Not only does this show how easily #pressfreedom can be erupted and diminished, but it also shows how crucial a prudent but minimal government is in order to limit the market from becoming a bestial predator:…
We could assume that the NSO group consciously
sold its #PegasusSpyware software to gov'ts with a more than questionable rate on freedom and liberties. Speaking particularly of India, this was far from unknowable, given the recent Freedom House rating:…
You do not even need to be a politics buff to know
under Narendra Modi (BJP), India's ratio of freedom and liberty has continuously deteriorated. To consequently think that selling spyware software that would inevitably be used to target “the state's 'enemies'” brands you as either dangerously dumb or willfully ignorant. Both at-
titudes would make you an either unethical or diabolical businessman who would even dare to boot the corporation's good reputation out of a sociopathic egalitarianism.

Now some might argue that it couldn't be the business' fault if tis client were well-known antagonists on
the global gameboard, and that their decisions were certainly not politically motivated or considered. For the #NSOGroup, this can surely not be considered an actual argument given that they advertised their software as a tool to combat terrorism. And they could've known that
without certain inclinations, their software could easily be abused for malignant operations such as the targeting of journalists and activists. They knew what they were going for and that there'd also be a left-hand path to the utilization of their software. Still they're going
for limitless sales, meaning also for anti-ethical sales. And that's the point I'd like to make: That antagonists do not require gov'ts to give them the power they enjoy in our status quo. They could also run corporations and thereby become customers of companies like the NSO-
Group. It is because of such facts that morality and ethics are still required in a Capitalist society, and that amoral or anti-ethical businessmen, leaders and the likes are one of the greatest threat to a beneficial free market. Iti s also one of the rotten cores of our current
Capitalist society and the root of its growing opposition. #PegasusSpyware and the #NSOGroup are just two more symptoms in an ever-growing illness. The fact that it targets #PressFreedom #freedomofpress just makes it all the more devastating, threatening.

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Kevin McFarlane was too critical about Mr. Schwartz; all he says is on point not only for his time but also for today, when you think about it. “Libertarians”, or LINOs, as I will now call those kind of people, are just Potemkin Populists who abuse
the name to cover their whiny rants about “cultural Marxism”, “Antifa” and whatever they associate with Leftism, regardless of whether it's just the practitioners' business and no-one else's or not. Those people disregard the idea of Freedom and Liberty to accelerate the right-
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Just heard another three-way interview on the global #freemarket and it was mind-bogglingly asinine, not only because no “economic representative was invited but also because it was thus so easy to forecast what was going to be said.
I do agree that we need labels to indicate which products were manufactured through child labour, to boost consumers' independence of choice, especially the capability of informed choices. When products are unknown whether they have been produced through child labour or note, how
can I make a choice I can approve of? Of course many apologetics would either say: “Let consumers decide through their purchases whether they want to have more or fewer (or maybe no) labels” or “Tell producers to examine their supply chains and attach labels on their products”.
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Kürzlich (gestern) habe ich auch wieder gelesen, dass es noch immer Menschen gibt, die plädieren, dass auch sonntags Geschäfte öffnen dürfen sollten. Diesen Menschen würde ich empfehlen, doch einfach einen Arbeitgeber zu suchen, der ihnen ein Gleitzeitmodell eröffnet, damit sie
auch unter der Woche einkaufen gehen können. Ich sehe keinen Grund, warum dafür mitunter Menschen an ihrem (teilweise) einzigen freien Tag in der Woche zur Arbeit gerufen werden sollten, unter dem Vorwand, dass sie doch entweder etwas Richtiges hätten lernen sollen oder sich
einen neuen job direkt suchen sollten, wenn ihnen eine sieben-Tage-Woche stinke. Wie gesagt, diesen Ball kann man den Bewerben des Sonntagseinkaufs entgegenwerfen: Dasselbe Prinzip, nur auf links gedreht.
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Gestern noch einen recht interessanten Text über die verschiedene Aussprache des NL in den Niederlanden selbst und in Flandern gelesen, dessen stark verkürzte Konklusion mich leider herb enttäuscht hat. (Zitat hierunter)
Zitat: Hout, Roeland & Schutter, Georges & Crom, Erika & Huinck, Wendy & Kloots, Hanne & Velde, H.. (1999). De uitspraak van het Standaard-Nederlands. Variatie en varianten in Vlaanderen en Nederland. Artikelen Van de Derde Sociolinguïstische Conferentie.
Abgesehen davon: Kann mir irgendjemand allgemein bildende Texte zur Frage nach der Phonetik im Niederländischen empfehlen? An sich ist es für einen Deutschen natürlich übersichtlich und nachvollziehbar vom bloßen Zuhören, dennoch wäre es einfach ganz hilfreich. Nicht unbedingt
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To think that nullifying the rural states by abolishing the #ElectoralCollege was going to solve anything other than manifesting a liberal leadership for decades (as Trump did by nominating #ACB for #SupremeCourt), is to ignore the consquences of the urban-rural migration. 1/X

As all the jobs like in the great cities, people move to the cities. The first consequence: Cities bloat, ready to implode because space is finite. The only action is to expand outwards, while prices downtown skyrocket. In the meantime, the | 2/X
rural areas decay because there are too few people to hire, while everyone is pilgrimaging to the cities. Without jobs, people seek relief elsewhere, such as in drugs, or otherwise become unemployed or criminal. For most, though, they just turn citywards too, leaving behind | 3/X
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