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Oat milk costing more than dairy is a false narrative.

Let's start with this. How is raising 9.34M lactating dairy cows in the US weighing ~1,300lb each eating ~100lbs feed/day + drinking ~35 gallons water/day cheaper than growing crops of oats?

Time for a 🧵 of context 1/
This simple Twitter poll is a great example of the impact Big Dairy lobbying and propaganda has on misguiding consumers.

In 2021, Big Dairy spent $6.9M in lobbying. The highest spent in 2013 at $8.3M.

There is no Big Oats. 2/… Image
There are 2 USDA checkoff programs dedicated to dairy + milk.

Fluid Milk Checkoff Program:…

Dairy Checkoff Program. Remember "Got Milk" campaign?…

There is no Oat Board nor even a general US Grains Board. No checkoff for oats. 3/
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Did you know that this week marks #EndangeredSpeciesDay and #BiodiversityDay?

We honor these days by highlighting the need to change our eating habits and fashion choices to protect animals from going extinct.👇1/10 Image
Animals play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy #environment. For example:

- beaver dams prevent fires
- squirrels help trees take root
- #fish feces can lock carbon away for 600 years
- elephants create water sources for other species

Our current food system is a key driver of #BiodiversityLoss, a 2021 report by @ChathamHouse found.

The expansion of #AnimalAgriculture, in particular, destroys ecosystems by turning them into pasture or farmland to grow feed. @CaroChristen reports. 3/10…
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Last week, @IPESfood published a report exploring widespread #protein claims.

The report discussed 8 claims, but media coverage focused on criticizing meat alternatives as an ineffective climate solution—a claim also pushed by #livestock groups.👇 1/10
🚫An expert panel warns that fake #meat will not save the planet, @KatyAskew1 reports via @FoodNavigator.

According to the article, the report shows that "alternative proteins aren’t necessarily the silver bullet solution they have been billed as." 2/10…
🔍According to the latest @IPCC report, cultured meat and #PlantBased alternatives to animal products "can bring substantial reduction in direct #GHG emissions from food production."

Eloise Gibson reports on the 2022 #IPCC report via @NZStuff. 3/10…
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Here's the story of our POLITICS OF PROTEIN report out today. A thread 🧵

For decades, governments & corporations expanded factory farming - claiming more protein was needed for #foodsecurity.

Now they're confronted with the consequences... /1
Devastating deforestation, immense land use, pollution, impacts on health, climate & animals from intensive factory farming are clear for all to see.

Thankfully momentum for change is growing. /2 ImageImage
But those same actors (and some new philanthropists & venture capital) are now pushing a number of techno-fix solutions. These are many of the same firms that already dominate sales of conventional (factory-farmed) products. /3 ImageImage
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A co-worker of mine said to me the other day “I’m vegan man, I need to be careful about my #Protein” This in the context of wanting to get some #pipes. Got me thinking about how #vegan & #plantbased compare with omnivorous diets for building muscle/strength.

A paper published in 2021, by Victoria Hevia-Larrain and Hamilton Roschel. Here they sought out to assess the effect of dietary protein source on changes in muscle mass/strength.

They took 19 habitual vegan men and 19 habitual omnivores. They did a 12wk, twice wkly, resistance program. Habitual protein intake assessed and adjusted to 1.6g/kg per day with supp (Soy v Whey).

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Russia's attack on #Ukraine has intensified calls for a transition away from #FossilFuels.

The war also highlights the need for #FoodSystem change. Today, we explore how #AnimalAgriculture fuels global crises by creating high levels of dependency between countries. 1/11👇
Ukraine produces large quantities of wheat, barley, rye, and #maize. Russia is the world’s top #wheat exporter.

The two countries taken together account for almost a third of the global wheat export market, @weizent reports via @CNBC. 2/11…
Maize and wheat are just two examples of crops #meat and dairy producers feed to animals.

The #livestock sector currently uses 61% of global maize and 20% of global wheat as animal fodder, according to a 2021 study about #FoodSecurity. 3/11…
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Are Northern Ireland's environmental policies sustainable or a load of rubbish? This week we explore the gap between our #climate goals and the reality while looking at ideas for the future 🌍

Environment In Focus 👇


Viewpoint: Kicking off a week-long series focusing on the climate crisis and how it affects Northern Ireland. #climateni #greenweek…
Invasion will be an environmental disaster for both Ukraine and rest of world, writes John Breslin…
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The 30-second pitch: A Look At The Latest Precision Fermentation Developments

🧀 What is it?
More and more startups are working on #fermentation solutions for #altprotein, functional ingredients & #plantbased products.…
📈 The figures
By 2035, 11% of all eggs, dairy, meat and seafood consumed worldwide is likely to be #altprotein created using precision #fermentation.
👀 Who?
Cultivated Biosciences
Daisy Lab
FUMI Ingredients
Fybraworks Foods, Inc.
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In a country that grows SO much food, it's unjust & unethical that this is real:

#PlantBased diets are at the cornerstone of every national rec for disease prevention, and yet...

