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This Twitter user is threatening to kill me because I am standing up to GB News and the Conservative Party.

Take a moment to think about that.

#EndRacism #EndFascism #ToryViolence Image
Dear @satyanadella, Microsoft CEO

Please reply.

GB News viewers are threatening to kill me now in support of the where @Microsoft advertise, against your #PrideMonth values.

Please read my message, software developer to software developer & ♥️ humanity

Dear @sundarpichai, Google CEO

Please reply.

GB News viewers are threatening to kill me now in support of the where @Google advertise, against your #EarthDay values.

Please read my message, software developer to software developer & ♥️ humanity


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Honoring #EarthDay, this is a glimpse into #ClimateChange impacts and the urgency of #ClimateAction.

Animal populations are crashing. The human population is growing. Resources are depleting. Temperatures are rising.

And Earth has been cutting us slack.

PLEASE read and RT. 1/
Based on natural influences like solar output, orbital variations, and volcanic activity, our planet should be slowly cooling.

Instead, human emissions of greenhouse gases are warming the planet rapidly, despite nature continually fighting against us. 2/…
The Earth, like many systems, seeks equilibrium. When the balance is disturbed, the system tries to compensate.

As we emit more carbon dioxide (CO2), more plants grow, and oceans absorb more of the gas.

These reactions are called negative feedbacks. 3/…
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It may take awhile, but the #truth always comes to light!
1/ There is a reason to not alter or touch the original production by #MichaelJackson, because this whole #video is entirely a tribute to his memory and his message of #peace+#healing of the word. There is no intention about making #money out of it or self-attributing any credit:
2/ it is only that Michael´s #song and #message fit so very well with the present state of #pandemic we are facing globally that it shows how timeless and intuitive he was about #global #challenges and the need for us (as #mankind) to change and evolve.
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(THREAD) The stage has been set for #Bitcoin to incentivize renewable energy and power a greener future. @Tesla and @elonmusk have the technology and ingenuity to solve one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. A dawn of optimism and hope is coming into focus. /1
Feb 2019: @CathieWood interviewed @elonmusk on @ARKInvest's podcast. Elon said, "I'm not sure it would be a good use of Tesla's resources to get involved in crypto. We are really just trying to accelerate the advance of sustainable energy." /2
Two years later, @Tesla has since added $1.5B of Bitcoin to its balance sheet and now accepts Bitcoin as payment. Since then, the company has been raked over the coals by environmentalists and critics who were triggered by the move. /3
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1/ Catch up with the #DailyClimateShow 👇
On Friday's show...

🎤 @DeclanMcKenna talks about climate justice
🌍 We speak to the EU’s climate chief about the path to net-zero
🌱Find out how people around the world celebrated Earth Day

2/ 🇺🇸 We look at what President Biden’s climate summit could achieve
🌍 Find out how people around the world marked #EarthDay
🇧🇩 Meet the Bangladeshi engineer with a solar solution

Watch in full 👇
3/ 🏦 We speak to the former Bank of England Governor about a new climate initiative
🌊 Find out why seagrass are eco-friendly superheroes
🤖 And the rise of ocean robots

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Every Day is Earth Day
(suggestions for the way ahead).

Every new road constructed should use plastic bricks or eco bricks made from plastic waste so as to reduce and reuse plastic bottles. Neighbourhoods can be involved in it. #ReuseForRoads
#EverydayIsEarthDay 1/11
Every new building constructed should be totally self sustaining. From managing organic waste to recycling plastic waste to producing energy to having green exteriors,green roof tops & algae filled water tanks installed for carbon sequestering. #ZeroWasteBuildings
#EarthDay 2/11
One time use of plastic should be totally stopped for water bottles, and soft drinks. This is creating mountains of plastic waste. Sea weed, hemp, sand, tin are safer, reusable materials . #FindAlternateMaterials
#EarthDay 3/11
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I love this beautiful planet & I want it, & those who inhabit it, to flourish.

