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One of the organisers of today's @UKStopTrump Campaign in Central London is @chilledasad100, the Executive Director of @WarOnWant. Here he is this morning tweeting about the launch of the Baby Blimp
I became aware of @chilledasad100's involvement in the anti-Trump campaign when I debated him about Trump's visit on @GMB on April 29th
I was surprised that the head of a UK charity was helping to organise something so overtly political, given the @ChtyCommission's guidance which states that charities shouldn't campaign against a government, administration, individual politician or a political party.
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C'est l'histoire d'un petit mouvement qui a débuté il y a moins d'un an. Grosso modo des jeunes ont commencé à se bouger sérieusement autour de la question du climat. Plein d'initiatives existaient déjà, mais là quelque chose s'est passé :
le ton a changé, les sourcils se sont froncés. La dimension aussi a changé : c'était partout dans le monde au même moment. Une sorte d'opinion publique mondiale spécifiquement jeune est née autour d'une idée simple : l'heure est grave, ça urge.
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This might upset anyone involved with #ExtinctionRebellion, who I'm sure has done so for genuine motives. I have spent a lot of time over the last 2 weeks looking into them (through other people more expert than me) and read a lot and watched a lot in that time 1/8
XR uses a lot of manipulative and persuasive or pressured techniques to create an atmosphere of emergency so that governments and pension funds and ultimately us will put in money for very expensive types of technology 2/8
such as carbon extraction and storage that will itself use 30 % more coal and cause other pollution like Ammonia. The prominent figures in XR have an extensive corporate background and they are also backed by 3/8
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"Carbon capture and sequestration, or CCS, is being actively used in only a few places around the world. There's a reason for that: It's very expensive.": That's why they want to mobilize the public to pay for it rather than the energy corporations
"The process routinely saps 30 percent of a plant's power, resulting in the uncomfortable conundrum of having to burn more coal to clean coal-dirtied discharge. It also drives up the cost of electricity.": they want the public to pay more for their bills & use more coal too.
Rebelling for "Net" zero means rebelling to pay more for your electricity:

"Carbon capture & storage "could still hike the cost of electricity for consumers by 30 percent."

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@chezzy51 @mezznj @Gaynorann46 @GrayzoneProject @21WIRE @xpressanny @nw_nicholas Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to read the thread please do checkout the links and #ExtinctionRebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook's affiliation to 5G needs to be looked at more closely and the health concerns addressed.
@chezzy51 @mezznj @Gaynorann46 @GrayzoneProject @21WIRE @xpressanny @nw_nicholas Gail Bradbrook was in 2004 forging alliances with AOL, BT, IBM, Intel and T-Mobile. How "Green" are those companies? Farhana Yamin is a board member of @Greenpeace
@chezzy51 @mezznj @Gaynorann46 @GrayzoneProject @21WIRE @xpressanny @nw_nicholas @Greenpeace Greenpeace seems to be confused about IT companies and their Green Credentials
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Remember the #integrityInitiative and the Institute for Statecraft? Are we being manipulated again by the people behind #ExtinctionRebelion
Gail Bradbrook is a Co-Founder of #extintionrebellion and according to @LinkedIn is a director of Citizens Online. Gail's ex-partner is John Fisher the Chief Executive
You might be wondering why all this is significant? While Gail promotes #ClimateAction stating that there is a #ClimateEmergency Through her association with Citizens Online she advocates working in partnership with companies such as BT and Cisco.
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#ClimateChange activists plan to cause rush hour disruption in #London’s financial district on Thursday before they bring an end their climate “rebellion” that has led to protesters occupying sites across London for more than a week.

Their climate “rebellion” to highlight the escalating global ecological crisis will draw to a voluntary close with a “closing ceremony” & a day of disruption in which demonstrators plan to swarm into the Square Mile to cause roadblocks, targeting big business & banking.

The activists said protesters had taken to the streets & raised the alarm in more than 80 cities in 33 countries. “People are talking about the #climate & #ecological emergency in ways that we never imagined,” they said.

