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Many of the arguments are correct but @guardian should be careful not to exaggerate statements of scientists & misinform the public. #Thread
In particular it is questionable whether scientific data that are not publicly available and thus not verifiable should be communicated in newspaper and used to make moral and ethical judgements.
#Stem cells and #EmbryoModels offer tremendous potential for understanding how we come to be and can have a very significant impact on public health. As noted in this article, they can bring profound economic, social, and environmental benefits.
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Our bodies are constantly at war, fending off pathogens at the microscopic level. The innate immune system is our body's first line of defense in this never ending battle. It is non-specific and fights anything that tries to invade. Let's dive in deeper!⬇️(1/6) Image
If a pathogen breaches physical barriers like skin or mucus, our Complement System comes into play. It identifies, tags, and even perforates pathogens! Tagged pathogens attract macrophages to engulf and destroy them. Complement helps distinguish self from non-self.⬇️(2/6)…
Another weapon in our arsenal is defensins, tiny peptides (short strings of amino acids) that imbed themselves in the membranes of bacteria and viruses, causing damage.⬇️(3/6) Image
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Mitochondria: An Epic Origin Story

What are they? Where do they come from? And why are they here?

This 🧵unravels the mystery behind the origins of the most important and enigmatic organelle in our body.

#mitochondria #metabolism #science #biology Image
In the depths of time, when the universe was but a tender babe, an epoch unfathomable, there existed naught but primordial cells.

1.5 billion years ago, a singular ancient invasion by a eubacteria of an archea host occurred. Image
This invasion or engulfing, depending on who or what we give the moral high-ground, may have been the quintessential step in the most important evolutionary leap since the origin of life itself:

The transition from a primitive cell to a complex higher organism (eukaryote). Image
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Excellent talk by Simon Sharpe @INETOxford just now, pointing out how the #climate crisis challenges economic #orthodoxy in several ways. Spoiler 🔥"Economics as a discipline has forgotten what the scientific method is" (@camjhep pointing to #heterodox ideas in defense)🧵
💡The premise: To meet our #climate goals, we need to reduce emissions globally by about 8% per year by 2030, as compared to the 1,5% p.a. achieved so far - hence the title of his book #FiveTimesFaster
1⃣ An #economy going through the rapid and far-reaching systems #transition this requires (acc. to @IPCC_CH) cannot be analysed in terms of #equilibrium, a sitation in which "nobody has any immediate reason to change their actions" according to the Oxford Dictionary of Economics. Image
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Snake venoms are complex mixtures of proteins, peptides, and other molecules that have evolved for various purposes, such as prey immobilization and digestion. This video demonstrates how procoagulants in some snake venom promote blood clotting. How does this work? See Next⬇️1/3
These procoagulants directly interact with proteins involved in the blood clotting process. Often these are proteases (cleave proteins) which ultimately lead to the rapid formation of fibrin, the protein mesh that stabilizes blood clots. ⬇️2/3 Image
Understanding venom is important in medicine, as there are many medical applications such as anti-clotting agents and blood pressure medication. 3/3
#Science #Biology #medicine
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Las madres hoy es su día, así que porque ellas siempre cuidan de nuestra salud y este científico les va a gustar. #FelizDiadelaMadre


Francisco Sánchez Madrid, Jefe del Servicio de Inmunología del Hospital Universitario de La Princesa Image
, director del Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria IIS Princesa y Catedrático de Inmunología de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Pues este inmunólogo y otro compañero suyo profesor de la Universidad de Harvard en Boston llamado Timothy Springer han sido galardonados con el
premio Robert Koch 2023 por sus importantes investigaciones conjuntas en Inmunología.

Ambos fueron los pioneros en descubrir la relevancia de las moléculas de la adhesión celular en la función de las células inmunitarias. Recordar que la adhesión celular es como se "pegan" o
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More tweetorial! Let’s dig into the “proximity bias” we found @RecursionPharma confounding #CRISPR screens, what it means, and where it comes from.

You can always read along in the preprint here:… Image
If you missed the first tweetorial in the series, click here to understand what the red-and-blue heatmaps here mean, and how we use them to map the functions of genes at a genome-wide level:
To recap: if you knock out each gene in the genome, plot all their pairwise similarities, and sort by genomic position, a curious pattern emerges in which #CRISPR knockouts look more similar to KOs on the same chromosome arm than to KOs on other arms.
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“Whence is it that you found the truth, o, Plato? … I know your teachers, although you seek to conceal them: you learned geometry from the Egyptians, astronomy from the Babylonians, you received pious invocations from the Thracians; the Assyrians taught you a great deal. > 1/2
>And, to the extent the laws [you expound] are true and glorify God, you have benefited yourself from the Jews.”

