Science behind Gowtram Genetics - Do you know why every time you sit in a puja the priest asks you for Gowtra? What is Gowtram system? Why do we have this? Why do we consider this to decide marriages? Why should sons carry the gowtram of father, why not daughter?
How/why does gowtra of a daughter change after she gets married? What is the logic? In fact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let's see the science of genetics behind gowtra systems.
The word GOWTRA formed from two Sanskrit words GAU (means cow) Trahi (means shed)
Gowtra means cowshed. Gowtra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage.
We identify our male lineage/gowtra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great MahaRishis (Saptarishis + Bharadwaja MahaRishi). All the other gowtras were evolved from these only.
Biologically, human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes (1 from father & 1 from mother) on these 23 pairs, there is one pair called sex chromosomes which decides the gender of person. During conception if the resultant cell is XX chromosomes then the child will be girl,
if it is XY then it is boy. In XY - X is frm mother & Y is frm father. In this Y is unique & it doesn't mix. So in XY, Y will suppress the X & son will get Y chromosomes. Y is the only chromosome which gets passed down only between male lineage. (Father to Son & to Grandson)
Women never gets Y. Hence Y plays a crucial role in Genetics in identifying the Genealogy. Since women never get Y the Gowtra of the woman is said to be of her husband. There are 8 different Y chromosomes from 8 Rishis. If we are from Same Gowtra then it means we are from
same root ancestors. Marriages between same Gowtra will increase the risk of causing genetic disorders as same Gowtra Y chromosomes cannot have crossover & it will activate the defective cells. If this continues, it will reduce the size & strength of Y chromosome which is
crucial for the creation of male.
If no Y chromosome is present in this world, then it will cause males to become extinct. So Gowtra system is a method to avoid genetic disorders & attempt to protect Y chromosome.
Amazing bio-science by our Maharishis.
Our #heritage is unarguably THE GREATEST.
They had the "Gene mapping" sorted out thousands of years ago.
#SanatanaDharma #SanatanaSanskriti #Sattology #Genetics #Ancestors #Genealogy #chromosomes #Saptarishi #Sanskrit #Biology #CowShed

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