#EcologicalCollapse #ClimateChange…
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#EarthDay #ExtinctionRebellion #Vegan #PlantBased #GoVegan #Meat #Environment #Climate

Impact of Animal Agriculture

The farm animal production sector is the single largest anthropogenic user of land, contributing to soil degradation, dwindling water supplies, & air pollution.
The animal agriculture sector also encompasses feed grain production which requires substantial water, energy, and chemical inputs, as well as energy expenditures to transport feed, live animals, and animal
products. All of this comes at a substantial cost to the environment.
One of animal agriculture’s greatest environmental impacts is its contribution to global warming and climate change...
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This is weak sauce -- an ahistorical false dichotomy. As my friends @NaomiOreskes & @MichaelEMann note in #ClimateChangeTheFacts: evidence alone has floundered in the face of 30y of climate denial & delay by fossil fuel interests & conservative ideologues. Let’s debunk. THREAD
2/n: First, @Anna_Soubry's point is ahistorical: The assertion that facts alone will win the day is contradicted by scholarship & experience, including history of climate politics, climate psychology, communication science, political science, & decades of advocacy & policymaking.
3/n: As I testified to EU Parliament last month, the fossil fuel industry has *known* the basic facts of climate science for 60 years: that its products, when used correctly, had the potential to cause catastrophic global warming.
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Why does it matter that climate change is getting in the news? Short thread about #ExtinctionRebellion, school strikes, Greta in London and the BBC documentary.
Context: to stop warming hitting dangerous levels, emissions have to fall a few % a year, till they’re at zero in a generation. They're still rising.
The UK’s done well in cutting emissions. But that’s mostly come from things few people notice, esp shutting coal power, which brings little political risk.
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Why do you imagine the BBC’s @RHarrabin is mocking climate crisis protesters? Certainly he’s not uninformed.

The group, btw, is a relatively new (to me, at least) movement called @ExtinctionR.

The symbol is the @extinctsymbol.
You can add it to your name for solidarity: (⧖)
More information on the Extinction Rebellion activist movement, but here in the U.S.:

An Extinction Rebellion action in London met with violence by police:

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There are quite a few people making claims of hypocrisy against #ExtinctionRebellion activists, from celebrities like (exclusively?) Emma Thomson through to everyone else. Let's try to understand what hypocrisy is and isn't, and why that argument is a bogus one in this case.
An example of genuine hypocrisy: A person strongly advocates that people should not drink alcohol. Perhaps for reasons of health or morality. And yet that person drinks alcohol themselves. That person is a hypocrite. They aren't prepared to follow the rule they themselves made.
Contrast this with climate change activists who do some kind of activity -- what could ever be perfect? -- that creates carbon emissions and otherwise harms the environment. They drive. They fly. They have a phone. They wear shoes. Are they hypocrites?
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Hi pals, #ExtinctionRebellion are NOT protesting about individual consumer behaviour, so however satisfying it feels to point out they prob drive cars/their superglue is prob not vegan/weed lamps are prob CO2 intense etc etc, it’s not actually relevant to their objective. THREAD
#ExtinctionRebellion are protesting GOVERNMENT inaction on climate change. Carping at personal habits has been the RW tactic against environmentalists for OVER 30 YEARS
Enviro/ist: global warming will kill us
RW: ahh! but your Citroën 2CV runs on PETROL so your point is INVALID!
And jeez, it's been successful! we've SO bought into the narrative that it's CONSUMERS that COULD fix the problem, as described in @Martin_Lukacs brilliantly on point 2017 article “Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals”
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So I’m going to try and explain one of the most amazing moments I experienced at the #ExtinctionRebellion protests today. At Oxford Circus. We’d headed over from Marble Arch because word had spread about the arrests and they needed reinforcements.
We joined the crowd gathered round the pink boat, where people were talking about the importance of peaceful protest and coming together and solidarity. It was nice.
But police were shuffling through the crowd, choosing people to arrest. Peaceful, happy people, chosen at random, in an effort to break up this party.

Then someone on the boat told the central group of protestors to sit down. All at once. Together.
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Can't stop thinking about #ExtinctionRebellion. About the deliberately controversial tactics, about the wider strategy, about Adam Boulton's sneering response, about @claireperrymp insistence the progress we've made is being ignored...
About the Very Serious People's argument that there are better theories of change, about the implicit rebuke to the likes of me who have spent years trying to advance climate action, about the nerve involved as the near-inevitable crack down approaches...
Why is this all so unnerving, and yes, exciting? I think it is the sense of what this moment and this movement could herald.
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Lot's of news media are trying to explain #ExtinctionRebellion, who they are and what they want. This is what we know.
Extinction Rebellion (XR), like much of the green movement, are almost exclusively drawn from the most degenerate parts of the upper and upper-middle classes. There has never been a posher 'protest' in history.
By 'degenerate' I mean that they have open contempt for democratic, industrial society and hostility towards civilisation. They have very little connection to productive society -- i.e. 'work' as most people understand it. Yet they benefit from it more than almost any other part.
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Here's why #ExtinctionRebellion is protesting in multiple cities around the world.
From a paper published in 1977
170 years of Arctic sea ice extent.
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Few protestors of #ExtinctionRebellion I've spoken to have used a similar line: "UN secretary general called an emergency meeting and said human extinction in my children's lifetime is a possibility."

