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As Hong Kong marks 25 years since the handover from Britain, the rapid & undisguised transformation of Hong Kong just 2 years after the National Security Law was imposed sees the fears confirmed in this piece I wrote in 2020 for @prospect_uk.…
This is an excellent deep dive into how Hong Kong has been transformed by China into a landscape where journalists, lawyers, elected democrats, unions & civil society operate in a climate of fear or are silenced by the State in a harsh crackdown on rights and freedoms.
The pace of change has been sharp. Even as John Lee, former security chief is sworn in as Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive, the crackdown extends in all directions, even on labour rights. Whatever Xi Jinping claims about democracy in #HongKong today, the reality is undisguised.
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Last Friday, home secretary @pritipatel gave her approval for the UK to send my husband, #JulianAssange, to the country that plotted his assassination. @StellaMoris1
"Patel’s decision to extradite Julian has sent shockwaves across the journalism community. The home secretary flouted calls from representatives of the Council of Europe, the OSCE, almost 2000 journalists and 300 doctors for the extradition to be halted." #FreeAssange
“Who is @mikepompeo, @CIA?”
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A small boy clutches tiny white flowers
Picked beside prison walls
thrust hastily into jean pockets

a yellow centre
surrounded by white petals
extending outwards
like a sun of truth

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #Poetry #Poem
Many years ago
shortly after creating an ingenious technology
to speed up the dissemination of truth
and end wars
his father spoke of a sun of truth
as a guiding beacon for civilisation

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #Poetry #Poem
The small boy passes through
prison gates
silent corridors
the frame of a metal detector
stern faces in uniform.

Large hands
check small pockets
the daisies are confiscated
sheepishly and awkwardly
another act of compliance

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #Poetry #Poem
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1/3 We were very fortunate to have an interview with Daniel Ellsberg at his home in California this morning! It was in incredibly inspiring experience talking to this legendary whilstleblower, peace activists, author and luminary!

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
2/3 We had a few challenges with planes flying overhead and a excess sun in the garden to contend with, however we think the result will look and sound fantastic. We had goose-bumps with the powerful, inspiring words and ideas shared!

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
3/3 We waited almost a year to be able to interview Daniel Ellsberg in person rather than having a zoom call, as we wanted the picture and sound to be incredible - to help make the film as impactful as possible!
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
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1/5 “We must come to understand
That this system is set up so that
Our ignorance is their power
Our naïveté their free ride
Our acquiescence their re-enforcenent
Our pessimism their fuel
Our dis-organisation their accelerant”.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
2/5 “Our helplessness their ammunition
Our lack of time is their advantage
Our can’t be bothered is their free ticket
Our waning interest is their ascendency
Our illusions their vehicle.
Our apathy is their super highway to greater control”.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
3/5 “Humanity will only grow with awareness
Humanity can only progress through knowledge.
Humanity will only flourish via access to reality”.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
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1/5 hi all :-) We'd love to have your input into what questions we should ask Daniel Ellsberg at our interview with him tomorrow? Please tweet them below! Many thanks!
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech Image
2/5 Daniel and Julian are good friends. Daniel testified at the Extradition hearing for Assange in 2020. He told the court that that they shared the same aspirations, to shine a light on the “great lack of transparency” in decision-making circles in the U.S.
3/5 Like Assange, Ellsberg faced the prospect of decades, at least, in prison for releasing the Pentagon Papers.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech
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1/5 Now more than ever, our right to speak our mind, question authorities and have dissenting views is being diminished.
Now more than ever, we must stop acquiescing to the empire.
#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange #FreeSpeech Image
2/5 Now more than ever, we must stop comprising our values and integrity to advance our careers.
Now more than ever we must have integrity and hold fiercely to our core values.
3/5 Now more than ever, we must see through the illusions
Now more than ever, we must get off the fence.
Now more than ever, we must see through the illusions of violent wars on innocent people under the guise of protecting democracy.
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1/3 Now more than ever we must act.
Now more than ever, there is a precedent being set.
Now more than ever, we must halt the accelerating drift towards a transnational dystopia.

#FreeAssangeNOW Image
2/3 Now more than ever, we must stand for peace, truth and justice.
Now more than ever, there is a father, a husband, a journalist and publisher who needs our help.
Now more than ever, we must think of future generations.
3/3 Now more than ever,
We must say something,
And we must do something.
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Join us in celebrating the winners of the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Book and Journalism Awards! Their work explores the issues of human rights, social justice, and the power of individual action to create change in the U.S. and around the world. #RFKBJA
Cheers to the team at @Unl_CoJMC! @soledadobrien presents the College Journalism Award to the student journalists who produced “Being Black in Lincoln,” an extensive series that began with one question: What’s it like to be Black in Lincoln? @BeingBlackLNK
.@JaneMayerNYer presents this award to an outstanding high school journalist who investigated income inequality at his own school, writing this year’s winning piece, “Unlivable Wages.” Congratulations to Owen Auston-Babcock from @chsglobe!
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Hoy en la conmemoración del #DíaMundialDeLaLibertadDePrensa, te traemos un hilo explicador sobre qué busca inicialmente esta fecha. 🧵#PressFreedom #Pressefreiheit #WorldPressFreedomDay
Comencemos... el 3 de mayo de cada año se celebran los principios fundamentales de la libertad de prensa📰🗞
Estos buscan brindar la oportunidad de evaluar la libertad de prensa a nivel mundial, de defender los medios de comunicación de los ataques sobre su independencia, así como de rendir homenaje a los periodistas que han perdido sus vidas en el desempeño de su profesión.
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At Sentient Media, we report on an industry that touches all our lives yet operates in secrecy: factory farming.

