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1/9 This is 1 of the ways the public fails to grasp how #CDNmedia functions

In the case of #CBC, the board is often tainted by partisanship but it was replaced by the current govt. Continuing issue is higher placed editors & producers who may still wage political battles within
2/9 To support that point, I departed from CBC over a dispute about the Occupy movement. I was dispatched to cover the Toronto camp & I wrote that it was peaceful. But CBC maintains the right for editors to re-write & they did that to me, wrongly claiming the event was violent
3/9 The exec editor went so far as to use a pic of a bomb exploding in Egypt to represent my Toronto coverage. I disputed this politicized spin printed under my byline & my contract was cancelled on the spot. I also couldn't grieve because they use contracts to evade the union
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#THREAD: As a Hong Kong freelance journalist, I’d like to say something other in-house journalists may not dare say due to their code of conduct. Forgive me for being sentimental tonight. But it is important, as today, Sept 23, marks the darkest day for Hong Kong’s #PressFreedom.
Today is the first day when the new definition of media representative is applied to the police protocol. The new definition disavows credentials from the city’s most acclaimed journalists’ unions the HK Journalists Asso. and the HK Press Photographers Asso.
The police would only acknowledge media which had registered under the Government News and Media Information System and “internationally recognised and reputable” foreign media organisations in the name of “facilitating frontline duties of police officers”.
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[𝐒𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭 𝐉𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐕𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐝 𝐃𝐮𝐚]

#SupremeCourt's Justice Lalit led bench is hearing the petition filed by journalist Vinod Dua seeking to quash the FIR registered alleging sedition over his YouTube videos to Monday.

@VinodDua7 Image
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta is currently arguing.

Justice Lalit asks the SG as to when the FIR was registered against @VinodDua7.

SG says a complaint was filed on 23rd April.

Justice Lalit: This was 10 days after the episode was aired.
Justice Lalit: As a result of this episode, people started migrating. But was this migration per se, mentioned in the FIR? & did this particular episode trigger any other FIRs?
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Chaudhari: I want to show some graphics. They have used Urdu graphics as well. What does this mean?

Justice Chandhrachud: We want to also hear the Solicitor General. What do you say?
Justice Chandrachud adds: An anathema on 19(1)(a) to impose censorship but at the same time human dignity has to be taken into account and some standards have to imposed which in fact, go beyond this program.


SG: Law available for your Lordships assistance.

SG relies on Bonard v. Perryman, an 1891 ruling.


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Ahead of the start of the hearing, RSF along with @StellaMoris1, attempted to deliver the petition at 10 Downing Street calling for the #UK authorities not to extradite #Assange to the #US. Unfortunately, 10 Downing Street refused to accept it.
As his extradition hearing resumes, we call yet again for Julian Assange to be immediately released, the charges against him dropped, and for him to not be extradited to the #UnitedStates.

We fully believe the case against him is connected to his contributions to public interest reporting, and his prosecution has extremely worrying implications for press freedom and the protection of journalistic sources internationally.
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In India, journalists who cover #corruption may pay with their lives. Between 1992 & 2016, the @pressfreedom recorded 27 cases of journalists murdered in direct retaliation for their work. The CPJ is investigating an additional 25 cases. [THREAD] 👇…
Between 2007-2016, at least 58 activists – those who regularly file requests under the Right to Information Act – have been killed, and more than 250 have been harassed or assaulted. 2/4
Small-town journalists are more vulnerable to attack and whose legitimacy is questioned when they are threatened or killed. In the case studies, this report focuses on it is hard to find a single reporter who was working for an English outlet of a large corporate media house. 3/4
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[New clampdown on #HK press freedom]

1. While Beijing claims #nationalsecuritylaw won't affect #PressFreedom in #Hongkong, #HK Immigration Dept just denied w/o reason the work visa for a @HongKongFP reporter, who has been closely following #hkprotests…
2. As the journalist is a non-American national working in a local news outlet, clearly nothing to do with #US-#China tension, it shows an alarming acceleration of #Beijing’s clampdown on the city’s media freedom, soon after the arrest of the pro-democracy media mogul #Jimmylai.
3. With the flow of information further blocked, #China is now effectively decoupling this international financial hub, as well as the major global media centre in the region, by weaponizing its visa system to stifle critical voices.
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Here's the thing about foreign media and Hong Kong - for years the "real" story was in mainland China. For many China-based correspondents HK was a boring biz city. Its people spoke a form of Chinese they didn't understand and lacked charm. But it was a useful city for RnR 1/
I think a lot of people took for granted just what a unique city of fascinating contradictions Hong Kong was and is and how precious and vulnerable its freedoms were and are. Of what that means in and of itself as well as to the wider world. 2/
It sometimes felt like shouting into a void when we spoke or wrote about "death by a thousand cuts". Too complex, too nuanced, too local. But now those freedoms are disappearing, attacked at turbo-charged pace. #PressFreedom in HK isn't just about local journalists 3/
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[When reporting becomes Orwellian thoughtcrime]

