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During the pandemic, unintentional shootings by children in the US increased significantly: between March and December 2020, there was a 31% increase in unintentional shooting deaths, and an 18% increase in unintentional injuries, compared in 2019.…
According to our #NotAnAccident Index, there have been nearly 200 unintentional shootings by children in 2021 alone. Research shows that to protect children and teens, gun owners should store guns unloaded, locked, and separate from ammunition.
To combat this tragic rise in unintentional shootings, @MomsDemand and @StudentsDemand volunteers are working to get the message out about the need for secure gun storage in partnership with schools, teachers and gun owners. The innovative steps volunteers have taken include:
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UPDATE: In 2021, state legislatures across the country passed new gun laws, many of which go into effect this month. After one of the deadliest years for gun violence on record, many state legislatures acted to prevent gun violence and passed common-sense gun safety measures.
Other state legislatures - reacting negatively and irresponsibly to the pendulum swing of political power in DC - decided to double down on the gun lobby’s “guns-everywhere” agenda and passed bills that weaken gun laws - laws shown by data to actually result in more gun deaths.
Some states passed good gun laws like strengthening background checks, closing the Charleston loophole, reforming policing, requiring secure gun storage, funding for violence intervention programs, and prohibiting guns from sensitive locations like polling places, and more.
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Congrats to @DawnReinfeld for helping pass a new law to prevent teens from accessing high potency marijuana products like wax and shatter. The legislation had near unanimous support from Colorado Republicans and Democrats - despite opposition from special interests. #coleg
These relatively new concentrates can have THC potency levels 80 to 95% - over three times the THC of dried marijuana flower. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies show concentrates can increase the likelihood of depression, psychosis and suicide in teens.…
Use of high-potency concentrates among teens and young adults has skyrocketed in recent years, and concentrates now make up more than 40% of recreational THC sales, which is why the weed industry opposes regulation.…
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THEY DID IT!!! Colorado @momsdemand volunteers stood with @GovofCO today as he signed THREE new gun safety bills into law:

1) Colorado just became the first state to reverse its preemption law, and local governments can now make gun regulations different from state laws. #coleg
Previously, Colorado was one of 45 states that banned cities from enacting firearms regulations; these preemption laws were supported and pushed by the NRA. A judge recently overturned Boulder's assault weapons ban, but today's new law will likely result in a reinstated ban. 🍾
2) A new law will require an expanded background check before a person can buy a gun and prohibits the transfer of guns for five years to people with violent misdemeanor convictions. The CBI now has 60 days to resolve any appeals as a result of the background check process.
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Today, our bill to provide free menstrual hygiene products to students passed the house on second reading! @BriannaForCO #SB255 #coleg #copolitics #EndPeriodPoverty
The average menstruating person uses more than 18 tampons per cycle and uses 12,000-15,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime. Folks who menstruate spend a lifetime average of $11,000 on tampons alone, excluding other menstrual care expenses. #SB255
This financial burden is unfairly leveled on women and menstruating folks and, arguably, more unfairly leveled on young people. The result: Twenty percent of teens struggle to afford period products or are not able to purchase them at all.
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So excited to announce that our bill to eliminate court fines and fees for juveniles (HB21-1315) passed the Senate & is headed to the Gov’s desk! See you soon @GovofCo! @domoreno @SenadoraJulie @SoperMatthew @ACLUofColorado @COJuvieDefender #coleg #copolitics #DebtFreeJustice
On average in CO fines and fees that accrue in the juvenile justice system come out to $300 which is extremely over burdensome on CO families. In rural areas fees are even higher. For example, the average fee in Logan County is $1,482, yet the median weekly income is $947.
Not only are juv. fees harmful to children and families - ironically - they are harmful to the state. CO spends 75% of juv. fees collected on admin & collecting the same fees - leaving only 25% in net revenue. For every dollar collected, we spend 75 cents to collect that dollar.
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Thx to @TishJames, we were just delivered news of a MAJOR legal win against the NRA.

Meanwhile, *right now* @bradybuzz leaders are testifying for vital gun violence prevention bills in both Colorado and Nevada.

Naturally, the NRA is opposing both of these bills.

The Colorado bill (SB 21-256) would empower localities to adopt gun safety measures that meet the needs of their own local communities.

That's common-sense. It's exactly what local govts should do, esp in the face of CO's gun suicide crisis.

But the NRA thinks it's "confusing."
Right now, Coloradan & gun violence survivor @MaishaFields is testifying in support of this crucial gun violence prevention bill.

