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Este análisis previo tiene detalles muy interesantes. De entrada vemos que no hay tanta diferencia como se pensaría, salvo que el #MUFC es mucho más efectivo para conseguir los puntos.

Hilo🧵 corto para poner atención en el #LIVMUN de hoy. #EPL Image

El rival, en azul, ha atravesado un bache hondo pero ya ha recuperado en lo defensivo. Aún no finaliza lo que crea al nivel que lo llevó a la cima, pero es más que lo que permite en su arco.

El xG a favor del #ManUtd en camino hacia arriba 📈💪 Image
El #ManUnited sigue teniendo problemas con ⚽️ parado.
Es el que menos gol tiene por esa vía y el que más chances concede.

Los niveles de presión alta del LFC aún son los más altos de la liga, por lo que no espero salir desde atrás.
Como en la ida, balón largo y a ganar 2dos ⚽️s Image
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Sorry. I just have to revisit this one more time.

The main point of this article seems to be to advocate publicly funded countercyclical home building as a solution to our housing shortage.

This is an untenable political goal in search of a purpose.

Let's take a look at Phoenix and LA in 2010.
In neither case does closing the cyclical gap in local construction solve any actual problem. Phoenix had a collapse in demand and mass vacancies at the time, ....

2/ #FRED @stlouisfed Image
...and countercyclical building in LA gets them all the way up to the level of building in Phoenix in 2010 when the metro was in crisis.

The solution we need is for LA to be MORE cyclical - for building in LA in 2005 to be 5 times what it was!

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It's time for another "It's all about the rent inflation" thread!

1/ #FRED @stlouisfed
For more than a decade now, real per capita housing expenditures are flat. And, you won't believe this crazy coincidence, but rent inflation just happened to go through the roof at the same time!


Keep in mind that with a decade of basement level mortgage rates, it is doubtful that buyers have been cutting back, so the story is probably worse for renters.

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Now is the time to be bullish on #gold #silver and #preciousmetals Many experts like @antonioatanasv @SilverChartist @RealRickRule or @TaviCosta has been bullish on #preciousmetals but I truly believe that NOW is the time!👇🧵 1/15
We are in at the begging of an inflationary decade. January #CPI rising at 7,5%, we need to look at previous inflationary periods like the 40s and the 70s. 2/15
Those periods were very different, at the 40s the governmental debt was high due to #WWII but in the 70s the corporate and private #debt was much important and this effect to the monetary decisions of the #FRED 3/15
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(1) Late August 2021 #HWStormWatch🌀 thread.


#TSFred is about to make landfall in the NE Gulf.

#TSGrace is poised to assault the people of Western Haiti just one day after their M7.2 earthquake.

(2) Fortunately #TSGrace is not predicted to landfall in any of the Southern US states that already have #HospitalSystemCollapse from the fourth and so far worst US wave of Covid.

I hope by the time it reaches MX it doesn't wreak havoc there, either.

(3) There is a system in the Atlantic, TD 8, which if the winds get strong enough could be named #TSHenri.

The below graphic shows you this storm and #Fred and #Grace.

Upcoming available names: Ida, Julian, Kate, and Larry.

TD8: Image
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(1) We've had about a month since Hurricane #Elsa with quiet seas out in the Atlantic. That is about to change, as we approach peak season in late August/early Sept.

Some systems forming:…

Plus some E. Pacific storms.

(2) Now is not the time for states like FL to be tormented by partisan political division & the rejection of life-saving steps like #GetVaccinated & #MaskUp.

It's never the time, but especially not in peak hurricane season.

#NoPoliticsOnTheBoat #ThisIsAmerica #RightMatters
(3) That Facebook post was written by a woman in Houston, TX affected by one of the worst US hurricanes on record, #Harvey in 2017.

How I wish the level of partisan division in 2021 was lower, like it was 4 years ago.
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(1) Thread 3: Storm #Elsa

Forecast has swung back & forth between Tropical Storm (TS) & Cat 1 Hurricane this week.

Currently 65mph max sustained winds, with a chance of re-intensification. So, the H warnings remain.


(2) By the way, the next names on the Atlantic storms list are #Fred and #Grace. This season is forecast to be above-average in number and intensity of storms.

For now, #Elsa is the only hurricane-ish storm near the USA.

It has not yet made landfall but that's expected today.
(3) As always, excellent coverage on the Weather Channel:…
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(1) Thread 2: Tropical Storm #Elsa

It would be a mistake to treat #TSElsa as if she's a sweet little princess and you can safely #LetItGo.

Even a tropical storm can be deadly like a hurricane. And this one looks like it will hug the coast from Florida to New Jersey, at least.
(2) Here is my first #Elsa thread, complete with shameless repetition of Frozen references, because it's not every day you get a fun storm name to use for a few weeks. Next up are #Fred and #Grace.

(3) TS #Elsa update - Sunday evening

Cautiously optimistic about some nuanced changes to the latest forecast. Looks like Elsa will be a TD (Tropical Depression) while moving NNE after Florida & will veer back out to sea once reaching the mid-Atlantic US coast.
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(1) And so it begins. #HWStormWatch🇺🇸🌀

Hurricane #Bill got a name but he's of no concern to me.

It's the future Hurricane #Claudette⚜️, (lovely Cajun name) that means y'all in her path must get #prepping today.

#Danny #Elsa #Fred #Grace next…
(2) Why on earth would a Kiwi fan of Margaret Thatcher be interested in US Gulf and Atlantic coast hurricanes?

Several reasons, but we'll start with being an earthquake survivor. (2011, NZ, 185 deaths in my city.)

It changed my life.
(3) Earthquakes can't be predicted. Anyone who claims they can is trying to scam you.

Hurricanes CAN be predicted.

So instead of despairing at the death toll each time, I promote #readiness and I fight #disinformation too.
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LIVE | Annonce du plan de développement de l’enseignement français à l’étranger par @JY_LeDrian,@jmblanquer et @JBLemoyne
— Conférence de presse

@EducationFrance @aefeinfo
#EFE #QODirect…
@JY_LeDrian @jmblanquer @JBLemoyne @EducationFrance @aefeinfo #EFE | L'éducation est un véritable enjeu géopolitique, parce qu'elle demeure le meilleur rempart contre toutes les formes d'obscurantisme et d'intégrisme.

@aefeinfo @EducationFrance
@JY_LeDrian @jmblanquer @JBLemoyne @EducationFrance @aefeinfo 4 PILIERS pour le développement de l'enseignement français à l'étranger :

• Plus d'élèves
• Plus d'écoles
• Une meilleure association des familles à la vie des établissements
• Un soutien renforcé au réseau

#EFE @aefeinfo @EducationFrance #QOdirect #Education
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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