So today, on #earthday, it’s an ideal time to expose the ill-considered arguments that undermine environmental progress by claiming ‘#bitcoin is bad for the environment’. (‘How dare you!’)

What do people mean when they say ‘bad for the environment’? If the concern is merely to avoid disrupting the natural harmony of the earth ex-humans, then nearly all human action is ‘bad’ for it.
However, if we take a human-centered perspective (what else?), our primary concern should be to judge the benefits of our actions, against the costs incurred in taking them.
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There’s something fundamentally wrong with the fact that we are looking toward a future where we drink recycled toilet water, but refuse to curb almond growers in California.
To grow one almond requires 1.1 gallons of water, and to grow a pound takes 1,900 gal/ lb[1].…
“Unlike other crops, almonds must be grown year-round […] a few months without water and the trees die”

“High price of water drives farmers to plant even more almond trees in order to turn a profit [creating a cycle that depletes] groundwater reserves”…
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Thank you @chrislhayes for drinking recycled Los Angeles toilet water with me tonight, and thank you @LACitySAN and @LADWP for giving us a taste of the future — one where climate change doesn’t threaten our water supply. #EarthDay
More details here, if you’re interested.…
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Happy #EarthDay from your favorite chaotic wildlife biologist (me, duh)

Please enjoy this thread of my favorite photos of me enjoying nature and some of my amateur wildlife photography

And a video of dolphins jumping behind our boat 🥰
Because why not
🌎🌻🌳🦈🐞🦎🦇🐬☀️ ImageImageImageImage
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Our planet’s survival depends on young people.

I’m authoring legislation to teach climate change as part of the core curriculum in our public schools. #EarthDay
The time to stop climate denialism is before it even starts.

House Bill 4157 will ensure every public school student in Texas has a strong science-based understanding of human-caused climate change and its consequences.
This bill would also ensure students learn about the unique ecosystems in their own local bioregion.

Too many of us are disconnected from the land and water on which our communities depend.

You can’t protect what you can’t name.
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Happy Earth Day! And since Earth is an ocean planet, here are some wild creatures in this wild world! [a thread]🧵
📽️ by Alexander Semenov:
#EarthDay2021 #EarthDay
Sea angels can be so abundant in polar regions they create a cathedral of candle flames under the sea ice, their numbers so high they even satisfy the appetite of one of the ocean's top predators: baleen whales.
The beautiful comb jelly Cestum floats through the dark ocean surface waters. Its mouth is halfway down its body between two long wavings 'arms'. Cestum jellies can grow a meter long and are as soft and intangible as smoke.
📽️ A. Semenov:
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My god Ben, at least use a canvas bag! #earthday
Alternate headline: Good thing he hung on to the receipt!
Sub alt: He’s still not tall enough for most rides at Disney
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In 1970, before the environment was seen as a political cause, it united everyone.

Here's what the first #EarthDay on April 22, 1970, looked like 📸…
Students march through the business district of suburban St. Louis, protesting against smog caused by automobiles
The first Earth Day in New York City
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New preprint posted. What happens when we run Earth system models beyond 2100 under both high emissions and net-negative emissions scenarios? Just in time for #Earthday!
As one might expect, the amount of warming in these scenarios is very very different. When the CO2 concentrations are high, so is the amount of global warming.
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Anyone fancy an #Earthday data thread?
One of my frustrations with this topic is that all too often it’s portrayed in enormously over-simplistic terms: We need to stop flying! Cutting down forests is killing the planet!
So here’s some charts that show you the numbers that matter
Let’s start with this: this doughnut shows you total global emissions. About 50 gigatonnes of CO2 or equivalent. The numbers are from @WorldResources based on @IEA data which you and I can’t afford to see because they’re stuck behind a mammoth paywall.
First let’s break the doughnut into some primary categories: the vast majority is emissions from energy: everything from power stations to gas boilers to industrial processes. But also note a big chunk is emissions directly coming from the land/farming, and industry/waste
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I try to spend as much time outdoors away from the city as possible b/c it is scientifically proven to be good for our physical & mental well-being. Black folk have not only been dispossessed of land but we have also been systematically excluded from natural places #EarthDay2021
68% of Black folk live in nature-deprived areas. That means our communities "receive less of nature’s benefits, including air and water purification, climate mitigation, biodiversity and disease control, and opportunities for leisure and recreation."
Black folk are 75 percent more likely than others to live near facilities that produce hazardous waste #EarthDay2021…
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Worth knowing:

#EarthDay 2011 - only 'herculean efforts' in the 2010s & 2020s will avoid 'billions' of lives being threatened by the 2060s

#EarthDay 2021 - pollution projected to surge to new heights by 2022

Media are still silent on corporate crimes against humanity & nature.
The emergency economic system change action now required in 2021 - 2030 and beyond is staggering.

'without herculean effort we're on our way to a 4 degree warmer world.. it's extremely unlikely that we wouldn't have mass death at 4[degrees]C'

From 2009:

"..a 4C rise could come by 2060 or 2070, depending on the feedbacks."

'Soaring emissions must peak and start to fall sharply within the next decade to head off a 2C rise, he said. To avoid the 4C scenario, that peak must come by the 2030s.'…
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On #EarthDay, we want to focus on the information pollution poisoning our discourse and undermining action on climate change. We’re highlighting our work on "disinformation pipelines” that pump deceptive content to millions, while the polluters profit from each click and share 🧵
(1) Severe weather hobbled the Texas grid in February, but the disinformation pipeline spread confusion about why. Deceptive outlets quickly created a misleading narrative blaming the power outages on wind-turbine failures.
They stripped news stories of their context, used affiliated Facebook groups, pages, and accounts to amplify the lies, and eventually got the story parroted on primetime TV and repeated by Gov. Abbott. The narrative reached millions before platforms acted
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#EarthDay Thread: If you are a #climate activist and you haven’t heard about the #Tibet Climate Crisis, then read this thread! 1/
Tibetans have self governed for millennia, living a sustainable and nomadic way of life suitable for the unique climate they inhabit. This is not just the “Tibetan way of life,” but it has also benefitted everyone on Earth for generations. Why? 2/
Tibet is also known as the “Third Pole” and “Asia’s Water Tower.” Tibet holds the largest store of fresh water ANYWHERE outside the poles, mostly in the form of glaciers. These glaciers also produce 10 major rivers that flow thru Asia and supply fresh water to about 1.6B ppl. 3/
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#DesertRain #ArabianStorms #Ethiopa #Sahara #Russia #Europe Special Satellite Images Report:

Here will find a series images of rain events currently underway in deserts in the East of the Western Hemisphere, as the sun goes down on #EarthDay.

Credits @zoom_earth @meteoblue
The thread begins with the mother of all deserts the astonishing Sahara. Here you see an April rain event currently underway in Algeria and Libya. #Sahara #DesertRain #EarthDay21
Here are close up images of the Libya/Algeria #DesertRain now traversing the dryest parts of the Sahara. The 1st image (,17.…) shows rainfall signatures. The 2nd tracks the tail of this rain event back to the Atlantic coast 4500 kms to the West. #EarthDayAfrica
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NEW: A climate change fueled
“megadrought” is putting L.A.’s water supply at risk, and the city has a plan to become “water independent” — by recycling wastewater. Whether you call it toilet-to-tap or showers-to-flowers, I drank it. Delicious. #EarthDay
Cheers, everybody. It’s actually remarkable to see the advanced process — micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV disinfectant. Loved doing this story and learning more. I hope you’ll watch.
True, but only after some advanced cleaning by the good people of @LACitySAN!
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"The Earth has no way of registering good intentions or future inventions or high hopes."
--Donella Meadows in an #EarthDay 2000 article.…
Her article traces key global indicators from the first Earth Day to Earth Day 2000. I thought I'd try to update a few of them to Earth Day 2021 or as close as I could get.
Million barrels of oil extracted from the Earth's crust per day:
1970: 46
2000: 78
today: 95 (in 2019)…
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