I need a good pinned tweet, so here is a brief (haha) synopsis of my ambitious "World of Splendors" campaign that uses the Forgotten Realms setting & mixes both official #DnD5e content with homebrew.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
We started with some in depth character creation using Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Then I began the campaign with the first chapter of "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist" .

The party get together and have to find Volo's friend, delving into a Xanathar's Guild hideout.
After this, they receive Trollskull Manor as payment from Volo and they meet their neighbours.

They visit a temple for a celebration day and, in a hook that will draw the party to the region of "Princes of the Apocalypse", they encounter some sabotaged fireworks.
They don't follow this hook too far.

They are given a task by a friend in the Watch, and head to the town of Nightstone, for an opening quest from "Storm King's Thunder".

After this is complete, they head back and a neighbour gives them another quest.
They head up the Sword Coast, having some homebrew encounters,then reach a coastal town called Saltmarsh.

And the Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh chapter from "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" starts up, ending with the party getting a ship.
Before their return journey, a diversion to Leilon where part of the Shadowfell has taken over part of the town.

They solve this thing that foreshadows a major theme in my campaign.

Then they head back to Waterdeep on their new ship.
Next day, they have a pub crawl to track down the fiend that is searching for their detective friend. They succeed.

And they decide to follow the homebrew map that they found in Trollskull Manor.

They take a sea journey out west.
They encounter some strange weather and ghost pirates and eventually arrive at a homebrew island.

They meet a Druid then explore old ruins and fall into the Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan from "Takes from the Yawning Portal".

Switch up of players for various reasons.
Out of the Shrine they visit a goblin village, then a desecrated temple to Dendar the Night Serpent.

They find, after defeating a Spawn of Kyuss, an item that strangely lets them Teleport back to Trollskull Manor.
Upon their return they get drawn into a Vampire Murder Mystery, which gets "resolved" in a way, as the characters reach level 6 and HERE WE ARE.

Their options now: stay in the city, if there are enough hooks, or follow that black market fireworks hook from earlier.
They met with their rival and in a moment of genius said they would sell his ales at their Tavern opening to drive business his way.

He's still going to attempt a sabotage but a nice thought.

Unfortunately, he doesn't know about the mimic in their cellar...
They tracked a Zhentarim leader on instructions from Meloon.

Met their now-Zhent friend.

Their dwarf employees recruited two *very* different Bards for the tavern opening.

Met the Cleric's childhood friend who said he was in the city for a stag party.
Okay, where were we?

They went to check out Zhentarim hideout again and got contacted by the Blackstaff who told them to come to her tower.

She debriefed them on Meloon's dodginess and told them to be careful.

Then they went to buy dress clothes for the Grand Opening.
Wait no, the clothes buying was when they met the childhood friend.

They went straight to the Tavern and prepared to open.

They met many interesting residents of Waterdeep.
These residents included but were not limited to:
The sister of the pirate they saw off the coast, who had lots of magic going on around her.
A couple of other noble families involved in nefarious schemes.
An old dude who knows *everything* about the City.
Random merchants from nearby streets.

One of the vampire hunters they previously encountered.

And during the opening, some Halfling Wererats tried to get into their cellar to sabotage their ale, but were killed by the tavern Mimic.
Then childhood friend turned up again, a little injured, and implored the party to help rescue the groom of the stag party, who had decided to head down into Undermountain...

They did...
Found two shadowy duplicates, found some dead bugbears, then found the "vampires" that had kidnapped the bridegroom.

They fought one little group and asked questions, then that's where we ended last session.
I don't know what's going to happen after they rescue the groom and get out of Undermountain.

The way I'm handling the megadungeon is that it's just *there* for them to drop into anytime they want.
They'll be able to pick up from where they left off, depending on if monster politics have changed things down there.

It may be that they're able to reach the Skullport level, enabling a Heist of something from the Xanathar's Lair.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
I'm using all of the villainous factions from Dragon Heist in some form - though the BD will be more observers than openly antagonistic.

Xanathar, Zhent Civil War, Devil-worshipping Nobles. They're the main ones.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG
Whichever faction the party piss off most determines the one that will make their play for the Dragon Stash.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG
After a Tavern Hag, and a semi-linked anticipated Feywild incursion, once the tavern has found its feet.


#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
The party found the Cleric's half brother and sent him back to the surface.

They decided to explore further into Undermountain.

We ended the session with them walking into a nest room...

