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This will be my thread of Day 10 of protests in #Ecuador. This sign via @dani_BLR reads:

"Poor people in uniform beating up poor hungry people to benefit rich people without uniforms or hunger."

#EcuadorEnCrisis #SOSEcuador #EcuadorSOS
@dani_BLR #Ecuador has lost an estimated $80m in tourism revenue this week. This is the other huge pressure on lying rat traitor president @Lenin Moreno: the economic cost of these protestst.
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MEP Clare Daly speaking last night on the US DOJ's political prosecution ploy against Julian #Assange: "What is at stake here is fundamental press freedoms and if the Espionage Act is used in this way and this extradition is successful then society itself will be fatally wounded"
"So what's at stake here is an attempt to criminalise journalism," Ms Daly told a crowd gathered in the New Theatre in central Dublin. "That's what Julian's prosecution is about: his attempts to hold the powerful to account." @ClareDalyMEP @wikileaks @couragefound
"There's an 18-count indictment -- it's about receiving national defense information and disclosing that information to persons who are not entitled to know. And the persons who are not entitled to know are us: the public," the Irish MEP said. @ClareDalyMEP @wikileaks
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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This was performed during our rally in #Düsseldorf on August 10 in front of the US consulate.
The starting point of this performance is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave which I adapted to #JulianAssange ‘s and #ChelseaManning ‘s ongoing persecution.
As a reminder: the Allegory relates the story of a group of prisoners who spend their lives chained, unable to turn their head around. There is a fire and people behind them who are holding figures and objects which cast shadows on a wall in front the prisoners.
During their whole live, these prisoners will never ever see the fire or the figures and objects themselves.
They also hear echoes of conversation and sounds but never a true voice or word. That’s what shapes their perception of the world.
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1. One day after G7 leaders backed HK's autonomy, CE Carrie Lam is now planning to impose a "#MartialLaw" to #HongKong. HK's commerce minister even claimed that such martial law will have no effect on this Asia Financial Hub & should be accepted by the international community.
2. This Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO) HKGov planning to use, would allow HKGov to do whatever it wants. It is a de facto Martial Law, with no PLA marching on the streets, but would bring an equivalent threat of violence to the city.
3. According to ERO, Lam can "make any regulations whatsoever which (s)he may consider desirable in the public interest" without check and balance from the legislature, include declaring curfew. #HumanRights and freedom of expression are under threat.
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Received legal notices from @twitter for two days straight: the Gov of India has complained that I’ve violated the “laws of India.”

Till yesterday, @twitter cited certain tweets to be problematic (for India).

Today, my account @wajskhan in general is allegedly in violation.
So far, @twitter has been very straightforward, giving me my legal options.

Till yesterday, I was advised that among my choices, deleting certain tweets was one option.

However, not quite sure what to do today, considering my entire account - active since ‘09 - is at stake.
I’ve written back to @twitter but not heard back.

I worry that my account may be removed because of my critique of India’s policies & actions in #Kashmir.

Also believe that social media, already blacked out by India in Kashmir, is crucial for global discourse & truth-telling.
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It’s August 11, 2019. Austin Tice is 38 years old today. As a reminder, Austin Tice is an American journalist who’s been detained in Syria for nearly seven years. In honor of his birthday, Austin’s family wants us all to #AskAboutAustinTice #thread
.@DebraTice and @MarcATice wrote an op-ed for this, the 2554th day of Austin’s detainment. McClatchy’s 30 news sites will carry their message as will @chicagotribune, @CNN, @USATODAY, @HoustonChron, @PhillyInquirer, @TucsonStar and several others
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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सीपीजे ने 2019 अंतर्राष्ट्रीय प्रेस स्वतंत्रता पुरस्कार (आईपीऍफ़ए) के विजेताओं की घोषणा की;
विजेताओं में भारतीय पत्रकार नेहा दीक्षित (@nehadixit123) भी…

@nehadixit123 CPJ is honored to present its 2019 International Press Freedom Award to Indian journalist Neha Dixit (@nehadixit123).

