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1/5 Salvation isn’t about perfect theology; it’s about a heartfelt connection with God. Let’s mirror Yeshua’s love outwardly. Worship in spirit, truth, grace, and understanding. #Grace #Faith #SpiritandTruth
2/5 In worshipping Adonai in spirit and truth, we aim for ἀκριβέστερον - a more accurate understanding of Him. Like Priscilla and Aquila with Apollos (Acts 18:26).
3/5 This accuracy helps us walk circumspectly (Eph. 5:15) and be prepared for the day of the thief (1 Th. 5:2). Yet, the pursuit of perfect theology may remain elusive.
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1/🧵Gratitude is Pain’s big brother
▪️Prof Greg teaches me to accept life on life’s terms
▪️ICU pts teach me how to traverse pain
▪️Gratitude is their close companion
▪️Gratitude is not just a tenet of etiquette – it’s an essential quality of well-being

Pics w perm Image
2/ I can’t pay gratitude w a checkbook, only from the ❤️

📍My Gratitude Ledger is in deficit because I don’t nurture #Wisdom
 📍I underutilize this superpower of recovery
 📍Gratitude is Greg’s antidote to victimhood
📍It helps him rise above any situation

#TheLuckyFew Image
3/ Gratitude can’t be reduced to verbal or written acknowledgment of a gift 🎁
Greg has a deep sense of awareness of his interdependency on others, you & me, his sisters & brothers.

He’s gracious in heartfelt appreciation despite living w great disabilities.

#FindYourTribe Image
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#GRACE is something one cannot expect from @PTIofficial, while it can be expected from the rest, even from the establishment. But, we can still wish & pray for a surprise from other side - best things happen unexpectedly.

A thread building case for more grace in society.. (1/n)
Grace and tolerance is not an act of submission, it's nothing to be ashamed of - it's in fact an act of defiance against arrogance. Forgiving, moving on with grace, and showing respect is the attribute of the strong, it's the weak who is unable to forgive. (2/n)
Capacity to tolerate, to accommodate and forgive are essential hallmarks for development of society. In my opinion, no society can progress without building safe spaces for graceful discourse, be it on the roads, the parliament, on social media or even under this post. (3/n)
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1/🧵 Are you happy?

My brother w #DownSyndrome is teaching me tons of life lessons.

In medicine & in life, I make big decisions based on guesstimates of other’s Quality of Life #QOL.

What do adults w #disability teach me about TRUTH?

Can I learn? Image
2/🎥 How do we “calculate” someone’s #QOL?
#Confession: I get it all wrong when I impose MY judgment onto THEIR life.
Greg, my 57 y/o brother-in-law with Down Syndrome, has a better QOL than I do.


Digest this…read on…
3/ My working definition of QOL is “the ability to give & receive love.”


Greg understands the Law of the Gift: Treasures GROW when we give them away.

It’s the opposite of hoarding.

Yet, giving ourselves to others can be SCARY. Greg ponders deeply these emotions. Image
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1. My quiet time reading in God’s Word today, Exodus, chapters 20-23, which include, the Ten Commandments, drive me to seek help from the God definitively revealed to all in Jesus. As a sinful person, I see I’m incapable of keeping God’s Law...
2. ..., summarized by Jesus as “love God, love neighbor.”
But Jesus has perfectly kept God’s Law, then offered Himself as the perfectly sinless Lamb of God Who takes away the power of sin and death over our lives. ...
3. ...All who repent and believe in Jesus are reconciled to God and are given life with God in His everlasting Kingdom. By God-given faith in Jesus, we are rescued from the power of sin and death over us and belong to God eternally. ...
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#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His #Mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the #HolySpirit; Which He shed on us abundantly through #Jesus #Christ our #Savior; ..
That being justified by His #Grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.--Titus 3:5-7
To teach that the filling with the #HolySpirit is given to the #Christian to provide "power for service" is to teach truth, but not the whole #Truth. ..
Power for service is but one effect of the experience, and I do not hesitate to say that it is the least of several effects. It is least for the very reason that it touches service, presumably service to mankind; and contrary to the popular belief, ..
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#fridaymorning #FridayFeeling for #Christians
Self Deception and How to Avoid It

OF ALL FORMS OF DECEPTION, self-deception is the most deadly, and of all deceived persons the self-deceived are the least likely to discover the fraud.

The reason for this is simple. ..
When a man is deceived by another he is deceived against his will. He is contending against an adversary and is temporarily the victim of the other's guile. Since he expects his foe to take advantage of him he is watchful and quick to suspect trickery. ..
Under such circumstances it is possible to be deceived sometimes and for a short while, but because the victim is resisting he may break out of the trap and escape before too long.

