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Renowned journalist Asad Toor, who is well-known for his exposes and analyses on critical issues, was assaulted inside his home by unidentified persons on Tuesday night.

#DailyScoopTV #AsadAliToor #PressFreedom
According to reports, the unidentified armed persons, who were wearing face masks, broke into Toor’s home and subjected him to torture. They only fled when his cries grew louder and seemingly attracted the attention of neighbours.
Upon hearing his cries, Toor’s neighbour came to his house and subsequently rushed him to the PIMS hospital, where he is currently being treated.
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#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to shortly deliver JUDGMENT on an appeal filed by ECI against the oral observations made by Madras HC that @ECISVEEP was "singularly responsible" for the #COVIDSecondWave in India & should be tried for "murder charges"
#MadrasHighCourt had made the remark while hearing a plea by AIADMK's R Vijayabhaskar raising concerns over whether adequate facilities are in place to ensure COVID-19 protocol during vote counting at the Karur constituency, where about 77 candidates are contesting the elections
The Supreme Court had, however, maintained that it cannot dilute the hallmark of the judicial process.

"We will strike a balance to maintain the independence of our high courts while taking your concerns into account," the Bench had said.…
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The celebration of World Press Freedom Day suggests a twin notion of an independent media and freedom of expression, which is enshrined as a fundamental human right. These two notions have been acknowledged to be indispensable in the working of democracy. #PressFreedom
A democracy without press freedom is like having fanciful machinery without an energy source to power it.
And just as our experience in Nigeria, especially in the past few years has shown, democracy becomes an immobile concept when press freedom and freedom of expression are trampled upon.
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Help. Americans should know a lot more about Arron Banks. His $, entanglements and ongoing threats & harassment of a journalist. Meanwhile, I recommend donating to her crowdfund to fight a SLAPP suit for having prompted questions of great public interest.…
Note, I did a screenshot and added the gray box as his toxic sludge doesn't deserve any additional velocity and reach. You can look him up, watch how he and his sidekick disrespected Parliamentarians of all parties asking equally concerning questions.…
There is also a case update on the site from a few months ago if you're investing in the latest on it or want to follow along. Bottom-line, this is how $$$ attempts to silence truth and affliction.…
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So, as I tweeted in french, I was arrested in #Istanbul, #Turkey last night on my way to report in #Diyarbakir.
I was taken out of the plane right after landing in front of the other passengers by a police officer and taken in costudy for a 2hour interrogation session.
I was then told I represent a threat to the (Turkish) Republic's security and that I will be deported in the first plane in the morning. I was accompanied to the Immigration department's "guest house", which is a room locked from outside, where I would sleep without my phone.
Other people in the room included an Azeri couple (lady in the women's section), two afghanis, two penjabis, one bangladeshi, one Iraqi from Mosul and a syrian studying in Germany that was denied entrance to Turkey where he anted to visit his aunt. We were given Burger king menus
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🔴 Join #MFRR panel on #protests in 30 min.

Protests are essential to democracy’s functioning. Yet, covering demonstrations have become a dangerous situation for journalists due to attacks & intimidation.
What needs to change? @freepressunltd @_MoniqueHofmann @SnjCgt @NUNS_1994
🔴LIVE in less than 15 min:
here ➡️

We will be live-tweeting.
Choose between French or English.
🔴High-level speakers on today's panel:

Tamara Filipovic Stevanovic, @NUNS_1994
@_MoniqueHofmann @djuverdi
Emmanuel Vire, @SnjCgt
CHAIR: Jantine van Herwijnen @freepressunltd

#MFRR Summit
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🔴 Join #MFRR panel on State Capture in 30 min.

Selling media outlets to state-owned companies or abusing legal powers to silence critics are common strategies of governments jeopardising media & #pressfreedom. Discussions w/ @novinarSI @hu_telex @Adbodnar & @globalfreemedia. 17-20 March. Join the online Summit.
🔴LIVE in 15 min here

We will be live-tweeting. Person reading burning newspaper.
High-level speakers on today's last panel:

Petra Lesjak Tušek, Društvo novinarjev Slovenije
Veronika Munk, @Telexhu
Adam Bodnar @Adbodnar, Commissioner for Human Rights

CHAIR: Scott Griffen @scott_f_griffen @globalfreemedia Screenshot of Zoom Meeting. MFRR Summit.
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CPJ has documented dozens of journalists, commentators and their associates targeted with spyware.

Surveillance of journalists and their sources threatens #pressfreedom globally.

Explore the map of cases and read more below ⤵️…
Key points:

- CPJ’s map lists 38 journalists & associates targeted with spyware

- Attacks attributed to actors in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mexico & India

- 4 companies accused of supplying spyware based in Israel, Italy & Germany

Secret surveillance of journalists & their sources poses a severe threat to #pressfreedom globally

That’s why we are calling on governments to stop the use of spyware & to take steps to prevent states with bad #pressfreedom records from getting such tools…
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ANNOUNCEMENT: OCCRP is being sued by Stanko Subotić, a powerful Serbian businessman whom we've written about in several investigations.

