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Here’s my response to this great thread by @GumpyFunction

As a youtuber who plays and reviews homebrew games, let me give a bit of context around what gets played and what doesn’t. For me at least, i’m contacted all the time by devs making new Game Boy games. (1/19)
There’s so much out there now that unless something really impresses me, it’s impossible to showcase everything I want to, there’s also loads of really impressive games out there on and other sites that I just don’t have the time to get to. (2/19)
The quality of releases has skyrocketed in the past few years and it’s getting increasingly competitive! In the next set of tweets i’ll share some ideas for how you can get seen, get your game played and hopefully in turn, build your own audience and get more downloads (3/19)
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My NES game has a kickstarter and it's live!…
woah 2/3rds funded in under 24 hours!! Image
Hey, folks, I'm gonna be streaming NES playing for the next few hours on my twitch if you want to stop by and chat about GunTneR!!
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The orc NPC manages to throw a flask of oil onto the Mind Flayer.
The Triton hits the Salamander causing a (homebrew) explosion pushing the Magma Mephit back, which also exploded, IGNITING the Mind Flayer.

And then The Great Goldfish Heist was in motion!

The Cleric casts guidance on the Monk.

The Monk uses Mage Hand (from homebrew training) to grab SYLGAR from next to XANATHAR and, using ALL her movement, absolutely LEGGED IT something like 135ft away.

Xanathar was PISSED, but before the fish was stolen he attempted to petrify the chaos-causing Orc NPC. Who saved!

The Monk was gone, Big X couldn't move as a Legendary Action but attempted another Eye Ray at the orc.
A Death Ray. Dex save. Orc has +1.

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I need a good pinned tweet, so here is a brief (haha) synopsis of my ambitious "World of Splendors" campaign that uses the Forgotten Realms setting & mixes both official #DnD5e content with homebrew.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
We started with some in depth character creation using Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Then I began the campaign with the first chapter of "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist" .

The party get together and have to find Volo's friend, delving into a Xanathar's Guild hideout.
After this, they receive Trollskull Manor as payment from Volo and they meet their neighbours.

They visit a temple for a celebration day and, in a hook that will draw the party to the region of "Princes of the Apocalypse", they encounter some sabotaged fireworks.
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I'm about to buy a new MacBook Pro 13" with the famous Apple M1 SoC.

Let's see how ready it is for developers.

A thread ⤵️

Legend: 🔴 = not working, 🟢 = working

🟢 Rust is working!

`aarch64-apple-darwin` is part of the Tier 2 platforms,….

See the PR,….

#AppleSiliconM1 #rustlang
🟢 Python is working!

It is part of macOS Big Sur.

#AppleSiliconM1 #python
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Just finished #ConventionQuest and really enjoyed it.

Simple no-frills mechanics but its just a nice easy ride. I especially liked the subtle changes to the floor layout on each chapter.

#NES #Homebrew #RPG #LPGE
@SoleGoose @FerrisonNA
Also really liked the soda machine humor and NES-homebrew insider jokes.

Good chiptunes too.
Found one mistake though. 😜

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You can play @mojontwins' entry for Nesdev compo 2019 right now! Nin Nin is a simpler, easier version of Ninjajar I made for my 5 y.o. kid. He loves it, maybe you do too! Grab it @ #nesdev #NES #homebrew #compo #8bit… Image
A cambio el churum me ha hecho este coche super chulo para que vaya a trabajar. Y ojo, que trae un ninja. Image
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