With the self-deceived it is quite different. He is his own enemy ..
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#wednesdaythought for true believers in our #Lord #Jesus #Christ, We should not only pray to God but also learn all the more to praise God. We need to see the significance of praise at the very beginning of our #Christian walk. We must praise God unceasingly. ..
David received #Grace from God to praise seven times a day. It is a good exercise, a very good lesson, and a very good spiritual practice to praise God every day. We(#Christians) should learn to praise God when we get up early in the morning. ..
We should learn to praise Him when we encounter problems, when we are at a meeting, or when we are alone. We should praise God at least seven times a day. Do not let David beat us(#Christians) in his praise. ..
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An article worth revisiting:

Science Funder Jeffrey Epstein Launches Radical Emotional Software For The Gaming Industry…
"The Artificial Intelligence (AI) group in Hong Kong behind this new emotive software is called Open Cog. As an open-source foundation, Open Cog (‘Cognition for All’) lead by co-founder Ben Goertzel"
#Sophia #Grace… Image
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As you go into this week, the hand of God will lift you, His arms will carry you and bear your burdens, His strength will support you, His power will defend you, His eyes will guide you, His Spirit will lead you, and His goodness will sustain you.
Deu 33:27-28 The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemy before you... So Israel [you] will live in safety alone; Jacob's [your] spring is secure in a land of grain and new wine, where the heavens drop dew.
This week, the heavens will drop dew for you - you will experience God's miraculous power of provision and supply. He will meet every need before they arise, and provide for every demand before they appear.
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Historical hurricane analog for #Grace.. let's see if it'll drop further south in the Bay of Campeche 👀 ImageImage
Update: #Grace has entered the Bay of Campeche.
Update: #Grace seems to be a tad too far north from the shore to replicate Hurricane Karl's case of TC-land interaction… there does not seems to be a vigorous coastal rainband to the south of #Grace at the moment. ImageImage
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Ante el paso del #Huracán #Grace por el estado, como medida preventiva para apoyar a las y los yucatecos que trabajan día a día evitando exponer su seguridad a la hora de trasladarse a sus centros de trabajo debido a las intensas lluvias y vientos que podrían ocasionar ... (1/4)
... la caída de ramas que puedan poner en peligro su vida, así como inundaciones, @procivy anuncia las siguientes medidas para los 106 municipios del estado hasta que no exista algún peligro o los pronósticos de éste fenómeno meteorológico permitan regresar a la normalidad. (2/4)
✅ Suspensión a partir de mañana jueves 19 de agosto de todo tipo de labores de negocios y actividades, excepto las que tienen que ver con seguridad, salud y protección civil.

✅ Los hospitales, clínicas, farmacias, servicios de salud y emergencias operarán con normalidad. (3/4)
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Ante el paso del #Huracán #Grace por nuestro estado, como una medida preventiva para apoyar a las yucatecas y los yucatecos que trabajan día a día, evitando exponer su seguridad a la hora de trasladarse a sus centros de trabajo debido a las intensas lluvias ... (1/6)
... vientos de 130 km/h y rachas de 160km/h que podrían ocasionar la caída de ramas y otros objetos que puedan poner en peligro su vida, así como inundaciones, @procivy anuncia las siguientes medidas para los 106 municipios del estado ... (2/6)
... hasta que no exista algún peligro o los pronósticos de éste fenómeno meteorológico permitan regresar a la normalidad:

✅ Suspensión a partir de mañana jueves 19 de agosto de todo tipo de labores de negocios y actividades ... (3/6)
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Dapre previzyon meteyo yo, #Grace a 140 kilomèt sidès Pòtoprens epi a anviwon 235 kilomèt alès vil Okay. Li t ap mache ak yon vitès 24 kilomèt alè. Image
Siklòn #Grace ka lakòz glisman teren, deboulonnay tè ak inondasyon sitou nan depatman SANT, LATIBONIT, LWÈS, GRANDANS, SID ak NIP.
Gouvenman an ap kontinye mande popilasyon an pou l toujou suiv enfòmasyon meteyo yo epi aplike tout konsiy yo
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(1) Late August 2021 #HWStormWatch🌀 thread.


#TSFred is about to make landfall in the NE Gulf.

#TSGrace is poised to assault the people of Western Haiti just one day after their M7.2 earthquake.

(2) Fortunately #TSGrace is not predicted to landfall in any of the Southern US states that already have #HospitalSystemCollapse from the fourth and so far worst US wave of Covid.

I hope by the time it reaches MX it doesn't wreak havoc there, either.

(3) There is a system in the Atlantic, TD 8, which if the winds get strong enough could be named #TSHenri.

The below graphic shows you this storm and #Fred and #Grace.

Upcoming available names: Ida, Julian, Kate, and Larry.

TD8: Image
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#Haiti 🇭🇹: un terremoto di magnitudo 7,2 ha colpito oggi Haiti. Lo rende noto l'@USGS_Quakes. Ci sarebbero danni riportati nella capitale Port-au-Prince. Si tratta di un terremoto di magnitudo persino superiore a quello che nel 2010 aveva causato migliaia di morti.
Molte case sarebbero collassate per la violenza del terremoto.
Questo sarebbe (il condizionale è d'obbligo), un video proveniente da Haiti subito dopo il terremoto.
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(1) We've had about a month since Hurricane #Elsa with quiet seas out in the Atlantic. That is about to change, as we approach peak season in late August/early Sept.