We stand by our reporting and will not be intimidated by vexatious lawsuits.…
OCCRP Publisher @DrewOCCRP and @KRIK journalist @DraganaPeco are also named in this suit, which is over this story from 2018. 2/…
Subotić alleges OCCRP and KRIK published the story as part of a media campaign against him orchestrated by the Serbian secret service, the mafia, and corrupt politicians.

"Mr. Subotić has no evidence of these demonstrably false claims," said Sullivan. 3/
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Award winning Filipino-American journalist @mariaressa could face more than 100 years in prison on criminal charges including cyber libel.
It’s time for the Philippine government to drop all charges against #MariaRessa. #CourageOn #HoldTheLine
Please watch and share. It's important and appreciated.
Finally, take a quick moment to sign and share this petition joining CPJ and 80+ #pressfreedom organizations in our call to #HoldTheLine in support of journalists Maria Ressa and Reynaldo Santos and independent media in the #Philippines.…
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THREAD: Pro-government media in Serbia have launched a smear campaign that falsely ties OCCRP member center @KRIKrs to a Serbian crime gang.

These outlets are putting journalists’ lives in danger. #PressFreedom…
Serbian pro-government tabloids have published stories falsely accusing @KRIKrs and its editor in chief @StevanOCCRP of having ties to the Kavač — a violent Montenegrin gang that KRIK exposed in a major 2020 investigation. 2/…
"This blatantly false accusation puts KRIK journalists in serious danger — by linking them to the Kavač gang’s criminal activities, these pro-state tabloids provide criminal groups justification for murder."

OCCRP Co-Founder @drewoccrp 3/
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To celebrate the #WomensHistoryMonth we are back with #HerstorywithCFWIJ! Today we celebrate six more amazing women voices in journalism. Some of whom paved the way, and others who are making them proud! (1/8) Image
First, let's go to #Canada and remember #EllaCoraHind! A journalist, an activist, and a suffragist. She was turned down for a position as a journalist #ManitobaFreePress, because of being an inexperienced woman journalist. Ella proved them wrong! #HerstorywithCFWIJ (2/8) Image
Carrying the torch is #Canada's @Kathygannon, a reporter at #AssociatedPress stationed in #Afghanistan and #Pakistan. Kathy has been attacked in her line of work, yet she marches on. Here is what she had to say in celebration of women journalists #HerstorywithCFWIJ (3/8).
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Statement by @hrw on today's violence by #Tatmadaw & police in #Burma: "The #Myanmar security forces’ clear escalation in use of lethal force -- in multiple towns & cities across the country in response to mostly peaceful anti-coup protesters -- is outrageous & unacceptable..."
"...and must be immediately halted. Live ammunition should not be used to control or disperse protests and lethal force can only be used to protect life or prevent serious injury.."/2 @pomyanmar @MOFAMyanmar @myanmar_moi @UNinMyanmar

#SaveMyanmar #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Dawei
"...Any deaths and serious injuries should be promptly and impartially investigated. Those found responsible for any unlawful acts should be held accountable..."/3

#Myanmar #SaveMyanmar #WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar
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"Why the Indian government is mad at Rihanna?"
This episode offers an insightful window into a complete breakdown of the rule of law and means of public accountability in India. #FarmersProtests #FarmersStandingFirm #Thread 1/n… @jarielarvin via @voxdotcom
On Thursday, Delhi Police registered a criminal case against Greta Thunberg to probe international conspiracy to defame India & promote enmity among groups". They cited her tweets as an evidence in the case! No Kidding! #RightToProtest #FarmersProtest 2/n…
Unfortunately @GretaThunberg is not the first climate activist to face the wrath of Delhi Police. In July 2020, they blocked the website of @FFFIndia, describing the contents of the website as “objectionable” & depicting an “unlawful or terrorist act”. 3/n…
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Host your own conversation with the video link below of @raymcgovern & @NilsMelzer including a call - in by @deepa_driver correcting the decade of smears against Julian. Powerful! Thank you, Ray, Nils & Deepa!
Clips from the January 17, 2021 Unitarian Society Milwaukee event with @NilsMelzer and @raymcgovern 👏…
"If Assange leaves the UK, ... if he goes to France, the US can immediately ask for extradition in France, move him from country to country, right? ... playbook Stratfor came up with ten years ago ... @NilsMelzer
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⭕️This thread should make you understand why the new camp on the island of Lesbos is called #Moria2 by its inhabitants.

There is no dignity, safety or protection in this camp. Please take the time to read and retweet this thread.

Update: Since a few days there are some showers with warm water. Showers can be taken for only a few minutes once a week. But that does not mean that there are humane conditions now. We will open an extra thread tomorrow to explain the shower system.

