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There's been a bunch of very good tweets / articles about how awful and poorly-chosen #ExtinctionRebellion's tube station protest was, but not much about the shockingly violent reaction. So. Let me tweet a lil' bit about that.
So what happened?

First, one of the protesters was pulled off the train, into a crowd, and it looks like he was kicked and punched in the crowd. The protester had also just taken a (failed) kick at someone trying to pull him off the train.
For some context for this first incident, there's an earlier clip of the two holding up a banner, having things yelled at them "The world IS NOT coming to an end!", one commuter shouts. Things are obviously very tense.
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What the media probably won't tell you about this morning's #extinctionrebellion tube action is that yesterday there was a lot of polling/debate across internal XR comms about it and most were heavily against it. But it's a decentralised movement... 1/?
... And whilst there are so many strengths in decentralised self organising systems (and it is incredibly refreshing and exciting being part of one), this is the risk, that there will be disagreement about what is acceptable within the principles and mandates and... 2/?
... A sub group can take an action that potentially harms the group. Usually we try to reach consensus, so I'm disappointed these affinity groups went ahead knowing they didn't have majority XR support. And this risk is greatly heightened by the fact that media have taken... 3/?
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Shocking moment angry commuters drag two #ExtinctionRebellion protestors off the top of a train in Canning Town and attack them.
Police have now arrived at the station and have arrested the two protestors.
One commuter shouted “I need to get to work, I have to feed my kids,” when the protestors initially went up.
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At this time we have three separate incidents involving #ExtinctionRebellion protest action at Stratford, Canning Town and Shadwell.

Arrests have already been made and officers are working to quickly resume services.

Please check with @TfL before travelling. Updates to follow.
@TfL Four arrests have so far been made at the obstruction incidents at Stratford and Canning Town on the Jubilee Line.

We remain at Shadwell DLR station, where specialist teams are working to remove four other protesters.

Eight people are in custody following action by #ExtinctionRebellion on the Underground and DLR.

We're also reviewing the unacceptable violent clashes at #CanningTown.

Increased patrols will continue throughout the day to deter further disruption.

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📢 Listen up.
🎙️ Mic check.
👧 "Is the microphone really on?"
🗣️ I have a simple thing to say.
🌍 Right now, humanity's future is hanging by a tenuous thread.
⌛️ This thread is our capacity to make large and radical change.
🏦 Yesterday, the City of London tried to break it. 1/
What the science says is crystal clear: we have to reduce our emissions extraordinarily rapidly. We must halve them by 2030 and get to net zero between 2040 and 2060 to have half a chance of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees (figure from 2/
1.5 degrees of warming is already a climate outside of the Holocene (zone in pink in figure): the stable period where our species developed agriculture, cities, writing, civilization. Saying that human civilization is at stake is really no hyperbole here. 3/
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On Wednesday I intend to be arrested at #ExtinctionRebellion. These are my reasons:
1. History shows that when people are prepared to jeopardise their own liberty, other people realise that they mean what they say, and take their campaigns more seriously.
2. I have urged other people to join @ExtinctionR, and many of them have been arrested. It would be wrong to encourage other people to do something I am not prepared to do.
3. As a white, middle class man with an established career, I am less vulnerable than the great majority of other people. I feel I have a moral duty to use this privilege for the sake of those without such liberty and without my voice.
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[Thread] Yesterday evening, the @Airbus Head of Public Affairs Germany threatened #ExtinctionRebellion to not get in his way. With 5 exclamation marks. 😲
Mr Reinhardt has more than 1000 followers on Twitter, so we felt a bit uneasy about this and wanted to know what exactly he was willing to do.
So we asked him if he just wanted to run us over with his company car or rather intended to use one of the weapon systems produced by @Airbus, like those #Eurofighter jets #Airbus is selling to #SaudiArabia. He said: "Whatever it takes."
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[Thread] Der Chef der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit von @Airbus Deutschland hat #ExtinctionRebellion gedroht, ihm nicht in den Weg zu kommen. Mit fünf Ausrufezeichen. 😮
Sascha hat über 1000 Follower auf Twitter. Das hat uns dann schon ein bisschen beunruhigt und wir wollten wissen, wie genau er das meint.
Also haben wir ihn gefragt, ob er uns mit dem Auto überfahren oder einen Kampfjet beutzen will. Sascha meinte daraufhin: Whatever it takes.
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Why #SocialMovements matter -

why *thinking about* social movements matters -

and why social movement *thinking* matters, a thread

#Activism #Protest #XR #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis Why Social Movements Matter cover
It's been good these last few days to read some comradely critiques of #XR coming from various positions.

