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ICE CREAM🧵: Learning Ben & Jerry's was ending advertising on Twitter as a result of a false belief that hate speech has increased @elonmusk asked what they were talking about. The thread includes helpful background on their politics...… Image
ICE CREAM🧵: Three years ago Ben & Jerry's joined the #StopHateForProfit" campaign halting paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram calling on the company to stop spreading and amplifying racist hate speech.… Image
ICE CREAM🧵: Ben & Jerry's called for invocation of the 25th Amendment after January 6th falsely claiming President Trump was incapacitated. He was not. They also falsely claimed the J6 protesters were 'white supremacists'.… Image
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For @elonmusk to allow Donald Trump back on Twitter, ostensibly after a brief poll, shows he is not remotely serious about safeguarding the platform from hate, harassment and misinformation.
As we've said before, Trump used Twitter to foment intolerance, issue threats and incite a violent attack against the US government. Moreover, he has shown no indication that he would do anything different if given the opportunity.
When @ADL and other #StopHateforProfit leaders met with Elon Musk on 11/1, he committed to not replatform anyone, regardless of stature, until he installed a transparent, clear process that took into consideration the views of civil society.
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Today, we are joining dozens of other groups to ask advertisers to pause Twitter spending because we are profoundly concerned about antisemitism and hate on the platform. Here's why we're asking advertisers to #StopHateForProfit and #StopToxicTwitter🧵…
This past Tuesday, @Twitter’s new owner @elonmusk met with representatives from U.S civil society organizations, including @JGreenblattADL and @YaelEisenstat. Following that meeting, Musk pledged that "Twitter will continue to combat hate & harassment," including antisemitism.
Since that meeting, Musk permitted @kanyewest to start posting again. From Ye's "Death Con 3" tweet to @KyrieIrving promoting an antisemitic film, we've seen celebrities use Twitter to disseminate antisemitic conspiracy theories and hate to tens of millions of followers. Image
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#PrinceHarry & #MeghanMarkle were awarded with the prestigious @NAACP Image President's Awards. It was in recognition of their work to help a woman’s shelter in Texas, their promotion of Covid vaccine equity & a their community relief centres partnership. Thread as a reminder✨:
Through the Archewell Foundation, Meghan and Harry donated to the Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Dallas, Texas funds to replace their roof and also other immediate needs. Shelter's roof was damaged during Winter Storm Uri ☔️#MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #HarryandMeghan
Meghan and Harry’s have convened meetings with CEOs encouraging them to do their part whether it’s social media giants like Facebook regarding #StopHateForProfit to pharmaceuticals. The Sussexes walk the talk! 🗣 This was praised back in July 2020 by @NAACP’s President👏
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Twitter and Facebook depend heavily on advertising revenue. If enough big advertisers speak out & take action, these platforms will face strong pressure to stop this abuse #StartSpreadingLove #StopFundingHate…
"As it is advertisers that fund these platforms, I hope we stand together to hold them to account, unafraid to speak out and demand change"… #StartSpreadingLove
The more big brands speak out, the more of an impact this will have - full list of signatories here. If you work in advertising or marketing you can help by encouraging your clients to join: ==>…
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“Voicing concern about an "avalanche of misinformation" in the digital world, #PrinceHarry is joining the Aspen Institute's new Commission on Information Disorder as a commissioner. Harry, 14 other commissioners & 3 co-chairs will conduct a 6-month study”…
“Journo Katie Couric,Color of Change pres Rashad Robinson & Chris Krebs, the former dir of the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency,are the co-chairs. "This info crisis undermines confidence in our democratic institutions & strikes right at the foundation of society”
“That's what Aspen,a leading nonprofit,wants to examine.The institute announced its Commission on Info Disorder in Jan w/ a mandate to develop "actionable public-private responses." The commission will begin to meet in April & will hold a series of briefings with outside experts”
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“Facebook’s bullying and harassment policy explicitly allows for “public figures” to be targeted in ways otherwise banned on the site, including “calls for [their] death”, according to a tranche of internal moderator guidelines leaked to the Guardian.”…
“Public figures are defined by Facebook to include ppl whose claim to fame may be simply a large social media following or infrequent coverage in local newspapers. They are considered to be permissible targets for certain types of abuse “because we want to allow discussion”
“It comes as social networks face renewed criticism over abuse on their platforms, including of the Duke and #DuchessOfSussex and professional footballers, in particular black stars such as Marcus Rashford.”
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Holy shit, this is a damning piece.