Only 1/10 Americans eats the recommended amounts of fruits/vegetables.…
And this is a pretty low bar...

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend only 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables daily!
And, of course, tragic to see that "meeting vegetable intake recommendations was... lowest among those living below or close to the poverty level (income to poverty ratio [IPR] <1.25) (6.8%)."

#FoodIsMedicine #HealthEquity

@MassGenBrigham @elsiemt @Kristenrisley @FoodisMedMA
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Financial Times @ft: "#Plantbased meat is losing its sizzle, with falling US sales casting a shadow over expectations that the nascent category would take a chunk out of the real animal #meat market"…
This doesn't seem to help their case: "Taco Bell has rejected a #plantbased carne asada from Beyond Meat. [F]ood testers [..] found it to be below the standard of moving to a test phase & serving it to customers"…
"Investors expressed concern [..] that customers might not be getting the idea behind Beyond Meat"

Or maybe that's precisely what is happening and people *are* getting "the idea behind Beyond Meat"?…
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1/ If you want to hear a great discussion on the #LMHRstudy from my colleague,@DrNadolsky (who is most definitely pro-#LDL #Cholesterol lowering), I highly recommend this podcast that just dropped via @Plant_proof.

I'll add just a few quick thoughts...
2/ Firstly, this may be the most I've heard myself talked about in a podcast I wasn't in (😂 weird, but understandable given the context).

But while certainly critical in many respects, I felt both @DrNadolsky and @Plant_proof provided a lot of good context...
3/ @DrNadolsky bring up my oft-repeated phrase, "cautiously optimistic" [in the context of higher LDL/ApoB as a seemingly resulting from metabolic fat-adaption]

Worth repeating that mine is a hypothesis and should be treated as such, hence the "cautious" part of the phrase...
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SARS-CoV-2 PL-Pro (Nsp3) Inhibitors.
#nature #plantbased
Salvia miltiorrhiza.

PLpro has an implication in viral invasion by shutting down the viral-induced host innate immune response. Dihydrotanshinone I appears to be the strongest inhibitor amongst the tanshinone ..1/n
derivatives. It is a natural compound isolated from lipophilic fraction of Salvia miltiorrhiza, which has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. Several derivatives of tanshinones were previously reported to be inhibitors for SARS-CoV-1 PLpro and to a lesser extent ..2/n
in 3CLpro. Dihydrotanshinone I is the best inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 PLpro and did not inhibit 3CLpro. 3/n…
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🥦Following our earlier post for #COP26 on #vegetarianism, we wanted to share some insights & quotes from #suffrage activists who *were* #vegetarians 🥒🌶🍅

☮️ Vegetarianism was associated w/ peace, & standing up against the poor treatment of fellow living creatures 🐄🐑🦆🐖
📣This quote from MrsDespard describes how #vegetarianism was linked to #socialjustice:

​🗣“The #women ’s movement relates to the other great movements of the world…The awakened instinct which feels the call of the sub-human, which says ‘I am the voice of the voiceless.'"
🥖🐁Some #vegetarian #suffragettes who went to prison got better food. Nancy John describes prisoners declaring they were vegetarian to avoid eating mouse-eaten bread.
​🗣“When they said they were vegetarians they were given milk - it was really the milk that kept them alive.” 3/
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Do you eat meat or other animal products?
Should you?

Last month, I defended my PhD thesis about perceptions of vegetarians and vegans (short: veg*ns) in promoting #plantbased diets.

Why did I pursue this topic and what did I discover?
Find out in this #ThesisThread.

Why this topic? The widespread consumption of animal products🥓🥛🍳causes a lot of harm:
🐖billions of animals suffer & die each year
🌍it damages planetary health
💙threatens public health

👨‍🔬To reduce these harms, we can adopt #plantbased diets


📢Calls for change by those who do not eat meat #vegetarians or other animal products #vegans are often challenged by the majority of people who continue to eat meat #omnivores.

❓How can veg*ns attract more omnivores and promote #plantbased diets?

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Today, marks the end of #ZeroWasteWeek, a week initiated by @myzerowaste to promote waste reduction.

We honor this week by exploring one of the lesser-known ways to reduce #FoodWaste and its negative impacts on the environment: Choosing a more #PlantBased diet.👇 1/7
30-40% of available food in the US gets wasted, according to @USDA.

Since more resources are needed to raise animals than grow plants, wasting meat and dairy has significantly higher environmental impacts than wasting plants, @karenaspwriter reports. 2/7…
For every 100 calories of grain fed to animals, we get:
🥛 40 calories of milk
🥚 22 calories of eggs
🐔 12 calories of chicken
🐖 10 calories of pork
🐄 3 calories of beef

@NicholasDCarter makes the case for transitioning to #PlantBased farming. 3/7…
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1/ Yes, my answer to the poll by @nicknorwitz was "Gain 4% body fat". And honestly, it was a pretty easy one when compared to the others.