Major urban areas here in CO have seen astronomical spikes in gun violence. Coloradans need sensible and lifesaving solutions, like SB 21-256. #COleg
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BREAKING: Six people were shot and killed at a Colorado birthday party today where friends, family and children gathered to celebrate. Police said they believe the gunman, who also killed himself, was the boyfriend of one of the female victims. #coleg…
Each month, 57 women in America are fatally shot by intimate partners, and most mass shootings are related to domestic violence. The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely a woman will be killed.…
Women in the U.S. are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed than women in any other high-income country. Every country is home to domestic abusers, only America gives them easy access to arsenals and ammunition.

Colorado Springs…
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Colorado State Rep Richard Holtorf (R-Akron) referred to a colleague as “Buckwheat,” leading to a heated exchange and brief recess of the House. #coleg #copolitics #9News
It’s not clear from the House video feed who Holtorf called “Buckwheat.” He was immediately challenged by Rep Tom Sullivan, who Holtorf had previously told to get over the murder of his son in the Aurora Theater shooting.…
Rep Holtorf recently downplayed concerns by Black colleagues about racism at the Capitol, telling the @denverpost that he had a gay Black friend in college.…
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Senate Judiciary Committee is starting at #coleg and SB21-193 will be second on the list today! 1 of 3 #birthequity Bills. Tune in here to listen to incredible testimonies soon, catch live updates here:…
@SenJanetBuckner passes out the #diversecovoices report to Senate Judiciary Committee members, showing the work that #birthequity leaders like Demetra Seriki, Shelby Irvin, Pia Long, Brianna Simmons and Soul 2 Soul sisters have done to inform the committee on SB21-193!
"There is growing consensus that freedom from mistreatment impacts poor birth and outcomes for parents and children" @SenJanetBuckner starting the hearing on SB21-193 off! #birthequity
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On Twitter, Lauren Boebert mocked a gun violence survivor for not being “tough” when confronted by Rep Taylor Greene. But faced with backlash, Boebert just cancelled her own town hall. And we know it can’t be a security issue because she says anyone who’s armed is safe. 🤷‍♀️ #coleg
Maybe Lauren Boebert doesn’t want to get asked about her campaign finance reports, which show she was “reimbursed” for $30,177 in 2020, including $20,000+ for mileage. In comparison, outgoing Rep. Scott Tipton was reimbursed $12,255 over the last decade.…
TL;DR If Lauren Boebert is her own security, she should fire herself.…
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Prosecutors have charged a Colorado insurrectionist and so-called “militia” member Robert Gieswein for being at the riot at the Capitol.

And ... here he is in a photo taken in front of Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bar, Shooter’s Grill. #coleg
Here’s Rep. Lauren Boebert saying she had *constituents* outside the Capitol - a couple of hours after she tweeted “1776” and just before the Capitol rioters broke into the building. #coleg
Robert Gieswein also hosted an open carry walk in Colorado in 2018 after the Parkland, Florida, mass school shooting: “It's my right so why not? ...Bump stocks...the biggest thing on the ballot right now. If we give away our bump stocks what's next?”…
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Outgoing House GOP leader @PatrickForCO published the reporter’s home address in retaliation for this story. So I’m sharing the article again.…
Neville’s decision to dox a journalist for an unflattering but accurate article sends a clear and chilling message to other journalists in Colorado: report unfavorably on GOP leadership and your personal safety may be put at risk. That’s unacceptable.
Rep @PatrickForCO defends his decision to dox @Conrad_Swanson for writing a critical article about his family’s use of campaign funds. Neville told me the reporter’s home address was public information from his voter registration, which he wished to make public.
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We endorsed a record-breaking 51 @momsdemand volunteer leaders who are running for office up and down the ballot this year.

Check out this thread to learn more about some of the fierce gun safety advocates who are making the move from shaping policy to making it.
Christy Clark, North Carolina, House seat

In 2018, @ChristyClarkNC won her seat by just 415 votes. We're so close to a gun sense majority in the North Carolina statehouse, and we need to help re-elect this gun sense champion. #ncpol
ChaRon Sattler-Leblanc, New York State Assembly

Twenty-five years ago, @ChaChaRon ‘s cousins were murdered in a domestic violence shooting. She’s a Rochester @momsdemand volunteer now running for a seat in the State Assembly. #nyleg
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Sen. Cory Gardner campaigned at a maskless gun rally with Colorado GOP Chair Ken Buck, who wore a “Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort It Out” t-shirt, and Lauren Boebert, a GOP congressional candidate who allegedly allowed an underage employee to be armed. #coleg…
At a July event, Sen. Gardner said, “Boebert knows to fight for what she believes in.” 