This explains what we always thought was true about @Facebook. They have consistently make special commutations for outlets like Breitbart, The Daily Wire and InfoWars despite their breaches of the Terms of Service.
We have been pushing @facebook to simply enforce their own rules for years, as have others, and have consistently found that they were unwilling to do even the bare minimum.

Politics should be separated from moderation decisions and rules should be enforced equally. They’re not.
This, from an employee who left @facebook because of its damaging policy decisions, gets it right.

No one is asking Facebook to throw people off their platform based on their ideology, they are simply asking the company to enforce their terms. It isn’t happening.
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Who made Mark Zuckerberg king 👑?

A thread . . .
First, I'd start with the Harvard Ad Board who in 2003 gave Mark a pass for violating university IT policies, stealing photos from private house directories, hacking into the Crimson, and harassing women with his first project Facemash.…
Next, I'd look at Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Marc Andreessen, and other early Facebook investors who overlooked Mark's character and FB's origin story, weren't very impressed with him, and decided to invest anyway.…
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They are anti-vaxxers . Anti-vaxxers are not harmless; they threaten and engage in violence while promoting lies that endanger lives. Just like white supremacists, which whom they now ally. We must reject both. #StopAntiVaxViolence…
Anti-vaxxers brought white supremacists to the CA State Capitol to oppose my vaccination oversight bill #SB276 in 2019. #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect #FakeMEsHurtKids @VaccinateCal
Anti-vaxxers mailed bricks to CA legislators and posted violent memes & threats to oppose #SB276 in 2019. #StopAntiVaxViolence #Ivax2protect #FakeMEsHurtKids @VaccinateCal @ImmunizeCa
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Remember when conservatives were trying to get this guy banned? He does. I guess this is his idea of revenge.
"Offensive speech cannot be tolerated," explained the guy who made a fortune from it
#StopHateForProfit? Talk about pulling up the ladder behind you. He made his riches by pissing people off, and now he doesn't want any competition.

Scratch a liberal, find a fascist. Image
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À titre informatif

#Thread Twitter, une entreprise qui rend « monétisable » ses utilisateurs, comploterait avec l’extrême gauche anticapitaliste 🤯
En réalité Twitter a subi un boycott des annonceurs (Verizon, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Levi's, Starbucks, Ben&Jerry's, Patagonia, The North Face, REI, Upwor...) suite à une attitude jugée trop permissive vis à vis des comptes pro-Trump et des discours haineux…
D’un côté Twitter a peur de perdre des utilisateurs et donc des revenus, de l’autre les marques ont lancé une opération marketing #StopHateForProfit (« Non à la haine pour le profit »), soutenue par des associations de défense des droits, pour surfer sur le mouvement #BLM.
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We cannot allow the historic & horrific events of the past 48 hours to fade without significant consequences. In our 100+ years of history, @ADL has never called for the President of the United States to be removed from office. Today, that changes.…
What occurred on Wed. was inexcusable. An act of domestic terror was encouraged by President Trump & organized on social media. It will be remembered as one of the darkest days of our democracy & makes it unambiguously clear: President Trump is unfit for office & must be removed.
The images of extremists assaulting police officers, rampaging through the halls of Congress, desecrating the symbol of our democracy had no precedent in our history. The incitement of the mob by @realDonaldTrump was an amoral act that debases the presidency & imperils society.
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THREAD: In the wake of the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, @Twitter must enforce its rules suspending accounts that post & spread QAnon conspiracy theories that glorify violence, target democratic institutions & seed militant insurrection.
QAnon played a key role in the terror attack on the Capitol. QAnon accounts on Twitter and other platforms hailed the violence as a first step in a civil war. According to reports, QAnon supporters were among the first militants to enter the Capitol.…
One of these supporters, Jake Angeli, a far-right conspiracy theorist dubbed the “QAnon Shaman,” has been a visible presence at several far-right rallies supporting the president’s attempts to discredit the 2020 election.…
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This piece is ridiculous.

1) Stop conflating “free speech” with advertising and data mining businesses. Moderation is done for customers (advertisers), not for 1A, which does not apply to them.