Here's an excellent thread from @XRLiberation which seems to be a group mostly within UK XR (…)

This open letter from experienced #Paris activists who've been trying to work with XR there:

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Roll up, roll up, one and all. The circus is in town!
Marvel at the clowns as they slip and slide around... the truth.

It's called "Friends O Science".

You see, that’s the joke!

As Prof @KHayhoe explains: "It's like calling vegans Friends of BBQ."
Prepare to be threaded...
They are the darlings of the denialists, the trumpeters of tall tales, the pedallers of hyperbole. They pretend to love children, yet prefer they be seen but not heard. "Go sit in the corner, dear. The grown-ups are talking."
They abuse the message and image of @GretaThunberg to sell their snake oil and boost their reach

Their recent vid "A Letter to Greta" once again foists the falsehood of the "500 Scientists" onto unsuspecting viewers.

#Lawyers of Twitter, does this not violate the Lanham Act?
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Voor de weekendlezers hier een draadje met artikelen die context geven bij het boerenprotest, dat nog bepaald niet over is na 1 oktober.
Maar waarom protesteren de boeren eigenlijk?…
En wat zijn de verschillende groepen die zich nu opwerpen als hoeders van de boeren?…
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@KoehneAnja Falsch - die haben natürlich genau verstanden, um was es geht.
@KoehneAnja Ich nenne den Thread #SustainableExtinction

Nichts ist passender zu der Situation, in der wir uns befinden.

Los geht's :-)
@KoehneAnja 1) Seit ca. 30 Jahren sind die Fakten zum Klimawandel derart bekannt, dass sogar #Exxon darüber Bescheid wusste & eine entsprechende Gegenstrategie entworfen hat, damit exakt dieses Wissen aus dem Elfenbeinturm von Wissenschaft&Forschung nicht die breite Öffentlichkeit erreicht.
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THREAD - short infographic briefing on Citizens' Assemblies, which are at the heart of the @ExtinctionR third demand - #ExtinctionRebellion #BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssembly #CitizensAssemblies
1. Representative assemblies are chosen at random from ordinary people. #ExtinctionRebellion #BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssembly #CitizensAssemblies
2. The Citizens Assembly members learn about #ClimateEmergency issues with help from experts. #ExtinctionRebellion #BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssembly #CitizensAssemblies
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[Thread] As i've said. You are not gaining sympathy for your movement with these kind of protests. Look at the replies. 80% is negative towards you. You are doing more harm then good. You are costing people money, and now you are asking for donations as well? This is not the way!
Use your resources, your following, to educate people instead.

Like I teach my children to separate trash, plastics go by plastics, papier goes by paper ect, save empty batteries, and bring them to designated locations once a month. No water tap stays open while brushing
your teeth, no shower has to spill water while soaping in your body. No refrigerator door stays open. Close the doors because the heater is on. We are using our bicycles for small trips to get groceries. We have a small bag with us while on a hike to gather trash till we find a
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Reminder to @MetPoliceEvents - independent legal observers are present at #ExtinctionRebellion to monitor police conduct and arrests: they are not participants in the protests.
Report from one legal observer: "as I followed the arrestee into a holding area near the Mall surrounded by a six foot metal fence the arrestee signalled he wished me to follow him in. As I stepped into the area (the officer) slammed a 6 foot metal gate into me".
A complaint is coming but assaulting legal observers will, in due course, prove expensive when you have to settle civil claims out of court
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My overpowering thoughts this morning are
😢(1) regret at not being with #ExtinctionRebellion in London this whole week; 😱(2) horror at not succeeding in dislodging Trump before he went full genocide on the Kurds. 1/
For (1), just in my rather small circle of uncooperative crusty mom friends, I know MANY of us are going to London as soon as we finish work and hand off kids to partners on Friday. The uncooperative crusty mom cavalry is coming, everyone! by train. This weekend will be big. 2/
For (2) just horror. Hoping my representatives,
@RepPressley @ewarren @SenMarkey
work like hell to stop this. It's not too late.
And @Afzal4Gorton @alexsobel @labourlewis: can't Labour ask govt for NATO intervention to stop Turkish atrocities? This is happening on NATO watch.E/
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'If XR had listened to the many movements rising in the global south for decades, it would have adopted the politics of anti-racism, feminism, and global justice not only as a matter of morality, but as a matter of strategy.'