I have found no record of this statement or meeting.
I went down a rabbit hole to search for this statement. The UN secretary general António Guterres has, as far as I could find, never used the phrase "human extinction" in the context of climate change. He has used "extinction" in the context of non-human species.
A protestor I spoke to said that he is part of #ExtinctionRebellion because "We are fighting to avoid our own extinction."…
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Very bad news indeed from Hong Kong, for democracy and for a viable planetary future. China's annual CO2 emissions now account for roughly 1/3 of the world total. What chance for #FridaysForFuture, #schoolstrike4climate or #ExtinctionRebellion there?…
At a time when civil disobedience, mass movements, divestment and lawsuits seem much more promising to turn the tide on fossil fuel use than long-touted market mechanisms, this is a very dark turn of events indeed. Solidarity with the Hong Kong ☂️ #UmbrellaMovement #Occupy.
Erratum/correction tweet: I ran some numbers and China is responsible for closer to 1/4 than 1/3 of global emissions (data from 2016). Thanks to @Spartacus4NOW for making me check!
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On April 15 #ExtinctionRebellion will shut down London, demanding a sane response to the climate crisis, guided by citizen assemblies.

If you support this plan, you need to know about #vTaiwan - the world's most advanced citizen participation process.

Mini history: 2014 Taiwan political crisis triggers Sunflower movement (cf #brexit). Students occupy parliament for 3 wks to demonstrate what modern deliberative democracy looks like (excellent facilitation + total transparency + meaningful participation for all stakeholders).
This sparks a massive peaceful transfer of power from parties to unaffiliated citizens (many leading political figures are independent).

Taiwan is probably Earth's most open, participatory, digital, post-party democracy.
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Faster-Than-Expected™ - Methane/Permafrost Edition

"The microbes are waking up." —Sergei Zimov

"We're ... right at the threshold of some abrupt change." —Katey Walter Anthony

from @ClimateState (including material by @rjeskow)

Faster Than Expected™ - Thwaites Glacier Edition

A gigantic cavity is growing under Thwaites Glacier: "The new discovery implies that this limitation most likely causes those models to underestimate how fast Thwaites is losing ice."…

Faster Than Expected™ - Species Extinction Edition

"Rising temperatures could make some species sterile and see them succumb to the effects of #ClimateChange earlier than currently thought"

#ExtinctionRebellion #SchoolStrike4Climate…
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My name is Elsie Luna.
I am here today in Berlin at the @BBC offices,
standing with #ExtinctionRebellion in London.
No, I am not here to beg the BBC
to let me watch BBC programs outside the UK,
but because I want them to declare a climate emergency on the BBC.
I care about climate change because I don’t want people to die.
I don’t want to have a future
where the planet I am living on
has seas, acidic and rising,
and an atmosphere
full of pollution and space litter.
I don’t want to see all these species go extinct.
I won’t let that happen.
People say I shouldn’t be doing this.
Really I kind of agree,
it is not my fault,
and the adults should really be taking responsibility.
But they are not,
so why not protect the planet if no one else is?
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Looking for examples of social movements, activist campaigns etc. that organised with a transparent handbook so anyone can copy their structure.

Like the Enspiral Handbook ( but for movements.

Any clues? #occupy #ExtinctionRebellion #BLM
@AyniTeam @UlexProject do you have examples to share? Looking for a specific movement or organisation that publishes their "how we work" documentation, e.g. decision-making, roles, comms tools, policies, etc.
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"The curious incident of the denialist in the Anthropocene" (with apologies to @mark_haddon & A. Conan Doyle). We are in week 4 since #ExtinctionRebelion's resounding Declaration in London, & the most terrifying is what hasn't happened. Thread (sorry). 1/
The terrifying thing that hasn't happened is that no one has told us we are wrong.
Scientists (myself included) are raising the alarm. Politicians, journalists and the public agree on #ClimateBreakdown is an immense problem, even if some don't agree with tactics or targets. 2/
Just a couple of years ago, the denialists and fossil-fuel lobbies would have been out in full force, denying the urgency of climate change, denying the rapid and radical measures that are necessary to fight it. I am sure they are still out there, inventing new lies. 3/
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