—Clement of Alexandria, Protrepticus 2/2
Klement adds that Plato took up the doctrine of the immortal soul from Pythagoras, who in turn had appropriated this from the Egyptians.
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In addition to Alan Turing developing the first modern computers, he also ventured in the realm of mathematical biology.
Turing patterns explain how patterns can emerge from seemingly homogeneous or random systems. See next (1/3)
#Science #Math #Biology
By solving Reaction–diffusion equations, he showed how patterns in nature can arise, such as stripes, spots, and spirals. Turing patterns have been observed in the formation of the coat patterns of animals such as zebras, leopards, and many more! (2/3)
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I'm very excited to say my book "How #Kant Matters for #Biology" will soon be published! The thread below explains some of the key issues dealt with. I'm essentially resituating Kant in relation to biology, especially with key figures in the develop of biology in the in Britain. Image
Please get in touch if you want to review, I can help get the book out to journals relevant for you.
Links for the book:
University of Wales Press:
Chicago University Press:
Chapter 1 focuses on debates about Kant's influence on biology. I push back against how #influence tends to be understood in #philosophyofscience and argue that we need to recognise the importance of #misunderstanding - especially for Kant's philosophy. 1/10
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#biology #iwasanenglishmajor #Lightfall #RareDiseaseDay #studentloanforgiveness #LevelUp2023 #TuesdayThoughts

"Money doesn’t buy happiness. Neither does materialism: Research shows that people who place a high value on wealth, status, and stuff are...…
#biology #iwasanenglishmajor #Lightfall #RareDiseaseDay #studentloanforgiveness #LevelUp2023 #TuesdayThoughts

...more depressed and anxious and less sociable than those who do not. Now new research shows that materialism is not just a personal problem. It’s also environmental."
#biology #iwasanenglishmajor #Lightfall #RareDiseaseDay #studentloanforgiveness #LevelUp2023 #TuesdayThoughts

"The findings have both social and personal implications, says Bodenhausen. “It’s become commonplace to use CONSUMER as a generic term for people,” in the news or...
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#biology #iwasanenglishmajor #Lightfall #RareDiseaseDay #studentloanforgiveness #LevelUp2023 #TuesdayThoughts

You just have to love articles like this. The title will tell you that the reason is "worry about recession", but there is no actual evidence...…
#biology #iwasanenglishmajor #Lightfall #RareDiseaseDay #studentloanforgiveness #LevelUp2023 #TuesdayThoughts

...that is truly the reason.

" 'Consumers MAY be showing early signs of pulling back spending in the face of high prices and rising interest rates,' said Ataman...
#biology #iwasanenglishmajor #Lightfall #RareDiseaseDay #studentloanforgiveness #LevelUp2023 #TuesdayThoughts

...Ozyildirim, senior director of economics at the board."

But we are speaking about run of the mill economists here that regularly get things wrong.
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Mitochondria are essential to our overall health and well-being. In addition to producing energy, they regulate many critical processes in the body. (1/11) #mitochondria #energy #health
Mitochondria play a key role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters. They also help produce key hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. (2/11) #mitochondria #hormones #neurotransmitters #neurotwitter
Mitochondria are involved in epigenetics, which is the expression of #genes from the nucleus. They send signals to the nucleus that turn genes on or off. (3/11) #epigenetics #genes #mitochondria
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⭐️The words “male” and “female” should be phased out in science because they reinforce ideas that sex is binary, scientists have suggested.
1. The terms were gathered as part of the EEB (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Language Project, founded by a collaboration of scientists in the US and Canada who claim some terminology is not inclusive, and could be harmful.
#Gender #culture
2. The initiative, the EEB Language Project was launched by like-minded scientists across the United States and Canada, including three University of British Columbia researchers—Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor, Dr. Alex Moore and Dr. Danielle Ignace.
#Gender #Male #Female #Culture #Biology
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📚 The Selfish Gene

by Richard Dawkins

Worth reading for its thought-provoking and influential perspective on #evolution, which challenges traditional views and highlights the importance of genes in shaping life.