What does Boebert believe in? Well, she has a history of minor arrests and skipping court dates. She opposes gun safety, despite broad support from Coloradans.
And she advocates far-right stances on a range of issues beyond guns, including mask-wearing (she says it should be “strictly optional”), and said peaceful protesters demonstrating for racial justice in Rifle, Colorado, were “paid and bussed in.”
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I guess someone didn’t hear: I was a proud member of @NEAToday + their affiliates like @ColoradoEA for YEARS as a #publiced teacher. So yes, I’m proud to advocate for our classrooms and #safereturntoschool now as Vice-chair of House Edu. 1/2 #copolitics #coleg
While a @Pueblo_D60 school board members continues his petty rage over public criticism, our kids and our teachers are being put in harm’s way. Admin keeps meeting over zoom due to #COVID19, but teachers + kids will be crammed into unventilated classrooms #coleg #copolitics 2/
One more time:
This virus doesn’t show any symptoms for 14 days; latest studies show kids 10+ can transmit it as effectively as adults. @Pueblo_D60, it’s not too late to prioritize public health and safety and switch to online before your ill-conceived policies kills someone. 3/
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Thread: Greenwood Village, a suburb of #Denver voted to exempt its police from some of the reforms in SB217 that #coleg passed during the protests. In a lot of ways this decision is driven by land use and the history of the town. #copolitics…
GV exists because of Freda Poundstone, who got a ballot measure passed to prohibit Denver from annexing surrounding communities. Some of this had to do with Denver's over-active urban renewal body, but the main issue of the day was bussing. #copolitics…
4 years before the Poundstone Amendment passed, there were even terrorist bombings in Denver to stop bussing and integration.….
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@GovofCO signed #SB163 into law quietly today. It is NOT a vaccine bill & will not raise vaccine rates. It will data track children against their parents wishes. @CDPHE and State Board of Health have more authority to add vaccines to the schedule, inc flu, HPV and future #covid.
It requires parents to have a "immunization provider" sign off on a religious or personal exemption or to take a indoctrination class online. It dictates PRIVATE schools follow this law. It will make medical exemptions harder to get than ever, and they are already hard.
The bill was passed with misinformation, mistruths and outright lies. Colorado does NOT have the countries lowest vaccination rates.

Did you know the rate of SIDS deaths went down 40% during the "lockdown" when well visits and vaccine administration was down 30-40%?
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NEW: @GovofCO Polis begins briefing by saluting #coleg legislators for their work during the pandemic and protests. Will thread notable details here. Watch live here:… #9NEWS #COVID19colorado
Colorado will relax public health rules to allow facials, Polis says.
Residential summer camps will be able to open with up to 10 indoors, more outdoors. These overnight camps had previously been closed.
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Apparently, this flyer was found outside the CO Capitol during the “peaceful” protests.

Obviously, this is unacceptable to say the least.

Encouraging violence & calling for the murder of Republicans is disgusting.

#GeorgeFloyd #copolitics #cogov #coleg
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Colorado @MomsDemand volunteers showed up today to testify in support of The Police Accountability and Integrity Act, championed by @leslieherod, @SenRhondaFields, @Leroy_Garcia and @SerenaForCO. #copolitics #coleg
The bill would require body cameras; eliminate “fleeing felon" laws; require law enforcement agencies must track and report data; deny qualified immunity; and create a system to hold law enforcement accountable.

Read the bill here:
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NEW: GOP @LarimerSheriff Justin Smith is furious about Dem. Rep @leslieherod's police accountability bill introduced today. Sheriff Smith told #HeyNext it's like "somebody snuck up behind you, put a knife to your throat and said, I'm here to negotiate your safety." #9NEWS #coleg
"What she told us is, here's the bill, it's going to pass. If you want some changes, certainly offer up your changes," Sheriff Smith said. "It was crazy to see something like that happen." We'll have my interview with Sheriff Smith on #HeyNext, 6pm on #9NEWS.
Rep. @leslieherod responds to @LarimerSheriff Smith's comment about her police accountability bill being like "a knife to your throat." #9NEWS
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. @COHouseDem Comms Director @JarrettFreedman says we "offered no solutions." We offered 63 amendments to the budget. He must have forgotten why we spent 9 hours on the floor yesterday. Here's a reminder:

A thread. 1/A Million

#copolitics #coleg

1. Temporary cuts to the salaries of VERY well-paid government bureaucrats who are getting off scott-free while Coloradans are losing their jobs left and right. $950,000.

@COHouseDem @JarrettFreedman
#copolitics #coleg 2/A Million
2. Withdraw funding from the MONEY LOSING State Fair. $875,000

@COHouseDem @JarrettFreedman
#copolitics #coleg 3/A Million
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“...none of the staff were wearing masks and no one inside the Denver-area restaurant was practicing social distancing.” #coleg…
Castle Rock is one of the most conservative cities in Colorado. If you watch the video, you’ll see several people open carrying handguns. #coleg

Video by @nick__puckett
And of course the state representative was there, too. Patrick Neville is a Columbine survivor who tried and failed to recall fellow lawmakers after they passed a red flag law, and he also works to put more guns in more places in Colorado, including public schools.
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