On #WorldPressFreedomDay, we call on governments to lift #AgGag laws and share 13 findings we could only report thanks to the help of undercover investigators.👇1/17 Image
“Ag-gag” laws punish whistleblowers and investigators for recording footage inside #FactoryFarms.

In 2021, @ALDF released a film on how #AgGag laws conflict with the First Amendment while concealing pollution, food safety threats, and animal cruelty. 2/17…
“These companies keep their practices under wraps because they know that the public would be horrified.”

Former @AnimalOutlook investigator Scott David reports how #AgGag laws enable farmers to conceal the realities of #meat, dairy & egg production. 3/17…
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#PressFreedom in #Afghanistan has vanished since the #Taliban takeover.
But #Afghan women journalists stand up: I met with them at Radio Begum, which
▶️ produces programmes for women by women
▶️ airs lessons for school girls
and at @TOLOnews.

@RSF_inter #WorldPressFreedomDay
The #PressFreedom Index by Reporters without Borders @RSF_inter can be found here:…

This was surely the most important interview in this regard that I gave in the last 12 months. A joined attempt to figure out how much I can say on air, showing solidarity with Free Media and Women in #Afghanistan.

Thank you Farida and @TOLOnews for making this possible.
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🔻I have been a journalist for 30 years and some of us today, cannot honor the #WorldPressFreedomDay with us. Their names are Daphne Caruana Galizia, Yorgos Karaivaz and many more. >>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>We should call them by their name, those who gave their lives, in Ukraine & elsewhere. >>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>There is a big question hanging over Europe: who controls who. Do the Media moguls exert control over political administrations? Or do the administrations actually impose policies?>>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
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Österreich🇦🇹 rutscht im Ranking der @pressefreiheit 14(!!!) Plätze ab und landet auf Platz 31.

Dazu hab ich den Präsident von Reporter Ohne Grenzen @Hausjell getroffen. Er sagt, was wir dagegen tun können 👉@Antikorruption1
Ganzer Beitrag @Wien24 #W24Dabei
Grund für Absturz laut @Hausjell #Medienkorruption u. fragwürdige #Inseratenvergabe. Auch Machtverteilung im @ORF Stiftungsrat sei schuld - die Bestellung des Publikumsrates eine "Frechheit": "Also so zu besetzen, wie das die neue Medienministerin gemacht hat [...] ist skandalös"
Hier ist der Beitrag in voller Länge:
@Wien24 #W24Dabei…
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🔴 NEW London is a hotspot for legal threats against journalists according to new report from @FPCThinkTank & @article19org staff

We spoke to FPC's @skcoughtrie & journalists @pcaruanagalizia & @RewcastleBrown about corrosive impact this has on public interest reporting 👇🧵
Recent high-profile #SLAPP cases involving @carolecadwalla, @CatherineBelton & @tomburgis are ‘tip of the iceberg’ according to London Calling report, with many cases never reaching court due to threat of astronomical legal fees…
The EU has just announced plans to protect journalists from vexatious lawsuits often brought by wealthy individuals or businesses to shut down scrutiny. But most legal threats originate in 🇬🇧, the so-called 'libel capital of the world'…
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1/15. This week marks the 200th anniversary of the great tradition of Indian journalism – the opposite of the petty one that has ruled our media for 30-40 years. Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded the newspaper Mirat-ul-Akhbar on April 12, 1822.
#PressFreedom Image
2/15. He had of course launched the Bengali paper Sambad Kaumudi in November 1821, but it was not his name that appeared as publisher for a while. With Mirat ul Akhbar he explained his political and social views quite explicitly to an educated elite.
3/15. Very early in Mirat ul Akhbar (Mirror of News) Ram Mohan Roy wrote a brilliant editorial protesting the death of Pratap Narayan Das who died from a whipping ordered by the Judge of what is now Comilla in Bangladesh, John Hayes.
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Worldwide, journalists are being killed, harassed, and imprisoned, as public opinion about #journalism globally is at an all-time low. At 11 am PST we'll discuss this with @pressfreedom, @RicardoTrotti, Slavic Sacramento and @goldkorn. Join via FB:
Welcome to today's briefing, "#Journalists in the Crosshairs: The War on Information." You can follow the conversation here @EthnicMediaSvc and via FB Live:
"In the 50 years I have been working in this field, it feels like a very dangerous time to be a #journalist," says EMS Director Sandy Close. #PressFreedom
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The so-called Defence Analyst Ayesha Siddiqua Agha is probably a PhD & doesn’t even know the difference between a Tout & Honourably Resigned Retired Officer of #IntelligenceBureau Government of #Pakistan