🧵 1/17 #biology #book Image
"The Selfish Gene" argues that genes, not organisms, are the fundamental unit of evolution.
According to Dawkins, genes are "selfish" because they seek to replicate themselves, even if it means sacrificing the well-being of the organism.

🧵 2
This perspective challenges traditional views of evolution, which often focus on the survival of individual organisms or species.

🧵 3
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Ageing: an inevitable part of life. Right? Perhaps not! Recent research from @Harvardmed (10.1016/j.cell.2022.12.027) suggests that ageing may be reversible. This exciting new research may help us better understand ageing! Thread→
@joanna_kacprzyk #Ageing #Biology #Cells
Ageing is a gradual process which occurs at the cellular level in all living things. In humans, this is marked by physical and mental deterioration. Ageing also increases the risk of nearly all diseases. Though thanks to @davidasinclair, there is hope 👏(1/9).
Research published last month in @CellCellPress looked at the cause and potential solutions to ageing. One primary cause of ageing occurs in DNA, though not in the genes themselves (because that would be far too easy!). The changes actually occur at the epigenetic level (2/9).
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let's talk about the GC cult for a bit, and the nature of their logical fallacies. for their "gender criticism" is in fact illogical, no matter how many times @Docstockk or @bindelj or @FondOfBeetles (or, heaven help us, "biology expert" @jk_rowling) blither about science.

"gender criticism" coexists with all other forms of bigotry, because all forms of bigotry are essentially _the same_: they all depend on the same crucial fallacy.

the fallacy is that a human being has no individual identity beyond a *mere classification of their traits*.

@bindelj, @HJoyceGender, and all the rest of the GC cult leaders sneer at the notions of identity and self-identification because they are fascısts, and they wish to erase individuality from the human population. they want human beings to be regards as parts of a machine.

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Multiplexed barcoding of cells:

Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy…
I fucking knew it. That's just wonderful. 😑
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The Correct answer is (C)
(1/5)Recombinant vector vaccines are made through genetic engineering. The gene that creates the protein for a bacteria or virus is isolated and placed inside another cell’s genes.
(2/5)When that cell reproduces, it produces vaccine proteins that mean the immune system will recognize the protein and protect the body against it. Hence, statement 1 is correct.
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Learning R is an essential step for practicing Bioinformatics.
Here are 10 resources that will help you with R... 👇🧵

#Rstats #Bioinformatics #Biology #programming
(1). R for Data Science:
Covers various topics for data analysis, visualization and programming with R
(2). An Introduction to R:…

An R manual from CRAN that covers basic and advanced R topics
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Excited to share our new manuscript on a novel #neuropeptide family that regulates #feeding across #evolution. Kudos to @Pat_TFrancisco for tackling this challenging project and coming up with the name @marmite . #homeostasis… 1/22
Also kudos to all our collaborators @TastekinIbrahim @EzraGili @fern1_ana @BartDeplancke @albinojorgemai @alisson_gontijo which allowed us to expand the scope of our study and contributed critical insights. It takes a village 2/22
The sequencing of #genomes has been a major milestone in #biology. We have precise maps of the #genome of animals and we think that we know all the major players. Especially the conserved ones which are so important that most animals have them. But is it really like that? 3/22
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Le climat, les courants et les caractéristiques des espèces contribuent aux premiers stades de la redistribution des espèces marines.
On va en parler dans ce #Thread , vulga de l'article.
#ScienceTwitter #Biology #ecology…
Cette étude est un compte rendu des facteurs à l'origine des premières étapes de la redistribution des espèces marines. Elle fournit des preuves importantes pour l'évaluation de la vulnérabilité des distributions des espèces marines au changement climatique.
Bon déjà les courants sont effectivement très important pour permettre la dispersion des organismes marins. ça facilite ou entrave les déplacements ! Donc un changement des courants (intensité et direction) aura un effet significatif sur la redistribution des espèces marines.
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Are you interested in learning about #bioinformatics and working with #genomic data? Here's a detailed #learning path to get you started:
To build a strong foundation in biology, you'll need to learn about:
The #structure and #function of #cells, including the various #organelles and their roles in the cell. This will help you understand how cells work and how they carry out essential functions such as #metabolism and #energy production.
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The Correct answer is (D)
(1/4)Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) are devices that use bacteria as the catalysts to oxidize organic and inorganic matter and generate current.
(2/4)Electrons produced by the bacteria from these substrates are transferred to the anode (negative terminal) and flow to the cathode (positive terminal). Hence, statements 1 and 2 are correct.
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