3 PCs, 3 Manticores. Which is better? There's only one way to find out.


Party has had so many NPC allies at this point, it's time to ramp things up and give them an "ally"

Good #dnd today. Manticore fight went better than expected. The party finished exploring the section of Undermountain they were in and headed up.

They got a provisional invite to the wedding. Then reported on Meloon's "quest" to Vajra, the Blackstaff.

She told them to follow.
They did, and were led back to the Xanathar's Guild Hideout that they went to in the first session.

Followed Meloon past unaware guards who were just clearing up stuff, then saw him standing, apparently doing nothing.
Then Meloon turned, walked past them, apparently unaware. Then turned and stopped, blocking the corridor.

And a voice in their head said "he won't let you leave, please come and chat"

And rather than unveil the Mind Flayer, I left it there. They loved it. 😁

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG
I'm *thinking* of actually bringing in Dragon Heist stuff, as a possible non-violent resolution...

But this would be my first time running a Mind Flayer in combat...
After the Xanathar's Hideout stuff, I told the players that, to make the spooky haunted tavern session coincide on Halloween, there'll be a period of a few weeks downtime.

One player has already asked to get the Manticore eggs (and the Troll keeper) and rehome them.

Looks like a trip to the Dessarin Valley, to the Manticore lair from Princes of the Apocalypse.

Just north of Amphail, where the fey encounter is planned.
I couldn't have planned this better if I tried.

Aside: The downtime is because everything is happening so fast. They only got back to Waterdeep a few days ago.

I need stuff to progress in the world.
Of course, this all goes to hell if they somehow activate the teleportation orb in the Xanathar's Guild Hideout, which takes them to Xanathar's actual lair....

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
I wonder if the Triton Fighter/Sorcerer would be eligible for attuning to Azuredge...
I should have continued the thread, but here's the last update:

I'll carry on from here. If you're following along, read through the quote tweet chain first (which charts their 2/3 weeks of downtime), then come back here.
So the Monk player is travelling and is unable to get back for Saturday, so the semi-spooky 30th Oct session is now a super spooky Halloween session.

They've got a Hag to contend with.

And they'll glimpse, for the first time, their poltergeist bartender.

#DnD #ttrpg
Narrated return home, then they will enter the orphanage their Tavern used to be.

A scene plays out. If they attack the abusive Hag, it'll be like fighting a ghost. But she will flee upstairs.

She's after her hand.
The players found her hand holding her heart (creepy yes) when they first explored. But the Hag will find her hand upstairs as she'll *shift* the plane.

And then she'll be a full Night Hag with Coven spellcasting.

Difficulty will be dialed during combat.

#DnD #ttrpg
She'll be assisted by the spectres of the children that she killed.

Lovely, eh.

But the players, if they remember, should still have the Heart of the Hag, which would do something I will think of in the moment. Perhaps max damage from whatever they choose to attack with.

They also have the ragdoll that they found. I was going to have that come to life, but now I'm thinking it'll be more fun for their poltergeist bartender to possess it.

#DnD #ttrpg #homebrew
Possessing the doll will give him the spells from an Apprentice Wizard, which could be useful, since I think Magic Missile is one of them.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
This session is basically already planned out but it's also going to involve a lot of improv.

I do need to check what magic items they have.
This campaign started late 2019, I think. It was sporadic games, and one dropped out, then another moved, then another joined but never actually made it to an irl session beyond the Death House one shot.

Then we did an old character two-shot. Then another dropped out.
But then, because online at this point, we got a player back (and another rejoined) from the Out of the Abyss campaign (she'd moved to Thailand) and we smudged the ending of the last few sessions to bring her new character in to the World of Splendors adventure.
Then we've been going on since then.

And I have no idea what magic items I've been handing out, because my handwritten notes are everywhere and foolishly I haven't kept track, because I print/write the magic items for the players to keep.

So I need to check.

Picking back up, if they ever check their ankles they'll notice that the tracking anklet isn't there any more, because during the downtime I'm having them do an "Escape from the Xanathar" at one point. Which could be another fun one shot in the future.

But Sunday, it's Hag Time!
Thunder and lightning. The party returned to their Tavern, but it wasn't their Tavern.

Ghostly children as they fade into a past version of the building, when it was an orphanage.

A little bit of exploration found them a Bone Dagger.
They tried to stop the Hag from punishing the children but couldn't seem to really make contact.

They headed upstairs to find the hand.

The Hag was already there looking for it.