2) Competition is great! Let it happen. It will take the power away from monopolies!
3) The entire point of neo-Nazis, disinformation-peddlers and foreign influence operations using these big platforms is to recruit, amplify to more people and monetize. If they go to smaller platforms, great. But they don’t want to because they don’t have the reach.
4) The entire FrEE SpEeCH argument is blown up within this piece by the author. When you go to other, smaller platforms, you’re STILL POSTING! No one is being stopped from speaking their mind. They just don’t get to amplify. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of reach. Duh.
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We think a lot internally about what it means to be a mission-driven company. Here are a few lessons we have learned, and who we have learned from the most 👇

"Your current product is just one execution against the mission" is a phenomenal quote by @leifthunder.

Let that quote sink in for a second.
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@Heidi_Cuda @BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail @MalcolmNance @Nick_Carmody @TeamPelosi @YourAnonCentral @jennycohn1 @ericgarland @JYSexton @politico YVW thank you for all your posts/threads..the CA one was excellent- the psychometric profiling of people prone to extremism and weaponizing them is one of the low points of this sad Trump/Brexit saga in history. For my money Murdoch is one of beneficiaries of it.
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@BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail this is a tweet thread from #auspol I copied from twitter that has since gone missing I saw in my archives, from just last year. You are going to have to research what it is saying but would never alter stuff.. but someone has had it removed.. it could even be one of yours, Brent Image
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A few thoughts on Borat. The main target of the movie is clearly Trump supporters, but I feel bad that Kazakhstan gets caught in the crosshairs. Based on his stereotype, you can see Cohen wants to critique Russians, Germans, and Arabs for historical reasons. 1/n
He picks on Kazakhstan as some kind of amalgamation of all three, despite it being a pretty successful country over the last two decades. This is likely because of its lack of influence, and because most Americans know nothing about it, letting him create any image he wants. 2/n
In the beginning, he tells us Kazakhstan celebrates the Holocaust. This is a completely invented slander. I know it's a movie, and these are jokes, but it's a joke with no historical basis at all and just takes advantage of the ignorance of the viewer. 3/n
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I love that I can connect directly with you through Instagram and Facebook, but I can’t sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation - created by groups to sow division and split America apart Image
– only to take steps after people are killed. Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy.  Please join me tomorrow when I will be “freezing” my Instagram and FB account to tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit.
Link in bio for more info on how to preserve truth.
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Facebook recently made some announcements in response to demands that the civil rights groups in #StopHateForProfit called for earlier this summer.

It's been a few months, so @ADL has taken a look at how they’ve done in addressing our common sense requests.

Our findings👇
Are ads still running next to hateful content?
The answer is clear: yes.

Not only are they still running, but hatred festers and isn't particularly hard to find. See these few examples below.
Does Facebook still allow large groups and pages that spew racism, antisemitism, hate and conspiracy theories?

Again, the answer is yes.

Facebook still tolerates “Exposing the Rothschilds,” a group with over 130k members and “George Soros: The Enemy Within,” with over 4k.
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Wake up to Anonymous, @SachaBaronCohen, influencers and academics recommending to delete Facebook. Advertisers must be proud of the $65B they provided to incentivize its horrors.
Reminder, “Facebook is in way over their heads.” - @AOC
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Recalling @karaswisher interview with Facebook CEO Zucka covering this topic. again, too much focus is on the binary decision of taking down / leaving up - FB prefers this debate. The critical issue is Facebook “actively promotes” - that’s their biz model.… Image
Note the poor spokesperson for Facebook (Andy Stone?) can’t even assign his name to this one as it’s so despicable. Instead they’ll go anonymous and see if it blows over. Fat chance. #StopHateForProfit
Note the operative words are “recommends” and “suggests.” FB is not a passive platform but instead provides velocity and reach to hate and harmful info. They need accountability for the content they continue to promote. Yes, this hits the core biz model.… ImageImageImageImage
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Woah. This is one of the more damning reports I’ve ever read on Facebook. Yes, that says something. It’s a deeply reported must-read on how Facebook’s political and PR interests affect public safety. A sick, sick company.…
It certainly appears there is a Joel Kaplan and Andy Stone for every market to team up and influence product decisions to keep local governments happy. I don’t even understand how this person remains employed at Facebook would a straight face. ImageImageImage
Think about how Facebook can use its own leverage in any country to assist its preferred governance. There is clear evidence of this in this report. We’ve seen it in other nations, too, even covering up harms and working alongside politicians to help them. Image
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