She is the lowest scum on Earth probably a fifth columnist too Image
معروف پاکستانی دفاعی مبصرہ و مصنفہ عائشہ صدیقہ آغا غالبا” پی ایچ ڈی ہیں اور سی ایس ایس بھی مگر انکو ٹاؤٹ اور افسر کے فرق کا معلوم نہیں ۔ ٹاؤٹ وہ ہوتا ہے جو کسی دشمن ملک کے لیئے جاسوسی کرتا ہے جیسے کہ عائشہ صدیقہ آغا خود ہیں اور انکی گزر اوقت قبر اور مزار کی آمدنی سے ہوتی ہے Image
She must know that since she is herself an Agent Provocateur that Touts / Agents / Source / Cutouts are those (like herself) who are recruited by an Officer / Case Officer / Handler for the task !

Please do read my Twitter Profile I have clearly written who I was Image
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🚨 NEW 🚨 'There's more at stake than who picks up the bill in the trial of Banks vs Cadwalladr. Public interest journalism is on the stand too'

This week's newsletter is out 👇👇👇…
'These are stories that are in the public interest, that we have a right to know.'

Big thanks to the formidable @rebecca_vincent & her colleagues at @RSF_inter for monitoring the libel trial of Arron Banks v @carolecadwalla this week

#PressFreedom #Lawfare
The wider issue of British courts being used to stifle public interest journalism was the subject of a debate on 'Lawfare and the UK courts' in parliament this week.

Strong words here from @DavidDavisMP on the impact this can have on #PressFreedom 👇👇
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#PressFreedom news inside #TheTorch newsletter this week: Dozens of El Salvador journalists targeted with Pegasus spyware

Learn more and subscribe:…
Global #pressfreedom updates inside #TheTorch newsletter this week:

-Myanmar journalist killed in military massacre, another killed in artillery strike

-Two journalists killed in Haiti while reporting from a gang-controlled area of the capital

More #pressfreedom updates inside #TheTorch newsletter this week:

-Afghan journalist Zaki Qais beaten at home in Kabul

-Belarusian journalist Aliaksandr Ivulin sentenced to two years in prison for protest coverage

Read more and subcribe:…
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1 - Renowned #Pakistani Journalist Mr @javeednusrat briefly explains his own role in Subversive Activities in #Pakistan & Benefits of Presidential System For Pakistan


#PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression #Journalist #Pakistan #Media
2 - Why the #Pakistani Journalist Mr @javeednusrat Learned to Stop Worrying about Parliamentary Democracy & Started Loving Presidential System for #Pakistan , #Zia & #PervezMusharraf


#PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression #Journalist
3 - Why the #Pakistani Journalist Mr @javeednusrat Learned to Stop Worrying about Parliamentary Democracy & Started Loving Presidential System for #Pakistan , #Zia & #PervezMusharraf


#PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression #Journalist
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Ahead of President Biden’s press conference today, journalists and advocates continue to be concerned about #pressfreedom in the U.S.

We urge the Biden administration to consider these issues and take immediate steps to address them.…
Our report on the Biden administration and the media offers recommendations for improving #pressfreedom in the U.S., including prohibiting the singling out of journalists at the border, ending the misuse of the Espionage Act, improving #FOIA, and more.

​​… ImageImageImage
Though relations with the U.S. press have improved under President Biden, much more must still be done.

The U.S. cannot be an effective champion of media freedom globally unless it vigorously upholds it domestically.…
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THREAD: Some reflections on @ReginaIplau very kind tribute to my work & that of @hk_watch, which is much appreciated


1. I was denied entry to #HongKong by #CCP in Oct 2017. So if she wants to draw parallels between me & #ChristineLee, perhaps UK should expel Ms Lee? /
2. The parallel, however, is ridiculous. I do not live in #HongKong, I have not influenced anyone in #HK, I have not donated any money to anyone in HK. I have merely expressed opinions & conducted advocacy in support of the wishes of #HongKongers.

In contrast to Ms Lee/
3. Ms Lee has allegedly donated funds to political parties in UK, gained access to Parliament, and, it seems, may have spied and lied on behalf of the #CCP

I have never even visited Legco in #HongKong (I went to old Legco when I lived there from 1997-2002 but that's different)/
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No pretence, no disguise left. Hong King’s National Security Law is being used as a tool to silence expression, crush dissent. One of HK’s most senior barristers is arrested again, as part of another crackdown, this time on @StandNewsHK where she was formerly a board member.
Nothing to see here. Only Hong Kong’s second most senior politician trampling over a free press, protected under Hong Kong’s Basic Law by the ICCPR, without qualms.

The #NSL - “a coup dressed up in statute.”
The powerful sentencing remarks of 73 year old barrister & former lawmaker, Margaret Ng, in her own mitigation earlier this year.

“The law should give protection to rights, not take them away, especially in Hong Kong, where structural democracy is still absent”.
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