage on my day off w/ #WhenTheySeeUs still in my head. Struck that in the 1980s, prosecutors with 0 evidence put 5 children in prison for 7-13 years for a rape they didn't commit & 20 years later A. Acosta was supposedly helpless vs a serial child rapist?
There really are two Americas: one where the rich can get away with anything-no matter how horrible (and get on the SCOTUS and in the White House even!) and one where those who aren't rich are caged, abused, and have to beg and protest just to have healthcare. May God forgive us.
Oh, and a strip club was making it so rich men could buy some stripper girl caddies at the president of the United States' private golf club that he still makes money from because The Handmaid's Tale is a documentary. #2Americas.…
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With reporters looking at the social media postings of cops recently, I figured I'd check in with the NYPD cop message board THE RANT & see what they're up to nowadays. And unsurprisingly, it's pretty much filled with bigotry & far right politics.
This board seems to be the newest version of THEE RANT which had to get shut down for being so racist & bigoted that it was becoming embarrassing to the NYPD.
Since it's #PrideMonth , let's start with a recent post about NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson asking NYPD leader O Neill to apologize for the raids that sparked the Stonewall Riots. Of course, cops hate it & one cop claims he was there at Stonewall & was about to shoot people!
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The interview Michael Smerconish did Saturday of a police officer involved in the Central Park jogger case was irresponsible. The officer made unsubstantiated claims to make it appear that the men exonerated in the #CentralParkFive case are guilty. 1/
@smerconish interviewed Eric Reynolds, a former police officer who at age 29 arrested two of the defendants in 1989. Smerconish asked Reynolds about depictions in #WhenTheySeeUs of police coercing the teenage boys to confess. Reynolds said: “That’s ridiculous.” 2/
Reynolds said they "knew" the boys were involved in the rape after police asked Kevin Richardson how he got scratched. "He then admitted that the female jogger scratched his face. That’s the first we realized that they were involved in the attack” of the jogger. 3/
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7years now since I last saw you.

I went home last week, some guys were making trouble for women on the road, I was passing by and one of them said "ọ kwa nwanne fifty, rapụ ya" (That's fifty's sister, leave her) I didn't know if I should cry or laugh.
#WhenTheySeeUs #EndSARS
November 29th 2012, I got a call that #Sars arrested all the people that went for the child dedication at Ajali that day. Mum told you not to go but you insisted he was your friend's first child.
Where are you brother? We miss you?
#WhenTheySeeUs #ENDSARS
Last anyone saw you (mum did) was in #sars custody at Awkuzu yet they kept denying that you were there. We sold that land at Nibo, You know? We sold it to pay for your freedom but it wasn't to be. Human rights activists scammed us, lawyers scammed us, police commissioner said...
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I watched @ava #whentheyseeus Sunday. My friend #Justice4Jeremy was gunned down Monday evening. Immediately following his murder @ProvoPolice & local media released Jeremy’s criminal history most of which was dismissed with prejudice! They’ve yet to release killers name 1/T
I’ve been told by law enforcement offers to let the @ProvoPolice & @UtahCoAttorneys do their job. If “we” rush them they’ll do a bad job. Meanwhile Jeremy’s neighbor the man who killed him is being treated like a hero. The female aggressor is being protected. #justice4Jeremy 2/T
Meanwhile the story keeps changing. First he was over the woman he was fighting. Now he was kicking her in the head? She was treated for “minor” injuries and released. Who is she? The women we think it is has disappeared from social media. She was a bully. #Justice4jeremy 3/T
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(1) I finally got to watch #WhenTheySeeUs, but the news interrupted: a "#terror attack foiled in #TimesSquare." A disturbing headline, but if you look beneath the surface, a very different story emerges, along w/ disturbing parallels to the #CentralPark5…
(2) The first thing that got my attention was prosecutor’s admission that “despite his intentions, he posed no immediate threat.” A man wanted to attack Times Square, but there was no threat? That didn’t make sense. How could such a major attack not be a threat?
(3) Looking at the facts laid out in the criminal complaint, things get a bit clearer. As paragraph 3 says that in "the course of an investigation...[the defendant] bought and received two firearms with obliterated serial numbers from undercover law enforcement officers."
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oh shit oh shit oh shit
yeah, the maxwells. like ghislaine maxwell, who the lead trafficker for epstein, who approached virginia roberts when we was working at mar a lago and recruited her into the epstein trafficking operation. and there they are meeting in 1989.
