Though few have had time interacting with them, there is a general society driven mentality that chickens are dumb, this makes things easier on us when they’re on our menu. But, it doesn’t take long to realize that #chickens are actually quite intelligent.

#BirdDay #Chicken

1. Delayed Gratification: 

Chickens actually have the ability to have some degree of self control. In studies where they tested delayed gratification, chickens could learn to refuse food if they knew they’d get more later if they did.
2. Memory: 

Humans can recognize thousands of different people. Studies have shown that chickens can recognize different individual chickens (at present, studies indicate more than 100). They can also recognize different humans.
3. Object Permanence:

An interesting concept. If you show someone an object, then take it away, we know that the object still exists, somewhere. We may look for it so as to find out where it is hidden. Chickens are able to do this. Baby humans aren’t able to do this until older.
4. Counting: 

It has been shown that chickens can do basic math as objects infront of them are moved to and fro.
5. Personality: 

If you’ve spent time with dogs, you know they all have strong personalities. They can form friendships and have a range of interests. Chickens are no different. They’ll change behavior depending on who is around them.
6. Empathetic: 

Some chickens have shown the ability to be protective of not only their own chicks, but those of others.
7. Manipulative: 

Chickens can be cunning and show some sort of machiavellian manipulation so as to get them what they want.
The simple answer is that yes, chickens are smart. They’re intelligent in ways that most people would never know.

Here is a good example of chickens learning with operant conditioning (feeding them when they choose a particular colored dot).

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Scald tanks,’ large pools of boiling water, are used to loosen animals’ skin and hair after slaughter. Due to the fast pace at which animals are killed, THOUSANDS OF FARMED ANIMALS ARE BOILED ALIVE each year.

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