@nehadixit123 Neha Dixit, an award-winning freelance reporter, has covered politics, gender, and social justice in print, TV, and online media for more than a decade.…

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RSF Secretary-General @cdeloire is intervening from the plenary floor at #DefendMediaFreedom in London. Opens by noting the World #PressFreedom Map is getting darker every year, with only 9 percent of the world population now living in countries with a good press freedom climate.
.@cdeloire points to visible and invisible prisons for journalists. Counter-models are emerging that work against #pressfreedom. We are at a tipping point, and business as usual is not working. Business as usual will kill democracy. #DefendMediaFreedom
.@cdeloire calls for action in cases that haven’t been mentioned: @raif_badawi in #SaudiArabia. Cumhuriyet journalists in #Turkey. #DaphneCaruanaGalizia in #Malta. And Julian #Assange, whose case has worrying implications for protection of journalistic sources #DefendMediaFreedom
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Today marks 20 years since the 1999 Iranian student uprising. Known in #Iran by its “ground zero” as “The Disaster of the Ku-ye Daneshgah Dormitories”, the uprising - sometimes likened to 1989 #Tiananmen Square protests in China - carries great historical significance.
The background: on July 7, #Iran’s judiciary - using a new, tougher Press Bill - ordered the closing of daily Salâm, which had since 1991 criticized conservatives in power. Salâm was then considered one of numerous pro-reform #newspapers that since 97 election of Khatami … /2
… had exposed #corruption, #injustice, #inequality + demanded transparency, justice. The banning of Salâm + new law to curb #pressfreedom - marked beginning of hardliners’ campaign to crush the blossoming civil society and political mobilisation connected with #reformism. /3
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I have taken out time to read the law which the NBC relied on in suspending @AIT_Online and I've realized that yet again, this government shot themselves in the foot.


NBC relied on the Nigerian Broadcasting Code 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 to shut down AIT. Before we get to the legality or other wise of this action, let us see what the Code provided.

PS; take note of the side notes
I assume most of us have read the resport as to why @AIT_Online was suspended. If you have not done so, take out time to read it here.
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Every morning before I leave for work, my brother watches #KakaakiSocial on AIT, basically the way they bring in social media content with no objectivity to lashes on govt or people that are not on the same page with them👇
I know we are sentimental when it comes to politics,religion,nd ethnicity.its apparent that there is no media house in Nigeria that is not compromised.yet,they stil have their ways of balancing their news stories to escape NBC sanction.#PressFreedom #AITUnderSiege
For so many occasions,kakaaki social aired unfactual tweets and viral contents,quoting opinion as a reliable source of news reportage.
I so much wonder how the producer totally disregards the stand of the constitution and it regulator NBC.
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Around the world, the voices of journalists are routinely silenced by governments. But #PressFreedom isn't just for journalists. (1/7)…
Our Offline project documents just some of the online writers and bloggers who have been imprisoned or taken offline for speaking up, and speaking truth to power. (2/7)
Thanks to her reporting & blogging, Eman Al-Nafjan was a key figure in the movement to end the decades-old women driving ban in Saudi Arabia. The 2019 Congressional Press Freedom Day Resolution recognized her work, for which she is currently on trial. (3/7)…
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Press freedom is under assault across the globe—including in the US. As journalists fight to advance truth and objectivity, far too many governments and non-state actors are targeting them. #WorldPressFreedomDay
In Slovakia, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, journalists have been recently killed in retaliation for spreading news and information.

Others have been imprisoned in Burma, Nicaragua, and around the world. #WorldPressFreedomDay
From Turkey to the Philippines, Venezuela to Sudan, governments around the world are trying to silence the press. But the threat to press freedom isn’t limited to foreign lands—it’s something we’ve had to increasingly contend with here in the U.S. #WorldPressFreedomDay
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We’re excited to announce the launch of #HerStory, Twitter’s new, monthly original video series highlighting the work and personal stories of women journalists around the world. Here’s a sneak peak:

Women journalists are essential to the storytelling landscape, and far too often face obstacles while doing their jobs that their male counterparts do not.
We need to highlight this gender inequality as often as possible, but especially on #WorldPressFreedomDay, when so many are celebrating journalism and the indispensable work that reporters do for society.
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heute ist #PressFreedom day, und es wundert mich, dass va hier kaum darüber geschrieben wird. ein paar aufrufe hier und da, ein paar zitate der letzten solidaritätsbekundungen mit dem #ORF und seinen journalistInnen. vor allem aus deutschland kam zu recht viel...
..zu recht, weil es dort viel zu verlieren gibt. aber wir sollten den tag oder was davon übrig ist nutzen - um darüber nachzudenken, was gerade passiert, von wem genau die aggression gegenüber dem prinzip freie presse/freie medien ausgeht. und vor allem über das wie, und warum.
es ist nicht die extreme rechte an sich, die der pressefreiheit gefährlich wird, als viel mehr ihre methoden und aktionen. und wir befinden uns ohnehin in einem stadium der fortgeschrittenen desorientierung und des schranken- und grenzenlosen medialen kampfs, das aufzudröseln..
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