1. @JimmyLaiApple's arrest and the raid of @appledaily_hk is a litmus test for the city's #pressfreedom, one of the cornerstones of whether #HK remains open, free and tolerant to critical views under #Beijing's authoritarian rule. ImageImageImageImage
2. Before that, #Beijing has already been toughening its curb on media, from setting up a new #nationalsecurity unit in Immigration Dept to screen foreign correspondents' visa application, replacing news heads of credible TV providers, to interrupting local media's news coverage. ImageImageImage
3. Using its sweeping powers under #NationalSecurityLaw, #China now extends its reach to #HK media by clamping down on critical voices on media, halting flow of information to international audiences and turning the city's media outlets into state-controlled propaganda apparatus. Image
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Police arrested 7 people, aged between 39 to 72, under #NationalSecurityLaws, including ⁦@appledaily_hk⁩’s founder Jimmy Lai.
In an interview with Reuters in May, Lai pledged to stay in Hong Kong and continue to fight for democracy. “What I have, this place gave me, I will fight on till the last day. It will be (an) honour if I ... sacrifice,” said Lai, choking up at times.
Police is searching Apple Daily’s Office. According to the Apple Daily’s livestream, police said they'll collect personal information and job nature of all staff. #NationalSecurityLaw
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1/6 Куни кеча бир неча блогерларнинг Telegram тармоғидаги аккаунтини бузишга уринишлар бўлгани ҳақида ёзишди. Буни ким, нима мақсадда қилгани ҳозирча аниқ эмас, лекин буни бевосита ОАВ ва блогерларга, сўз эркинлигига таҳдид сифатида баҳолаш мумкин.
2/6 Бугунги кунда ОАВ ва блогерларнинг «овозини ўчиришга» уриниш ҳеч қандай натижа бермаслигини тушуниш вақти келди. Чунки ҳозирги технологиялар асрида информацияни сунъий йўл билан тўсишнинг имкони йўқ.
3/6 Бу йўл билан фақатгина бошқаларга, аниқроқ айтганда, хориждаги бизга дўст бўлмаган ОАВларга йўл очиб берган ва уларни қўллаб-қувватлаган бўлиб қоламиз.
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Despite the lockdown we still brought you a packed #RISJSeminars schedule last term. Catch up with inspiring and insightful talks, chaired by @MeeraSelva1, by our line-up of speakers covering topics inc. #mentalhealth #BBC #pressfreedom #COVID19 #Brexit...

Play them in thread ⬇️
🌍@prashantrao international editor of @TheAtlantic kicked off our #RISJSeminars last term outlining how to build a global media brand and staying true to the brand/mission as they expand.
Watch the video here:
🇬🇧↔️🇪🇺@anandMenon1 on Brexit: “The greatest risk is the talks break down and both sides walk away from the negotiating table in a spirit of animosity and mutual recrimination that gets in the way of co-operation over health, terrorism and security.”
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#PressFreedom continues to be under threat in #HongKong. Throughout the day journalists have been obstructed from doing their jobs and subjected to pepper spray and water cannon dispersal.…
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#TodayinHistory in 1861, José Rizal, Filipino polymath, thinker, nationalist, & writer, is born in Calamba, Laguna #PH. He would be executed by firing squad in 1896. His writings united the Filipinos to revolt vs. the Spanish colonial rule. (A LONG THREAD) 🇵🇭 #Rizal #Kasaysayan Image
The unjust execution of the 3 Filipino priests, Mariano Gomes, José Burgos, & Jacinto Zamora (GOMBURZA) triggered public resentment among Filipinos under Spain. Burgos was housemate to Paciano Rizal, Jose's eldest brother.
José Rizal was 7th of 11 children of Francisco Mercado & Teodora Alonso, and the youngest of the 2 boys among the siblings. Paciano was the eldest. As the eldest, Paciano took charge of the management of land, while José was sent to Europe to study.
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Just like the case against the awe-worthy @sharmasupriya for her reporting in #Varanasi, here's a list of FIRs filed against #journalists in #UttarPradesh in the last year. Fasten your seatbelts, it will not be a short #Thread
#PressFreedom #lockdown2020 1/n
In March, at the height of the #lcokdown, @thewire_in's @svaradarajan was delivered a legal notice by police from Ayodhya. A quote in an article was wrongly attributed UP the Chief Minister, which was retracted and a corrigendum issued.
On 26 March, DM of #Varanasi sent a legal notice to Hindi daily Jansandesh Times claiming their report about tribal children eating grass for want of food due to the sudden announcement of the lockdown on March 24 was false. 3/n
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Thread: Do you think that when journalists took up jobs in places like Seattle, Louisville, New York, DC ...etc. that they ever thought it would be like reporting from a militarized zone? #pressfreedom
The attack on media and journalism over the last four years has done so much damage to the work of journalists and the role of and independent and free media. So much so that people responsible for the safety of citizens are now comfortable harming them.
There's work to be done on the side of media congolmerates too ie stemming the exhaustive 24 hr breaking news cycle and the sensationalism that's taken over some story telling.
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📌 Here's a selection of great weekend reads on #journalism #misinformation and #COVIDー19. Feel free to add suggestions to the thread