But to be fair, I also have quite a bit of direct data on this in particular... let's unpack...
2/ First, if you didn't already know this about me, in 2018 I literally gained almost 20lbs of fat for the Weight Gain Experiment.…

(As an aside, I realize now I did presentations on the findings for this experiment, but didn't do a write up. Bad Dave!)
3/ But spoiler alert -- my total and LDL cholesterol did indeed go down where having gained weight and back up where having lost it.

To be sure, I think there are thresholds to "active fat gain/loss" vs standing, stable fat mass, but we'll save that for another thread.
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A clear, direct, honest interview with the inspiring founder of @BeyondMeat Ethan Brown. So many good takes, many of which are stock #vegan rationales, but framed pretty uncontroversially. I will post a few here.…

Thread begins:
1) "Humans are omnivores. We evolved to eat other animals."

"You can talk for hours about why it makes sense for us to eat meat. We’ve always done it. Everyone else in the animal kingdom does it. But you have this unavoidable thing — you’re causing pain. Do you want to do that?"
This is a great response to the terrible 'it's natural to do something' argument. 'Natural' is a scapegoat that folks use to demonstrate a value judgment vs. actually being 'the order of things.' All of these things used to be 'natural': slavery, child labor & abuse, patriarchy.
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Hi, it’s your friendly neighborhood climate scientist. Facing the #climatecrisis is tough! Here’s the essentials you need to know, tips for finding where you can contribute with purpose and meaning to the work needed, and evidence-based high-impact climate actions. A THREAD: 1/n
(A quick introduction if we haven’t met: I’m a climate and sustainability scientist @lunduniversity in Sweden. I research personal & policy climate solutions, sustainable food & land systems, & wine & climate change. My goal: a world where people and nature can thrive. 2/n)
@lunduniversity #ClimateChange science has been clear for a long time. I’ve taught this framework for over a decade:
It’s warming
It’s us
We’re sure
It’s bad
We can fix it.
Podcast w/ @ylld…
Curriculum…) 3/n
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A new @DeSmogBlog investigation found that #meat producers worldwide use the same tactics to downplay the climate impact of meat.

Here are 8 examples of the main narratives the industry promotes—and the arguments of experts objecting to its claims.👇 1/18…
Claim: ‘Grazing supports biodiversity’

Several meat companies, including Dutch meat producer @VION, suggest that the adoption of certain grazing practices can help “reduce the degradation of natural habitats and halt the loss of biodiversity.” 2/18…
Criticism: According to @CenterForBioDiv, the ecological costs of grazing “exceed that of any other western land use.”

A @UAlberta 2020 study warned that scaling up livestock grazing threatens the biodiversity of herbivores and pollinators worldwide. 3/18…
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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#OpenThread - Friday Musings...

Long before streaming existed I dreamt of the wonderful day I wouldn’t have to physically get media (like VHS or DVD) to play it. But now that we’re here, do I miss the joy of owning, the cover art, the collecting?

Nope. Not even a little.
... I’m definitely an MCU fan boy, but I continue to be incredibly impressed at the whole story behind the campaign to make #ZackSnyder’s Justice League cut for @hbomax a reality and the persistent campaign to #restorethesynderverse. Seems like anything is possible now.
I love cheese.

and I make no apologies for this love

it is a True Love – one that will never die
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Returning from a trip to attend memorial services for a dear vegetarian friend who died of Cancer.

Almost everyone I saw has Cancer, too.

And they all say:

“Why am I sick? I eat such a healthy diet, mostly fruit, vegetables and plant based!”
When I suggest it might be a chronic lack of protein, B-12, carnitine, carnosine, minerals, collagen, saturated fats and iron...and too much sugar and oxalates they are in complete denial. #vegan #cancer #breastcancer Image
I ate a lot of hummus, nut butter, tahini, rice, vegetables and fruit. (To be polite.)

I secretly cooked steaks on a small stove I travel with.
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(1/n) Some ideas on the planning of a healthy low-carb plant-based diet.


#Vegan #plantbased #lowcarb #ecoatkins

• If you have a serious medical condition &/or take medication, it is necessary to consult your doctor before making changes to your diet.

• Ketogenic diets have been associated with serious side-effects.
(3/n) During the first 7 days on a low-carb diet I suffered: head/muscle aches, hunger, fatigue.

AFAIK alleged ‘cures’ for so-called 'keto flu' haven’t been empirically tested.

I did keep hydrated (but this is *generally speaking* a good idea anyway).
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The transnational corporations (THREAD 1 ) & investors (THREAD 2 ) that are now pushing a #plantbased food system are forces that operate symbiotically within the bulwark of neoliberal capitalism.
The latter is constituted of such (overlapping) power centers as @TrilateralNA, @GroupofThirty, @CFR_org & @wef. These think tanks represent the strategic-planning & consensus-forming centers of the #plutocracy (aka, the 'transnational capitalist class').
We should not be surprised, or dismiss it as 'conspiracy', when the obvious appears to us: those players that are having the intention to modulate world markets are also keen on shaping the food system.
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