She attached it and then turned to the party.
The Monk poked her to see if she was corporeal, and INITIATIVE

Specterlings attacked. Their bartender poltergeist actually appeared and helped.

The Hag fled to find the Urchins.

Specterlings were destroyed. Party ran after Hag.
The Urchins were having their life drained and there was a barrier around the Hag while she was doing this.


It helped slightly, at least showing the party what the barrier was doing.
And then the Monk kept Stunning the Hag.

And the Fighter/Sorcerer blinded her.

And the Cleric got a crit with 2nd level Guiding Bolt, doing 10d6 damage (48).

Hag had max hitpoints. They'd dragged her away from the Urchins.
Monk got the final hits, with her last punch going into her chest and destroying her stone-like heart.

Hag crumbles. Heart crumbles. Poltergeist leaves the doll. Will need to make it clear he can do that again if needed.
Was a shorter session than usual, but they have cleansed the tavern of the Hag's spirit.

Gave the dagger to their Mage friend who'll have a look at it.
Translation: I have no idea what it can do. 😂
Next session there's going to be some fighting pit stuff. I think first fight is going to be a couple of Orcs and a Salamander. Kill or be killed.

Best thing about this is that they won't die, but will eventually escape (which will be aided by a fellow fighter).
Next two sessions are a week apart, so Fighting Pits then Travel North to investigate strange visions.

I'll have to create an NPC fighter who will free them. They may need to fight the Zombie Beholder on their way out... And possibly also the Mind Flayer.
The NPC fighter is one of the Orcs. He and his group will arrange a distraction in which he's hoping he can slip out with the party.

He'll get them to a person in Skullport who he knows can get their anklets off, then head on his way.
They successfully escaped (of course, because it was a flashback).

They bought a Giant Fire Beetle from a pet shop in Skullport.
Next session (next week) is leaving Waterdeep.

On their way to Amphail (for a wedding) they will go via Rassalanter and make a detour to the Dessarin Valley, for investigation and Manticore rehoming respectively.
Yes. They faced the Xanathar, and lived, at level 6.

Even after stealing his fish (don't worry, they gave it back).

And the feels they developed for Hukk and Quog, the poor normal Orcs who got wrecked by the magma mephits (and the Salamander) but SURVIVED.
Fire Resistance (from a ring, Absorb Elements, and Protection from Energy) absolutely saved their arse.

Which, admittedly, is why I had them fight elementals.
The Orcs will definitely turn up again, maybe with a better set of stats next time.
The oil was the Orc plan.

The fish theft was all the players, and I was worried how it would go.

They knew SYLGAR was precious to Xanathar but I don't think they grasped *how* precious.
Last two sessions have been fantastic.
First was the Xanathar FIghting Pit, previously described.

Most recent was arrival in Rassalantar (after meeting Wee Mad Arthur the gnome guard) and loads of role play.
There was also a delve into the ruins of a Keep with a "thought up on the spot" puzzle, involving 3 torch sconces and a door with a magic lock.

Place a lit torch in each sconce and the door opens. Simple, but took a while for them to figure out.

Met the Moonstone Dragon and his recently acquired pet Bard.

And the Triton Fighter/Sorcerer, wishing to find out more about their visions, suggested using the Dragon's dream breath & dream communication thing to discover more about what's going on.

#dnd #dnd5e
I thought this was a *fantastic idea* so suggested we end it there so I could prep that for next time.

I'm not sure what they're going to find out, but it could be very important. I may even give them strong hints that "new friend" is evil, and prep a fight with her.

So I'm spitballing.

They all dream, and the dragon gives them the ability to revisit the Triton's vision.

So I'd need something interesting in two places: the forest with the Feywild portal, and something involving the Elder Evil Herald.
It'd be a snapshot of the past, from when they had the vision, so zooming in close on the inn, they can see most of the same people. The Bard they went looking for is there, his replacement is not.

But they see the Herald and can *see* something wrong with her.
I'd really like for them to know something is up, but not confront her when they return to irl.

I want them to be wary and just watch her actions. Even if they attack and kill her, she'll be brought back later anyway (benefit of being the Herald of an Elder Evil).
So it wouldn't scupper my plans if they find out about her and try to kill. But that's not the ideal solution.

I think they can just see her form shifting within the vision, and then the vision-Herald sees them. And *something else* speaks to them.

That could work.
For the Feywild bit, I think they'd see the portal, and the Nagpa who opened it is just around. Perhaps they catch a glimpse of the Ranger who guards the forest.

• • •

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