1. From hard news to 'Gogglebox': why fun TV has been important during this crisis.
By our V. Fellow @dorotheabyrne… Image
2. "Removing content by Donald Trump will always have to meet a very high bar. So if it’s a leader of a small, far off country, the decision is more likely to come down in favour of removing their content," says @ricallan in this enlightening interview…
3. Here's how islamophobic disinformation and hate speech has swamped #socialmedia during pandemic. @rapplerdotcom and @CodaStory explain how islamophobic hashtags like #Coronajihad and #MuslimVirus reached 170 million Twitter users…
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Part of the on-going campaign by #CCP, #HK govt & their allies to muzzle RTHK & to censor satire as a form of expression. All they will countenance is Carrie Lam’s Orwellian ‘Truth About Hong Kong’. Now more than ever we have to speak up for free speech & a free press.
#HK govt has now followed up on Communications Authority censure of RTHK with a demand for a full review & apology. This is entirely out of order & full-on censorship. #SupportRTHK #FreePress…
RTHK has said it accepts the Communications Authority censure & it will suspend the censured program ‘Headliners’ at the end of the current season. This looks to be RTHK caving in to government censorship. Must await details for the full picture.
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I never planned for things to come down to this, i’ve always told myself that no matter what or no matter how much a person hurts me, I will not cause any one else’s suffering. my kindness goes a long way, but like everything else, it has a limit.
As fucked up as it is for a guy to spread nudes of their girlfriend, imagine if it were their closest friend. for me it wasn’t in my imagination, all of it happened right before my eyes.
Last 2017 me and my ex-bestfriend decided to drink, I thought it was just another night of fun. after a couple hours, I got drunk and fell asleep. The next day everything seemed fine, so we continued hanging out together.
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📽️Watch back our weekly webinar series led by our researchers sharing the latest insights on news and journalism, including the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic.

Links to the full presentations and Q&A on YouTube in the the thread below 👇
🌍We kicked off our weekly series with RISJ Director @rasmus_kleis on how people around the world access news and stay informed about coronavirus and the response to the pandemic
🎙️Many public service media across the world have met the challenge to keep their audiences informed with clarity and innovation. Research Fellow @annisch outlined her findings building on her report on the reach of public broadcasters across Europe.
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【5.10 荃灣廣場】


今日有人呼籲市民到港九多個商場聚集,參與「全港和你Sing 抗爭前奏曲」。

攝 / Jimmy Lam @ USP United Social Press 社媒

#香港 #HongKong #HappyMothersDay



#HongKong #HappyMothersDay #motherday2020

15:28 海港城內


#HappyMothersDay #HongKong #motherday2020
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The #Modi government has set up the committee to improve India's #PressFreedom index. No, I am not joking. Irony max? Sure.
I did a quick survey of my work in the past two years, looking to quantify the plunging press freedom. Here's what I found 1/n…
2/n One of the finest indicators of decreasing press freedom is sources requesting anonymity.
From January 2019 to April 2020, I published 24 reported pieces. In these, 27 government sources requested anonymity. Even when their quotes were mundane. Two were on record.
3/n In the same period - Jan '19 - Apr '20 - thirty nine
sources other than the govt (civil society members, affected members of citizenry) requested anonymity.
This is preposterous! I want to read names in a piece. I also want to attribute quotes. But, fear looms large.
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In a brazen attack on #PressFreedom #Duterte has shut down the #ABSCBN network

This has generated tremendous resistance in the #Philippines as well as some incredible artwork

This is a thread containing just some examples from our talented #Filipino friends Image
This is probably the most widely shared piece of artwork

The broadcasting tower has been replaced by a fist raised in defiance

It’s simple but clever and highly impactful
This drawing has also been hugely popular

It references the Hunger Games quote ‘If we burn, you burn with us’

In that respect it’s reminiscent of artwork from the Hong Kong protests

Unlike Hong Kong protest art it hints at the possibility of violent resistance
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No point in merely singing paeans to Freedom of Press if one cannot go to its rescue when threatened: Madras High Court [Read Judgment]…
The Madras HC made pertinent observations regarding the role of courts in safeguarding the freedom of press while quashing defamation proceedings against journalist Sandhya Ravishankar for articles published by ET on illegal beach sand mining in TN back in 2015

Justice GR Swaminathan said, “I am clearly of the view that there is no point in merely singing paeans to freedom of press, if one cannot go to its rescue when the said right is faced with a serious threat.”

#MadrasHighCourt #PressFreedom
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