The Greek catering company "Elaitis Events" provides the food. The company is based in Alifanta on #Lesbos. On their homepage they advertise that they deliver the best products Greece has to offer. It is the same food that was served in #Moria. Nothing has changed.
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1/9 Add another former #CBC voice to the list

This is the worst idea @CBCNews has ever contemplated, that leads to demise of the public broadcaster & bastardizing #PressFreedom by mixing facts with #FakeNews

(see next post in thread)

#CDNmedia #CDNpoli…
2/9 Execs at #CBC are being blinded by the dollar signs when it's not their mandate to follow in the footsteps of privately owned #CDNmedia

Before @CBCNews was outrageously politicized by the Harper Govt it was a dream come true to report there, as leader of industry standards
3/9 But the trauma of the Harper Govt has obviously led to a PTSD of sorts, with lingering symptoms that could cause this shift in thinking at @CBCNews

If LPC, NDP, GPC & Bloc wish to combat the rise of #FakeNews by predominantly right-wing sources, they must outlaw advertorials
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In the past 4 years, authoritarian leaders "have embraced the Trumpian rhetoric of fake news...cracked down during [#COVID19, and] restricted the flow of information globally,” @JoelCPJ told @BrianStelter on @ReliableSources.

Watch the full segment:…
"One way that the #Biden administration can reverse some of the damage is to speak out consistently whenever journalists are jailed or they're threatened, where there's censorship,” @JoelCPJ told @brianstelter.

@reliablesources @SuzanneNossel @PENamerica…
“The Biden administration must also make the protection of #pressfreedom an explicit focus of its foreign policy,” @joelcpj wrote earlier this month.

CC: @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @Transition46…
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Egypt extends pretrial detention of photographer Sayed Abd Ellah by filing new terrorism charge…
"Despite years of repression by the government of President Abdelfattah el-Sisi, we still manage to be shocked by prosecutors’ brazen disregard for standards of judicial process and international human rights." @CPJMENA's @sherifmnsour…
#Egypt: "Authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Sayed Abd Ellah and stop filing new charges against journalists who shouldn’t be behind bars in the first place." @sherifmnsour #pressfreedom…
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The launch of the Wits State of the Newsroom Report 2019-20 is about to start. QW+ director Kathy Magrobi will be there, with Nechama Brodie, author, media academic and analyst, and Sbu Ngalwa, chairperson of @SAEditorsForum and Newzroom Afrika political editor. #SOTN #SOTN2020
@SAEditorsForum We'll be doing some livetweeting as @sbungalwa @brodiegal
and @kathymagrobi unpack the report. #SOTN #SOTN2020
@SAEditorsForum @sbungalwa @brodiegal @KathyMagrobi @Journ_SA This year’s #SOTN looks back at 2019 and offers some initial reflections on 2020. QW+'s contribution to the report delves into how journalists choose to amplify the opinions and perspectives of men over women when they use the same men news experts time after time. #SOTN2020
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#Peru: Folks fight back against police repression on the streets of #Lima. The Peruvian people do not tolerate the interim presidente @MerinoDeLama.

#PeruEstaEnNuestrasManos #MerinoUsurpador #MerinoNoNosRepresenta #GolpeDeEstadoEnPerú #MerinoJamasSeraMiPresidente
#Peru: Police make arbitrary arrests in #Lima. Even a woman protesting with a bugle was arrested.

Today #Merino was sworn in as the country's interim president. The people repudiate the coup d'état and the imposed president.
#Peru: Several journalists were beaten by the police during protests against President Martín Vizcarra's impeachment in #Lima, yday & today.

Journalists also denounced the presence of infiltrators in the protest in order to steal press kits.…
#PressFreedom Image
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#AAJAFamily: On the eve of #ElectionDay during which you may be facing difficult reporting/editing barriers or daunting assignments, here's a list of resources we've compiled to keep you prepared, informed, and vigilant:

From #ElectionSOS (@wearehearken)

SOS First Aid Kits

▶️ Before Tuesday:…

▶️ On Election Day:…

▶️ After Tuesday:…

▶️ Safety Checklists:…
From Committee to Protect Journalists (@pressfreedom)

▶️US Elections 2020 Safety Kit
(inc. Editor’s Safety Checklist, covering rallies and protests, Digital Safety, a risk assessment form, and more)…

Emails: |
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BY @NexusChambers AND ONLY @NexusChambers #MichaelMansfieldQC #imrankhanQC WHO IS THE TRUSTEE OF @hrw #UnitedKingdom WITH A SO CALLED HIGH PROFILE #lawyer @nazirafzal WHO HAS BEEN IN THE ONLY FOCUSING ON WHAT #TommyRobinson @InquiryCSA @MaggieOliverUK #AlexisJay @loosewomen @GMB
WITH SO CALLED @BBCCareers @bbcpress @itvpresscentre @ITVCareers @C4Press WHO HAVE BEEN #Brainwashing @GREATBritain FOR DECADES OR MYSELF AND MY TWIN SISTER @Alexand89562701 WLD NOT STILL BE HERE WHILE @GOVUK AND #Pressconference #PressFreedom HAVE NEVER EVER SHOWN THAT THOSE IN
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