Some systems forming:…

Plus some E. Pacific storms.

(2) Now is not the time for states like FL to be tormented by partisan political division & the rejection of life-saving steps like #GetVaccinated & #MaskUp.

It's never the time, but especially not in peak hurricane season.

#NoPoliticsOnTheBoat #ThisIsAmerica #RightMatters
(3) That Facebook post was written by a woman in Houston, TX affected by one of the worst US hurricanes on record, #Harvey in 2017.

How I wish the level of partisan division in 2021 was lower, like it was 4 years ago.
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I support @Simone_Biles 100%-protecting her emotional health & physical safety in a very dangerous sport. I'm in awe of her voice for Nassar survivors n the call for @USAGym transparency n reform - and grateful. And competing during #Covid19...1/ #Twisties…
All the athletes are suffering from a year of lock-down #COVID19: "... the lack of regular competition for many athletes was the equivalent of a muscle atrophying, said Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a lawyer who won three gold medals and a silver in swimming at the 1984 LA Olympics." 2/
“It’s not that they’re choking; it’s not that they’re out of shape,” Hogshead-Makar said. “Almost no athlete goes for a year with no competition. There is no replacement, when all eyes are on you and you need to be able to perform when the time is right.” 3/
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(1) Thread 3: Storm #Elsa

Forecast has swung back & forth between Tropical Storm (TS) & Cat 1 Hurricane this week.

Currently 65mph max sustained winds, with a chance of re-intensification. So, the H warnings remain.


(2) By the way, the next names on the Atlantic storms list are #Fred and #Grace. This season is forecast to be above-average in number and intensity of storms.

For now, #Elsa is the only hurricane-ish storm near the USA.

It has not yet made landfall but that's expected today.
(3) As always, excellent coverage on the Weather Channel:…
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(1) Thread 2: Tropical Storm #Elsa

It would be a mistake to treat #TSElsa as if she's a sweet little princess and you can safely #LetItGo.

Even a tropical storm can be deadly like a hurricane. And this one looks like it will hug the coast from Florida to New Jersey, at least.
(2) Here is my first #Elsa thread, complete with shameless repetition of Frozen references, because it's not every day you get a fun storm name to use for a few weeks. Next up are #Fred and #Grace.

(3) TS #Elsa update - Sunday evening

Cautiously optimistic about some nuanced changes to the latest forecast. Looks like Elsa will be a TD (Tropical Depression) while moving NNE after Florida & will veer back out to sea once reaching the mid-Atlantic US coast.
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(1) And so it begins. #HWStormWatch🇺🇸🌀

Hurricane #Bill got a name but he's of no concern to me.

It's the future Hurricane #Claudette⚜️, (lovely Cajun name) that means y'all in her path must get #prepping today.

#Danny #Elsa #Fred #Grace next…
(2) Why on earth would a Kiwi fan of Margaret Thatcher be interested in US Gulf and Atlantic coast hurricanes?

Several reasons, but we'll start with being an earthquake survivor. (2011, NZ, 185 deaths in my city.)

It changed my life.
(3) Earthquakes can't be predicted. Anyone who claims they can is trying to scam you.

Hurricanes CAN be predicted.

So instead of despairing at the death toll each time, I promote #readiness and I fight #disinformation too.
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As you all know, I am in Ireland & unable to come back home until August. My brother & I were just told that my mom’s building would not extend grace & allow us to continue to pay for her apt. thru Aug. when I’m back & can save him from having to remove her belongings on his own.
My brother held vigil by my mom’s bedside 12 hours a day while she was in the hospital. And held up cell using FaceTime for me for 12 more so I could see her face as we both held vigil when she was dying.

He has done ENOUGH on his own. 💔
I want to be there for my brother .
The person I just talked to — a woman named Blanca — refused to discuss the issue with me at all and told me her attorney would be handling it.

I asked, “Why is an attorney involved when it comes to dealing with grieving family members asking for kindness and grace?”
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Natasha Stott Despoja, the first Australian elected to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Violence Against women, has a message for women: “Take over parliament. Don’t give up on parliament because it’s given up on you.” 1/5 #March4Justice #Grace #Brittany #Katharine #Auspol
"I don't sense any empathy from the powers that be, I certainly think a lot of victims & a lot of survivors really need solidarity & support. I think there's an issue about how we treat the stories of women & victims & survivors, & this government has demonstrably failed." 2/5
Ms Stott Despoja said she was subjected to, "harassment, sexism [and] ridiculous stereotypes" after being elected to the Senate aged 26. "I think people need to inform the powers that be as to just how toxic and unequal that culture has been and been like that for decades." 3/5
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