Other new fact I learned tonight (this morning?). Craig Spence hosted a birthday party for Roy Cohn. Another major major oversight.
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What happened in Central Park on the night of April 19, 1989 overshadowed another narrative: how the culprit went on to rape more women and kill another, Lourdes Gonzalez, later that summer. I wrote about that narrative, and those women, for @TheCut.…
This is the parallel narrative to the story told in #WhenTheySeeUs. A broken system has so many ripple effects and sacrifices so many people. It took many months & a lot of digging to uncover what happened in the spring and summer of 1989.…
I began with a simple question: why didn't we know much about Lourdes Gonzalez? How did her life and her death get forgotten? What happened to her children? The answers proved more complex than I ever bargained for.
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This Tweet was sent after NYC settled in June 2014. 12 years after the Central Park 5 were exonerated & convictions vacated. In Oct. 2016, one month before he was elected, he still claimed they were guilty. This spiteful man is president. #WhentheySeeUs
Here is Trump calling the Central Park Five “Wilding Thugs” while sharing the insanely racist NY Post *Editorial Board* criticizing NYC for “lavish[ing] taxpayer funds on a group of thugs” after their $40 million settlement in 2014. #WhenTheySeeUs
11 years after the exonerations of the Central Park Five, here’s the current president of the United States responding to some random Twitter account with “Innocent of what-how many people did they mugg?” #WhenTheySeeUs
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“You got i.d.?” It can be just that simple. #WhenTheySeeUs
Today, where are every one of the NYPD officers who interrogated those boys? Did they go on to supervise and train other officers? Are they still on the force? Did they retire w/full pensions? #WhenTheySeeUs
At the police station. Hearing a 14 year-old child say to his father, “I got this,” and “I made a deal,” while shackled to a chair. Children. Alone. Under this pressure. #WhenTheySeeUs
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Prosecutors have released a full transcript of a voicemail from a former @POTUS lawyer that @GenFlynn said was an attempt to influence his cooperation in the Russia probe
..asks for a "heads-up" if Flynn knew damaging information about the president…
👉Clinton appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan accused @GenFlynn of Treason
👉What kind of Judge accuses someone of TREASON?
👉Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the release of the voicemail transcript
👉#DeepState in full panic
@Potus #QAnon #SaturdayMorning #WWG1WGA #WhenTheySeeUs
Mueller Team Manipulated Transcript in report of the @GenFlynn Transcript
The transcript of the voicemail recording was cited in the Mueller report as evidence that @POTUS was trying to obstruct justice by shaping witness testimony…
#QAnon #SaturdayMorning
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Dear white people. When I tweet these videos of police killing or harassing black people, it gives me hope reading the replies from white people outraged by police racism. Your voice is appreciated, because they've been ignoring us since the Rodney King beating caught on tape.
Amateur video captured King's beating after LA police officers stopped him for speeding March 3, 1991. Police beat King repeatedly, delivering 56 baton blows and six kicks -- causing skull fractures, and brain and kidney damage. #SurvingAmericasPolice
In November 1992, Malice Green became a household name in the U.S., after the 35-year-old unarmed black man was beaten to death by white cops in Detroit.
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Last night I was in the @ApolloTheater for the World Premiere of @WhenTheySeeUs, debuting May 31 on @netflix, introduced by writer, director and producer @ava!! #WhenTheySeeUs
At the @WhenTheySeeUs premiere at the @ApolloTheater last night, @ava brought up the cast. And as a special surprise, @Oprah! Then it was time to watch the first two episodes of the four-part series. #WhenTheySeeUs 2/
I’m blessed to be able to see more productions than most. When I tell you that @WhenTheySeeUs is MUST SEE TV, please believe me. The story of the Central Park 5, or the Exonerated 5 as @ava calls them, is lovingly and hauntingly told. I couldn’t catch my breath. #WhenTheySeeUs
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About 13 years ago in Central Park, I was stopped and frisked by the police while on a morning run. They had me up against a tree, claiming that I looked like I was “running from something.” The white officers said that “I didn’t look like a runner.” #WhenTheySeeUs
I began explaining myself, nervous, watching as people ran past me...wondering. Knew that my words, visibility, and “nice” running clothes might not save me. Eventually they let me go. This was all before folks pulled out their phones and taped. #WhenTheySeeUs
3 years ago, I shared this story with President @BarackObama and folks in civil rights, elected leaders, and law enforcement at the White House. The head of the FOP said that all my talk of racial profiling was “new to him.” #WhenTheySeeUs
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