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So Donald Trump had a No Good, Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Day yesterday.

- Shamed in committee
- No executive privilege
- @DanCrenshawTX backed a rival to Trump’s handpicked candidate for Congress, and he won.…
You may not care too much about a red-on-red fight, but you should. Trump’s Great America Pac spent 100k on the losing candidate and Trump doubled down on his endorsement of her and she still lost. Congrats to @JakeEllzey, and not just on the Twitter bio.
Trumpism cannot be defeated by Democrats alone. Every single time Republicans reject Trump’s picks, it’s one less @mtgreenee or @laurenboebert in politics; it’s one step closer to 2015 and normal, boring politics again. So I’m very happy this morning.
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1/ The Democrat Political Playbook for Civil War—a Heritage of Hate, Racism, Terror and Hypocrisy

If you search the following events for yourself, you will find that we are reliving a Political Playbook when the Democrat Party weaponize racism to wage political war.
2/ Rhetorical incitement, race-bating, terror, looting, rioting, impeachments, RINO insurgents, guerrilla-style one-on-one crime tactics—you name it, they’ve done it.

A look at what the Democrat Party has in store for us all if we don’t unite & DEMAND an emergency election.
3/ The Democrats Civil War playbook weaponized racism and political insurrection. Even burning, looting & riots were a feature of the radical Democrat’s campaign of intimidation in places like Baltimore. In the history of Ancient Rome, this was referred to as ‘sacking.’
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And we’re underway with @PressSec.
Tomorrow, on his trip to the Lehigh Valley in #Pennsylvania, @POTUS will talk about the "importance of American manufacturing" and tour the @MackTrucks facility, according to @PressSec.
"We are still in the midst of a once-in-a-generation pandemic" with a new strain of a mutating #coronavirus, says @PressSec when asked about the new @CDCgov guidelines on masks.
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#TuesdayThread #July27th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 1️⃣ of the #January6thCommission; an opportunity to earn our freedom & defend our democracy against domestic terrorists from within.
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Do @GOPLeader and his closest allies realize that the more they try to diminish or dilute the #January6thCommission (by attacking Cheney and Kinzinger or by trying to include members of the Carnival Barker Caucus to gum up the works), the more they look like they fear discovery?
They had a chance to have a completely bipartisan commission, with the ability for @GOPLeader to pick whoever he wanted to be on it. But guess who who whipped his members to vote against it? Yup. The same guy who is whining now.

You created your own problem, Kevin! Image
@HouseGOP, if you wanted to have more control over what happens on the committee, you had the opportunity to have that in May when you voted on it. But 175 of you voted “no.” Don’t complain about what you voted for.
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#Wednesday #July7th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Day 5️⃣0️⃣ After Greenberg’s Guilty Plea
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Today marks 6 months since 1/6, when our nation suffered a violent & deadly assault on our democracy.

We at @bradybuzz are proud to unite with @TrumanProject, @TrumanCenter, @CAPActionGVP/@amprog, @NAACP & @ADL to demand action and answers.

We represent organizations with different goals & issues:

national security
gun violence
racial justice
combating antisemitism & hate
defending democracy

But we agree: January 6th can never happen again.

@bradybuzz @TrumanProject @TrumanCenter @CAPActionGVP @amprog @NAACP @ADL
Our 4 organizations have come together united with the conviction that we must recognize #January6th as a direct attack on the very fabric of our country.

@bradybuzz @TrumanProject @TrumanCenter @CAPActionGVP @amprog @NAACP @ADL #January6thCommission
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🚨 Jan 6th Capitol Riot was a Setup‼️

American Patriots supporting President Trump came to uphold Law & Order, exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully PROTEST election fraud, and demand:

⚠️ Free & Fair Elections ⚠️

🧵 Thread: Part 1 of 22 ⤵️
🚨 Who Setup The January 6th Capitol Riot⁉️

🚨 Was the FBI in⁉️

🚨 Was Pelosi in⁉️

🚨 Who else was in⁉️

#SaveAmericaRally #Jan6th

🧵 Thread: 2/22 ⤵️
Watch: MAGA Peaceful Protesters Were Trying To Stop Antifa From Breaking The Capitol Windows!

