The shooting outside the Nationals baseball game is chilling. We should never have to watch thousands of people scramble for safety.

But what's even more chilling is how gun violence harms the residents of Washington, D.C., every day.

Less than 24 before the shooting by Nationals Park, 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney was killed and 5 others were injured in a mass shooting in SE DC. #EndGunViolence…
Nyiah’s mother tried to protect her from the gunfire, and was also shot.
Gun violence is a worsening epidemic in DC — just as it is in cities across the country. In fact, D.C. hit a record number of homicides and shootings last year:

📈Homicides rose 19% over 2019, the highest since 2004
📈Shootings increased 33%

#EndGunViolence via @bradybuzz
Gun violence disproportionately affects D.C.’s Black residents, just as gun violence does nationally.

Last year, 189 of the 198 homicide victims were Black. According to @MayorBowser, 41% of gunshot-related crimes occur in just 2% of city blocks. #EndGunViolence @bradybuzz
Q: What is Congress doing to end this deadly crisis in D.C.?

A: Not enough.

The city is hamstrung.

While @MayorBowser & the D.C. govt have prioritized violence prevention — including community investment — D.C.’s laws and budget are subject to congressional review & veto.

Without #DCStatehood, the city suffers. #EndGunViolence…
While D.C.'s political circumstances are unique, cities across the country are reeling from gun violence.

2020 was one of the worst years for gun violence on record in America. That surge hasn’t slowed down in 2021.

Look at this past weekend in Chicago —…
While high-profile shootings like the one at Nationals Park most often make the news, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that our nation's gun violence epidemic disproportionately afflicts Black Americans, including children. #EndGunViolence
Because of ongoing racism and systemic inequities, Black Americans are 10x more likely than white Americans to die from gun violence. Black children and teens are 14x more likely to die from gun homicide than their white peers. @bradybuzz…
Every day in America, 100 people are shot & killed. Our weak gun laws are bolstering this epidemic.

We know the solutions.

We need to pass universal background checks.

We need to pass the Break the Cycle of Violence Act & invest in our communities.
Again, what are we waiting for?

We already know that gun violence surges in the summer months. Right now, lives are on the line.

Americans are demanding change. Our leaders must act. #EndGunViolence #EnoughIsEnough

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7 Jul
Today marks 6 months since 1/6, when our nation suffered a violent & deadly assault on our democracy.

We at @bradybuzz are proud to unite with @TrumanProject, @TrumanCenter, @CAPActionGVP/@amprog, @NAACP & @ADL to demand action and answers.

We represent organizations with different goals & issues:

national security
gun violence
racial justice
combating antisemitism & hate
defending democracy

But we agree: January 6th can never happen again.

@bradybuzz @TrumanProject @TrumanCenter @CAPActionGVP @amprog @NAACP @ADL
Our 4 organizations have come together united with the conviction that we must recognize #January6th as a direct attack on the very fabric of our country.

@bradybuzz @TrumanProject @TrumanCenter @CAPActionGVP @amprog @NAACP @ADL #January6thCommission
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26 May
According to @GunDeaths, the San Jose shooting today was the 24th workplace shooting of 2021. Those 24 shootings have seen 34 killed and 24 injured.

We *need* to talk about how business leaders can help prevent these tragedies.

🧵 Thread

(cc @fred_guttenberg; @bradybuzz)
.@GunDeaths defines a "workplace shooting" as a shooting at a workplace by a disgruntled employee.

2021: 24 workplace shootings; 34 killed & 24 injured

2020: 47 workplace shootings; 33 killed & 23 injured

2019: 73 workplace shootings; 55 killed & 41 injured
The San Jose tragedy was at least the 230th mass shooting of 2021.

Gun violence in America is a public health crisis.

According to @bradybuzz, more than 300 people are shot and 100 people are killed with guns every single day.
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11 May
Thx to @TishJames, we were just delivered news of a MAJOR legal win against the NRA.

Meanwhile, *right now* @bradybuzz leaders are testifying for vital gun violence prevention bills in both Colorado and Nevada.

Naturally, the NRA is opposing both of these bills.

The Colorado bill (SB 21-256) would empower localities to adopt gun safety measures that meet the needs of their own local communities.

That's common-sense. It's exactly what local govts should do, esp in the face of CO's gun suicide crisis.

But the NRA thinks it's "confusing."
Right now, Coloradan & gun violence survivor @MaishaFields is testifying in support of this crucial gun violence prevention bill.

Major urban areas here in CO have seen astronomical spikes in gun violence. Coloradans need sensible and lifesaving solutions, like SB 21-256. #COleg
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11 May
This decision is a historic win for the rule of law and a sure sign of defeat for the NRA and its corrupt leadership.

The NRA cannot escape justice. Americans are sick of their lethal abuse.

Full @bradybuzz statement here:… #EnoughIsEnough
Defeating the NRA has long been a mission of @bradybuzz, the org I am proud to lead.

For too long, the NRA has funneled blood money into blocking solutions to gun violence.

They even tried to stop the Brady Bill and background checks from becoming law.…
When Jim Brady was recovering from his bullet wounds to the head, Sarah Brady called the NRA and left a voicemail.

“My name is Sarah Brady. And you’ve never heard of me, but I am going to make it my life’s ambition to try to put you all out of business.” #DissolvetheNRA
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27 Apr
2 years ago today, a white nationalist opened fire at the Chabad of Poway synagogue.

We remember Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who was killed, & survivors Noya Dahan, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein & Almog Peretz.

We also NEED to talk about the specific AR-15-style rifle that was used.

It was a Smith & Wesson Model M&P 15 Sport II semiautomatic rifle.

This weapon has been the weapon of choice for mass shooters in America.

In fact, it is the same type of AR-15-style rifle used by the gunmen in:

— Parkland, FL
— Aurora, CO
— San Bernardino, CA

and more
It is also, apparently, "2020’s top-selling semi-automatic rifle among all retailers."…
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22 Apr
3 years ago today, a gunman used an AR-15 to senselessly murder 4 young people at a Waffle House in Nashville. They had their whole lives ahead of them.

We remember their names:

— Joe R. Perez, 20
— Akilah Dasilva, 23 @akilah_the
— Deebony Groves, 21
— Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29
The 2018 Waffle House gunman wasn't stopped by a "good guy with a gun" — as is almost never the case. (This is a myth pushed by the gun lobby.)

Instead, he was stopped by @JamesShawJr9, who was unarmed.…
More on that long-debunked "good guy with a gun" myth here. #EndGunViolence…
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