@TatGaravito @n_thanki…

If #ExtinctionRebellion is to succeed, it will need to more clearly echo #ClimateJustice voices like those from @wretchedotearth, @WarOnWant, @gcdcj and so many others. Many individuals and local groups would agree with me on that, but it needs to become central/widespread.

I was delighted to support #ExtinctionRebellion as soon as it appeared on the scene as I was sure it was a way of transforming public awareness, just as I was sure that #FridaysForFuture had the potential to have an enormous global impact. This has been the case.
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Thread: #XR isnt about climate

Stuart Basden Co-founder Extinction Rebellion says XR not about Climate (that's just a symptom of a toxic system that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life)"

XR is about #decolonialism…
XR about #decolonialism: Basden says "how European ‘civilisation’ spread around the globe thru cruelty & violence over the last 600 years of colonialism, where the roots of the infections go much further back"
Basden #XR: "#Europeans spread their toxicity around the world, they brought torture, genocide, carnage & suffering to the ends of the earth. Their cultural myths justified the horrors, idea that indigenous people were animals (not humans)"
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Good morning Rebellion 💚 We’ve got an incoming 🚨THREAD ALERT🚨 for you!

It takes courage to take to the streets and demand better of our government.

It also takes courage to sit down and listen when the activists whose shoulders we stand on demand better of us.

A massive thank you to @DrRHashem, @chilledasad100 and @bencsmoke for taking the time to visit the @GJRSite and talk to our Rebels about @XRebellionUK’s blindspots and shortcomings so far.

Listening to criticism is never comfortable, but...

...then neither is living in the system which has for 500+ years edged our entire planet closer and closer to the point of no return.

And how can we possibly begin to dismantle something we don’t really know or understand yet?

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Weil hier vieles gerade durcheinander gerät, ein paar Gedanken, die ich nach längerer Recherche zu #extinctionrebellion habe: 👇🏾
1. Zur dem Vorwurf der Demokratie-Feindlichkeit: er basiert auf einer Aussage des Mitgründers Roger Hallam im Interview mit @RaphaelThelen, das kürzlich auf @SPIEGELONLINE erschienen ist (…)
Ich selbst habe Hallam schon zuvor zum Gespräch in London getroffen und ihn auch da als sehr provokanten Typ erlebt, der seine Sätze sehr bewusst formuliert (…) Die meisten Mitglieder mit denen ich gesprochen habe, würden so einen Satz aber nicht teilen.
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Stopping climate change enables us to also solve “systemic racism, white supremacy, and the wounds of the patriarchy”.

Yep. Straight from the mouth of @ExtinctionR’s co founder, Gail Bradbook.

@ExtinctionR Don't be fooled by @ExtinctionR's @gailbradbrook's flowery words and rhetoric, it is a mask to hide a hardleft pro-socialist totalitarian anti-capitalist & anti-economic growth ideology. #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange #auspol.

@ExtinctionR @gailbradbrook While Bradbook is crazy, her compatriot Roger Hallam literally embodies nihilism and sheer dementedness...

#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateChange #auspol

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Hey Twitter, I have some news. (1/3)
While looking at #ExtinctionRebellion hashtag, I bumped into quite a few hateful far right accounts quoting an account called @ AmyMek.
Does that name rings a bell?
If not read this 👇…
The only thing is, I couldn't read Amy's tweet.
Because what she posts is breaking the law in my country.
So she's not allowed on my timeline.
I cannot be exposed to her lawbreaking content.
Twitter is actually bound to respect the laws of the country it operates in -when officially notified said law have been broken.
Was any account stirring up hate -also illegal in the UK- withheld following a valid legal request?
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Extinction Rebellion THREAD.
It looks very much like an official EU European Solidarity Corps project.
Projects to help avoid 'identified risks for natural catastrophe' and 'climate change' are explicitly listed under types of projects they do.…
Crowd dancing and music is same style as EU Solidarity training. First, the XR dancing
Dancing to trance music

this is how we make a difference
this is how we make a change
whatever you're feeling right now
just dance it
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[Thread] @RambaZamba161 hat eine ausführliche Kritik an #ExtinctionRebellion formuliert, auf die ich hier gerne antworten will. Ich spreche dabei nicht für XR als Ganzes - das tut niemand -, sondern als eine Stimme unter vielen.
Dies ist der fragliche Thread mit dem Link zum Blogeintrag:
Vorab eine Entschuldigung: Wir befinden uns gerade mitten in einer Monate lang vorbereiteten Aktionswoche und ich kann deswegen nicht so detailliert werden, wie es angemessen wäre. #BerlinBlockieren
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