The #CapitolRiot Was A Setup, A Planned Op To Derail The Constitutional Process Of Objecting To The *FRAUDULENT* Biden Electors.


🧵 Thread: 3/22 ⤵️
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Sicknick’s partner: “To know that some members of Congress—along w/Trump who Brian & I once supported but who can only now be viewed as the mastermind of that horrible attack—are not acknowledging Brian's heroism that day is unforgivable & un-American.”…
“Only a handful of @SenateGOP showed that they possessed the moral compass to do the right thing by voting yes (on the #January6thCommission), putting America first, and showing warmth and compassion for the officers (as well as their families) who protect them daily.”
“By denying or downplaying the viciousness and trauma that occurred on January 6, (@GOP) members of Congress & the people who continue echoing their false narrative are engaging in a specific kind of psychological harm…known as ‘secondary wounding.’"
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#BackToSchool With all the investigations & talk about Congressional Committees, it’s important to review some history & understand the impact CC’s have had in the past? Why is it so much harder to get accountability today? (Hint: Think elephant)… 1/13
Conducting investigations is one of the most public activities in which congressional committees engage. 2/13 #JusticeMatters #investigation #accountability #TheBigLie #demswork4usa
During the Progressive Era of the 1890s through 1920s, members could gain the attention of muckraking journalists by holding investigative
hearings to expose corruption in business and government. 3/13 #Corruption #accountability #Congress #TheBigLie
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#NotLetIn - A thread. The police were not just eagerly letting in the crowds.

After overwhelming the police in the West Side scaffolding, Proud Boys and others, smashed through windows to get into the Capitol and let in the masses.

/2 People were additionally trying to breach other doors on the West side. #NotLetIn

As the masses swarmed through the Capitol from the West side, people had overwhelmed the stairs on the East side and were also trying to break in.

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As I’m reading the Senate Rules Report on #January6th I will tweet some observations.

I am struck by the statements in the early pages on bureaucratic incompetence, decision-making paralysis & inter-agency communications and intelligence breakdowns.
Free speech & actionable credible threats of violence are not mutually exclusive

It boggles the mind that an excuse for inaction from FBI and DHS is not being able to discern enough between speech and actionable intelligence... and blame the “intelligence community”. Hmm
FBI, DHS and USCP have their own authorities and intelligence shops. Look internally for blame. USCP should have the confidence, resources, capabilities & expertise to release their own intelligence bulletins/reports. Mobilizing resources should be contingent on that expertise.
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The Oath Keepers were "the tip of the spear" in Trump's Army.
Four more Oath Keepers have been added to the conspiracy indictment.

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.@SenateGOP republicans voting against the bipartisan #January6thCommission are marked with a Scarlett Letter. They failed to hold Trump accountable after impeachment, were complicit in the deaths of 600,000 & participated in an insurrection that threatened to end US democracy.
Extremist is @SenateGOP voting against US national security. A moderate response would be to reevaluate the filibuster. @SenateDems need to seriously consider this option.
Also, institutional donors still support anti-American politicians. Why? Why are they funding anti-American political campaigns & activities? Let’s start circulating vetted information on corporate interests funding @tedcruz @HawleyMO and the like. This a part of accountability.
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#GladysSicknick breaks my heart. The grieving mother. My son also died on January 6. I found out after I got back to my hotel after 9 hours at the Capitol so we forever share that sad anniversary. I vow to never give up bringing those organizers to justice. #January6thCommission
Thank you all so much for love it fills my heart and I know Grant receives it too.
The day before my son died a right wing troll shot a video of me on the train after her maskless friend sitting in our seats exposed himself to me and I lost it. Edited video shared by Jack Posobiec did a show on OANN with it , Dinish D’Souza shared to millions. Got threats 1/6
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🔥TREASON- Aiding and abetting the Russia in a war against the United States‼️
🔥Read the embedded tweets- but here’s a shortcut to @RudyGiuliani’s indictments👇
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